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Quarter of Evil 2 - Catacombs by Potter

DJ Full 5 6 4 4
manarch2 4 4 4 3
nerdfury 5 4 4 2
OblivionJaw 3 3 2 2
Orbit Dream 4 5 3 5
Ryan 5 4 4 4
Torry 4 5 6 5
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 10-Jul-2022
# of downloads: 160

average rating: 4.16
review count: 8
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file size: 18.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level suffers from too many repetitive tasks. You find yourself traversing the same areas time and time again as you open yet another door and it becomes wearisome. Just as well that it was short, under 15 minutes. Some areas are pitch black so you need to use the binoculars a lot as there are not that many flares scattered about. Don't get me wrong, the level is just fine but a little flat is all." - Torry (14-Nov-2022)
"(5) Gameplay & Puzzles: A very short level without any frustrating gameplay; the builder effectively mixes in thrilling moments here and there, in-between some exploration. There are no stand-out tasks, however. (4) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The builder does take effort with object decor, but many rooms still look very empty. A few enemies and traps are included, but as with the gameplay, they are not memorable. (4) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The architecture is boxy and simple, and I think the wooden boxes look out of place. The sound is OK; I do not recall any flybys to enhance immersion, and there absolutely needed to be a camera once the starting area gets shaken up. (2) Lighting & Textures: The texturing isn't so bad; there's commonly warped textures or patchworking but it's not an eyesore. The lighting, on the other hand, was unfortunately very uncomfortable for my eyes. Some areas were completely pitch black (this does not look good), and then some areas nearby were bright, flat, and didn't seem to have any lighting effects applied at all. It honestly made me feel nauseous. I encourage the builder to take more care with lighting consistency in the future. Overall, the gameplay is not bad, and the builder lays the foundations for more substantial gameplay tasks in a future adventure. It's nice to see returning builders after many years of absence, and going forward I encourage the builder to ask for beta testers on the forums to obtain feedback prior to public release. AgentXP has tutorial and building time-lapse videos on youtube that can also help the builder elevate their skills. 5/4/4/2." - nerdfury (18-Sep-2022)
"Compared to this builder's previously levels, this wasn't that bad although a few oddities still remain. The gameplay isn't too bad for what it is, throwing up a couple of reasonable challenges in the form of timed runs and a fairly challenging lava jump sequences and the atmosphere is adequate, although the textures were on the bland side and the numerous sharp, dark shadows were more annoying than they should have been, while enemies aren't that much of a threat. Still, fine for something relatively undemanding (aside from those mentioned above)." - Ryan (04-Sep-2022)
"The author sets you off on a quest for a scoll called Load. Creative use of lack of scripting? I don't meant to be that person, but this does feel like the early attempts that were released in heaps during the early days of the editor. It's a rather standard catacomb wad level, adding in textures from TR1 Greece and TR2 Venice which didn't quite blend in as nicely as they should. Visually it's also filled of dark corners, most of the flares I spent here were in vain as I could have otherwise just used the muzzle flash to light my way through the corners but alas. Other than the jumping sequence over lava and under a (very) low angled ceiling at the start, which the author forces you to take twice, this was pretty simple and straightforward, even with the distinct lack of cameras. 15 minutes. 08/22" - Treeble (28-Aug-2022)
"A long awaited return for this modestly idiosyncratic builder; and it's not too bad compared with his earlier output. Texturing could do with some fine-tuning; as could the lighting (which is all about splodges of blackness). The enemy placement is ok, if ultimately pointless due to all the explosive artillery; and object placement suffers from an occasional lack of collision. Gameplay, on the other hand,is quite all right,and provides for a continually entertaining twenty-five minutes of running toward timed doors;jumping over fiery death squares;and a slightly tricky deadly-water sequence. It's all easy to follow,and you'll be through without really breaking a sweat - but it was fun while it lasted." - Orbit Dream (21-Jul-2022)
"Despite messy texturing and mistakes in object placement this 12 minute game was not too bad, mainly because the gameplay is rather okay for the short duration, including a few puzzles, jumps and timed runs and two rather nice secrets as well. There are also glimpses of atmosphere here and there with some small but decent ideas. Its amateurish appearance and several dull parts let the experience down somewhat, but for the next one, I have nothing against a level of this style with at least well thought-out gameplay ideas..." - manarch2 (20-Jul-2022)
"Definitely better than the folly-based prequel, it tries to mimic Colosseum and Midas but actually doesn't do it. From a fast return instead of a long backtrack to the keyhole, I see the author cares about players, however he needs betatesting because the aesthetics aren't good and I even found a softlock. On the other hand, the timed challenges and the final tomb room were nice." - DJ Full (14-Jul-2022)
"A level that shows a lot of potentials, but has a lot to learn if it wants to achieve that state. The texturing is quite messy, and a lot of it doesn't do a good job blending into each other. Broken textures, stretched textures, but thankfully not too much missing textures. Please do fix that, since it seems a good step into making this level the best it can be. The lighting has a lot of dark and shadowed areas that make it hard to get through. It is an enclosed space but the amount of shadows and the flare stock does create a situation of fear in the player. I'd have loved to have areas that are nearly-worth getting a torch but not so you cannot make out anything in it. The ambience was alright, though nothing to stand out for sure. No camera work either which was a bit sad. Gameplay wise it had a lot of parts that could get troublesome and quite tedious- Especially the one with having to make tight jumps over the pool of lava, and going back to the camera work- Having no indication of what happened, forcing the player to guess what was happening. Puzzle-wise not much was there, though I can appreciate no abuse of more of the annoying mechanics you could see around. Overall, potential despite the portfolio of levels that showed that change may not be on the Builder's mind, though that is with no rudeness. It is simply something that ends up in the mediocre to bad file of levels. It can be made better with the improvements to all I mentioned, and I hope the builder takes note of it :)" - OblivionJaw (12-Jul-2022)