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Create a Classic 2021 - Locked in the Underworld by Bigfoot

Adrian 8 8 8 9
billie2001 8 9 9 9
BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
dinne 8 7 9 8
DJ Full 7 9 10 9
eRIC 10 9 10 10
Feder 10 9 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 9 9 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 8 9 9
manarch2 8 7 9 9
MigMarado 9 9 10 10
Mman 8 8 9 9
Mouayad 10 10 10 10
Mr XY 8 9 9 10
nerdfury 10 8 10 10
Olympus Mons 10 9 10 10
Phil 9 10 10 10
Raildex 10 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
release date: 21-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 465

average rating: 9.13
review count: 22
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file size: 65.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The architecture is impressive in this beautifully built level and it has a good atmosphere also. As it’s a big area, exploration can be complex and involve quite a lot of backtracking so you’ll need to be patient, but it is well worth the effort. Lara doesn’t get her pistols until quite a way into the game, but actually being able to bump off skeletons with them made it well worth the wait! Classic catacomb style raiding, which should very much appeal to lovers of the genre." - Jay (29-Apr-2024)
"I really liked the atmosphere in this. It's a standard look, but it's effective and well used. Gameplay is pretty OK, but it can be confusing. It's all connected to the central area. Often I didn't know what to do next, which resulted in pointless backtracking. Also some parts are relatively tricky or timed. The quality and the visuals remain pretty constant over the level, but I didn't find it boring. Not much else to say, I recommend playing it." - tuxraider (30-Jun-2023)
"Technically flawless, it left me waiting for much more - one inside room, one outside room, several connectors and goodbye. Despite of that, it's so big I travelled for 13 kilometers yet it felt very slow. Another thing is it's too symmetrical. Thankfully the puzzles aren't exact mirrors except from the pillar+platform cameo, which first amazed me with reverse logic, and then gave me the exact variant from TR4. Also, where's the kaboom-boom for the skellies? I get the twist with guns but it got boring after a while. However, despite all of these things, if what you want is an hour of isolation, this is one of the go-to levels. Recommended." - DJ Full (15-Sep-2022)
"Even with the necessary backtracking up and down to the room where you must place the trident, the gameplay is still fluid, once you've explored the big hall and see the items you need in each room. There's a good architecture and texturization, giving the impression that you're in a real ruins, and the tasks are not hard with generous timed runs; all the flooded areas when you use the trident were a good touch. Perhaps I missed some more guns, variety of enemies and even a boss at the end but the game is still entertaining and keeps the interest till the end. I only found three secrets, so sure that I missed something in the final rooms. The atmosphere is well worked and the camera hints and flybys help you a lot (great!), but in one case I needed to save and reload to restore the normal view. Not a masterpiece but really a very good level everybody will enyoy. Recommended!" - Jose (07-Jul-2022)
"Even though I only found 4 out of 5 golden skulls (I assume I must have missed something else in the end, on account of that - but I found an Easter egg!), I thoroughly enjoyed this impeccable ride, and its catacombs nostalgia. It's got plenty of exploration, very well done classic puzzles, pistols that can make skeletons and mummies go kaboom! (after a while, you have to find a way to the pistols that Lara has lost right at the start), nice timed runs, and just the right luminous settings and atmosphere. There's a lot to do in a not so large space, and you may get lost sometimes, but it's very player-friendly, and you'll surely find your way around. Excellent after some more poorly designed levels, in which you atually get very lost, very easily. And the feeling of proximity between builder and players... You can't go wrong with Bigfoot." - Jorge22 (11-Mar-2022)
"The setting here is a classic Catacombs style. It doesn't do anything especially new with the theme, but it's very well executed, and the sunlight and large rooms give it a pretty calm atmosphere. While mostly familiar, there are a few new objects, and "NG" features give some older things a slight twist. The gameplay is relatively straightforward, but there's a good mix of tasks and plenty to explore. You start with no weapons, but this isn't too big a handicap, and bulletproof enemies being vulnerable gives a little catharsis when you do get weapons. There's also a diary to add a little story, along with a nice bonus for finding the secrets. This doesn't have anything especially stand-out, but it's a very solid Catacomb level with no real issues that doesn't outstay it's welcome." - Mman (09-Mar-2022)
"Lara enters a Catacombs-themed level to retrieve the Stone of Tears. Aside from some wallpapering in the outdoor sands, the visuals are constructed quite well. The gameplay is also of a high caliber, with several puzzles to solve such as the mirror, several pushable blocks, and a lever sequence to turn off flames. There are also some timed runs to overcome and wraiths to guide back home. I appreciated that the mummies and skeletons can be shot down in this level, much preferable to them being invincible and being a constant nuisance. With the help of the good flybys and camera cues, this adventure flowed quite nicely. 1 hour 15 minutes." - JesseG (16-Feb-2022)
"From the title I was expecting another dark and dreary subterranean level. Boy, was I ever wrong. This is classic Tomb Raiding in the grand tradition, and I only wish we had more like this. The lighting is impeccable, and I believe there was only one occasion where I felt the need to light a flare. The builder could have made the traps and timed runs much more difficult for the player, but he refrained from doing so. The art of the flyby is so well developed here that other builders should sit up and take notice. I especially liked the ability to shoot and kill the skeletons and mummies with the pistols (once acquired), and their declining health bar lets you know when you're about to administer the coup de grace. I spent nearly two hours here and had a ball the entire time. High recommendations." - Phil (01-Feb-2022)
"An "ok" level, but that could have been much more. While the level doesn't really present any major issue (backtracking, softlocks and repetitions are quite much avoided), it doesn't spark. Nothing is really "special" in this adventure, nothing is really challenging (but that makes it anyway more accessible, it's an easygoing level), puzzles are uninspired. By knowing how famous is this builder (and this is the first level I play) this adventure was underwhelming. Very, very basic puzzles that are usually found in debut levels, huge areas with a small density of gameplay, small asset used, lot of wandering around. For sure it makes the adventure relaxed and predictable but that can't make me give it more than 8 in gameplay. Combat is also really poor and traps are not found.
Visually, the level looks nice, but again, nothing very "special": lot of areas feel quite flat, and although this can be a choice because of this oozing warm environment with fog, it's always like that everywhere. There isn't much contrast or variety and colors are mostly beige and azure all the way. But texturing is for sure correct everywhere.
Underwhelming finale as well, uselessly linear after a huge room with 1 gem in the middle and no bossfight or escape sequence, just, a filler ending.
Secrets were nice, I found 3/5.
This level can be anyway recommended because it's accessible (easy) and it plays correct with no frustration. Good for a relaxing evening." - dinne (25-Jan-2022)
"Excellent CaC entry by a great builder! Great story, very good use of the diary as complementary and interesting information, beautiful use of classical assets such as sound, textures and enemies.

I loved that you could shoot some enemies that usually linger for too much, yet there could be more of them, in line with the story. The city felt real and very interesting to raid. I felt there could be some more fresh elements to the gameplay.

Thank you, Bigfoot! Congratulations on this great level which deserves many players and much praise! It took me over an hour and I found it in the "relaxing" range of difficulty. Beginners will take some time to get adjusted, yet they'll find their way an end up enjoying this a lot, I expect." - MigMarado (27-Dec-2021)
"The gameplay is very little based on platforming and traps, but that's not a bad thing as the exploration and puzzle part is exceptionally done here with nice variations of classical puzzles and the whole (long) sequence of flooding the central room is very nicely designed. The timed runs are generally nicely designed, but way too generously timed (in the last one I could easily exit the room through the timed door and didn't need to use the other one). There are slower parts where you just move on without doing much (especially those side passages reached after flooding the room only leading to two switches), but that was not much of an issue. I only thought the finale was a little disappointing, especially as the level lets the players leave too easily. The atmosphere is very nicely done as to be expected by this builder, rooms are close to faultlessly designed and ligthing and texturing are of a high quality (though I found that a little more contrast in the lighting had been better at times). I really liked the mix of inside and outside areas with those pyramids in the far. The five secrets were quite well hidden and despite this game lacking a certain 'wow' element in terms of gameplay and enemies this was another charming and commendable effort by a talented builder. Finished in 55 minutes." - manarch2 (17-Dec-2021)
"Impressive architecture and high aesthetics while preserving the looks of an ancient ruined place. Few enemies and a rather peaceful gameplay. Mild traps and very forgiving timed runs. I felt I needed something more to wake me up :) There are some good puzzles too. Not impressive, but good all the same. Secrets are well hidden. A good entry, but not one of Bigfoot's best. Recommended." - billie2001 (14-Dec-2021)
"In typical Bigfoot fashion, this level focuses on puzzles and exploration. And there is a lot of puzzles and a lot of exploration in this level. The atmosphere, in this catacombs-inspired level, impresses from the very first minute. Lara descends the chasm and loses her pistols in the process - the first quest starts. But that's not so wild, because opponents only play a subordinate role in this level, as do traps or challenges in general.
Those who are into relaxing and easy-going levels will get their money's worth here. If you like a lot of action, you might get a bit bored here and there. Don't get me wrong, the puzzles and exploration are very entertaining but in the long run a bit monotonous.
Fortunately, there is a very epic environment that quickly changes your mind. In general, there is a lot to marvel at in this level: Textures, lighting, architecture, camera work ... all very well done. Overall a very nice level with focus on puzzles and exploration. Recommended!" - Mr XY (14-Dec-2021)
"An excellent level by Bigfoot, once again. The gameplay is definitely a great balance between challenging and doable, so newbies shouldn’t be deterred from giving this level a shot by any means. Only thing for me: I’d love to see more enemies, but at the same time I know this is just a preference and the level definitely doesn’t require them to be great. The atmosphere is amazing, and the main room is astoundingly beautiful to behold. Couple this with the theme, high quality textures & meshes and you’ve got a recipe for one of my favourite levels. I finished in 1 hour 37 mins and shamefully found 0 secrets…. However, I am certain I know where at least one is so I’m just going to have to go back and play it again! ;)" - Olympus Mons (09-Dec-2021)
"TR4 is my favourite classic game, and that made me more excited about this level. The quality is just perfect; good story, creative and strong level design, very enjoyable gameplay, interesting puzzles (that returned to me some TR4 memories), well hidden 5 secrets (unfortunately, I found only 3 of them) in addition to a genius easter egg, the sounds and atmosphere are excellent and immersive, only few enemies but that isn't a downside for me because it makes sense with the story (especially that we start the level without guns). Overall, it's an amazing egyptian adventure and a perfect raiding experience that has everything I want in one level, absolutely one of my favourite levels ever!" - Mouayad (07-Dec-2021)
"Another great level by Bigfoot where everything makes sense and what has to be done seems natural to the TR player, it is the kind of level that you wish to not stop as it's very enjoyable without being difficult. It is so beautifully built with aesthetic arrchitecture and texturing while portraiting well a ruined place. Also the background audio loops help for immersion. Not many enemies. Nothing is disonant. I found none of the 5 secrets they may be well hidden." - eRIC (04-Dec-2021)
"An extraordinary level. Bigfoot manages to utilize every inch available and interconnect it. The gameplay is quite calm and you are greeted with bombastic architecture I have never seen with a Tomb Raider 4 catacombs set before. I definitely want to see more of this kind of level!" - Raildex (03-Dec-2021)
"Beautiful level! Architecture and aesthetic are impressive. The main hub can be intimidating, I felt I was going to be running around to found my way for quite a while, but gameplay is so well design you can instinctively figure the right way without having to backtrack large portions of the map. Tasks are very intuitive, with no obscure moments. It doesn’t rely on battles; enemies mostly serve as elements to spice up the gameplay rather than bearers of combat moments, hence the lack of arsenal. Secrets might be very well hidden, as I found 0/5. Overall, a highly recommended level, we can expect nothing less from the author. It took me approximately 2 hours." - Feder (29-Nov-2021)
"Definitely a worthwhile first pick for me to begin my Create a Classic playthroughs. Sometimes you play a level and everything just clicks real well, everything falls into place in a satisfying manner and that is most definitely the case here. This may be a rather large and spread out level, but not once did I feel overwhelmed, frustrated or thrown in at the deep end, even when traversing the huge hub rooms. There was always something to keep you busy or to move the level along, camera hints are always helpful and the builder often shows consideration by providing handy shortcuts back to previous areas once you'd retrieved a necessary item or pulled a lever. The surroundings look absolutely first rate, the Catacomb textures are put to wonderful use and the audio files are used to excellent effect, especially when you reach the upper levels where the views are absolutely spectacular. The mortal skeletons and mummies were a neat addition too. Maybe the pushing exercises were a tad on the lengthy side, but when they're used in ingenious ways such as in this level, it's hard to complain too much. Excellent entry, thoroughly enjoyed this one." - Ryan (26-Nov-2021)
"Well-crafted expansive locations. Gameplay quite straightforward and the few enemies (too?) easily dispatched. One of the longest & best water filling sequences I've seen. Secrets were well hidden. A nice raid overall and certainly recommended." - Adrian (25-Nov-2021)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is an easy-to-medium adventure that took me almost 2 hours. It has excellent task variety, and I always wanted to press forward to see what room I would uncover next. In fact, I completely neglected (almost) all of my adult duties in order to play this adventure from start to finish in one sitting. I was hooked. The classic-style exploration is so very engaging, and I especially loved the creative "sinking floor"/crawlspace puzzle, earlier in the game. When first entering the giant hub area, I was initially a bit concerned that I would become disoriented with spaghetti-like non-linear progression, however that is not the case at all here, and progression is very smooth and logical. The builder does a wonderful job of ensuring player-friendliness; examples are timed runs with timers, as well as displaying on screen how many remaining vases the player needs to shoot for a task. The whole gameplay flow is just very polished. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: First of all the object decor is beautiful. No room looked lacking in objects. I liked that skeletons/mummies can be killed by pistols here, however, to me something feels missing in terms of enemies and/or traps. In other words, in terms of thrilling moments. For example, there are 2 wraiths in this game, but neither of them are very scary because it's quite straight-forward to reach the bird statues in both cases. Another example is that there are only a few traps here (flames only). The endgame feels anti-climatic and I think it could have benefited from some tense tasks (the final diary entry says something like "time to get out of here!", but getting out of here is very easy -- no traps/enemies are in the way). (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The immersive, ruined architecture is such a treat for the eyes. No room looks boxy or too "sterile" and I could really sense the centuries of decay in each and every room, big or small. In fact, this would be a great level for newer builders to study in terms of crafting organic ruined geometry (it doesn't have to be for Egypt -- any ancient civilization is applicable). Music/sound cues for events are wonderfully utilized. I particularly enjoyed the gentle yet suspenseful Egyptian background music in some areas. The builder did an excellent job with flybys; they are immersive, beautiful, and also helpful regarding objectives. Static camera hints are on point as well, and I never felt lost or disorientated. (10) Lighting & Textures: What a stunning level. I never had to light a flare; everything is well-illuminated with realistic lighting. Texture work is very polished and professional as well. A very minor issue is that I noticed some wallpapering in the ceilings of larger areas. Overall, I had so much fun with this level and it is highly recommended to all, from newer players, to advanced players. Even though there's no crazy agility-based tasks here, I still think many advanced players will still enjoy the exploration and the feeling of being totally immersed within a beautiful world for a couple of hours. This is the first level I have played by this builder and I'm excited to try more. P.S. The "glasses" secret room gave me a good chuckle. 10/8/10/10." - nerdfury (24-Nov-2021)
"Very good egyptian themed level provided by Bigfoot this year for CaC competition. I must say the builder did great job on creating rooms and atmosphere. Richly decorated rooms make the atmosphere pretty unique. While playing it I'd had really nice feeling that I was exploring some ancient world in front of my PC. The diversity of textures and usage of them were almost perfection. I'd found only some underwater cracks which could have been fixed. I loved the look of main area and also the area with pyramids. Gameplay was also good with some nice puzzles and tasks provided. There is nice story plot with diary entries which gives more immersion to the game. The idea with losing weapons at the beginning and collecting them somewhere in half of level was also pretty nice. Overally, it's very good entry in this year CaC, with great atmosphere, nice exploration and interesting story plot. I can definitely recommend this level." - BlackWolfTR (22-Nov-2021)