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Tomb Raider Relic Hunter by ViridionSama

billie2001 9 9 9 8
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
JesseG 8 9 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
manarch2 8 8 8 7
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Saki Croft 9 9 9 9
tuxraider 9 8 8 7
release date: 26-Mar-2022
# of downloads: 80

average rating: 8.75
review count: 9
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file size: 199.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Much more organized than the builder's previous game. The first level feels like a little brother of Agent's Rome level, taxing to get all pickups but also pleasant to take time for doing so. There's a solid story with sensible gameplay, fun combat and rewarding secrets. The ending felt drafty and not even compensated with an alternate one, but currently the game is horrendously underrated - I guess because of the notorious death bug, but to me this single reason isn't enough to compress the rating so much. Highly, highly recommended." - DJ Full (15-Sep-2022)
"This is the first level I play from this builder and it is a good one. It even has a story implemented within the game. I even didn't mind the limited pistol ammo, something I always consider a bad choice, since there was a big variety of guns and tons of ammo. I even enjoyed the fight, which is my least favourite aspect of TR. A big variety of enemies and usually well-thought traps. Some of them could be deactivated on our way back though. No significant puzzles I can think of. I liked the first two interconnected levels more than the long last one. Although at the end it gives us a variety of environments, I think it overstayed its welcome a bit. I got 9/10 secrets so I missed the anticlimactic all-secrets ending but I experienced the longer but extremely sudden ending. The visuals are good overall, although there are some imperfections here and there: some paper-thin walls, some wallpapering, but nothing to spoil the overall good impression. The difficulty is medium with a couple of challenges. Nothing the average player can't handle with a few tries. A very enjoyable and good looking level-set, definitely recommended." - billie2001 (02-May-2022)
"The cool central hub to get the weapons is a well developed idea, one which I enjoyed the most, in spite of never having found a use for the Apartment 5 key. The other two parts of these strongly TR2 influenced (but full of references even to TR5) are a lab, and, well, a mostly TR2 place with lots to do, many rivers to cross, so to speak. Since I only found four out of the total number of golden skulls, I didn't get the gimmick at the end (I confirmed on the video), but I did play all teleportation rooms - because you can. There are many enemies spread throughout, some tougher than others, but also guns, ammo and medipacks, so no complaints whatsoever there. If I'm going to get a little picky, I did spot a paper thin wall here and there... Other than that, the game sometimes hangs by a thread on the homogeneity department, but miraculously gets away with it. My preferences go to the central city hub and the lab part, even though I did have a good time throughout the entirety of the game." - Jorge22 (26-Apr-2022)
"An exhilarating adventure indeed! The previous reviewers have already nicely elaborated on my major opinions on this release, but I'll add my two cents anyway for good measure. It's very much a spread out game, split into three distinct parts. Aside from a bit too much backtracking and a few blandly textured rooms, it's a very well executed and involving raid that must have been no mean feat for the builder to construct. The main highlight for me was the gigantic hub level that is a lot larger than you would think, and I praise the builder for being able to cram in this amount of gameplay without making things too convoluted or confusing. The change of sceneries were a refreshing change of pace and the enemy attacks kept me eagerly on my toes, while the scenery throughout is nicely put together. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (15-Apr-2022)
"This long adventure is divided into three main parts. The first two are interlocked and take place in Genoa and in an office complex. The third part is named Priory, but a better name might have been Hub Room Heaven. The builder's level design decisions in this regard allow for a variety of different "looks" that enhance the game's player-friendliness. The lighting is also well done, as there were only a few occasions where I felt the need to use a flare. Gameplay is quite challenging in certain spots, but never to the extent that I felt frustrated in my ability to continue. The posted glitch-free videos require about two hours of playing time, but most players will invest at least double that while navigating through these engaging levels. One drawback is the "black screen" effect that occurs when you try to load a savegame while Lara is in the process of dying. It takes a few extra seconds, but you can avoid this problem by refraining from hitting the F6 key immediately and waiting for the game to go through its normal cycles. I found this to be well planned and well executed, and it's certainly a fun raid. Recommended." - Phil (14-Apr-2022)
"The storyline is implemented nicely at the start with several dialogues, while it falls rather short towards the end this was a good idea to create more interest, especially as you come back several times. The gameplay is never exceptional, but always diverse and thus rather entertaining. Despite some larger exploration and some creatively used traps it was never really difficult to progress, and here and I missed some more puzzles in here. The enemies, mostly from TR 2, are well chosen and I haven't seen some of them in TR 4 levels before, like the flying swordsmen. The 10 secrets are also decently hidden. This game nicely recaptures some of the TR 2/5 atmosphere, even with some very fast setting changes towards the end, and sounds and cameras are fitting well. While there are few texturing mistakes, I found a few cracks, also in the lighting, and also paper thin walls. Not all of the large areas are very carefully designed and felt a little empty and basic. On the whole, very solid raiding for 1:50 hours of playtime with some nice nostalgic moments." - manarch2 (13-Apr-2022)
"A pretty expansive adventure that spans 3 levels whose aesthetics reflect a nice variety of locations from TR games (Venice, Egypt, Tibet, floating islands just to name a few). The texturing was functional, sometimes wallpapered in places, but I liked the way the lighting was done. There were a few functional issues, including some paper thin walls. Once issue was almost a softlock, which was the bouncer guy that is supposed to disappear when Lara gets her pistols. That wasn't happening for me, but I figured out it was due to an inadequately placed pickup trigger, so I just had to run up to the desk where I had picked up the pistols. Another thing that got a bit irritating was that the game got locked in a black screen whenever I loaded a save while Lara was dying (which, I'm not ashamed to admit, is something that I do frequently). The only other aspect I took issue with was the backtracking that occurred if a pickup was missed. The worst example of this is a circuit breaker above a ceiling trapdoor. If it is overlooked then Lara must repeat a sequence through some tricky flames, steam, and a very long tightrope walk all over again. Overall I enjoyed the combat, which includes a huge variety of TR2-themed enemies, and even though the pistols had limited ammo I never had an issue of running out. I also enjoyed most of the trap sequences – chains, flames, spinning blades, and wisps to contend with. The part I am on the fence about is a chamber with those giant rolling spikes from the Tomb of Seth, which Lara must swing on ropes through to the other side and back. The timing is very tricky, and part of me enjoyed the challenge while another part of me felt like it was a little too difficult. That moment is what drove me to mark this under "very challenging". The beginning was a bit of a slow start, as I felt like I was stumbling upon and starting several tasks that I could not yet complete, but the pace picks up and by the third level things were flowing smoothly. 3 hours 27 minutes." - JesseG (06-Apr-2022)
"This will probably create wrong expectations, but I feel like this game was optimized for playing fun. You visit many diverse areas with many different challenges. It's a nice idea that the starting area makes you search for basic items like guns first. Then the game branches out to further parts. It's fairly non-linear (you can always return to the start), but is not necessarily too demanding making every challenge/area self-contained. Sometimes you might still get lost, though, and you might have to search around. (And unfortunately, there's at least one bug where you get stuck in a room when you visit it again, when you slide down at the end the office building.) The game was a bit too dark and there were lighting issues. I didn't like having to cross the beam in the office building multiple times just because I forgot something there. When you collect all secrets, it's possible to reach an alternative end, which is unfortunately a bit lame. Finding all secrets was much more challenging than most of the game (I didn't find half of them and had to look at Saki Croft's walkthrough). This situation was a bit irritating, because while I normally ignore secrets, secrets seemed like integral parts of the game play (you collect skulls and there's a place where you can use them to open a door), yet it was barely worth it. The game should have kept it's slightly "story"-driven approach towards the end, which just got dropped. Also it got a bit linear in the end, and the actual end was abrupt. Anyway, it was fun to play. I also see a big improvement over the author's previous (first) released game, which I'm still stuck in. This new level is much more fun." - tuxraider (01-Apr-2022)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: They are ok, typical of a TR saga, torch, pulling lever to discover secrets, boulders, passcode, pushable. I don't have any complaints! Enemies, Objects & Secrets: They fit perfectly the enviornment used by the builder. Enemies remind you about TR2, Objects are a mix of item which comes from TR2/3/4/5. The secrets where some of them really well hidden and I enjoyed colleting all of them. Using the Golden Skull as Secret item it's perfect! I really love to pick up unique items as a secret! Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: All good, I had the vibes from TR2/2Gold/TR5 too! The first level it seems like streets of Rome from TR5 mixed with some vibes from TR2 Venice! Sound & Cameras are good. No complaints here either! Lightning & Textures: All amazing, I didn't find any glitched texture. They are well placed and they fit the themed level. Difficluty: Medium but not so difficult for me as a veteran of the saga. Duration: I'll say medium since they are 3 levels. As always I've done the full and complete video walkthrough with all secrets, items and weapons collected on my YT channel 🙂 Keep up the good work ViridionSama! 🤗" - Saki Croft (31-Mar-2022)