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Pillars of Silence - Part 1 by PedroCroft_

DJ Full 6 8 7 7
JesseG 6 7 7 8
manarch2 4 6 7 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Saki Croft 7 7 8 8
release date: 11-Mar-2022
# of downloads: 1690

average rating: 6.96
review count: 6
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file size: 218.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The first level of the set is quite good, the next one gets worse the further you go. There are basic design flaws but all of them boil down to a general "miss a thing, repeat a lot". Also there's too much of design which feels like a copypaste. Still, I think this is the best of Pedro I've played so far so maybe the next one will be even better. Optional." - DJ Full (17-Sep-2022)
"There's not much I can add to Jesse's review - it's all in all a solidly, but technically not very cleanly designed game in a setting that definately does not remotely remind on Paris, with several glitching objects as well as (mild) texturing errors and paper thin walls. Gameplaywise it is really hard to bear at times with horrible backtracking, mazes and many long parts where you just use levers or keys to find the next lever and so on, and only some more entertaining traps at the end of the first level. It all in all feels like a reimagination of Die Basis's CaC level, but even if that one was not very exciting at times (at least for me), this new release is even less so. Found all six secrets in 1:35 hours." - manarch2 (12-Apr-2022)
"Lara explores two levels themed after It's A Madhouse! from TRLA in search of two pillars to collect. Unfortunately this journey is fraught with functional issues: missing textures, overlapping rooms, illegal slopes, uzi clips that can't be picked up because they're too low in the ground, object collision that makes it hard to enter certain corridors, and a lever puzzle that I think was broken because I opened the exit with a single switch pull, although maybe I was just lucky enough to stumble on the solution. There are a few unfair "gotcha" moments including a solid-looking grate in the floor that Lara must fall through, an unmarked climbable wall, hidden cracks to shimmy on, and hidden blocks to pull out of the wall (if they were in small, trapped spaces that's one thing, but these city areas are huge). There's several mazes, both above and below water, that I could have done without. Several switches are missing camera cues. There's a contrived trapdoor that activates with some pressure pads but lowers due to others that look the same. But the biggest issue by far is the backtracking, and there's a lot of it, even through the aforementioned mazes. There was one instance toward the end that was such a long backtrack that I had to strain my memory across three or four areas that I had previously visited to figure out what route to retrace. The visuals are solid and do their job for the most part, and I appreciated the times that colored lighting spiced things up, although the texturing is not exactly seamless. The one thing I truly enjoyed was the trap sequences in the first level, including a timed gauntlet that fills with deadly goo if Lara doesn't get past it in time. Took me quite a few tries, but I enjoyed the challenge. I could use more of that and less of the other stuff that padded out the adventure. 2 hours 17 minutes." - JesseG (30-Mar-2022)
"For a two-level TR3 game, this isn't a bad effort but unfortunately some flaws do start to show themselves, and I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as I should have. The first level is by far the most enjoyable and stimulating, containing just enough variety in the gameplay to keep you occupied (overlooking the more obscure parts), including some nice traps, jump sequences and puzzles. Unfortunately the second level really lets things down, as the constant backtracking is arduous throughout, some of the collision and geometry is rather glitchy (enemies tend to flicker in and out of existence), the graphics and text were initially messed up (but I fixed that thanks to a hint about the filter in a previous review) and the addition of three whole mazes really spoilt what should have been fast-paced enjoyable gameplay. The atmosphere wasn't too bad, but overall I found this to be a mixed bag." - Ryan (28-Mar-2022)
"I had technical difficulties with this release that may have been experienced by other players (given the dearth of reviews to date). The first of the two levels played fine, but the jump to the second level caused havoc with the graphics and made me feel as if I were playing while on an acid trip. Despite setup adjustments, I was never able to fix this. Although gameplay proceeded normally, there was no displayed text and I was unable to identify with certainty any of the pickups I encountered. Without the posted video to guide me along I would have been unable to finish, much less put down what I was doing in written form. Each of the levels takes about an hour to play, and from what I saw they're not really related, so with a little tweaking they could be released separately. I suggest that the builder consider doing that as a way of eliminating the graphics issue. As for the game itself, quite apart from the graphics the first level is by far the superior of the two, with more variety of action and enemies. There's far too much backtracking required in the second level, which takes place largely in a huge city environment where there's not a whole lot to do or see. Play it for the first level." - Phil (26-Mar-2022)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: They are fine, in some sections they are even challenging and timed, but nothing so impossible! The 'Crowbar key door', I don't know if it's bugged or what, because if you go near it, opens even without the key. But of course I did it in the legit way. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: They are fine, they suit the level, and it reminds me about TR3/TR3 Gold vibes which I really like the most, since it's my favorite game. Plus in the second level I've found 2 secrets insted of only 1 as the 'read me' file said. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: All good, but about Cameras sometimes you see the hint of the area before you reach it. Lightning & Textures: are ok for a TR3 style level. I had an issue loading the second level, because the textures loaded bad and whenever I tried to open the inventory the game crashed but after you try to load it few times it works and I noticed that the 'filter was on'. After that I was able to save and then switch it to off to see better the spikes and other details. Duration: if you know what to do, you finish the game around 1 hrs but if you don't even about 2+ hrs. As always I've done the full video walkthrough on my YT channel 🙂 Difficulty: I'll say medium to challenge since some puzzles require timed run." - Saki Croft (23-Mar-2022)