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Angkor Vat by 911

ddaring_dash 8 10 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 8 9
eRIC 8 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 8
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
manarch2 6 7 8 7
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
release date: 01-May-2022
# of downloads: 276

average rating: 8.41
review count: 8
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file size: 79.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cambodia

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Reviewer's comments
"I tried it twice in my 20 IQ moment and it was a disaster. I returned with 20 more, got my head around the map, and it was better since. Some graphics match Titak's Jungle Fever but the rooms look too similar too each other, also with Peruvian floor. Gameplay is about remembering where subsequent doors were, resulting in barely resolving, notorious tension. No hint after shattering a ceiling ball is confusing, I checked Saki's walkthrough to know I need five balls, and while another circle around the map was my choice, those balls could stand out of the surrounding - there's a difference between a hard secret and a secret which doesn't want to be found... The second level has an issue of "guess optimal order or repeat a lot". Third one is a plot twist, fourth one is a short epilogue, so there was some storytelling, however every chapter had pacing issues - mostly everything felt too slow... I'd say an optional level, but recommended if you have some extra brain. Took me a whole day to deal with. Either I don't understand modern gaming, or I'm getting too old..." - DJ Full (28-Aug-2022)
"A creative retelling of somewhat familiar Tomb Raider territory. The first two sections constitute the main bulk of the adventure, while part three is a noticeably shorter combat section and the last literally being the finish trigger. Gameplay is enjoyable for the most part, with plenty of timed action and exploration to keep you occupied, although a few more puzzles might have rounded things off a bit more and I did get a bit weary of the rather repetitive backtracking. The enemy attacks also tend to get a bit boring after a while (nearly always bats, snakes and crocodiles with the exception of a few surprise Atlantean attacks near the end) and the room architecture is a bit simplistic, although textures and especially lighting is used effectively and I liked the secret quest. Definitely worth a go if you can withstand a couple of longeurs." - Ryan (14-May-2022)
"This is basically a two-part adventure. The third segment is a short shooter sequence with the final secret thrown in, and the last "level" contains nothing more than the finish trigger. There's plenty of action crammed into the two main courses, however, even though Temple Ruins was much too dark for my tastes. I found several oddities along the way as well. Saki Croft's video claims that there are five brass balls that must be found and shot in order to open the door to the sixth secret. But Steven3517's video documents only four such brass balls, and in my game that number proved to be sufficient. What proved most puzzling to me was that timed run in Temple Ruins, and none of the videos did much to explain the mechanics of what takes place there. The timed door seems to open when you pull down a ceiling switch in the flooded room, as shown in a cut scene, but it's not open if you go there without having done anything else. The actual timed sequence appears to be triggered by a jump switch in that same room (and the jump switch resets after some period of time, seemingly confirming this conclusion), but if you haven't also pulled down the ceiling switch (contrary to Steven3517's video), the timed gate won't be open when you get there. The raised platforms are not timed at all, at least not in my game, so I've tried to describe the proper sequence as best I can in my written walk. If someone has any suggestions for improvement, just let me know. As a matter of preference, the shooter sequence should have been placed between the first and second levels. As it is, by the time you get to the revolver and the single paltry explosive arrow pickup, it's too late for them to be of much practical benefit (although that demigod at the end took an enormous amount of firepower to kill). I found this to be a fun raid, well worth the download." - Phil (12-May-2022)
"A classic three-parter, based on the Angkor Wat elements, but also including enemies from TR4 (mainly bats, crocodiles, and skeletons, plus one of those easy-to-kill while crouching demigods), and very pesky hordes of Atlanteans on the last level. The first and second levels are mostly about exploring, while the last one involves a lot more action. The second level can become a bit confusing at times, while you're chasing a couple of keys and three stones. In the last level, you can, quite fortunately, avoid all those Atlanteans that come in packs from a certain room, while still opening the door out to the demigod. I enjoyed the ending, even though poor Lara seems to be unable to get the Iris after all." - Jorge22 (11-May-2022)
"A set of 4 levels inspired by the young Lara levels in TR4, but with an adult Lara visiting this time around. There were a few glitchy things I encountered along the way, mostly triggers for items that seemed to expect the player to use a specific entrance to an area before another ,equally accessible, entry way. There was also a jumpswitch that I think was supposed to raise a timed trapdoor, but that got reversed in my game and the switch lowered the trapdoor instead, and also seemed to trigger when Lara entered that tile without using the switch. I was able to work with these without any major issue though. The only other thing I would change is reducing the amount of backtracking – it's not horrible, but certain climbing sequences have to be repeated several times especially if the player missing a switch or something. The texturing and lighting are both pretty good. I appreciate that the lighting takes a different hue in each level, although I would prefer seeing more lighting contrast within each level instead of just across the levelset. The pacing is a bit slow at first, but each level introduces more timed runs and traps for Lara to overcome, which I enjoyed. The large amounts of ammo given are also justified when the strong Atlantean enemies appear in the third level. Overall, I would have spread out the action a little more instead of concentrating so much of it toward the end, but as is this still makes for a nice raid. 2 hours 6 minutes." - JesseG (11-May-2022)
"Good adventure in Angkor with 3 levels having their own atmosphere. The first is mostly outdoors with easy exploration at the beginning then slowly starts to be a bit more engaging in terms of exploration. The second underground level has a Catacombs atmosphere while the third one , the shortest of the game , is more hellish in terms of (reddish) lighting traps and enemies. The enemies which are different in each level fit in, pickups are rather generously provided. A few imperfections like a missing texture or a ladder which isn't climbable , or doors in a couple of places not placed in portals. These are minor details , where i had some trouble is in the second level in the room with a timed trapdoor and door it seems i did not the intended way and was stuck (i jumped backwards to land in the opening with the timed switch first instead of diving into the water , and later on , either the trapdoor was not raised or the door was not opened can't explain why , then i understood i had to raid this area differently ^^). Aside from that the level is quite pleasant to play and is not very difficult so the player has time to relax and appreciate the surroundings with good architecture and atmosphere. Some extra rooms for the secrets or architecture serving the gameplay are really up sides here. Some different audios and sounds at times even with a couple of missing sfx. Well done and entertaining adventure anyway." - eRIC (09-May-2022)
"A mostly very classic four-parter that took me 1:20 hours to finish. Solid gameplay, almost no puzzles but a few timed runs and traps is what you get here. Several parts felt a little uninspired and repetitive, especially in the second level where some more diversity had been nice but this was never too bad. The looks suffer slightly from flat lighting in most parts, a sun in each room is missing, and the room structure also repeats quite often so there's no 'wow' factor when you enter a new room. Nevertheless the architecture is quite solid and I liked how the cutscenes and lighting are used to mark the 'change' from the second to the third level. The strongest thing in this game is certainly the storyline and this is nicely evolved until the very end, so even if this had its less inspired moments I think it's a level worth to play. Found the nine nicely hidden secrets." - manarch2 (08-May-2022)
"This is a very creative reimagining of the classic levels. I liked the design of the rooms and the curious use of decorations. But on the second level, I had problems solving the puzzle in the room with the pool and two rising platforms. I couldn't open the opposite door and had to skip the level. Perhaps I didn’t understand something, but I ran around the entire level, but I couldn’t find the switch. The color scheme on the third level made my eyes hurt. But the level is still creative and interesting! P.S: Thank you for respond and bugfixes)))" - ddaring_dash (03-May-2022)