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Create a Classic 2021 - Castle of Triton by Croftyboy

Adrian 8 8 9 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 7 7 7 8
BlackWolfTR 8 9 9 9
dinne 7 6 6 7
DJ Full 7 8 8 9
eRIC 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 9 9 8 7
John 9 7 9 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
Leoc1995 8 8 8 7
Lioness_86 9 9 9 9
manarch2 7 6 5 7
MichaelP 9 8 9 9
MigMarado 7 9 9 8
Mman 8 8 8 8
nerdfury 7 7 9 7
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
StormChaser 8 8 8 7
Tolle87 7 8 7 7
Torry 9 7 7 8
vandit 8 8 9 7
release date: 21-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 180

average rating: 7.96
review count: 26
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file size: 67.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What a very pleasant little coastal level – attractively put together, with lively gameplay, brimming with classic touches such as the element puzzle (although I managed to miss the jerrycan so had quite a detour to find it), mirror room, moveable mirrors etc. Enemy action is minimal so health packs are pretty much optional and one can concentrate on the fun puzzles and exploration. Its short running time certainly packs a lot in and I really do hope the follow up does materialise before too much longer." - Jay (09-May-2024)
"I am with Bigfoot on this one, as this adventure in my opinion is indeed worthy of higher scores than it has received. This is a kind of non-linear Coastal/Catacomb style level with a lot of things to do for the player and it ticks all those classic puzzle boxes, many of which are not often featured in levels these days. There is a fire pillar run, a mirror room, an ice wraith freezing water, an elements scale puzzle, target shooting and much more. All packed into a map that is not too huge and that is for the better, as I kept overlooking vital things and had to run back and forth quite a bit and many times, which extended my game time to just above 1 hour, when clearly this could be finished much faster if you keep your eyes open. I thought the enemies were more an annoying distraction and the fact that one crucial hint for one puzzle is included with the only secret was a poor design choice. But other than that I really enjoyed this level, the hint texts, the very decent camera work and the light hearted atmosphere overall. Well done, hope that sequel is still forthcoming." - MichaelP (06-Feb-2024)
"The Castle of Triton is a truly magnificent level in which our adventurer explores the remains of an old castle somewhere in the Aegean Sea. There are some beautiful lagoons that everyone would love to dive into and swim. I really liked the use of coastal textures and catacombs from Tomb Raider 4 to model a castle. It gives a sort of ancient castle feel. The gameplay isn't too hard and I think it's playble for everyone, even beginners. It may be a bit short though. I was a bit surprised by the game's rating. I honestly thought it would get at least a 9. I hope my score will raise the rating a bit because it's really a level that deserves players' attention because it's very beautiful, easy to play and also very well lit. I hope to be able to play the sequel very soon, as it seems to me that a level 2 is due to be released. I'd like to congratulate Croftyboy on this magnificent journey through the Aegean sea and recommend the adventure to everyone." - Bigfoot (25-Nov-2023)
"The problem is: this level is only properly playable if you find the secret - and there's a significant chance you won't. I'm also sure more dev time was required, so - just like with Kubsy's level - I hope this prologue area will be added to the full version one day. For now, it's too short to get boring." - DJ Full (20-Feb-2023)
"Quire a good level that incorporates just about everything from TR4 that made the game enjoyable. The water skin, sand bag and petrol to light. The 4 Tridents you had to collect. The crowbar that is easy to miss right at the start and the movable mirrors to direct the sunlight. One passage where you had to stand on certain tiles revealed in a mirror across the hall take care. If you stuff it up on the first try it simply will not work. You need to go back to a previous save, so save just before commencing this. The graphics and lighting were decent and darkness only prevailed in small areas and the flares were plentiful. I did like the one secret where you got a bucket load of goodies for finding it. The author certainly packed a lot into this hour long adventure." - Torry (21-Sep-2022)
"Good level, with a variety of puzzles and good -sometimes even very smart- use of objects. I did not have background audio after the initial flyby but that lack did not last very long. The flybys are well made and the looks are pleasant even with low-res textures. A few things i appreciated less , the sun symbol on the scrap of paper was not very intuitive and the pedestal with spikes holes was a matter of trial and error death before getting it right. Also i 'd wish more platforming actions but it's a matter of personal preference. Anyway quite a competently built level." - eRIC (13-Apr-2022)
"This is a Coastal Ruins and Catacombs level, it doesn't do anything super impressive with the concept, but it's nice looking throughout, and mixes in some texture and object tweaks/additions to add a bit of freshness to the theme, along with some nice lighting. The gameplay starts off with quite a bit of non-linearity, although a couple of important items can be easy to overlook, which can make it seem like you have less freedom than you actually do. There's a good mix of tasks, from a twist on a shootable puzzle, to a nice use of Ice Wraiths, although it's mostly quite easy, with the main challenge coming from locating where to go, with traps and enemies being rare. There's also some storytelling with an opening FMV and thoughts from Lara throughout about certain obstacles and the fate of other adventurers. It also ends somewhat anti-climatically as it was supposed to be a two-level set but the second part wasn't finished for the contest. A decent level with nothing notably wrong (although a camera hint for the Crowbar somewhere would be nice), but not much to stand out compared to it's competition, and I imagine the lack of a second map doesn't help as I feel this was probably intended as somewhat of an intro level." - Mman (09-Apr-2022)
"This is the sort of level which feels huge to begin with (rooms leading to corridors leading to more rooms) - and you certainly need to remember what each room contained in order to reduce too much step-retracing later on - but it's actually surprisingly compact,and contains a goodly amount of varied tasks. What irked me were several instances of unfair gameplay: the completely random placement of the all-important crowbar; the equally random solution to the mirror puzzle (there apparently WAS a clue; but as it constituted the levels only Secret,it was decidedly unfair); the mirror-puzzle room contained a save bug that potentially prevented the door from opening; and I accidentally bypassed the 'five shootable targets' puzzle by going to a part of the map I was presumably never intended to reach (an inevitable danger when you're invited to explore every nook and cranny!),and consequently managed to activate the heavy trigger for the door. Otherwise,this was an immersive Puzzle Adventure,with plenty to do (the freezing water scenario was nicely set in scene);lots of puzzle sequences to ponder over;and heaps of atmosphere. The textures are well placed;the choice of music cues,effective; lighting is evocative; and the enemies and objects are well distributed and not overdone. The lack of a proper Finale didn't adversely affect the level,as the builder was considerate enough to provide a suitable in-game apology. Altogether,it was a smooth and immersive experience; but the continual retracing of steps is possibly not to everyone's taste." - Orbit Dream (08-Apr-2022)
"This would have looked excellent years ago - not that it doesn't, but these days its genre is pretty much *classic*. Set in the catacombs style, with good outdoors areas thrown in, this level has Lara looking for one secret, guns, a map, four tridents, a star, and a serpent symbol, and it does include a few puzzles, nothing really new, but cool to play. I could have finished it quicker if I had a better attention span, but there you go: I don't. I like it luminous, as it is, so the general atmosphere is well achieved in my book, and so is the architecture and the settings in general. There is a nice mirror room, one of those water-freezing wraiths, the old fire, the scales, but all pretty chilled. The ending is rushed, but that's ok, since it's bound to continue. Nice debut." - Jorge22 (30-Mar-2022)
"I loved the gameplay and puzzles in this level so much that I didn’t really wanna finish it, there is so much variety here with firetrap rooms, mirror rooms, weird frozen water room, timed runs, shootable target tasks, tricky platforming, pushable objects, spike traps, torch puzzles the list goes on! plus there is a lot of search and find tasks as well but because of all the other gameplay here it never gets stagnant. The setting by the sea and beach was gorgeous and the atmosphere with great music tracks made it feel so mysterious and so intriguing while exploring around never knowing what’s around the next corner. You might wanna have a walkthrough handy in a couple of areas especially in the pushable object room unless your lucky enough to find the clue first but Please Check this one out it’s really really good" - John (16-Mar-2022)
"I really enjoyed playing this level, chill and nice. Fun for me, recommended." - Lioness_86 (15-Mar-2022)
"While playing this level I felt as if I'd stepped into a time machine. It exudes the classic Olde Style and would have been right at home in the very first BtB Catacombs competition. It's well lighted and pleasing to the eye, and although there's nothing in the least bit innovative here it's still a mighty fun raid. Beginning players will have no trouble with it, and since the builder indicates it was intended as a two-parter I'll be looking forward to his release of the second segment whenever it's ready. The only quirky thing that should be noted deals with the pool that "freezes" over later in the game. If you use the central ledge as a diving board to launch yourself toward the trident, you'll break right through the "ice" and will have to swim around again. Other than that, you get about 45 minutes of classic Tomb Raiding just the way I like it." - Phil (12-Feb-2022)
"Lara travels to some coastal ruins themed after the Alexandria levels from TR4. The outdoor areas are pretty well ornamented with objects, but the textures tend to come off as wallpapered. The visuals for the indoor rooms are a bit stronger in this regard. Good use of lighting throughout. I appreciated the world building done with the ropes and skeletons indicating the presence of past adventurers. This relatively short level is densely packed with tasks, as Lara will shoot some targets, steal a bag "Indiana Jones" style, dodge a huge amount of flames, and solve a mirror puzzle in her quest for four tridents. The mirror puzzle was a nice touch, but a bit strange that the only clue to its solution was hidden in a secret. I would have preferred being able to deduce the solution naturally, by knowing where the light was starting from and what needed to be done in terms of its color. Luckily those little white orbs clue the player in on their progress to the solution. 49 minutes." - JesseG (03-Feb-2022)
"A relaxing level all the way: coastal, chill, easy and short. The gameplay in this level is pretty basic, tasks are predictable and everything is straightforward. No big issues are found, everything flows. Combat is not much present and traps are decent. Architecture offers too often a corridor -> single room with puzzle formula, finding the sixshooter together with the lasersight is underwhelming and it's a wasted opportunity to make more gameplay, same goes for the 3 blue gems.
I can't see any "remarkable" moment of this game except the wasted man on the beach deciding to put random graffiti on archaeological ruins to then finish his life.
The secret is underwhelming as well because while reaching the shatterable rocks Lara will say you need another weapon, that breaks the reward for thinking about what to do and solving it.
Aesthetically there isn't much to reward except the lack of visual glitches and sometimes good contrast. Areas are often big and same-ish in textures, lights are basic and texturing is as well, and the effort to put cracks on the walls was probably a bad idea because that crack is very visible from far away and keeps catching the eye, as it's very out of place and cartoonish. But cracks would be welcomed, just more fitting...
Good for the FMV as well although it's weird how merchants first sell a book and then "don't touch it" and a curse happens." - dinne (26-Jan-2022)
"My thoughts when this level loaded was wow, what a good looking intro area with a real classic feel. This level is just the sort of level I like, not too hard or too confusing to find out what to do or where to go. Architecture was good and the texturing was well done. Lighting was a bit hit and miss, outside lighting was good, but not so much in the interior areas which were rather dark and flat in places. Enemies were few and far between, but this is an exploration level so loads weren’t needed. Overall a good level that I really enjoyed playing." - StormChaser (04-Jan-2022)
"Triton's castle is not as tricky as I imagined, and yet there is a lot to explore and to find.

The gameplay suffers from the very large areas within the level. There is plenty of gameplay, in very non-linear fashion, making it so that you often run around clueless, with all the open areas to explore. More tough enemies, a bit more cameras, and more tight follow-through for gameplay accomplishments would make this an even more impressive level. There are some repetitive texture patterns and stretched bits as well.

I loved the atmosphere, the puzzles, and the exploration, accompanied by many beautiful moments. It took me just less than an hour of gameplay (including the easy secret), in a fairly easy, if convoluted, time.

Thank you, Croftyboy! You clearly will make this into an excellent game when the second part is done. Congratulations!" - MigMarado (30-Dec-2021)
"Everything is ok but very simplistic: the architecture, the puzzles, the tasks, but the game is saved by the big variety of its (simple) tasks and it doesn't feel boring. The looks are pleasant, the texturing good, the lighting less so in some areas. Few enemies, one secret to find. All in all, I spent a bit over one rather enjoyable hour with it." - billie2001 (18-Dec-2021)
"A quirky and entertaining 25 minute level that sends you around the titular castle including diverse, but rather simple puzzles and mildly challenging trap sequences. There's always something to do and thus even the larger paths you have to conquer are not a big problem. Actually I solved the target shooting task without the revolver (except one with pistols only), which makes it an extra challenge; however, the trigger for that door is slightly corrupted, as after shooting the targets it only opened by wildly running around in the room. The looks are rather solid with clean texturing, but the lighting sometimes leaves something to be desired as there's not a sun in every room. The architecture is not very complicated, but I liked the overall combination of coastal and castle settings. Actually, the biggest issue I had were the partially missing or inactive background and SFX sounds that negatively affect the atmosphere. Enemies are very few (most are actually already deceased when you meet them) and all the ammo in the secret room is certainly more relevant in the second level the builder couldn't finish, so I hope the continuation will come soon, despite some more care is certainly not unwelcome..." - manarch2 (03-Dec-2021)
"This was the 6th CAC that I played, and I chose to play it after seeing some reviews that highlight it as a short level, so it fit in my free time. I can say that this level positively surprised me, introducing classic elements in order to have a fun adventure. I enjoyed the tasks needed to find the 4 tridents, from the fire traps, to the good use of the ice spirit and the items needed to do what I always call "spell" for the fire, water and earth to open the door. Regarding the movable mirrors puzzle, it took me a little longer because I didn't find the hint initially. I believe the author could have left it as a book or diary in Lara's inventory from the beginning of the level, causing Lara to remember that she had already seen it in the diary/book upon arriving in the puzzle room. But it's not a negative element, just a suggestion. Depending on which path the player decides to take, there may be a little backtracking, but nothing too high to make it extensive. Another suggestion refers to the fact that the author places a "key item" in a place before the beginning of the level. It took me a while to find the crowbar and I don't think it was the best location, mainly because I didn't have any hints that I needed to go back. In terms of atmosphere, sounds and camera, I believe there is a bug that causes the ambient sounds and tracks from the first half of the level to be missing. I believe the author can (and should) update the level here by fixing this issue. Lighting is something the author can try to practice more and test new possibilities, because, although the idea of CAC is a level with a classic feel, In my opinion the author could have worked more on contrasts, use of colors and in some rooms to make Lara 3D, as it was only with standard lighting. Despite that points, the level positively surprised me as I said initially, with the good placement of objects (except the crowbar), the fun tasks and the classic feel gameplay that is required in a good CAC. Enemies are very few, so I think the author will be able to focus on them in the second part of this level. I can see positive points in this author, who will be able to release levels with increasing quality in the future. Go ahead with the levels and keep up the good work. A recommended level for the free time between the "work online meets". I finished in 47 minutes and I didn't find the secret. My rating is 8/8/8/7." - Leoc1995 (03-Dec-2021)
"A pretty good coastal ruins themed entry in CaC this year. The gameplay of it is pretty good however I found it sometimes pretty basic. I liked some ideas and puzzles like shooting 5 targets with revolver or the challenges to collect tridents. Still I do think these challenges could have been more extended as they could have been done pretty fast and they were kinda simple. I also had a problem with shooting the five targets because when I had shot them all the door didn't open. After reloading few times a savegame the door had magically opened and I found it weird. I liked the fact that level was much exploration focused. We explore here much ancient greek ruins and this gives some really good vibes of exploring something ancient and forgotten. The looks of the level were very good. Almost everything seems to be very polished, really nice choose of textures and lighting outside was good but some interior rooms had more poor lighting. The atmosphere of the level is really good because as I said we can feel exploring something ancient in front of our PC's. The ambient music did also good work but I want to point out that at the beginning of the level the "waves" ambient didn't play. It started to play when I had entered too underground and then re-entered outside. Overally, it's good level, with some fun exploration, nice tasks and pretty good ancient greek atmosphere. I can definitely recommend it!" - BlackWolfTR (01-Dec-2021)
"Nice to see the improvement from this builder, this new level is better than the previous, and even when it has not great features and I found certain backtracking, the gameplay is entertaining and never boring. It notices also an effort with the lighting and the care with the texturization too. What I didn't like was the map to move the mirrors hidden in a secret area; perhaps you can take sense without it, but it's not very obvious. Anyway a solid level worth to play with classic touches. Congratulations! You are on the right way." - Jose (01-Dec-2021)
"This is about as traditional as it gets, which is no bad thing in my opinion. It feels like taking a trip back to the early level editing days. Very little is next- generation here, apart from the Crystal Dynamics and it is very much rooted in the TR4 style. This is a more relaxed CaC entry, but is none the worse off for that. The coastal environments are nicely crafted (aside from the lighting being a bit too dark in some of the indoor areas), music and flybys are well used and set in scene (aside from a weird issue with silence at the very beginning, which seemed to disappear on its own) and the gameplay does throw a few neat touches along your way with the hunt for four Tridents gambit, some neat trap sequences and an enjoyable mirror room puzzle. There's nothing really complicated to accomplish, but the entertainment value remains high throughout and I appreciated the relatively smooth flow the gameplay had. Well done." - Ryan (01-Dec-2021)
"I thought this was a very pleasant airy level with some nice touches. Unlike son=me other reviewers I found the crowbar immediately as I have learnt you must always search behind you, and certainly any body of water, when starting any TR level! Besides the crowbar this also allows you to discover the location of the secret containing room for later which will provide a map that'll obviate the need for any brute-force solving of the mirrors puzzle. At times I thought the gameplay was a little on the easy side - placing all 3 blue gems in the same place or the same pickup for revolver and laser-sight, but still very enjoyable and a very good effort." - Adrian (27-Nov-2021)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is an easy adventure that took me a little over an hour. However, my initial 30 minutes were spent running around many large rooms, confused, trying to find the damn crowbar. In my opinion it is placed in an unintuitive area, and something for the builder to consider is, "What happens if the player doesn't find the crowbar and doesn't follow a walkthrough? What can be done to prevent them from running around in circles for too long?". Now, the gameplay flow does get much better after finding the crowbar, and the builder did a great job with giving the player a variety of tasks. Most of the tasks are very easy (there is very minimal platforming to do for the entirety of the adventure), however a flame trap room may give new players some hiccups. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Enemies initially start off not very interesting, with many warthogs that you can just shoot from a ledge, and harmless bats that die when you sneeze in their general direction. Later on, the setup of a caged ice wraith is done very well and was my favorite aspect of the game. The object decor is very attractive and polished, although I missed some more creative trap setups. The 1 secret is well done, however I would have liked to have seen more in terms of secrets. For me, the biggest issue with this category is that a number of door objects, when opened, stick out of the geometry and look unprofessional. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The environmental immersion is great. Rocky areas look organic and the builder uses music cues very well. Flybys and static camera hints are also of a high quality (the flame trap room flyby is too fast, but no big deal). There are so many little details that the builder added to the environment which enhanced the atmosphere. For example, the various signs that other people have been exploring in the area before Lara, and Lara's comments regarding them. Also, the poor alcoholic squatter guy, and 6 torches, lighting up row by row, as Lara approaches a hallway. My only suggestion for improvement regarding atmosphere is the unconvincing architecture of the coastal ruins boundaries/battlements. These battlements are all "squeaky clean" and show no sign of decay over the centuries. I think more organic, decaying geometry for the battlements would have been great for immersion. (7) Lighting & Textures: What a huge step up this category is, compared to the builder's previous level. Well done. The texturing and use of color is of a very high standard, however for me there are 2 significant issues with this category. a) The lighting is very inconsistent and Lara appears 2D in many smaller/connector rooms. I noticed quite often that Lara would transition from 3D-2D-3D-2D while traveling through different rooms and this transition comes across as unpolished. b) It's generally a well-lit, good-looking level, however the puzzle room with the mirrors is too dark. It's totally OK if a builder wants to have some dark rooms to build immersion. However, in the case of a puzzle room where the player needs to study the tiles on the ground and also study the rotation of the mirrors, I do not think it is a good idea to make such a puzzle room dark. I was constantly using binoculars trying to solve this puzzle and it got on my nerves. It's just player-unfriendly in my opinion. Overall, I had a good time (after finding the crowbar), and I'm really excited about the builder's growth. When considering how much the builder has grown, I just know we'll be in for a treat once part 2 is ready. 7/7/9/7." - nerdfury (25-Nov-2021)
"This level doesn't look too special at first glance, but it is surprisingly good. There are many alternating puzzles, wild boars and bats as enemies. Also, you have to search and find many items to open the last room. The level has nice (TR Anniversary) music, simple but nice rooms and a very good balance. The entrance FMV is also nicely done. It was fun for the short hour it kept me busy. I found it a bit odd that not all the vases were shatterable. The ending came as a bit of a surprise, but there is supposed to be a second part that I'm looking forward to now. Entertaining level, thanks for that." - vandit (25-Nov-2021)
"After Croftyboy's first level, I said that he has potential for at least 8.00+ levels. It almost certainly won't happen with this level, but his improvement is really noticeable. To be honest, at start I didn't think I'll like this level because of somewhat clumsy room connections, some long corridors and especially unfair (at least in my opinion) placement of the crowbar. Fortunately, the frustration stops there. There are some really cool tasks, (like the pool&wraith one) and some attractive (although technically a little clumsy) traps. There is one puzzle that I had to brute-force, but for now I will assume that one is on me. What Croftyboy has to work on is the overall architecture because right now it brings some backtracking through long corridors, at least until you figure out the right order of doing things. One more thing: As much as I would like to avoid saying this, it's in the builder's best interest - this level needed a higher level of beta testing. Triggering wall torches in a way that they get lit in front of your eyes can ruin the atmosphere, while getting permanently stuck inside a trap in the most obvious way is unacceptable. Everything being said, even though it's not top quality, it's way better than the builder's debut so I'm looking forward to part 2 (missing part 2 seems to be a recurring theme for this CaC so far...). Worth playing." - Tolle87 (23-Nov-2021)