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The Abandoned Library by Kubsy

Adrian 10 9 9 9
BlackWolfTR 10 10 9 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Feats 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 8 8 8
Phil 10 9 10 9
requiemsoul 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
Saki Croft 10 10 10 10
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
vandit 8 8 9 8
Wolf7 9 10 10 10
release date: 13-Aug-2022
# of downloads: 247

average rating: 9.08
review count: 15
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file size: 87.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Library

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A solid classic map. Good exploration and textures. Few enemies and basic but enjoyable puzzles. The areas with traps were very satisfying. Recommended." - requiemsoul (11-Nov-2022)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: I loved them, especially the spikes room with the two timed lever & the snakes room with the scroll hint! Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Being an abandoned library even though we have the typical enemies from TR4 they suit the level a lot! The objects are fine and the Secrets are brilliant! They really gives you the concept of exploration and hidden secrets! I like a lot that you have as bonus some kind of paintings! Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: All fine and good for a library themed level! It was so immersive! Lighting & Textures: All reminded me Tomb Raider 4 Abandoned Library but in a really new atmopshere! Because we see a lot textures and sets from TR4 that builders generally use but Kubsy has been able to give them a new look! Duration: The right amount of hours to finish this level! If you're playing it for the first time you will clear it from 2 to 3 hours, but if you know what to do the length it's around 1 hour! Difficulty: I'll say medium, because the level has the right difficult challenge that I think it's for everyone and easy to understand! What to say? In the end, I like this level really a lot! The builder has really put a lot of efforts in this level since it was supposed to be a CAC that wasn't released! I'm glad Kubsy took the time to continue this project and release it later! Keep up the work! Looking forward to playing your other customs ❤️" - Saki Croft (07-Sep-2022)
"Every now and then, you experience a custom level that just clicks with you in every category. Everything just worked really well for me: gameplay that strikes the right balance between challenge and enjoyment (together with some neat puzzles and customised animations), well-crafted and immersive surroundings that aren't too much on the dark side, very nicely placed enemies that require a reliable strategy to get through but aren't too frustrating and some neat secret side quests. Definitely my kind of level. The looping ambience track was close to being on the annoying side and the final timed run may be a bit finicky to get through for some players, but it's not too difficult to get through within reasonable attempts. Very nicely done indeed." - Ryan (07-Sep-2022)
"A solid library level with classic gameplay plus some hard and special secrets. Sound is very good but visuals lack a bit of polish. You'd also wish for some wow moments, maybe next time." - DJ Full (01-Sep-2022)
"I didn't mind the dark-ish settings, as they fit the general atmosphere well. The level is quite imaginative, and ends up on a feast of the tightest timed run ever coupled with several traps along the way (and an earthquake all along). I must say I had a very hard time getting there in time. Then, there's platforming, very interesting puzzles, some traps, a few secrets, the exact touch of enemies and great use of flipmaps. It's not obvious throughout, but I recommend it." - Jorge22 (31-Aug-2022)
"Here a rare example of a custom that the more I play the more I enjoy it, it does not happen often with other instances being QRS' Castle of Anxiety and Justin's Horizon.

It is divided into minor sections with minor challenges, but do not let the minor name fool you, some of these challenges are short and easy, other can take longer and get pretty creative and complex. Some of the traps sequences, despite much hard at times, are fresh and fun to play, one of my favourites is later on in the game, pretty near to the pushable block sequence (those who have played will know). I also have my small gripes on some of the traps sequences, one of that is one of the beginning traps with the spikes, I always had problems trying to effectively grab a pole bar, not any fault on Kubsy's side, just quirks of the pole bar. There was a pretty painful challenge, but it again was not fault on Kubsy but rather on the fun AI this game has, yes I am talking about the horseman!

Rather obscure I must say, in my most optimal playthrough I got two and those two were pretty well hidden I must say. Compared to Kubsy's previous offering I must say he did amp it up in terms of that, which can be an interesting challenge for secrets hunters!

Kubsy delivers again some well put lighting for this level, which he did show promise and skill in his previous offering and in the screenshots of his next incoming level, I found the texturing to be pretty fine as well, with some of the more deep library rooms looking absolutely gorgeous. All things considered a good looking level with some especially gorgeous rooms :3

Ending notes
Having played the old ORC version and also the demo, it is nice to see it finally coming out as an adventure! I now look forward to the next offerings of Kubsy's :3 as I am looking forward for VNA PT 2 ;3 Recommended :3
Wolfy Regards :3" - Wolf7 (30-Aug-2022)
"The rich variety presented in this level qualifies it in my mind as a candidate for Hall of Fame honors. There's literally never a dull moment as you proceed from one task to the next, sometimes by having to stop and think about what to do and how to do it (especially for acquiring the four secrets), and sometimes by having to complete a series of moves before you drown or are impaled by spikes. The timed runs are particularly well thought out, and the allowed time is always fair to the player. However, it didn't take long for the looping music to get on my nerves, so I deleted the library ambiance files from the audio folder so I could play in relative peace and quiet. There are some new animations I'd never before seen in a custom level, such as stepping into crawl spaces, inserting keys in underwater locks and kicking down underwater wall panels, together with more recent but little-used innovations related to monkey bar navigation. Running that trap gauntlet at the end was fun, but it took me quite a while to complete because I died on numerous occasions along the way. It's definitely a good idea to save frequently in different slots as you progress. The game map is quite extensive, requiring the player to explore a number of different areas, yet you find yourself near the end right back at the spot where you started. Well done." - Phil (29-Aug-2022)
"After seeing screenshots of this level on facebook it piqued my curiosity. So was eager to give this level a go. The Lost Library is one of my favourite levels in TR4 and this level very much borrows from that aesthetic, although it has the builders own mark stamped on it of course. One bit of advice before tackling this level is, read the readme file! I didn't and was a little confused with the new moves at times haha! For the most part I had a great time with this raid, the level is beautifully crafted with a lot of attention to detail. The music is amazing! Some good choices of tracks in this level. The gameplay is solid with some pretty challenging parts to it. The final sequence was a prime example of that statement! All in all a great effort from the builder and I found out this is only their 2nd solo release (on here at least) which makes it all the more impressive! Eagerly await the next release if this is the standard I can expect. Would highly recommend!" - Feats (27-Aug-2022)
"I really enjoyed this level. I liked the library textures and I thought the rooms were well decorated and nicely connected. The puzzles were excellent and and a highlight. The secrets were also particularly good and required some working out - though I did eventually find them all (thanks to the builder for allowing backtracking to find them all). More please!" - Adrian (25-Aug-2022)
"Fanally and here full version of The Abandonded Library. I really enjoyed this single level adventure and I personally think it's a great improvment from Kubsy since his first level.

Gameplay is mainly focused on solving-puzzles which are very creative and provided with good amount of hints. There are also clever traps that make level even more enjoyable. We have also nice usage of Lara's new animation to solve certain puzzles. Like for example using monkey to ladder animation to be able pull the jump switch.

Personally I think the amount of enemies as well as their placement were balanced, they might be difficult for sure yet the author provided enough supplies for fights.

Atmosphere and Design
Kubsy did an amzing job on setting the environment of this level. There's very good usage of resources that create believable atmosphere of The Abandoned library. In fact use of HD textures with classic objects might be not good for some people, I personally think they were looking good and it didn't bother me that much. :)
Design of rooms is very well done. Rooms don't feel boxy and empty by any means. Lighting is also done nicely. It doesn't feel flat at all. It's pretty colorful and fairly realistic on certain moments.

As I said at the beginning I think it's a massive improvment since Kubsy's debut. Very good level. Looking forward to the next releases. Well done Kubsy boyo uwu" - Mahetus (23-Aug-2022)
"It's a short and nice library themed single-level game. Only the short part at the start is outdoors, the rest is all in closed space. Visually it might be a bit boring, but I like the library texture set, and the architecture is interesting. The level is basically open (you can reach most areas in most stages of the game), and it's easy to get lost and not knowing what to do next. Which might be good or bad depending on your tastes. Most times it's pretty straight-forward. You need to know the fancy new moves to make any progress, which honestly don't seem to add much. (Could be considered refreshing, also cause some confusion.) Some parts were a bit mean, like tight timeruns, or having to redo hard parts (because you forgot prerequisites, or because you can die at every step like during the escape, or because the gameplay requires it). Some puzzles were too easy, like that 7 switch puzzle (the original one is harder), or the rolling boulder one near it. Putting areas under water or draining water pools is always fun." - tuxraider (21-Aug-2022)
"The gameplay is indeed the strongest aspect in this game that really clicked with me in the smooth progression coupled with engaging tasks. The puzzles are quite nice as well as quite a few timed runs that could've been even tighter at times (especially the very long ones), actually the hardest one was the underwater part where you have no air. There were a few parts that felt ever so slightly less inspired, maybe the more standard pushable puzzles towards the end could've been replaced by some more hint-based, innovative tasks, but otherwise this is remarkably done overall and the four secrets are the icing on the cake for me, very nice. The looks are also quite strong but slightly secondary to the gameplay; while there were some very carefully designed areas with good texturing and lighting, the overall structure felt a bit simplistic (mainly boxy rooms connected with many long corridors) and the looks felt a bit repetitive, but as you see from my rating everything is still on a high level. Overall, a really fun addition that took me slightly more than an hour to finish." - manarch2 (16-Aug-2022)
"I was interested to see how the demo level turned out. The end result is a puzzle-heavy TR4 library level mixed with some elements from TR Legend (outfit/music), Reboot 2013 (music), TR2 (Lara sounds). Worth mentioning are the timed runs (partly refined with traps), for skilled raiders they are doable (beginners might have problems here), but the last and longest one in combination with the camera wobble is a bit annoying, although the time is sufficient. I found the puzzles good and interesting and motivated me to continue (I also always knew where to go next, some more camera clues, especially when you pick something up, could help), climbing to the jump switch definitely happened a bit too often, but the idea is cool. The flooded room where you have to quickly find 4 ceiling levers to open a door to escape the water, very nice. The atmosphere is well done, but there is room for improvement. Subtle warm colors were chosen for the lighting, it's dark but not too dark. Some objects seemed out of place to me. Up to this point, I liked the level. Unfortunately, there was a big problem during my playthrough: The Horseman on his horse, who is supposed to trigger the two Raisingblocks (second star), got stuck in the wall (I know this is a stupid quirk of the engine). I ignored him at first until I found the first golden star. Then it was clear that I MUST kill the Horseman. Since I had no savegame left and I didn't want to lose the progress, it finally took 20 minutes to get the Horseman off his horse, somehow it still worked (luckily). This should be fixed because it is very annoying to almost impossible to hit the Horseman in front (where he is vulnerable) when he is stuck in a wall! The other enemies shouldn't be too much of a problem. Thanks Kubsy for this cool level (playtime 2:26h), it was fun (apart from the horse trauma, LOL), only the Secrets you have hidden too well (for me at least), I got none, WTF?!" - vandit (14-Aug-2022)
"This level does have some great ideas and creative tasks. Gameplay is balanced. There is high number of puzzles and I really like their creativeness. On the other hand we've got numerous platforming sequences which I found very satysfying. We fight some enemies as well. There are few new moves and usage of them is nice. However I think the crawlspace flexibility moves could have been added more frequently because they were only used twice. It felt pretty gimmicky as someone else said. Designwise the level stands very well. Most of the rooms looked very good, especially the bigger areas which architecture I love. Some of the smaller rooms felt quite boxy though. I found several wallpapered walls and even more wallpapered ceilings. Some more variety could have been added to the textures to remove that issue. Some places lacked transition textures between rocks and bricks as well. Lighting was done in proper way and mostly it looked really good. However in numerous places and spots the flat and bland lighting is present. I suggest to add more shadows to cover them. To sum up this new Kubsy's level is quite better than his previous CaC in my opinion. Gameplay is the strongest point of the level and I loved the abundance of the puzzles and their creativeness. It does really good job in visual terms as well with few weaker points. I can definitely recommend this level :)" - BlackWolfTR (13-Aug-2022)
"I must confess that I really enjoyed this level. Not only the gameplay but the visual page of this level. Since I played the demo I was expecting the short level but I was wrong. This is mainly a puzzle-based level with platforming and lots of jumping. Secrets are well hidden ( I found 2 ) Nothing more to say. This is MUST PLAY." - Sabatu (13-Aug-2022)