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Postmortem by Drobridski

Bruno-Oyaji 8 7 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
JesseG 7 9 9 8
Kubsy 9 9 9 10
Leoc1995 9 10 10 9
Lorax 10 10 10 10
LuxQSD 9 8 9 9
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 5 8 7 7
requiemsoul 7 9 8 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Saki Croft 9 9 9 9
TimJ 8 10 10 10
Wolf7 10 10 10 10
release date: 17-Mar-2022
# of downloads: 84

average rating: 9.05
review count: 14
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file size: 13.30 MB
file type: TR1
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A timed run made narrative or a narrative made timed run. I liked so much the idea and the cartoon style. A risky and remarkable game." - requiemsoul (23-Nov-2022)
"I've been searching for custom levels for other TR engine to see what's been possible beside what the TR4 engine offers. It's purely by chance that I stumbled upon this short but brilliant piece of art. The author has completely transformed TR1 into a new experience. You play as Janice and have a date with Bernard, who's coming in exactly 9 minutes (I didn't check if it was real time, ah!). You must clean your flat and find some pretty flowers to add a nice touch to your living room. How complicated can than be? Well, as you can't save and time's running out, it can be complicated enough to need two or three tries. That's the perfect amount to enjoy the beautiful decor crafted as in a comics book, with each texture drawn by hand. The sound design is also custom made and perfectly on point and adds to the comedic nature of this level. This is a must play for everyone searching for a short and refreshing experience. This kind of adventures really show that we can go beyond tombs, traps and deadly enemies with the TR engine and walking games still are games worth playing." - TimJ (21-Jul-2022)
"Lol I'm halfway through and already know what to give. The outbox thinking here is crazy, providing things never seen before in any TR1 level. Little details are scattered around, making a very enjoyable and satisfying level." - DJ Full (16-Jul-2022)
"A certified Drobridski classic. Janice has a date with Bernard, but she bangs her head and wakes up 9 minutes before her appointment. She has to fix up her apartment so she doesn't embarrass herself! A very short puzzle based level that spans through Janice's apartment complex. A lot of custom assets were used and one would argue that this is a total conversion of TR1. The unique art style and tone combined with the general quirkiness this author usually brings to the table makes for a very fun and stand out adventure. I would say that this is the easiest level from this author to date and one can complete it without too much effort on their first or second try. The extra puzzle to unlock the 'Boonus' folder was a nice touch and the reward is quite nice. Would recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind some puzzle solving with a few twists...and if I wanted to get someone into playing more of this author's works I would definitely pick this level for them to start off with. Very impressive stuff!" - LuxQSD (23-Apr-2022)
"Oh, Janice... Unforgettable NPC Janice! It's good to have her playable in this hilarious short stage, getting ready for a client. The atmosphere is so noir in a funny way. Black and white (and red) is a great touch, the music is fun and the sounds are so funny. There are no enemies though, but you must be fast to collect items and solve puzzles if you want things to end well. "That's okay. Some of us like it that way."" - Bruno-Oyaji (13-Apr-2022)
"While I do not think that this level has the same quality of other HoF entries, I was really surprised how much you can pack into an even less than 10 minute long TR 1 game. The whole storyline is quite inspired and the 'checklist' together with the timed run works rather nicely, maybe less so without the possibility to save but there's only one place where you can actually die here. Several sweet usages of objects here and the whole atmosphere and audio does a really good job here. On the other hand, the gameplay itself is rather mundane, mainly consisting of finding using those nicely textured objects - with a decent lever puzzle in between - and little else, so not really perfect for me, but certainly enjoyable for the time this game lasts. Visually the cartoonish style works well enough, but it's not super great. After all, the architecture consists of a few basic rooms. Another builder to count upon when it comes to creating unique experiences and I think that there's a potential for even better things to come in the future." - manarch2 (28-Mar-2022)
"Having a level constructed as one giant timed run is certainly a bold thing to do, but may not be every player's cup of tea. Having said that, this one is both short and not too difficult so it's not really an issue. I was actually quite charmed by it as the creativity works in its favour, and as I didn't manage to get everything done, the bad ending doesn't affect the outcome of the gameplay either. The visuals are incredibly vivid but also pleasing, the atmosphere is well caught (loved the rain pouring outside the windows) and the custom objects were neat additions, as was the whole checklist thing (although switch puzzle was more trouble than it's worth). Certainly a curiosity piece." - Ryan (26-Mar-2022)
"Well, this is a character I've never played as before in a custom level. This is a TR1 level in the "Lara's Home" slot, meaning there is no way to save/load, which is kind of annoying, thankfully the level is pretty short so it wasn't as detrimental as it normally would be. Speaking of time, it is limited if you want to get things ready for Bernard in time, so the level is essentially a big timed run, and one that will likely take several attempts to succeed. The biggest obstacle is a switch puzzle with silly faces, which I liked the concept of but the premise is also misleading – it is implied that you need to match up the left and right halves of each face, but it turns out you need to match the left halves against each other. Aside from that Janice must dodge a hazardous floor (which acts as invisible spikes) and run around the apartment building to collect and use various items to complete her checklist. The cartoony visuals actually work quite well for me and I rather enjoyed them. I'm also impressed how such a custom experience came out of the TR1 engine. 5 minutes." - JesseG (22-Mar-2022)
"What criteria should we use to say that a level is good or not? Does having a long duration or being short influence the quality? Does every level need to have a minimum duration to be considered good? I start my review with these questions to tell the player who has not yet tested this “masterpiece” if it's a short level, without savegames, in which you will probably need to play at least two or three times to complete. You might even think from points I highlighted that I'm speaking from a negative perspective, but no. Despite not having the option to save the game, the experience is not as tough as one of Drobridski's previous levels, being fluid, interesting and with a very fun replay factor. These game features make this Drobridski's level a unique and innovative experience for a TRLE on the TR1 engine. This is a completely new level with objects, atmosphere and gameplay compared to the TR1 levels released so far. Drobridski's ability to create new objects and statics in a limited engine like the TR1 makes all the difference. The rain effect is “great, brilliant, awesome, never seen before”, and the shower was also a surprising addition. The animations of new objects in general are very creative and bring completely new gameplay to the TR1 engine. The black and white atmosphere, the sound of rain, the good and comic use of the soundtracks, and the textures created by the author are positive for the experience in “Janice’s apartment!”. In general, I can summarize by saying that quality and quantity are different things. And the innovative perspective of this new TR1 is off-topic compared to the usual "kill enemy, pull lever, open door, kill enemy, etc." It took me three attempts to finish the level in time, which took me between 20 and 30 minutes (combining the time of the attempts). So despite being short this level deserves a good score, because of what this level did in few minutes, and where some can’t do in hours: be fun and attractive to play. There is a secret hidden in this level, but I won't go into more details and leave it to the curiosity of those who try to play. If Drobridski reads my review, I suggest you look for the latest versions of TR1Main, as this has expanded the possibilities of building TR1 levels by decreasing limitations on textures, objects and other issues. With this, you will be able to build levels with more customized objects and with a greater variety of textures, using all your creativity. If you have questions about where to find it, you can contact me by e-mail, which is on my profile here on the site. Keep building your levels in your own style Drobridski, as many like your innovations. And while there are reviews that downrate you, that means they can't build creative things as you and try to stop you (failing a lot with it). Highly recommended for anyone who wants something different and who understands that quantity does not mean quality. My rating is 9/10/10/9." - Leoc1995 (21-Mar-2022)
"This level it's unique and brilliant! It's really a great way to innovate TR1 level! I was really amazed on how the game was builded! I've never played any level of the builder and this one was my first one! I enjoyed it a lot, all was new and it was really easy to understand what to do in order to complete the level! The only 'bad' thing is that it is too short, I wish it was longer :( It is funny that every time Janice pulled the lever she did a funny noise to simulate the sound! The way the builder did the custom items it's really clever! The cartoon vibes of this level it's really the best part of all! For me in conclusion it has been an amazing level! As always I've done the full walkthrough, with both endings, on my YT channel 🙂" - Saki Croft (20-Mar-2022)
"What an interesting and creative level! Drobridski showed once again his creativity in making levels. Despite it's shortness level is rather enjoyable and going very smoothly.
Level itself is very polished the author paid attention to details and all. The fact he even created some objects by his own is rather impressing especially that I haven't seen any "own" made object on TR1 engine before.
There's no ability to save the game but worry not level is really short and unlike to some previous author's level "Homage of Satan" (I liked this level personally) it is not ""hard/tricky"" at some moments. So basically less experienced players can play it.
Personally this level took me less than 10 minutes and I do think it deserves the rating I have given. Mainly due to creativity and some innovative ideas that I haven't seen before but also gameplay itself is very enjoyable.
I also think Drobridski is one of the underrated builders in the community and he really deservers some credit. Recommended!" - Mahetus (18-Mar-2022)
"What a brilliant level! In its shortness the author managed to pack a very interesting "offering" (I see a lot of people using this word, so I am gonna use it too, lol x3).
The level can be finished in 10 or less minutes, no joke, actually it has to be finished before that time to get the good ending! Luckily the very easy and laid back tasks the game has to offer are enough to let the player repeat multiple play-through if they need to without the adventure feeling dreadful at all. The tasks given mostly are based on exploring the environment which holy moly it is full of details! Some of them are unnecessary for the completion of the game but I did spend my first play- through looking around for them, so lovely! The game is saveless, but that is not an issue given the fact that the game is short and does not have unfairly deadly moments, technically. Yeah technically because there is one small task that might be deadly due to some relatively small spikes, but I learned my lesson the first time I played and assured the second (and third time, for the good ending) to do it first. Apart from that there is a little puzzle involving levers, but nothing too out of the ordinary once you figure it out. The gameplay is simple and fun to figure out in my opinion, lack of crappy moments makes it even more worthwhile, while it is not on par with the author previous "Millionaire Waltz" it at least does not have that big punch in the guts that had that underwater section.
Object customisation is brilliant, absolutely is, made even more stylish by the black and white palette the game goes for (with the exception being Janice's jacket which is nicely red), attention to detail is really high, that is what I absolutely adore about Drobridski, there is this moment in which you go to a bathroom and can use a lever to use the toilet and another to turn on the faucet of the shower, such small unneeded detail that feels so on par with what the builder always goes for :3
Atmospherically talking this is the best offering so far in my honest opinion, yeah Millionaire Waltz was made more stylish by its music and overall look of the environment, but there is something so striking about the look of this one and the absolutely excellent audio usage to tell a coherent and rather adorable story.
Lighting is good throughout the entire level, I was afraid at some point it was gonna turn entirely dark but I was gladly wrong and it remains good all the way through. Texturing is very good all the way through, with textures new and stylised to fit into the world the author has thrown ourselves in.
Best work of the author, deserves a 10/10 for how finally Drobridski has made a player friendly all the way through custom, starting from Millionaire Waltz, that had just that water section being a pain, to Why do you bother, that was super confusing, otherwise super fun, to Postmortem, a recommendable short masterpiece you can play twice in your life or more and will remain for sure stuck in your soul for quite a while :3 Please Drobridski, more of this ^w^ :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (18-Mar-2022)
"Drobridski didn't dissapoint me this time. This level is soo good with some features that I knew were possible in a TR1 such as the timed event. The black and white aesthetic was also pretty and of course the custom objects made for this (that bee was funny). The only downside is that the gameplay is too short, I would love a longer level about Janice :p. To conclude, it was a nice effort from Drobridski and can't wait for the next release. PS I watched your hidden video ;)" - Kubsy (18-Mar-2022)
"An amazing level by Drobridski. I found it really fun finding out how to solve everything before the time limit. While the level is very short, it's interesting and well designed and nails absolutely everything it goes for. The secrets being riddles that you solve to unlock bonus content is one of the coolest secret ideas I've ever heard of. I recommend everyone try this short masterpiece, and everything else Drobridski does. Drobridski is one of the most underrated and interesting builders on the site and I hope to see them eventually get the attention they deserve." - Lorax (17-Mar-2022)