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Folklorist Diary II - The Cursed Memories (Demo) by Leoc1995

Bangkok 10 9 10 8
BlackWolfTR 8 9 9 8
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
eRIC 8 9 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
manarch2 6 7 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 10 9
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
Torry 7 8 8 7
Treeble 8 9 10 10
release date: 18-May-2022
# of downloads: 119

average rating: 8.91
review count: 11
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file size: 90.90 MB
file type: TR3
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Beautiful. After playing one of the best TR2 levels (The Forbidden Place), here comes one of the best TR3 ones. Gameplay is flawlessly chaptered and almost every room is a masterclass for the builders who want to learn how to create visuals. If the full release keep this quality, then we're in for a treat. Play it." - DJ Full (14-Jul-2022)
"I have nothing to say against this level. The first thoughts were: EGYPT IN TR3? Impossible!! But In the end, I was really surprised. Not only did I see textures that I have never seen before but custom enemies were really great too. What I love about this is the horror aspect of this level and I must confess that I can't wait to see the full version. Trust me with this. If you like this demo, you will certainly love the full version ( I saw some previews :)" - Sabatu (19-Jun-2022)
"I loved it!! action puzzles very challenging jumps and also beautiful jumpscare. I liked the idea of ​​tweaking the little mini bosses of tomb raider three too .I can't wait to try the full story !!!" - Bangkok (01-Jun-2022)
"Solid TR3 level that has a few issues. Lara would get stuck if she dropped off a ledge and grabbed. Not everywhere but in enough places to matter. That or she would simply let go and fall. As for the game it was pretty good with the moving spike trap a bitch and the end battle even bitchier but there was not much in the way of puzzles and no shatter objects when there could so easily have been. It is worth a play for sure but with a little extra thought and effort could be so much better." - Torry (30-May-2022)
"The builder has expanded this series into the TR3 realm and has done a good job in the process. There are enough challenges here to take this demo out of the "easy" category, and in particular there's one fast-paced trap sequence that I found quite exhilarating but fair to the player once you know what's going on. It's a safe bet, however, that unless you've read ahead in Treeble's walkthrough you won't make it through on your first try. Since this is a demo, you'll find ammo for weapons that aren't made available here, but enough armament is provided so you can deal with the enemies you'll encounter along the way. The boss enemy at the end is difficult to vanquish with the distraction of the Vishnu monster also dogging your steps, but the builder has provided nearby water sources to douse the flames should you happen to catch fire during the battle. A nice hour-long raid." - Phil (29-May-2022)
"A very good and atmospheric level on TR3 engine set in egyptian vibes and made by Leoc1995

Gameplay Gameplay is solid and focused on exploration. There were some nice-made suspesnse moments with traps and enemies. There is some parkouring too. I really liked the boss battle at the end of the level. I missed some more puzzles but it is only a demo of a bigger levelset so we'll probably get them later.

Design, Atmosphere & Sounds Design throughout level is well made and consistent with some a little bit worse looking areas. Texture placement is good and textures are used in very creative way. I found some places where there could be more transitions. Lighting in some areas was flawless and in some others it could be better. The smaller rooms had great lighthing but there were two bigger locations with lighting for improvement. I have feeling the main area of level with crowbar door could have some more shadows in corners as it was too bright in some spots as for a cave. The second area was the one where we had to parkour and pull two switches to open a gate. Lighting there was flat so again I suggest to add some more shadows. But in overall it's very atmospheric level. Architecture resembles egyptian vibes perfectly. As about the holes in the ceiling with those dark textures, they looked kinda weird so I suggest to create rooms above with some geometry. Author can also replace those black textures with TR1Gold textures with shining stars. Use of decorations is very good too. I suggest using some rock statics on the ground. Soundtracks are very nice and they give this mysterious atmosphere to the level.

Conclusion It's one of very few TR3 egyptian themed levels and it is very well made. It has nice and mysterious egyptian atmosphere. Gameplay is interesting as well. I can definitely recommend it and I'm waiting for the full game :)" - BlackWolfTR (26-May-2022)
"Alright, I could wait until all the chapters were finished before throwing an all-tenner at this Egyptian TR3, which, in itself, is somewhat out of the box (you may expect an interesting mix) - but instead I'll consider this level for what it is, and how I actually enjoyed it. I can't fault it really. The tasks at hand are always simultaneously challenging and pretty much doable, you don't get lost in someone else's builder's mind, the atmosphere is just great (even the darkest moments aren't excessively dark, and they're very justified, so as to create a certain feeling in the player), and the last couple of baddies were rather fun to defeat. The occasional traps are also quite thrilling. Carefully balanced, player- friendly and inspired, isn't it? Recommended." - Jorge22 (24-May-2022)
"A short but already interesting demo that showcases a well designed Egyptian setting and also a bit of enjoyable gameplay, the trap sequences and especially the mirror room are interesting and the platforming also has its moments, despite the gameplay being mediocre in between. The texturing is very well done and most rooms' lighting as well; a few feel a little uniform in that regard though. I also liked the retextured enemies and objects (perhaps secrets are a bit too easy, though) and the whole ending is quite special, similar to the builder's previous release there are some nice scenes that make these 25 minutes another worthwhile experience. I really look forward to more of that." - manarch2 (23-May-2022)
"An entertaining demo effort that already manages to be quite a treat indeed. Although the gameplay is relatively simplistic and not too extraordinary, the platforming is set up in a simple yet creative manner, with the immediate goal being in reach but requiring a little thought to get too. The spiked wall sequences and mirror room pressure pad puzzle were nice touches too. The highlight is undoubtedly the slightly unsettling atmosphere, aided by a spooky yet not intrusive ambient background loop and some neat twists on familiar Tomb Raider music and an attractive texture palette. Lighting is effectively spooky without hampering the atmosphere by being overly dark. Nicely done." - Ryan (23-May-2022)
"I may have stated this once or twice before, but I always like to see Egyptian assets being used in either TR2 or TR3 engines, it creates an interesting mix. In this case, you have plenty of TR4 objects in addition to textures, and visually I thought this was a very appealing level. In fact, I usually would find myself cranking up the gamma up to 5 or higher when playing most TR3 based levels (even the official game), but here the author perfectly nailed lighting and as a result the default 3 is enough. Sure, there are a few intentionally dark areas, but enough flares are provided and there's one awesome bit which sort of relies on darkness for effect. Gameplay is fairly straightforward with a number of levers to find and proceed, a few nice platforming bits sprinkled in, and a nice boss battle. Which reminds me, the modified enemies are also well fitting to the theme. The only real issue here is one the author states in the readme; the objects flickering in the main room, it was especially noticeable during the fight against the two soldiers as their meshes would keep randomly vanishing. 45 minutes, 1 secret. 05/22" - Treeble (21-May-2022)
"This was good and atmospheric raiding, with thought design , well made shaping of the blocks , enemies and objects placement , attention to details, and also some surprises near the end with special effects and enemies. Good choice of static objects for the decor and i really like the textures here some i've never seen before. Progression is not complicated , with a few challenges spicing up things a bit. I will certainly look forward for the full size game as this demo was quite immersive." - eRIC (21-May-2022)