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Create a Classic 2021 - The Last Yetis by Emaraider

BlackWolfTR 5 5 5 6
dinne 6 7 8 7
DJ Full 8 9 8 8
eRIC 7 7 6 6
Feder 7 8 7 7
ilariacroft 9 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 7 7
JesseG 9 9 8 7
John 9 8 9 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 7
Jose 8 8 8 9
manarch2 7 7 6 6
MigMarado 7 8 8 8
Mman 7 7 7 7
nerdfury 8 8 5 6
Nillc 4 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 7 7
Tolle87 6 7 6 7
TRItalia 8 9 9 8
ViridionSama 6 7 6 8
release date: 21-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 155

average rating: 7.37
review count: 21
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file size: 65.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I haven’t been to Tibet lately so this was a nice outing. It’s a lively adventure with a decent mix of gameplay – nothing spectacular, but equally nothing much to complain about either. The collapsing tile run towards the end was a standout moment for me. Entertaining enough." - Jay (14-Jun-2024)
"Simple and fun. Doesn't aim to break any ground, but feels like a proper adventure with chapters. Manages to invoke curiosity about what's behind the corner. Also, no serious issues. Recommended." - DJ Full (05-Feb-2023)
"This is a Tibet level, but it also mixes in some completely different themes for certain areas. The visuals are okay here, but a lot of the bigger areas are a bit empty and flat despite having some highlights, and the architecture doesn't disguise the square base structures a lot of the time. The texturing is generally fine and made more interesting by the theme shifts; they don't entirely fit, but it does add a bit of originality. Lighting is a bit flat, although the smaller interiors are generally fine. The Tibet objects are used well, and fit in with the alternative texture themes when used there.
The gameplay is mostly fine, but it has occasional pace-killers like a key that can be easily overlooked and needs a lot of backtracking to get if you do, and multiple blended pushblocks. Outside of those issues it's relatively linear and straightforward, although there are some tricky traps and a couple of decent puzzles. There's also some Snowmobile gameplay, which is fun enough, although it gets broken up by one of the more obscure moments if you don't look around the section it's in carefully on foot. The ending is also a bit anti-climatic as you sort of just leave right as it feels like a big moment is about to happen. An okay level, but can't match a lot of the other entries in this CaC contest." - Mman (27-Apr-2022)
"Well, well, well, this Tibetan level isn't visually stunning, and suffers from the odd almost empty (but still big) spaces, and there were a few situations that left me wondering why, namely moving blocks on walls that aren't actually very visible. But yes, it did leave me astonished a few times, and I'm not sure that was a bad thing, maybe it was good, I'm a bit unable to decide. I particularly liked the breakable tiles part. The snowbike was well used too. So, it's a let's finish them last yetis, isn't it? Enjoyable." - Jorge22 (21-Mar-2022)
"A level. I don't know what to say of specific about it to describe it, except that's generic, plays straightforward and easy, basic tasks, no complex puzzles.
I have no major issues to report except a couple of potential softlocks regarding sixshooter ammo and some skidoo areas. The level is organized in a quite linear set of quests made of generally basic tasks, and does a large usage of rollingballs and pushblocks. Shame for not using the skidoo a bit more and needing to stop in the middle, but that's ok.
Secrets are too easy and unrewarding because are as easy as the main progression, while main progression sometimes gets as difficult as a secret could have been.
Atmosphere is strange because while it emulates TR2 with black and white lights, a couple of times there are random colors so in the end I didn't understand if the black/white lighting was on purpose or just a way to not deal with colors. Contrast is ok although sometimes there are randomly pitch black areas.
Architecture is often squareish and big with some wallpaper texturing occasionally, and this is a common beginner trait.
It's an adventure you can anyway play in a chill way with Tibet nostalgia, but that doesn't bring anything remarkable or catchy. An okay level." - dinne (30-Jan-2022)
"This absorbing level that takes about an hour and a half to play certainly captures the look and feel of TR2 without subjecting the player to the clunky TR2 engine. José has documented five secrets in his typically thorough walkthrough, but I would have preferred a more valuable reward such as extra ammo or medipacks in lieu of those worthless golden skulls. Gameplay flows in a rather straightforward manner, and the timed runs sprinkled throughout the level are quite fair to the player. You get a variety of playing environments, ranging from platforming to swimming to climbing to monkey swinging, all of which is presented in a workmanlike manner. A fun raid." - Phil (24-Jan-2022)
"Lara returns to a Tibet setting like in TR2. A few pushblock puzzles, timed runs, jumps across falling platforms, some critters and goons, and of course yetis are all challenges for Lara to overcome. The motorbike is used effectively; there is buildup as the player can observe places where it might be useful, and it feels like a nice reward to finally get it. I also appreciated the extra nooks and crannys to find extra pickups (despite not finding any actual secrets). I wasn't a big fan of how the lava tiles were used, which made it hard to determine which spots on the ground were deadly and which were not. I also could do without the mandated back-and-forth running, but it doesn't pad too much time onto the adventure. The visuals are pretty good, but the textures could use a bit of TLC to avoid coming off as wallpapered and warped, especially the small tunnels which are usually stuck with just one texture. 1 hour 5 minutes." - JesseG (17-Jan-2022)
"You may think "Tibet, again?", yet actually this adventure manages to find its own way over this recently over-threaded path.

The storyline ends up making little sense, even if it is simple. The gameplay is not stellar, yet it provides different challenges, even if some of the ways through are not easy to spot straight away without a walkthrough. The atmosphere is harmed by the somewhat simplistic architecture, little object use and some inadequate or just repetitive texturing.

I really enjoyed the level for its unnerving, unpredictable quality that shed new light on the Tibet theme, at least for my weary eyes. For that, I must recommend the level. It took me 1h15min, and required some skill, especially for battles and some jump sequences. Beginner beware.

Thank you, Emaraider! Congratulations on all the cool stuff you brought to this setting, and for the fun and diverse level." - MigMarado (03-Jan-2022)
"As a good thing this time there are no needlessly long sequences that just prolong the play time. There are interesting tasks like the timed runs, especially the one where you first have to think what you actually have to do with the open door, the snowmobile course and some decent block puzzles that make up for an overall enjoyable gaming experience. I also found no softlocks as described by other reviewers, maybe the builder has updated the level since then(?). The enemy placement is fine even if I found one or two appearing out of thin air, and I funnily didn't need to kill the yetis as they never even attacked me, so I never completed the goal the level... anyway. Lookwise this is rather solid but with weird lighting from time to time and some wallpapered textures. The end of the world is not always well hidden and architecture is often a bit simple, but I liked the TR 2 reminiscence of some areas (without being a remake, of course). The five secrets are also nicely hidden and all in all this level is a step upwards in the evolution of the builder. Spent 45 minutes in here." - manarch2 (10-Dec-2021)
"This is really a mixed bag. Some areas look good, while some are too generic with blocky architecture and too much vertical space. What I didn't expect were some areas based on Natla's Mines & Temple of Xian and I got pleasantly surprised by that. Unfortunately, the biggest flaw are some easy-to-reach softlocks. I have to repeat for 100th time - Not every player is a good tester. Keep that in mind and use several save slots. The enemies are okay by the numbers and strength, but some encounters that were supposed to be epic were actually very easy to cheese out, including the tigers and especially the final fight where you can just climb the ladder and kill the Yetis from above as long as you have revolver ammo so that you can manually aim at them. Anyway, it's an okay level with some cool ideas with the areas, but sometimes it just doesn't feel believable enough." - Tolle87 (08-Dec-2021)
"I found a classic TR2-style level, not easy to play but keeping the interest from the start to the end. The gameplay is not complex, but you'll need to take much care of the medipacks, because there are very few to pick up and the bad guys can hurt you a lot if you neglect yourself, so don't waste them! There are some interesting puzzles, like the two movable blocks puzzle and the timed runs are not too hard; there's a big dose of exploration too and the environments are well made, with a good selection of different textures. The cameras are well placed, and the classic musics will take you to nostalgic old days. Definitely recommended." - Jose (07-Dec-2021)
"a rather long (1h19) straightforward adventure with reentrances , entertaining for the most part. The pace is rather dynamic with mostly easy platforming and a drive with a snowmobile near the end. The different areas were built without obvious mistakes , but they did not seem like real places especially the monastery. What i enjoyed the most is the short time spent in the undergrounds with lava and the collapsible tiles at the end. (3/5 secrets found)" - eRIC (07-Dec-2021)
"It's not often that you get to experience a Tibetan-themed adventure, so this was a pleasant change of pace. It is a bit rough around the edges in some respects, but was generally very enjoyable to play. The gameplay is nicely balanced, with a neat mixture of exploration, puzzle solving, trap sequences and timed runs, plus a neat snowmobile jaunt, while the five secrets provided for an entertaining side quest and the enemy attacks were always involving (especially with medipacks being rather scarce). The environments could have used a bit more work texture-wise, as a few of the underground areas were a bit on the crude side and the lighting is rather bland in certain places (although the monastery, temple and canyon areas were nicely constructed) and maybe a bit more music could have been added too. Nonetheless, a very pleasant experience and a definite step up from "Bastet Temple"." - Ryan (07-Dec-2021)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: This medium-to-challenging adventure took me 1 and 1/2 hours. It is currently marked as "easy" but I do not agree with this, as medipacks are very sparse and I finished the game with 0 medipacks remaining. I really enjoyed the gameplay variety here; there are a few puzzles, timed runs, and many traps, all mixed in with the engaging flow of exploring caverns, monasteries, caverns, monasteries, and then finally some wild snowmobile riding. The builder did an excellent job with the difficulty curve; the gameplay starts off very tame, but later on the tasks get more thrilling and challenging. I also thought it was neat how the builder implemented foreshadowing. As an example, when you enter a tall cavern, you can see some paths at the bottom, but they are initially inaccessible due to the height of the cavern. Much later on, you will drive your snowmobile through it. My favorite task was the 5x5 grid pushblock puzzle, which was very clever. There are 2 gameplay aspects that I did not like: a) It is possible to leave the Atlantis area without picking up the wood door key. I missed the key on my first run through as I was panicking about my health depleting due to the "heat" meter, so I was scrambling for the ladder without checking every corner. I do not think a player should be allowed to leave an area without having all of the necessary quest items. b) It's difficult to explain this one as there's no compass so I can't provide directions, but I will try my best. There's a gap that can only be crossed by using the snowmobile, between areas A and B (you come from area A and there's a rusty key hole in area B). OK, so if the player crosses this gap with the snowmobile without doing some tasks in area A first, they won't be able to progress far in area B due to a closed gate, so the player may return to area A on foot (by jumping into the lake). But if they do this, there's no way to cross the gap to return to area B, because the player left the snowmobile in area B. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Enemy engagements are for the most part very well done. With such few medipacks, you really have to be careful with picking your battles and I enjoyed this immensely. My only suggestion for improving enemy engagements is that earlier in the game, Lara uses a switch and 4 caged snow leopards are released. However, there's a ledge right there for Lara to stand on and shoot them, which removes the element of thrill. There's an exciting trap variety. The object decor is quite minimal in many rooms. I recommend adding more objects so that no room looks empty. (5) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I think the atmosphere is the aspect that needs the most care going forward. Monastery interiors don't look too bad, but there are so many boxy rocky/snowy caverns which detract from immersion. AgentXP has a Youtube tutorial called "Rocks, Caves & Cliffs" which is really helpful with regards to building organic natural geometry. Music cues and static camera hints are decent, although the level is really lacking in flybys to build immersion, and I do not think the snowmobile music should be playing the same time as the caves ambience. Timed runs would benefit from a tense sound cue, and there's a buggy camera when you pull an underwater level and you see an underwater shot of a gate opening. However, this gate is not actually underwater, and from that point onward, until I restarted my game, the load screen would incorrectly show a monastery building underwater. (6) Lighting & Textures: I didn't spot any misshapen textures, which is great, however, there's a lot of wallpapering which looks unpolished (the wallpapering is especially jarring in the Atlantis area). There are also many lighting issues; weird black shadowy blobs that look out of place, and Lara is often 2D/flat. Another example is general environmental inconsistencies; there will be a dark monastery corner, but a door object in this corner is brightly lit. One more thing: in the tall room where the Tibetan Mask is picked up, there are 2 pillars with ladder textures, but only one of those ladders is real. Overall, I thought that the gameplay was great (aside from the 2 issues mentioned above) and the builder has grown so much in terms of gameplay design compared to their debut. Fantastic job. Visuals and geometry need more care, but I know the builder is more than capable. I eagerly await the builder's 3rd level (they are more than welcome to contact me in the future if they need another beta-tester). 8/8/5/6." - nerdfury (02-Dec-2021)
"I have to rate this level with an insufficient vote in the gameplay: some areas are built in a way that, if you pass through without accomplishing a task (such as finding a key, pulling a lever or even get some ammo) you can't go back and you're stuck there forever. This is excruciating especially when you have not saved your game on different slots, and you have to start again from scratch. I had to do so in the following areas: 1) after finding revolver+lasersight, when you have to shoot the bells, if you have no ammo left you won't find other in the area. It is really easy to run out of ammo, as shortly before there is a shooting with THREE very strong men; if you shot them with the revolver, well, you're stuck. 2) Shortly afterwards, if you go through the motorbike pit by foot, you won't have the chance to get back and then again, you're stuck. There is no compass, no flares and very few medipacks, compared to the amount of bad guys and traps that this level is filled of. It's really a shame, because it is fascinating and well-built." - Nillc (02-Dec-2021)
"This is a pretty decent level overall. Gameplay is fun and fluid, with almost no chances of getting stuck. I wasn’t too keen on the Natla’s Mines section; it felt a bit unrelated to the rest of the Tibetan scenarios. The snowmobile was definitively a good addition to spice things up. Enemies were a little tougher than usual, but that’s compensated by a well-balanced arsenal. I would say lighting may’ve been the weakest point, as I found many cracks between rooms, and a fare share of flat lighting, but I’m sure that’s something the author will learn to master with time and practice. Overall, this is a nice entertaining level from start to finish, with enough challenge to make it a fun ride. Found 3 out of 5 secrets, took me 1:30 hours." - Feder (29-Nov-2021)
"votes: 6/7/6/8 duration: around 1 hour Difficulty: easy So we're dropped on this Tibetan level in a similar way as in the original TR2, explore the surrounding and find our way into the Yeti's temple/dungeon. While the textures and designs seems to be alright and the style is very loyal to the TR2 tibetan and chinese levels, the lighting was overall absent and there were only a few pitch dark areas. Some of the rooms were empty and left without much details. The atmosphere was bland, the puzzles and gameplay was lacking both in creativity and difficulty. The enemies were a few and powerful but not a problem to deal with, even with the scarse amount of resources you have from the start (no meds) I think there is room for improvements and lots of work to do despite a lot of good, thoughtful design choices that I think shows that the author has potential: the classic inventory plugin, the few customization of lara's sounds, the enemies sounds to give a more nostalgic TR2 feeling." - ViridionSama (27-Nov-2021)
"Very nice level for Emaraider. In general, the whole level is a clear homage to Tomb Raider 2, from the Tibetan slopes to the Barkhang monastery ... but not only. The difficulty is increasing, with a very simple first part, a central part of medium difficulty and a final part with some more advanced jumps. Very pleasant to play and to watch. Never frustrating, nor boring. Interesting puzzles and traps and well-calibrated presence of enemies and objects, which must not be wasted. Aesthetically some rooms are really beautiful and original, others are clearly inspired by the classic TRs. Absolutely approved level and thumbs up for Emaraider, waiting for more mature jobs!" - TRItalia (26-Nov-2021)
"Emanuele has made another great level here but this time set in a more colder environment. Its just a joy to make your way through, i loved the snowy canyon and the gorgeous water areas and the original puzzles and countless jumpy traps and enemies were fantastic again just the right balance of mixture between both here and just when i thought it couldnt get any better you get great numerous timed runs and a snowmobile to ride on as well! brilliant! Some challenges and tasks can be challenging and tricky but nothing too frustrating or irritating it was all in good fun and with such a variety of intriguing areas such as the underground atlantis style section and temple areas i just cant fault it! even the music and atmosphere was just superb as well, i cant wait for more levels hopefully from this builder" - John (26-Nov-2021)
"I loved this Emanuele's second level very much. I like the atmosphere of the snowy caverns and the tibetan temple in perfect TR2 style. I also appreciated a lot the part with the depths of the earth with lava, I did not expect that in a snowy level and I found it a pleasant surprise :) The gameplay is a fair compromise for me, I found it not boring but also not too challenging. I appreciated the many traps that made my Lara die in several occasions XD The puzzles are well thought out and are not too difficult to solve, but not too obvious either. I found all the secrets that were well hidden. Maybe some enemies are a bit too strong and I would appreciate more medipacks on Lara's way. About the graphics, I liked the usage of the textures and I noticed an improvement with the lights compared to the previous level, even if there are many areas with flat lighting alternate with well-lit areas (I appreciated the attempt to use many colors too, especially the green and blue in the cold water). Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this level and I am proud of Emanuele! I expect more and better releases from him :D" - ilariacroft (25-Nov-2021)
"Tibetan themed CaC2021 level made by Emaraider. It's pretty decent but it has a lot of flaws and issues. Well, gameplay was pretty straight-forward sometimes and I think there were too little of puzzles. Yet I still liked some ideas like time trial with pushable blocks or the puzzle in area with two bells. We got here also pretty ride with snowmobile. About the looks of level; well, some rooms felt polished more and some less. I noticed much wallpapered walls, especially in caverny areas. Some of the rooms looked pretty blocky too. More various geometry could have been done in some rooms because big flat walls in caves are weird to see. Lighting was mix of worse and better areas. Some areas had too flat lighting, some caverns were too bright in my opinion and I also found rooms where there were openings to sky in ceiling but these rooms were dark which I found weird. Best lighting was in monastery areas, lighting there looked pretty good, especially in one of last areas with collapsible floors. I think monastery areas are more polished than caves or outside areas. Overally, it's not a bad level. I did enjoy it and it has some pretty good moments and tasks but the visual aspects are to improve. I know the author is pretty new to the level building so I understand some flaws. Hope to see more levels from this author in the future, with improvments made. Fingers crossed :)" - BlackWolfTR (23-Nov-2021)