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25 years Classic Engine Competition - Remnants of the Fallen Forest Kingdom by BlackWolfTR

Akirakina 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 8 9 8
MigMarado 6 9 9 9
Mman 9 9 9 8
nerdfury 9 10 10 8
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Wolf7 8 10 10 9
release date: 25-Oct-2021
# of downloads: 431

average rating: 9.27
review count: 11
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file size: 87.40 MB
file type: TR2
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A. Ma. Zing. Not a single boring moment. Everything is a challenge but none is random so you can master them and feel satisfied all the time. One of these levels I really had fun playing. Congratulations." - DJ Full (29-Jul-2022)
"For me the best adventure from this contest. There's a really classic gameplay with the classic old scenes and enemies, a good atmosphere and many fresh puzzles not difficult to solve. What I didn't like were some difficult tasks like the jump with the snowmobile over the wide pit, the running jump from the cascade to the roof of the jut or the banana jump in the fire section with too brief time. Anyway, and even when it's not an adventure for beginners, I can recommend this entertaining levels, sure with a lot of work behind. Congrats!" - Jose (21-Feb-2022)
"This is a two-level set with a Tomb Raider 2 Gold style, with the first being a Snowy Base like the first two levels and the second being a Kingdom-type forest area. The visuals are strong throughout and do a lot with the TR2 engine, with plenty of large-scale areas and variation in many of the smaller ones. I do feel a couple of the bigger areas could have done with slightly more lighting variation, but there's still plenty done with light and shadow. Texturing is strong throughout, and mixes in some altered elements that add some small original touches to things. The atmosphere it's going for is very well executed and it's probably among the better looking TR2 releases I've seen. The one issue is that the visuals seem to completely break from a few views so you mostly see void, which I guess is an issue with TR2 level complexity?
The gameplay is also very good but on the difficult side, with some tricky jumps, platforming and trap segments, as well as a lot of through exploration required. It also uses texturing to communicate a few puzzles, although I found the first instance of that a little vague (I had a general idea what to do, but the specifics of how to do it weren't so clear). It mixes in some variety like a Jet-ski sequence and nice use of friendly NPC's. Despite the challenge it makes good use of things like camera hints to provide progression clues and keep the flow going. In keeping with TR2 there's a decent amount of combat, but you get enough supplies for it not to be too challenging, and one of my few issues is I found the end a bit anti-climatic (given the theme you can probably guess what's waiting, and there's not much of a twist to it). A great release and one of the better TR2 sets if you don't mind some tough jumps, with only one entry to go it's a good contender to be my favourite of this contest." - Mman (19-Feb-2022)
"Very professionally constructed in the TR2 engine and an absolute delight to play throughout. This 2.5 hour double-level set has its fair share of challenges, twists and turns along the way and a few of the timed sequences and jumping exercises are not for inexperienced raiders, but everything is generally fair to the player aside from a couple of surprisingly tricky jumps. You get to experience pretty much everything that Tomb Raider has to offer, including plenty of pushblock sequences (actually not too tedious this time round), some neat lever and pressure pad puzzles, plenty of exploration, timed runs, a jaunt on the snowmobile in the first level and even some bounce pad action in the second level. The builder has been very considerate with camera hints and on the rare exception that one is missing, the resultant action is never too far away. Enemies provide a frenetic and involving challenge (on occasion they are a tad overwhelming), while the secrets are nice to go for. There were perhaps a few too many dark corridors for my liking throughout, but otherwise the construction is well up to scratch and the atmosphere and audio usage is excellent. Overall, definitely my favourite so far in this competition (still have to try out Shattered Memories) and it comes with my highest recommendations." - Ryan (15-Feb-2022)
"I must say this is huge improvment from Blackwolf. He did really great job with this level set and use it's full potential. (I was also betatesting this level set lol)
From the beginning till the end everything is constructed so well. Gameplay is consistent and despite some huge areas there's good amount of hints and indication where player should go next. Puzzles are very nicely done, the author took care about this and create great puzzles despite limitations of TR2 engine. Level is not for everyone, I would say it's quite challenging, so definitely not for beginner players. Hard platforming, a lot of combat (just like in classic TR2) and of course exploration.
Well hidden secrets with good reward after collecting them all. Enemies are placed well and balanced since we have good amount of med-kits and ammo we can bascially kill them quite easily :)
Texturing is literally a perfection. Good variation and only minor mistakes, like stretched textures at some places but that's only minor ones that does not make level look bad immediately. Lighting is basically flawless. Great usage of light bulbs to create a perfect contrast in every room.
Great job BlackwolfTR! You've improved and learnt really fast in short period of time. Can't wait for your next release!" - Mahetus (19-Nov-2021)
"I believe this level set deserves a perfect score in the TR2 department. It basically consists of two very different levels that find a way to match well, one on a Russian base, the second in a Tibetan environment. The first is shorter and simpler, but still thrilling, namely due to the excellent use of the snowbike. The second may be considered more complicated, with many routes, traps, fortunately uncomplicated puzzles, and platforming, including a few pixel perfect jumps during timed runs, as well as the odd jump pad with a twist - I must say I was happily surprised all of these didn't take me longer to complete. Enemies are all over, which is very natural on TR2, but after a while there's weapons and ammo a-plenty, so it's all great. I confess I occasionally "walkthroughed" a bit... The textures and the atmosphere were pretty good. Recommended." - Jorge22 (18-Nov-2021)
"This level duo is a very entertaining and also challenging level, with variety few very good puzzles, timed runs and platforming sequences (I always like those spring pads and also the snowmobile) and a great sense of progression, so that even the few 'slower' and less inspired parts feel more like a welcome pause between the great bits. Surely some tasks are not for beginners but there's nothing impossible to do here. There are also interesting pushable puzzles and good usage of visual clues. Enemies are also well used and in general not only objects design, but also the whole visual appearance is quite good, only a few mistakes here and there are noticeable. I was convinced of the atmosphere in both levels that feels quite alright. Overall, the most mature level of the competition, especially when it comes to gameplay. Spent 1:30 hours in here and found all six nicely hidden secrets." - manarch2 (13-Nov-2021)
"I will review each level individually due to the fact they look very, very different.
Russian Complex (9 10 9 8) 74min: A snowy tribute likely to Tomb Raider 2 Gold and a good one. The gameplay of the level is yes focused sometimes into exploring, but we do have to avoid some nicely placed traps, make some complex but rewarding jumps and survive some timed runs, plus play around with the skidoo, resolve some puzzles. All this sounds great on paper, and it does work very fine in game, I just have a couple of complaints: the first one consists in some tasks implying the player has already done something in the room in question, after a quite complex set of jumps you realize a door is closed, for example, or you reach the highest slope after some platforming only to realize you forgot to turn on a lever on the floor; the second complain has to deal with simply the fact that two timed runs are quite tight, with one being not even shown very much properly thus making the player forget entirely about a lever into a room hidden somewhere else. The gameplay surely is advanced and not for the newbie raider, this is especially seen with some of the skidoo jumps you are asked to do, one of them make me go out of mind as I tried to do it, before I acknowledged I was doing it wrong... All in all, some quite solid gameplay with minor flaws, 9 will do the work. Combating is present quite a bit in the level and is quite welcome, especially considering you never really feel underpowered especially if you carry with you the skidoo, I found only one secret I would say by accident, which was quite okay, I might know where one other secret was but I have no idea how to reach it. Object usage is quite good and conveys really well the Russian base environment from TR2Gold, I really liked how some object from TR3 Nevada were used to make toilets and sinks! Full mark. The atmosphere was quite cold and very pleasing to the eyes, there was nice variety between inside the structures, outside, and inside caves or so, but nothing too extraordinary, I kind of wish there were more different type of rooms to explore but you do end up looking into the same place and while it makes sense the environment kind of wears off, cameras were helpful and present but some sounds cues to indicate a timed run especially in the example I wrote above would have helped, giving it a 9 :3. Texturing was quite good and solid for most of the level, I did feel like some of the structures in the inside were almost wallpapered but the outside areas make up for it by being absolutely a joy to watch, almost as beautiful as Thewolf's Snowy Glacier. Ligthing is more of a hit and miss as it does not really match what the horizon looks like, inside the buildings it feels underworked in some areas especially, quite solid outside again, I am detracting a point from both sides, giving it an 8, still a good mark :3
Mystical Forest (7 10 10 10) 94min: A great follow up in the visual department, granting us what is perfect depiction of TR2 Gold Forest, with even more impressive and beautiful looking environments! In the gameplay department we got many nice challenges and good puzzles to entertain us, some good exploring to top it all off and some good challenges, but sadly we also are gonna get into the huge, huge negatives of this level which are the rest of the challenges that do not fall under "good", but they fall under "over the top complex and frustrating", now I am someone who likes sometimes torturing himself with a terribly hard game (Alan's Bartoli's return for instance), but this level does not make it justice because the gameplay does not consistently ramp up with difficulty, it will just throw you into a complicated situation to then walk by your side again, to then throw you again into trap sequences in total dark or underwater. I did not even start from 5 minutes and I found one of the more complex (yet satisfying) timed sequences and the level just did not live up to that hype, as we get more timed runs which most are fine but some are over the top tight. I cannot give more than 7 for this. On the other hand object placement and enemy placement remains quite solid with some interesting rework on the Monks (unless they were from OG TR2gold). The secrets! Oh they shine a lot here, I enjoyed them a whole lot and likely were the best thing coming from this level for sure! Atmosphere is much more varied and colorful surpassing the duller moments of the previous level, scoring a maximum mark, the most beatiful places, the nearest to the river and the little village, which ties in to the super solid texturing which scores full point and the lighting that does a great job this time around!
Conclusions:(8 10 10 9) this is in fact a challenging custom level, but it does not feel hard all the times, it instead opts to just throw at you the hardest situations expecting you to have the tough nails to survive them, while it suffers from this, it is wonderfully enjoyable visually and truly does deserve a look, but I would not play it unless you consider yourself an expert raider. Reloading due to a hard trap is normal even for the most expert raider and I frankly do not point it out as heavy on the player despite agreeing on how it can make the player quite annoyed. Good job, BlackwolfTR regardless of this problem. Onto Leoc1995 next. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (09-Nov-2021)
"First comments:
As a beta tester I have gotten the opportunity to try out this level. The beta was not perfect, with some puzzles practically almost being impossible due to to short timers and missing hints, I re-played this game after the full release and to my knowledge the timers are a tiny bit longer, just long enough to make it through, but beware! Some puzzles are not for the beginners, this game is quite challenging. For the beta I gave Blackwolf: 8/9/8/8. But after these changes and some more polishing, this gets a solid 10 in my book, I like these kinds of challenges! all other comments will be for the final game.
Gameplay & Puzzles:
10: It is plain enough to know where to go, with some minor backtracking here and there, but not repetitive, you get to the main areas every time after getting an item that you need to progress the levels, Puzzles are nice too, some are quite mind puzzling and gave me a nice challenge to get the item or finish the puzzle. I managed to get through fine with some great thinking and putting my mind into it.
Enemies,Objects & Secrets:
10: Enemies were quite challenging especially getting multiple at once with minor medkits or weapons, I can understand that some have issues with this if you get bad RNG or mess up your jumps to get around it. Objects are good to find, I most likely missed med kits/ammo, but still, I could manage the game fine. Objects you need to progress are good labeled with the proper key slots and colors. That is a nice addition so you know when you pick up an item that you know where it should go to. Secrets wise, I played it multiple times, sneaky hidden like a TR should be!
Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras
10: I really do not have much to say, I liked the atmosphere of the first level that you are in a snowy area and second in some kind of village, loved that idea gave me some real nice vibes. Sound wise got nothing in comments, as expected from a TR game.
Lighting & Textures
10: Looks good and light, no need for a lot of flares in my opinion, also fitted in the atmosphere as well. Textures wise, I did not encounter anything odd in the game. All looked fair in my opinion, and it was a pleasure to play.
Closing notes:
It took me roughly 2-3 hours to finish this even with knowledge of the beta. It is still a very challenging set! Not for your avg player.
I loved this set, hard challenges and great to get to learn the harder jumps etc., maybe for some too hard, but that is what it is. I am not a master in TR2 but I know my way around, Keep up the good work, And hope to see more sets in the future." - Akirakina (29-Oct-2021)
"(9) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a challenging, duo-level adventure that took me about 4 hours. It has a very engaging and robust mix of exploration, tense combat, creative puzzles, and lots of spicy timed runs and traps. I was never bored and always wanted to press further to see what would happen next. The exploration has a logical flow, although the player will need to have a keen eye regarding their surroundings, or else they may run around in circles a lot. Also, the player will need to have familiarity with Lara's advanced moves, examples being: banana jumps, swan dives to get a tiny bit of extra length in a running jump, and precisely adjusting Lara's position by jumping upwards before commencing a pixel-perfect running jump. Some of my favorite parts included the directional puzzle in level 1, wreaking havoc with the snowmobile in level 1, the intense "fire challenge" timed runs in level 2, and the color puzzle near the end of level 2. There were 2 gameplay aspects that I wasn't keen on: a) the use of pushblocks throughout the adventure is a bit much imo; although I am someone who gets annoyed easily by pushblock sequences. b) The design of the outdoor hut + waterfall area. So, in level 2, there's a hut with a firepit, right next to a waterfall and some treetops. The player is required to make a pixel-perfect jump from the waterfall to the top of the hut, however this may not be clear to the player. The existence of the nearby treetops serve as a "red herring" and may confuse the player, as they may think that they need to jump from the treetops to the top of the hut, which is not the correct path to take. I think it would have been better if there were no treetops right next to the hut, to minimize confusion. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemy engagements are thrilling, always keeping me on my toes. There are a number of little details that I noticed and really appreciated about the enemy setup. For example, in level 1, you first meet a flamethrower guy outside, so you learn to not stand near him, to avoid his flames. Later on, another flamethrower guy ambushes you inside a small building, so you can't stand far away from him, and have to out-maneuver him quickly. Static objects are attractively utilized; very minimal at times in some larger rooms, but no big deal. The variety of the traps is amazing and I felt like they were just the right difficulty -- definitely a tough challenge at times, but never infuriatingly so. And, of course, there's plenty of friendly monks to help out, which I just love. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The rocky caverns and mountainous backdrops look convincing, organic, and professional. The man-made architecture also looks very attractive, with no overly-boxy areas. I could tell that the builder put so much effort into creating an immersive environment with a classic feel and I really appreciated that. Classic music cues are effectively utilized across the adventure for tense moments or new discoveries. The camera work is excellent as well, and I never once thought to myself, "I just used a switch and I have NO idea what it does". There are also plenty of mini-cutscenes showing enemies coming to flank/surprise Lara, which enhanced the immersion. (8) Lighting & Textures: The level looks very attractive and polished. There are a few misshapen or misrotated textures here and there, but nothing jarring. There are quite a few pitch black corridors/small rooms which I wasn't a fan of (with the exception of a pitch-black corridor in which there are invisible ledges and the player must use flares to move across. In this case, the pitch blackness is used very well). There are however plenty of flares, so not a huge deal. Overall, I highly recommend this classic adventure to advanced players who enjoy lots of agility-based tasks (traps, timed runs, tricky platforming). However, they will also need to bring some patience and persistence with regards to the exploration, as the way forward is not always immediately obvious. When you compare the builder's levels from earlier this year, this is a tremendous leap forwards in both gameplay design and polished aesthetics. Awesome work. 9/10/10/8." - nerdfury (29-Oct-2021)
""Remnants" is the story of a great level, with a lot of creativity and beautiful settings providing complex but interesting challenges. Still, if you're not an experienced raider with a lot of expertise, you probably should stay away.

The story of this levelset is the best about it. It sets the tone perfectly and the levels deliver on it.

The worst are the many instances when a pixel perfect jump, a close timed section or "impossible" traps have you reloading 100 times in a row... There are other minor problems, like too many enemies at once, some missing camera hints or a compressed texture here and there. Still, this level could be near perfect if it didn't punish the player so much.

It took me 2h45min of net gameplay, but countless more of just persisting through boring repetition of inane traps to get to the great parts of the level.

If you're able and patient enough to endure a bit of suffering, you'll love this great level. If you're not an expert, you may put it aside. If it wasn't a part of a competition, I probably would have...

BlackWolfTR, you are a great builder! You use actual history and geography to create compelling levels. Thank you for your effort, and congratulations on the many, many good things. Maybe tone down on the mayhem and the banana jumping next time, please :)" - MigMarado (28-Oct-2021)