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Create a Classic 2021 - Amazon Jungle by Serphence

BlackWolfTR 2 2 3 3
dinne 3 3 3 3
DJ Full 4 4 5 4
eRIC 3 5 3 3
JesseG 3 3 4 4
Jose 4 5 5 4
Kidd 3 2 1 2
Kubsy 1 2 2 2
Leoc1995 4 2 2 1
LuxQSD 7 5 4 2
manarch2 2 3 2 3
MichaelP 4 3 5 4
MigMarado 3 5 4 3
Mman 3 2 2 2
Ryan 3 3 3 3
Tolle87 4 3 1 3
Topixtor 4 3 4 2
Torry 3 4 5 3
release date: 21-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 597

average rating: 3.17
review count: 18
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file size: 307.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This could have been a really interesting little adventure if not for a few poor choices made. For one, using the TR1 engine and doing so poorly, with a lot of crude architecural issues and secondly not taking enough care of the details that make an environment at least halfway believable. But - I have to say that after a very bad starting impression this 15- minute raid kind of grew on me, as I like the generaly concept of being swept to the final lake, then retracing your steps via platforming through trees and rocks and then coming back to the final lake to finish the level. This is not actually as bad as the scores indicate, if you make it past the first 2-3 minutes." - MichaelP (05-Feb-2024)
"Basic but not boring. In only several rooms, it manages to include a small plot with foreshadowing, perspective change and reward for player input. I see geometry shapes are actually on par with those from good levels, so I guess what this project needed the most was dev time." - DJ Full (18-Feb-2023)
"I am afraid this one is poorly executed with no real game play to speak of with unfinished textures and no horizons. Whilst I generally love TR1 levels this one does not compare and cannot be considered a classic." - Torry (25-Sep-2022)
"This adds some new textures to the Peru set to try and create a jungle theme, unfortunately it's not very convincing, with TR1's lack of sky resulting in a lot of the level being flat-walls with little to hide that, and there are some texture holes. There's also basically no lighting. There is at least an attempt at texture alignment, which is generally okay, and the use textures to make a plane did add some nice points of interest, despite the "windows" leading to visual bugs. There's also problems like knee-high water, which isn't a feature in TR1, so you get no visual effects and the enemy in it bugs out. There is also at least some music use, although the ambient track doesn't fit too well. The reskinned Panthers were nice at least. Gameplay is quite simple and straightforward, but overall more of a success than the visuals; there's at least a basic drive to the progression, as you start up high, work you way down to the bottom, and then cross over areas to spiral back up near the top again, with a keyhole and a couple of visual landmarks to provide a goal. There are few challenges except some basic combat and platforming, but it doesn't bog itself down with any pace-killers or other issues. The actual key you need looking like guns for some reason does take away from finally reaching it though. A very short and simple level with pretty ugly visuals, but it doesn't outstay it's welcome at least." - Mman (25-Apr-2022)
"A very short jaunt through a jungle area. This seems to be this authors first level and I have to say that I'm quite impressed. It is obviously unfinished and needs more time in the oven, but there is a lot of care put into this project. The level is customized with unique textures and makes a decent effort to emulate a crashed plane in the middle of a jungle. The gameplay is also very satisfying as getting to the second part of the plane feels very organic. However a lot of the textures are repeating and bland to look at and the skybox just doesn't work with TR1's draw distance. There are also numerous bugs present like Lara teleporting into the sky. The author also put out the release in a bloated state with a lot of unnecessary files present in the folder. The tombati.exe isn't even optimized and I needed to fix it myself. While I do appreciate the effort put into this level, it feels as though the author got a bit too ambitious with his first project, hence the unfinished nature of the level. I sadly can't recommend this to anyone looking for a serious level, though completionists will find some enjoyment in it I imagine." - LuxQSD (22-Apr-2022)
"An underwhelming level but that doesn't show major issues in gameplay. It's linear and straightforward, nothing special happens, it looks more like a test level. Lights are not used at all, texturing is mediocre but ok in some spots. Not a trashy debut level and the effort can be seen in creating something "believable" (and TR1 engine doesn't offer much anyway, although there are many more possible elements to use than in this level). Very short, not much to add..." - dinne (30-Jan-2022)
"This is a short romp through a jungle area that combines some TR1 and TR3 textures. Unfortunately there are quite a few issues that make this feel like a messy adventure. Lighting is completely flat and the texturing is slightly chaotic (although I appreciate the effort in creating the airplane wreckage). The geometry in the ponds needs more care because Lara can't wade in this engine, so she just gets stuck in certain places. Enemies are visible before being triggered, so Lara will find some "Leopard statues" sitting around. And those few leopards are the only enemies so the heavy firepower is unnecessary. What looks like a weapon pickup ends up being a key. The secrets are part of the main route. The most frustrating issue is the use of slanted opaque waterfall textures that somehow Lara can swim through...never would have guessed that without the walkthrough. There isn't much for Lara to do here, she will do some swimming and jumping between trees before finding the aforementioned "gun key", and using it on a door to end the level. 19 minutes." - JesseG (19-Jan-2022)
"The Amazon Jungle turned out to be pretty tiny, so there isn't a lot to say.

While this may well be the level to skip in the CaC 2021 competition, there is clear promise to this new builder. The debut was not convincing, but it certainly took some effort and so Serphence deserves encouragement. Bring us more, but take your time to get good results and thoroughly beta-test them so that your effort will be taken more seriously in future. I could only play one level, and the walkthrough reflects that. Were there more? What happened? Maybe we'll soon find out.

The level itself is very easy and very short, with some fun swimming and jumping around. There are loads of texturing mistakes, little gameplay, a bad ever-looming end-of-the-world effect, and some other minor errors.

Thank you for participating, Serphence! Congratulations on your timid debut." - MigMarado (06-Jan-2022)
"Well, I think this short level is not so bad as you can think reading another reviews. Of course, the texturization is not good, there are no puzzles to solve, all is based about exploration and gymnastics and the cameras and sounds are not well worked... But if you take a look at another elements like the architecture or the location of the secrets it notices a very old TR1 taste (is it not a "create a classic" contest?). Really not an excellent effort for this contest, but all efforts are well appreciated in this Community. Thanks, Serphence. Perhaps in the future you dispose of more time to build a better level." - Jose (16-Dec-2021)
"A brave attempt at constructing a jungle setting within the TR1 engine, but unfortunately the builder doesn't quite manage to pull it off. The textures are all over the place and a bit amateurish throughout and the architecture is rather messy (although the crashed plane area was a nice touch), while the ending is frightfully abrupt. I liked the hiding places of the secrets and a couple of the music tracks, but as a whole it comes across as insubstantial. Here's to a hopefully more developed second effort." - Ryan (08-Dec-2021)
"Well, you can't fault a level for trying to be innovative... it's useless to point out every texture/geometry error or the completely flat and almost 100% same lighting in every room, as well as the general mess the level is. What I want to point however is: how is it even possible to animate and texturize the water in the first are, just to completely neglect using those textures in the following areas? I mean, it doesn't make sense at all! If you managed to do it before, why not in every area? Those are the things that make me wonder what goes on in the mind of many builders... Also shoutout to the reviewers before me so I didn't run around aimlessly searching for a non-existing key sprite. But anyway, it's not just a buggy graphic and gameplay mess: you can still see the ideas beyond all of that and the geometry is probably the less "problematic" trait in there; a bit more care, some more organic shapes here and there, and that would pass as a solid 7 or even 8 for me at least for TR1 engine. Platforming isn't THAT bad and the path to the crashed airplane was organic enough in letting you revisit some areas (too bad many of those areas, alongside camera hints and that same audio cue used for 3/4 times in the level, aren't even required, almost NO pickups in the whole game). Bonus points for the custom enemy. Overall a beginner effort that in concept could have worked, but ultimately rounds up to like 8 messy rooms also full of potential softlocks and little else. I would honestly still reccommend it since, knowing about the key and the fact that it's mostly an empty level, you can finish it in 5 mins, but there is still a problem: the folder is a mess. There are like 3 or 4 different patches/ways of "playing" included (the whole full game GoG patch, fmvs etc. were here too) and I still could not manage to make it work without bugs so I quickly grapped a functioning tombati.exe and tomb1main from another level, made a "saves" folder otherwise it wouldn't register my savegames, and copied all necessair files deleting most useless ones (it literally comes with 200 mb of trash, and no that's not a pun to djfull's level at all). Question is, how many people know how to deal with this stuff, and how many are willing to waste 10 minutes of their lives to play a 5 min "proof of concept" level that crashes on finish trigger? While the author grows up and gets better, as I'm sure he/she can, let's meditate. *Footnote: by using my tombati and tomb1main I had no issues with secrets, both audio and registration worked fine, except for the fact that one of them has the trigger in the wrong place*" - Topixtor (07-Dec-2021)
"It's pretty obviously the author's first post-tutorial level, but there's some enjoyment to be had. Rooms are fairly large and have enough unnecessary geometry to feel "open", although the number of platforms/detours that lead to nothing can really slow the momentum. I'm not a huge fan of bits that require moving through what looks like a solid wall, but the waterfall idea is definitely novel. The textures are pretty messy, with several untextured surfaces, and some areas where it's hard to tell exactly what you're looking at. This level uses the TR1 Cave textures a lot, and on some of the more unusual geometry, the abundance of warped blue-grey textures can make it hard to discern the exact shape of a platform. Despite this being a fairly negative review, the level does show a lot of potential. It's ambitious, and the spiral-esque progression is definitely interesting. I can't wait to see what this builder does next." - Kidd (06-Dec-2021)
"A debut level from this author on TR1 engine. There are many beginner mistakes such as streched textures, cracks in lighting and flat lighting. The gameplay didn't contain any puzzles and was very straight-forward. The thing which we are doing here is mostly parkour but there are also some enemies to fight with. Some of the parkour sequences were cool and I liked the fact how there was "foreshadowing" of next areas and how we back to some areas but in some higher places and we can see that we were there before but at the bottom. I liked the customization of cheetahs enemies, they had looked really good. There were also some nice used soundtracks but they hadn't had "one shot" option turned on so they repeated. Also the author shouldn't use the triangular geometry on TR1 engine because it's very buggy and Lara can go through it. As I have said the looks of level are pretty messy. Textures are messy and there are many misshapen textures. However I liked idea that the level had been set in day on TR1. It was actually an illusion done by placing blue textures at the ceiling. Lighting was flat and there were cracks between dark and bright rooms. I also must say that despite messy looks, the geometry and architecture of some rooms was done really well. Overally, it's a debut level with many of typical beginner mistakes and pretty poor gameplay. Yet it has some good sides like the parkour, foreshadowing or the enemy customization. Let's hope builder will take advices from reviews and create next levels with better quality. Fingers crossed! :)" - BlackWolfTR (05-Dec-2021)
"Not much to say about this level I guess as others have already pointed out the most obvious mistakes. However, I appreciate that the author actually tried to do something.

Gameplay & Puzzles: It's very simple gameplay, nothing to do much just around, swim, and get to the finish line. No puzzles.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There were some weird trigger placements for secrets. There are no enemies

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Atmosphere is very basic with flat lighting and weird, very evident, lighting transition between the cave and open area. No sounds, nor any cameras.

Lighting & Textures: textures are kinda messed up for example a waterfall texture behind the water? or the blue texture which tries to mimic the horizon but it doesn't work out.

Summary: I noticed that the TR1 folder has a whooping 300 MB download, I guess the author was not able to sort and organise the folder from the original TR1. Anyway, this is an okayish attempt that feels rushed in order to meet the deadline, I would suggest trying out the TR4 engine." - Kubsy (05-Dec-2021)
"Strange level. Straightforward, not very long where to you have to find your way to the next area. There is a little dose of originality with the waterfalls and the crashed plane where you pick up guns and presto they are transformed into a key. I like the yellow panthers and some of the jumps." - eRIC (04-Dec-2021)
"Not much more to add from my side - this is a try on designing a TR 3 style level in TR 1 and while there were interesting ideas like those crashed plane parts, it simply doesn't work out well at all with all those errors in the visual compartment. The gameplay, except of a few jumps, is almost inexistant but I liked how you can get back to previously unreachable areas. The retextured enemies were nice and the two (?) secrets not entirely easy to find. With more time and care this wouldn't have been half that bad, I guess. Finished in 9 minutes." - manarch2 (29-Nov-2021)
"Okay, this is obviously a beginner's effort, but it's so bizarre that I was actually constantly curious until the end. Many textures are misplaced, you'll reach the end of the world literally at every second jump, you will see frozen enemies way before fighting them, you will keep searching for the key that you've unknowingly picked up before (masquerading as the pistols) and you will fall down the strangest series of waterfalls ever. I picked up 2/3 secrets but there was no chime, so I can only guess what they were. I hope Kevin(Mr XY) will find enough mercy in his heart to forgive me for this comparison, but the architecture and the main idea with the river actually reminds me of the opening area of THIS: . The most surprising thing is that the main task (well actually - the only task) is not bad at all. Some nice climbing sequences and a few caves that might pass as realistic. Honestly, this is low quality, but there is a glimpse of hope for the future. If you want to play all CaC levels, this one won't take you more than 10-15 minutes, before you ride into the sunset....well, into a black screen, but hey - finish trigger is a finish trigger." - Tolle87 (29-Nov-2021)
"I congratulate the author for trying to build a TR1 as I'm always happy when new authors try build levels on the TR1, TR2 and TR3 engines (and even TR5, but this engine still has problems). Overall, this is that classic debut level of an author who I believe has recently discovered the possibilities of creating custom levels and is taking his first steps. This is a very simple level, with standard lighting in all rooms, with wrong or incorrectly placed textures and a simplistic design (despite the attempt to build a “horizon” on TR1, which is the only interesting point, but also simplistic). The gameplay has some interesting jumps, which for the level as a whole are its good points, but it's still very little for a level. It's the first level by this author, so I know the first steps are short. I recommend the author to keep practicing, trying to play other TRLEs to analyze the design of the rooms in order to improve on their levels and take care with the details of your map. I don't know which editor was used, but I recommend focusing on TombEditor. A little over 10 years ago I started in this TRLE world, and my levels also had these characteristics. Recently i achieved good scores and was able to release good levels, which took some years of practice and improvement. My score for this TR1 level isn't very high, but I encourage the author to keep working and practicing to build levels without rush, with more details in the design using more decorative objects in the rooms, and always looking to learn with another builders or youtube videos (tutorials for TombEditor, for example). Don't be in a hurry to launch a level here, it's not necessary for now. Try to improve your characteristics as an builder, send your level for friends or in some forums to get feedbacks. Practice! Practice and Practice even more, and when you create something more solid I know we can have a level with some quality. Speaking directly to the author, at the moment I don't recommend your first level, but I hope that my review will encourage you to move forward, as new authors are always welcome. I finished in 27 minutes and with 1 secret. My rating is 4/2/2/1." - Leoc1995 (29-Nov-2021)