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Create a Classic 2021 - Fantome by Delca

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 9 9 9 10
dinne 8 10 8 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
eRIC 9 9 10 10
g12STL 8 8 9 9
Jason L 9 9 7 10
JesseG 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Kubsy 10 10 10 10
Leoc1995 10 10 10 10
Lorax 10 10 10 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MigMarado 10 10 9 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
Mouayad 10 10 10 10
Mr XY 8 10 10 10
nerdfury 10 10 10 9
Olympus Mons 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 9
Raildex 9 8 8 9
Ryan 9 10 10 10
Tolle87 10 10 10 10
Troye 10 10 10 10
ViridionSama 8 9 9 9
release date: 21-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 473

average rating: 9.57
review count: 27
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file size: 147.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I actually did this review a while ago on TRCustoms as reviewing it wasn't available here, but I guess it is now: Set in a sunken ship theme as a pseudo-remake of the original with some twists. It has great visuals, lighting and some big twists. There's lot of good looking and original object uses too. The gameplay is full of unique sequences and moments, and it's does some stuff I've never seen before later on. I did feel a few of the hint messages were a bit much but that was the closest thing I had to an issue. The lack of a sprint bar was a little odd too, but there's no tough timed runs so it's doesn't really matter. Excellent and probably the best entry to Create a Classic 2021." - Mman (09-Jul-2023)
"I loved the Maria Doria graphics and all the scenarios. Loved the black and white level and the final secret !!! Fantome may be a small levelset but it is filled with interesting details and fresh ideas !! Found all 3 secrets. Recommeded !" - CalrOsario (02-Jul-2023)
"This adventure in the wreck of the Maria Doria is certainly one of the most successful :) . I also like the fantasy side that the author managed to incorporate in order to give a touch of fantasy and horror to the adventure. The black and white level is a total success :D . This adventure is a little more difficult than the other Delca levels and the quest for secrets to unlock a bonus level is an extra challenge that I really enjoyed ;) . I congratulate the author for this adventure and recommend it to everyone :) ." - Bigfoot (19-Apr-2023)
"Fantomastic. Ship levels just don't get better than this. Still, I feel like the best is yet to come." - DJ Full (12-Apr-2023)
"Absolutely amazing Maria Doria by Delca. Delca is one of the most impressive new builders, with just a few levels they've already proven themselves as one of the most unique and interesting builders on the site. I can't wait to see what masterpiece Delca brings us next." - Lorax (14-Feb-2022)
"A very nice and polished level! There are some good fresh ideas in this game and the level plays generally quite easy and smooth. The gameplay is mostly organized in a sequence of isolated puzzles that flow linearly (a "safe" choice for the builder because it doesn't require bigger planning, but that is a typical beginner gameplay organization that doesn't stand up to the innovations and quality of the visuals, that can make every quest feel like a filler and forgetting bigger goals or preventing to get more reward/satisfaction when completing an area), and prevents backtracks with nice shortcuts.
So the main motivator in this game is not the gameplay itself but the will to see nice visuals and to discover if there will be innovations later, as some details in this level can suggest earlier. The level gets indeed better as much as it proceeds, because it introduces innovations that keep the entertainment up.
A creative bossfight is found, with deadly pits of heat but that are also needed to survive (although I found it a bit random that there is "cold" there, as the boss itself, and the fact of closing the borders is as well a bit random), and a nice combat sequence is also found near the end with a stealth room (beatable also with combat if you want to break the stealth).
The storytelling could've been a bit better to support the events because, again, another random moment is the black and white otherworld with platforms, that I really didn't get how it fits in the story/context (Winston was fun but again, random). I didn't get also the library thing, there was announced a "reward", and it was indeed "announced", so I thought it was a side quest for a secret.
Beside some underwhelming parts due to too easy/basic gameplay (library chandeliers, that given the environment and the announcement I expected a puzzle, not 2 pulleys), the real underwhelming part was in my opinion the ghost area, because it forces the player to spam medikits for a while (a long while if the player wanders around) and I think in any case a wraith without an accessible way to kill it is just bad. I'm sure there could have been other ways to kill a ghost, not necessarily behaving like a wraith.
In general it's clear that the builder has great ideas he wants to implement (like the moving machine also) but I think it would be way more glorious if everything had a general sense in a planned whole level planning.
I found also a softlock with a pushable block near the seraph, although I think I managed to avoid the issue from another side, but I don't remember. I can feel like a softlock anyway.
Architecture is nice but this ship suffers of a common syndrome: rather than a ship, some rooms look like temple. Beside this, rooms are never too big or empty, gameplay density is perfect with the size.
Texturing is perfect as well, sounds too.
Atmosphere and lights are instead a problem for me, because although contrast is nice, the atmosphere is generally killed anywhere by a persistent yellow lighting in any room of the level (even underwater), that takes off the atmosphere a wet ship would have, and doesn't let us enjoy the "finally warm" areas that make sense to be warm (like the kitchen or some spots of yellow lights). I think this choice was meant to make the level "warmer" just because in visual arts anything that has orange/yellow lights feels "better" because of that, but if this was the intention that was a cheap choice in my opinion and in this case it's very clashing for me with the chosen environment, that is one of the "bluest" of the classic environments. Yellow could have worked as a contrast to add variation sometimes, though, and that would have been enjoyable. I'd give 7 in atmosphere but it recovers a point with the black and white area, that has a strong atmosphere on its own.
A recommended level." - dinne (01-Feb-2022)
"This is a really awesome level and very polished one!
Gameplay is made well and executed flawlessly. It's mainly constructed in the classic way and feeling with some nice fresh ideas to make it looks more interesting and even more enjoyable. There are creative puzzles and very interesting gameplay ideas which works really in a favor of this level.
We meet a lot of enemies here. The author also provided plenty of ammunition and medipacks. Difficulty here is pretty balanced. Secrets are very nicely hidden and we'll get also nicely rewarded by collecting all of them. ;) Perfect usage of assets from "Maria Doria" levels. Everything has own place, well done
Atmosphere is just "oconic" very, very well made from the beginning till the end. A lot of good camera hints, players shouldn't get lost that easily I think. All sounds are correct, I didn't find anything wrong here.
Texturing is pure perfection. Good usage of textures and a lot of different variation to not make level too monotone. Lighting is a perfection either. Very good usage of light sources to point out warm and cold spots. Very good contrast across all rooms.
Very polished and to me perfect level. Looking forward to more Delca releases. Recommended!" - Mahetus (01-Feb-2022)
"Here's another excellent example of a TR4 level that provides a realistic TR2 transfer, complete with the grainy textures and the familiar sounds, without also imposing the inherent limitations of the TR2 engine. There's a black-and-white floating islands interlude sandwiched between the main ship levels that provides a reasonable challenge, and the entire adventure took me about two hours to complete. I couldn't have gotten far without José's excellent written walk, as some of the tasks here are quirky as well as difficult in their execution. The battle with the chicken monster while hopping over deadly fire holes to keep from freezing was a clever innovation, and I enjoyed the sequence near the end with the timed trap doors. There's also a rather pointless "bonus" level if you collect all three secrets, but all that it provides is a brief (or endless, depending on your tastes) tour through Lara's home where there's nothing really to do and no finish trigger to provide a decent burial. The timed runs were well conceived and fair to the player, and at one place you have to sneak past enemies posted in a warehouse without ever getting the satisfaction of killing them. Well done, and highly recommended." - Phil (27-Jan-2022)
"A set of three levels that serve as a sort of remix to the sunken ship levels from TR2. The adventure begins (and ends) with some nice cutscenes - although it made me wish I could explore that great wall area! Lara begins the first level underwater. Quickly she will find a few challenging moments such as giant fish popping their heads out to bite at her, deadly air currents, and timed runs, as well as a gauntlet of puzzles in the ship's library. Being able to miss one of the two fuses (the one on the spiked ground) led to some backtracking that required more loss of health, I would prefer trapping the player there until it was collected. I particularly liked the aesthetics of the deck area. She will eventually confront the seraph guardian in a creative boss fight requiring Lara to jump over deadly lava(?) vents to keep herself warm as she attacks the creature. Probably the most unique part of the adventure is the second level, where the seraph taunts Lara from a distance in a gray-scale world, with its own set of platforming and puzzles to overcome. The ghost enemy is one of those "endure its presence as it attacks you" bosses, and lasted a bit longer than I would have liked, but I enjoyed the rest of this area well enough. The third level is the simplest, but it still has a nice little stealth section, and a meeting with that motorized electric thing from TR3, and it all ends with a timed escape sequence. If it wasn't clear already, this adventure was an enjoyable and memorable one to me. 1 hour 16 minutes." - JesseG (19-Jan-2022)
"Maria Doria never looked or felt so good! "Fantôme" is a small and tightly packed levelset that is filled to the brim with interesting and innovative details. I loved it!

The negative aspects, for me, are a couple of lacking cameras that dragged the earliest part of the levelset too much for me. Otherwise, the level has great action moments, great puzzles, creative settings that certainly pushed the builders imagination, and a very good storyline that plays out very satisfyingly.

Congratulations, Delca! What a masterpiece! Thank you for creating this alternative Maria Doria section of TRII, and I will be coming back for more. Keep 'em comin'!" - MigMarado (01-Jan-2022)
"At the beginning of this level, I wasn't really into it because I'm personally not a fan of the underwater levels in TR2, and I thought it was going to be just a simulation for them, but once I reached the library I started to get attached by this fabulous adventure, and it just kept improving till the end, taking the Maria Doria in a new direction and to a whole new level with much ingenuity and many surprises and tributes to the original game, and for that I think Delca applied the idea of CAC competition in the best possible way. This ship adventure consists of three levels plus a bonus level if all the three secrets were collected, it took me 2 hours to finish it (without walkthrough), maybe more than the average time for this level because I'm a suspicious player who likes to explore and hates to miss a secret, and there wasn't a dull moment in the whole level. The difficulty is challenging, not in a frustrating way that makes you feel lost, but in a good and perfectly balanced way that makes the gameplay more enjoyable and engaging, where it's easy to know what to do but it requires a certain level of both skill and experience that may be difficult for beginners. There are 3 secrets (one each level) and they are average in difficulty, I expected something harder and more special for the golden one, also felt this level could use more secrets and be more rewarding. However, staying loyal to the three dragon statues from TR2 wasn't a bad idea. This level has every element to draw you and make you love it: a lot of action and gun fights, brilliant and original puzzles, some deadly traps, timed runs, a stealth part and a great boss fight where you have to defeat a boss taken from TR2 but in a condition that adds more challenge. The second level is a genius addition to the adventure, what an amazing and creepy atmosphere! I loved the both parts of the level: the platforming part which is smart and well designed, and the Fantome part that is a fantastic horror experience (though I think I discovered a glitch that can be used to break it). Sounds and music are done very well. Visually, it's excellent and immersive, the black & white level in the middle breaks the rusty and water feeling in most of the game, and those beautiful jellyfishes did a great job for both visual and atmosphere. The bonus level (Lara's Home) is a simple and funny roaming level. In summary, Fantome is a rich and absorbing adventure with so much creativity, a great care for details and striving for perfection that makes it highly recommended and deserves the perfect score in my opinion.(40/40)" - Mouayad (19-Dec-2021)
"A very clean game that also feels a bit too smoothly to be more immersive. Gameplay is fairly linear and finding your way should never be a larger problem. Thankfully some of the tasks like the trap sequences and enemy encounters are more demanding but never very hard to absolve. While some puzzles are a bit too easy (like the chandelier one), some others take some more time. I especially liked the one including a generator and timed trapdoors and especially the two including Winston; however, the two puzzles to lower the bells can be skipped if you just use the shotgun - I am actually baffled that this wasn't noticed. Enemy design and usage is great, I really enjoyed the first boss fight with a twist, but the second one with Fantome himself was a bit annoying as it takes forever to get rid of him (in 'legal' ways) and at latest on the monkeyswing the only thing you can do is to use several medipacks. Atmosphere is certainly charming, mostly the jellyfish areas and the very unique second level but all other areas are also quite well designed. Several special effects are used aptly, too, as is the architecture (even if maybe not exceptionally so), sounds and cameras are well enough put into scene and there is little to fault from a technical side. As a minor thing I want to add that some areas are slightly repetitive in terms of texturing, though, with the same pattern being used several times. When (like me) you've found the three not very hard secrets a small bonus level in Lara's mansion is activated, which is generally nice even if not much can be done here. Overall a very good entry - I just hope that this talented builder will now take off for something even more immersive and memorable next time because there is potential for a hugely successful release. 50 minutes." - manarch2 (19-Dec-2021)
"The most challenging game from Delca to date , and with even more ambitious gameplay parts and impressive technical achievements. The settings and atmosphere are top notch. Many of the new possibilities have been put to good use and with creativity and great ideas of puzzles. Not that there is very difficult tasks to perform in the game but it is rather intense with rarely times to relax a bit. What the player has to do is rather intuitive generally with a few exceptions (in the Ghost world level why should i shoot that bell knowing well that i would fall to my death after doing that except if a magical happening happens , which of course did happen ; and the second puzzle with Winston is imo a matter of luck even if you understand and do what must be done). In many aspects Fantome is the best level of this excellently skilled builder to date , but retrospectively i prefered playing the less stresful Kitten adventure. Could you please place more medipacks for your next adventure , i had to reload several times my savegames to replay some parts so to stay alive." - eRIC (18-Dec-2021)
"Another amazing level by Delca. A level builder who is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite builders. Visually, you can't fault this Maria Doria inspired three-parter. Textures, lighting, objects, cameras - everything is perfect. Maybe a little too perfect...
Delca quite often created rooms that are completely symmetrical - in architecture and also in gameplay. A few examples: The first library room looks like it is mirrored in the middle and so is the gameplay as well: Chain on the left, chain on the right side. In the theater the same: Chain on both sides. Seraph Room: Switch on the left, switch on the right. Room is mirrored in the middle. Towards the end there is a room with two boats - guess what... perfectly symmetrical. Once you notice this pattern you cannot unnotice it. An uncanny valley feeling spreads and authenticity suffers. Don't get me wrong, a symmetrical room is not a bad thing but if it happens very often in a short time (90 minutes duration), part of the immersion is destroyed.
Otherwise, the gameplay is fluid and also suitable for beginners. I especially enjoyed the puzzle where you have to step on the correct symbols and the robot with the timed trapdoors was unique and fresh. There is also a little stealth part, which is nicely done. I liked the fact it is optional as well, alternative ways to progress are always welcome. The black & white level is a superb idea and comes across very well. The ghost chase was a little bit too draging in my opinion, especially when the monkeyswing came into play.
All the criticism aside, this level is highly recommended and I can't wait what Delca comes up with next. Meow!" - Mr XY (14-Dec-2021)
"A three-parter, which I chose for the name - and a great choice it was! I loved the care Delca put into crafting the settings and the atmosphere, and I loved even more the intermediate black and white (quite fitting for a ghost world, something we hadn't actually seen since Lara at the Movies) level, quite high on platforming as Lara chases the ever moving Scion, and a few really cool surprises, such as the original fight against the Big- Bird boss, which comes more or less in the middle, or the stealth section just before the final sequences. All very inspired. Something else I loved about this level was it looks harder than it actually is, well, most of the times at least. So it's rather player- friendly, but feels a lot more tense than just that. Unfortunately, I skipped one of the secrets, so I didn't get to play Lara's House, but I got the bulk, and that was fine. Obviously recommended." - Jorge22 (13-Dec-2021)
"This is supremely crafted throughout, a wonderful tribute to the original TR2 game. It almost seems like a close relative of "Hostile Waters" from the previous Create a Classic competition, with a similar environment and modifications to an otherwise classic- themed game. The difficulty level is progressive and well-pitched throughout, throwing in a mixture of neat puzzles, timed runs, flipmaps, gymnastics, traps and even a challenging boss fight about halfway through, the latter having a pretty ingenious addition which I won't spoil here. The enemy attacks are nicely placed, the three secrets are fun to hunt for and the classic setting is well constructed. The one annoyance (which unfortunately was enough to make me deduct a point from an otherwise perfect score), was that there was no discernible finish trigger in the bonus level, and I'm surprised that this oversight slipped through the testing phase. It should really have been picked up. Otherwise, another great entry to this contest." - Ryan (11-Dec-2021)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a medium-difficulty adventure that took me 1 hr 40 min. The gameplay flow is fascinating and varied from start to finish, with many creative puzzles, engaging exploration, some timed runs and a few traps. There's even a brilliant stealth mini-quest. I loved that the progression went from realistic (level 1) to crazy and surreal (level 2), back to realistic (level 3). You're never stuck doing the same kind of tasks over and over and the builder did an excellent job of ensuring the flow is fresh by having the player solve a puzzle, then do an agility task, explore, solve a puzzle, explore, etc. You get my drift. There are some very light RPG elements in the form of text cues, which help give the player a gentle nudge in the right direction without holding the player's hand, and this was also brilliantly executed. Some other gameplay highlights include the Lara + Winston puzzle (it is so clever and an awesome way to pay homage to the classic manor levels), as well as the "guide the robot" puzzle near the end of the game. My only very minor negative impression of the gameplay is the slow wading in the area with the library and deck keyholes. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The fights with the goons are exciting, and the boss fight at the end of level 1 is so much fun. I just loved how you can recharge your "coldness" meter by jumping over the heated pockets. There's several different kinds of traps and the object decor is perfect. In organic areas such as rocky caverns and pools, the objects really bring the natural world to life, and the giant eels gave me a few heart attacks. In man-made ship interiors, the floating furniture, lifeboats and other debris lying around really enhance immersion. I never felt like a room, big or small, was devoid of objects. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is convincing and eerie, with the builder blending ship interior architecture with rocky caverns masterfully. There are so many memorable locations, however my favorite atmospheric highlight is shortly after you use the deck key and you're on the front deck, gazing into the void below. I will never forget this. Many different classic music cues are effectively utilized for events, and the builder uses appropriate audio/visual helpers for timed runs. Aside from music cues, I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with the builder's subtle use of general sound effects, such as the waves going "swish swish" and the ship squeaking a little bit here and there. Static camera hints and flybys are both excellent, with beautiful cutscenes to enhance immersion and get the player really involved with the storyline. (9) Lighting & Textures: It's a breathtakingly beautiful level. The builder's texturing and general use of color is of the highest quality. I appreciated a subtle little detail where the builder would use little light posts to help guide the player with regards to objectives in the caverns. There are quite a few small/ connector areas in which Lara appears 2D/flat, but it's a minor issue. At the end of level 2, there were some storerooms near the theatre where I felt disorientated. Even with flares, the lowered visibility due to being black and white + the wraith constantly eating away at my health started to grind my gears. I think this kind of "lowered visibility" would have been fine if I could take my time, exploring slowly and carefully, but I couldn't here, due to the wraith. Overall, while Lara's bikini bottom is a tad too scandalous for me, I highly recommend this level to all players, from newbies to experts, even if they are not that keen on the ship setting (I am not). There's something in here for everyone, and I will for sure play this level again. As with "Kitten Adventure" the builder does a spectacular job of supporting player-friendliness with little embellishments. 10/10/10/9." - nerdfury (04-Dec-2021)
"After playing the Iris one, I didn't think any other CaC entry would overcome it in my book, but this...just wow. This is one of the best levels I've played in years. Delca took all the great things from four Maria Doria levels of the original game, made them even better and turned them into this masterpiece. What I said about the Iris level about constantly asking myself "Wow, what's next?", it's also present here but on even higher scale. Perfect visuals, references to some well-known rooms from TR2, amazing effects that contribute to the "sinking ship" feeling, creative puzzles, cultural references....and of course Winston in a totally new role. If Delca only thought of making a task where Winston has to lock Lara in the freezer (and there was an opportunity for that)....wet dreams. Anyway, this is another level where I really can't choose just one or two things to mention. I'll just say that it consists of many tasks that you've never seen before. And please don't start with "I hated ocean area in TR2...". It rocked back then and here it rocks even more. Well done Delca, I very rarely get amazed with the gameplay but you absolutely did it." - Tolle87 (02-Dec-2021)
"That is an excellent Maria Doria styled level with soooooooo much of original and clever ideas. I must really congratulate to author for creating such original and creative puzzles/tasks. Because of this the whole gameplay was very diverse and there wasn't something like boredom. The idea of second level is great, with unique atmosphere as everything is grey. I love how there was much parkour and platforming. The bonus level is cherry on top of all of this. About the looks of levelset... It was basically almost perfect in every term. The geometry is very well made. Rooms are richly decorated and detailed with so many things. Texturing is flawless, greatly done with much diversity. Lighthing is pretty different what we can see in other levels. Here dominant colour of lighting is basically yellow and it works really good, which creates a bit different atmosphere as for the ship level theme. I think that only some areas have a yellow colour a bit too strong but that's only a minor thing. Oh, and I must say that lighting in bonus level had been soooo damn good that it bringed me some melancholic vibes LOL. In sum, it's a great, very creative levelset with much of original ideas and different as for ship themed levels atmosphere/lighting which works very good. Definitely recommended!" - BlackWolfTR (02-Dec-2021)
"Delca delivers once more. This is a worthy reimagine of the Maria Doria levels with a horror-like twist. Delca knows how to balance the challenges and knows how to properly set the pacing. The environments are beautifully crafted with fitting additions to the old textures. I recommend this level to everyone who wants to get the ultimate Maria Doria experience." - Raildex (01-Dec-2021)
"First and foremost, I would like to say that Delca's levels are always a gift to me. The amount of work he has put into his levels amaze me, and this level is no doubt a perfect 10 in every category.

Gameplay & Puzzles: Gameplay is easy, I haven't found anything challenging. The puzzle with the Alpha and Omega was soo cute especially when the kitten meowed when you step on the Alpha tile. I liked that puzzle as it was not too hard. Another puzzle was making Winston to step on "his" tile to deactivate something. I though this was really creative and I haven't seen this in another custom level. The gameplay consists of exploring caves and the inside ship as well as some platforming and the nice boss fight near the end of the 1st level. Stealth or action in 3rd was also a nice touch but I think the user should've been rewarded for successfully entering another area without being spotted. However, this will not make me decrease the score in Gameplay and Puzzles.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There is a good variation of Enemies and objects used in the level. Rooms don't feel empty which is good. I loved the eel underwater it was a nice touch from Delca. Secrets aren't too hard as there's 1 per level (so 3 secrets) and they aren't too hard to find.

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Atmosphere is the most positive aspect of this level hence, I don't agree with Jason's 7 in the 3rd category, as I found no issues in texturing or geometry. I also think there were enough camera hints and a good soundtrack especially in level 2.

Lighting & Textures: Lighting is really beautiful in this level, the level feels really vibrant and colourful. Lighting in the bonus level is honestly top-notch especially in the bathroom as it feels like the sun is shining while you're showering giving that warm and nice feeling and I liked that. Texturing is perfect and I have no complaints about it.

Summary: In summary, this is another perfection made by Delca and I absolutely recommend people to play it. I cannot wait for another release from Delca :)" - Kubsy (29-Nov-2021)
"Delca has produced an absolutely fantastic level that everyone should play, seriously. The attention to detail, well thought out storyline, and pushing the engine to it's limits all make Fantome a true spectacle. I especially love the models used in this, from Lara in her wetsuit, to the classic enemies, to the objects, all felt brilliant for the level set and immersive. Oh and a +1 for immersion for Lara having bare feet sounding footsteps, since she is barefoot after all - this is a real immersion killer for me if she sounds like she has boots on, so nice one Delca! <3 I can honestly say Fantome is comfortably one of my all-time favourite levels, and I am so excited to see what Delca is going to make next because this just leaves me wanting even more. Finished in 1 hour 40 mins with 1 secret despite coming so damn close to a second one without even realising until I watched AgentXP's stream ^.^' (thanks to Steven also, for the save game haha). Delca, top job. 10/10/10/10 - no mistake." - Olympus Mons (28-Nov-2021)
"This was an interesting level and I've been waiting for another level by this author since the "Kitten Adventure" level! And I was not disappointed! There were a lot of different mechanics introduced to this level that indeed made it stand out from other levels. And also, the stealth session of this level was created nicely where normally I would complain about stealth. I really enjoyed this level as it related a lot to TR2 and even the enemies as well! I look forward to the next level by this author! And I would recommend all skill levels to try! Cheers!" - g12STL (26-Nov-2021)
"At the launch of CAC2021 I decided to play Delca's level first, and right at the start I'm already awarded a spectacular level. It's hard to sum up in words all the quality of gameplay, puzzles, atmosphere, sound effects, design, detailing, lighting and texturing. TombRaider 4 is not my favorite engine and I often play TRLEs in parts rather than all at once. But this level attracted me so much that when I saw it I was at the beginning of level 3 and almost into the middle of the night (and I needed to wake up early in the morning hahah), so i finished in the next day. Overall, this is one of the best TRLEs I've played this year and a great tribute to TombRaider's 25th anniversary. The gameplay is very well built, with a diversity of tasks, intelligent puzzles and the progress evolves in a fluid and well-structured way. Level 1 was already leaving me impressed, with a genius and innovative bossfight in some details. When I got to level 2, I was positively surprised, with an atmosphere and idea of level that left me speechless. From the general concept of the level, this second one is my favorite as it follows an approach similar to what I've been looking for in building my most recent levels. About enemies, objects and secrets, I think Delca did a good job, since at times I thought I was playing an authentic TR2, and the detailing of the rooms with staticmeshs is very well polished. The enemies and the resources are balanced in my opinion. Atmosphere, sound and cameras I don't even know how to describe it. All the details are well placed, and the atmosphere does an incredible work of dazzling the player in every room and every minute. And textures and lighting are worthy of a masterpiece. The details of the light entering MariaDoria's window left me speechless (again) and the second level backdrops in a black and white setting bring the ideal surreal effect. I spoke little about level 3, but it correctly plays its role of "Escape", not being very long but bringing some new aspects, like a stealth part and a brief puzzle before the "countdown". After this text, what I can say is: Amazing! Congrats Delca for this great work. Your ability to detail and polish the level verges near the perfection (if not at it). Keep up the fantastic work when building TRLEs. (Note: I played the bonus level by getting a savegame and the words above are the same for this level. Another great tribute for TombRaider. Thanks Steven for providing the savegame for me). I finished in 1 hour and 45 minutes, finding only 1 secret. My rating is 10/10/10/10. Highly recommended." - Leoc1995 (24-Nov-2021)
"Such an incredible level by Delca. I had high expectations, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. incredible rework of the story of TR2. Incredible new areas, the atmosphere was on point and everything was so perfect. Truly captures both the essence of classic gameplay, and the isolation feeling of the sunken ship. TONS of incredible ORIGINAL ideas such as the library, the seraph room, the icy boss fight, and especially that black and white level! it was so incredibly well made. I found all the secrets and got to enjoy the bonus of Lara's home, which was also so refreshing to see, with incredible lighting and atmosphere, and new ways to explore the good ol' rooms of Lara's mansion. Incredible level overall, nothing short of perfection to a classic level." - Troye (24-Nov-2021)
"Votes: 8/9/9/9 A different take on the original adventure of Lara Croft featuring the chapter in the Maria Doria: Delca's level will leave you breathless as you venture into the sunken ship wreck! Such an amazing level design, clever puzzles, a great atmosphere built with the utmost careful touches. From lighting to textures, every inch of the Maria Doria felt like eye candy. The difficulty wasn't punishing yet it felt balanced, if you want to try not to use many heals. The TRLE had his own innovations like the two boss fights and the stealth section which were all pretty tense. This is one of the best TRLE I've played this years and I would reconmend not just to the TR2 Maria Doria fans but to anyone looking for some genuine Tomb raiding. The use of cutscenes and animations was on point throughout the whole level." - ViridionSama (24-Nov-2021)
"Reimagined version of TR2 Maria Doria with some pretty new details. Delca shows again his way to make everything look perfect and visually stuning even if it's lowpoly looking. Game starts with some well done cutscenes as an intro for the adventure. The enemies are mostly bad guys and some annoying (barracudas?) but everything feels beautiful; the water effects are pretty. There's some interesting puzzles like the mirror room or the part when you need to go on stealth mode so the bad guys don't see you. I need to comment how cool the black & white level was. Very creepy, quite challenging. The whole game really shows how talented this author is, but nobody's perfect and of course there's a little flaw with this TRLE... the music. There's pretty much no music anywhere, except for some boss battles... I really missed some tracks, specially when you reach that part of the ship with boxes floating on water (the room at the main menu title) that was a chance to show up some nostalgic track from TR2 or even TR3... Another nitpick mistake was the lack of medipacks. I struggled really heard at the ghost theatre battle; thank God there was a bigmedi there, cause otherwise I probably would be stucked against that annoying phantom forever! Textures & Lighting were literally perfect. The bilinear filter off shows how fine lowpoly textures can be. Amazing well executed adventure from Delca! Can't wait for more levels of this -suddenly- new TRLE legend and by far one of my favorite custom level builders ever." - Jason L (23-Nov-2021)