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Rome Revisited by Charles Kane

Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 1 3 2 2
JesseG 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 2 2 2
Kubsy 1 0 1 0
Lorax 4 3 3 2
manarch2 1 1 0 1
MichaelP 2 3 2 1
Mulf 1 0 0 1
OblivionJaw 1 0 2 1
Ryan 2 1 1 1
Treeble 2 1 2 2
release date: 13-Mar-2022
# of downloads: 143

average rating: 1.48
review count: 12
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file size: 18.60 MB
file type: TR5
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"By coincidence I revisted Rome myself a few weeks ago and I can say with certainty that the real one looks slightly different than the one presented in this short level (10-15 mins max). All the typical beginner mistakes make an appearance, progression is very basic and the two battles are obsolete as you can shoot the lions from safety and can skip fighting the guys at the end entirely and just move forward to end the level. The only remarkable thing is the use of the diagonal forward role move out of a crawlspace that you have to apply here twice." - MichaelP (22-Dec-2023)
"This is the only "ok" or meh quality level from the author, and it's a shame. No matter what, this level offers the most out of any level by CharlesKane, and it's still quite bland with a large ton of texture issues and basically bland rooms with little lighting. Not worth it." - OblivionJaw (02-Dec-2023)
"Another test level from the builder, this one slightly longer but still built with the same style, so big rooms with stretched textures and objects haphazardly placed all over, even in the massive underwater chambers. This one got me wondering whether the revolver got nerfed in TRC or if the lions actually got an increase in HP — it takes seven revolver shots to down one lion. Lara gets enough firepower at the beginning to go through half of the enemy encounters at the end, but you can just outrun them and still achieve the same result. If anything, I'm glad Lara's pretty good at squats, otherwise getting the 94 items at the start surely worn out her poor knees... 15 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/23" - Treeble (09-Apr-2023)
"I felt the itch to stop playing after few seconds but still spent two minutes picking up stacked items. In the water maze, I took a break and reviewed, because if I did it after finishing, the rating could be even lower. Avoid..." - DJ Full (04-Aug-2022)
"A short level easy to play except if you ignore one of the movements you can do with this engine. Many things to fix, bad placed objects with no colision scattered everywhere with no sense (underwater palm trees?), excessive pickups (at least they all are in the same place), enemies not well balanced (all together in few areas), secrets without chime, where is the background music?, paper walls and floors, elongated and deformed textures, flat lighting... The only thing I saw "correct" were the couple of camera shots when opening doors. Even so the level is still playable (no puzzles to solve) and even at the end you can avoid the final bosses to reach the finish trigger. The next time perhaps it could be a good idea call some betatesters before the release." - Jose (14-May-2022)
"A remake of a string of TR5 test levels probably isn’t much of a workable idea to begin with, and the circumstance that the newly-minted builder chose Pablo David for a model to emulate when it came to object placement didn’t help; he also shows himself strongly influenced by Edward Orhue’s Section 13 (large amounts of pickups on the same tile, to be picked up one after the other after the other after the other). The level does not succeed in its goal of combining its models into something that’s greater than the sum of its parts; in fact, the originals do better on their own. One of them is only present in effigie, so to speak—the builder’s version of Flood Test vaguely recalls the visuals, but it does not involve a flipmap. Another one (Arena) is copied nearly 1:1, yet absurdly overdone and made irrelevant all at the same time: you get half a dozen or so hammergods at once, whom you can kill from safe spots at the top of either of two ramps, or avoid altogether by diving into a convenient pool of water and grabbing the McGuffin, thereby ending the level. Vinci’s signature move, the jump out of a crawlspace at an angle, occurs early and constitutes the level’s most difficult task (you land on a slope and immediately have to continue from there, as in Vinci’s TREditor3D v2.0 Testlevel, an unacknowledged model); otherwise it’s push switch, proceed. Secrets are correspondingly trivial, with the possible exception of the one where the collision of a door gets in the way of otherwise simple jumps. The usual litany of beginner’s errors could be recited, and it’s expanded here to incorporate the less common textures that are missing and those that disappear from view depending on which way you look. Sound is almost entirely absent (not even the Title has background audio), and so is lighting (though there are some excessively blue pools of water). Back to the drawing board, I’d say." - Mulf (01-Apr-2022)
"Lara visits a snowy Rome, or rather an abstract version of it, to collect a Mercury stone. The visuals represent the stereotypical beginner aspects, such as wallpapering, stretched textures, paper thin walls, and flat lighting. The use of objects gets pretty weird, especially in the pools which have table settings and trees growing happily underwater. There's also a mountain of pickups placed on two adjacent tiles, which must have taken me three full minutes to collect them all. However, Lara will be happy for the extra ammo as there are three swarms of enemies toward the end: lions, undead knights, and four of those giant statues, which are especially tiring to take down. The rest of the gameplay is just pulling switches and some platforming, but I appreciated seeing an underused maneuver from TRC getting the spotlight several times here: using the crawlspace roll at an angle to land on a platform to the side. 16 minutes." - JesseG (22-Mar-2022)
"There's a lot going against this level getting anything of a decent rating. It's inspired by test levels and feels similar to a test level, it's a TR5 level and it's the builders first released level. I thought the idea of turning test levels into a more complete experience was actually a pretty cool idea and despite the more negative qualities I found this to be a fairly enjoyable 15 minutes. It's clear to me a lot of love went into making this level and taking the risks the builder did in the first place, I think one day with more experience and less limitations Charles Kane can and probably will become a truly great builder." - Lorax (19-Mar-2022)
"Sorry but it is beyond my imagination why there was a need for a weird collection of already uninteresting test levels. Is the pressure to release *something* so hard? Even if it takes only 10 minutes, don't waste your time with this!" - manarch2 (16-Mar-2022)
"I don't think I'll bother writing a detailed review for this level as other reviews on this level have made pretty self-explanatory about the quality of this level. Carelessly placed objects with either wall-papered textures or stretched textures which could have been very easily fixed by the way. Gameplay is just collecting a key and shooting enemies and that's it really. Was it really necessary to recreate those tests levels? - I don't think so. Hopefully Reza takes his time learning with Dxtre3D or Tomb Editor (whatever he chooses) and crafts something nice. I would rather leave TR5 engine alone since it is buggy, go with TRNG or tr1-3." - Kubsy (16-Mar-2022)
"I do admire anyone who tries their hand at the level editor, and this is playable at the very least, but unfortunately this comes across as a bit of an amateurish effort. It's certainly a nice idea to combine a few TR5 test levels into one playable package but it doesn't quite come off due to the odd and repetitive texturing, extremely buggy sounds, meagre gameplay and unimaginative enemy usage, not to mention the ridiculously abrupt ending. I do hate being so negative about someone's first effort, but I can't really recommend this one." - Ryan (16-Mar-2022)
"While I admire Reza's desire to combine older TR5 test levels that were among the very first releases for the game and recreate them into more of a meaningful, interconnected experience, this has to rank as one of the most lazily-designed levels I've played in quite some time. Objects, enemies, textures, gameplay, lighting... it all just feels like an afterthought with no real effort or forethought put into how the entire level is designed. There's plenty of pointless blocky areas packed to the brim with excessively-placed decorative objects that contain nothing of value and only exist to waste time (including several excessively blue pools), enemies are spammed in packs of six each towards the end of the map in a pitiful attempt to add some semblance of gameplay difficulty after the dull platforming sequences prior, atmosphere is nonexistent with an extreme lack of ambient music and very flat lighting & the texturing is consistently repetitive and stretched throughout. I could go on and on about the myriad of amateur mistakes on display here, but I think you all get the point. In conclusion, another weak level that only adds to the shovelware which unfortunately comprises the vast majority of TR5 engine-based releases. Next time Reza, actually take the time to learn how to construct a compelling & well-designed level that folks would genuinely want to play first and foremost, before making it available to the public in future." - Ceamonks890 (14-Mar-2022)