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Oasis by Feder

billie2001 9 9 10 10
BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
DaroRaider 10 9 10 10
DJ Full 10 9 10 10
eRIC 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 10 9 10
manarch2 7 8 9 8
Mman 9 10 10 10
nerdfury 8 9 10 9
Passalaqua 7 8 9 10
Ryan 8 9 10 9
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
TimJ 9 10 9 10
Tolle87 8 8 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
vandit 9 8 10 9
release date: 13-Aug-2022
# of downloads: 522

average rating: 9.29
review count: 17
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file size: 167.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: Egypt

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Reviewer's comments
"The more i play Feder's levels , the more it is obvious he cares for players, without the game being too easy. Placement of enemies and pickups are thoughtful , like is the progression which is fluent without annoyances. Thoughtful and well balanced with imo just the right number of enemies. The most challenging side of the level is finding some of the secrets. This level is another good summary of what we liked and still like in Tomb Raider." - eRIC (18-Mar-2024)
"You always know you are going to get something quality with Feder, and this is no exception. In terms of texturing, lighting, and general aesthetics, it's faultless -The entirety of the level is very easy on the eye. It's pretty much solid in every area, but for me this one was just a little too pedestrian in terms of gameplay. It's not a massive level, clocking in at around an hour, and there isn't really much of an element of challenge here, nothing that really makes you scratch your head or requires any skill. That's not a bad thing per se, it's just if you're looking for spectacular set pieces or to really challenge yourself, there isn't really much to go at here. It strikes me as a level that, had it been included in a much larger level set, would have maybe been a bit of a filler level. I just didn't find it super engaging. Some of the enemies can be a bit of a thorn in your side, especially a mummy that hangs out on top of the massive sphinx and lives to yeet Lara off of it. Overall recommended, a very good level, just one for when you are in the mood for something relaxing." - Passalaqua (12-Sep-2023)
"The only real "flaw" is that I started this level while being under the influence of Feder's Nordic Adventure which might be the best TR1-based level I've ever played. If I had to compare them, I would say that this is a step backwards, although still an excellent level by itself. Not only it looks like an Egyptian level, but it also feels like one. Huge structures, "vertical" gameplay, an updated version of the sphinx from Sanctuary....everything. The amount of pickups is perfectly balanced once again. So, before I start mentioning the things that made this level imperfect, I have to say that they only stand in the context of comparison with Feder's previous TR1 work. Make no mistake, I really like the level, it's just that I expected a little bit more from the builder who made the mentioned masterpiece. Honestly, I expected more variety of puzzles and more development of the cat-clues idea which I completely forgot about and never needed because the level is totally straightforward. The enemies tend to just show up in front of you with no room to avoid them, while the final fight sequence (which is supposed to be the most difficult one) is pretty anti-climatic as you can use the benefit of the water to always jump to your safety against the mummies, while Larson was literally dead after some five seconds. And just one more detail that I've seen many builders do: Remember the "puzzle" in The Last Revelation where you have to open the grate just because Lara doesn't have the appropriate animation for entering the crawlspace that is right in front of her but slightly above the ground, so you need to make her hang off the edge and climb inside instead? In my book, placing the underwater lever literally in front of Lara on dry ground and making her flood the room just because she doesn't have the animation to use it outside the water is the same kind of "puzzle" and it makes no sense. It's supposed to be unreachable and not unusable. Builders, please, don't base your tasks around the unrealistic engine limitations... So, overall, if you want a great TR1 level, you absolutely get one here. But if you want something as brilliant as Nordic Adventure, this is one step below that." - Tolle87 (24-Jan-2023)
"The living proof that TR1 levels can be fun, and not full of "impossible" moments. The game was well designed and I liked it overall: the retro settings, all the exploration and (sometimes slightly complicated) platforming, the enemies who appeared in a balanced manner (I thought the panthers were tougher than the Atlanteans), the fact that it didn't take forever, the secrets, of which I may not have found many. But it's all good, as the player has a sense of accomplishment in the end, with just enough of everything. I had a problem with the game crashing endlessly as I approached the underwater lever in the second room (but it suddenly worked again, don't even ask me why), as well as it freezing in the end, the solution to that being just to let Lara go with the flow, without even touching the keyboard. Those ended up being minor issues though, especially the second. Recommended for a TR1 style adventure that's actually entertaining." - Jorge22 (26-Sep-2022)
"Another great level by Feder. The design is very good with an excellent architecture and perfect texturization; there is a well worked atnosphere too but perhaps I missed some more musics and flybys (personally I don't know how to implement flybys in TR1 levels) here and there. The gameplay is fluid and entertaining, with no much backtracking, but perhaps there are few puzzles to solve and make you stop to think a bit; also there's a lot of exploration. Some secrets are hard to find (to write the walkthrough I needed to check a video-guide to find a couple of them) but the pickups were really enough to can advance without problems and deal with the well balanced enemies through all level. Definitely a small jewel of the TR1 custom levels you can't miss. Good work, Feder!" - Jose (13-Sep-2022)
"Feder again delivers where non-TR4 levels are concerned. I readily admit to not being the biggest lover of TR1 levels, but as long as they continue to provide enjoyable playing experiences such as this, I'll keep on playing. This is another well-crafted Egyptian adventure, with its fair share of challenging moments, possibly a little light regarding puzzles (a few more would have been a welcome addition to offset the platforming and exploration side of the gameplay) but very nicely done environments- wise, with some well-cued audio files and textures that nicely evoke the feeling of nostalgia without being too familiar. Enemies provide a reasonable challenge (although the cat mummies proved to be quite overwhelming) and the secrets are hidden fairly well. A good, solid TR1 level." - Ryan (09-Sep-2022)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is an exploration-heavy easy adventure that took me about 2 hours. The flow and sense of progression is excellent. I think that the builder did a great job of making the player feel rewarded as they progress. For example, early in the game you spot some inaccessible uzis, and then much later you're able to grab them, and it's a great feeling. Early in the game, you wonder, "What's behind this giant stone gate?" and near the end of the game, you connect 2 giant hub areas by opening this gate and causing a flooding, and you think, "Ahhh, so that's how these areas connect!". Feelsgoodman. Something that I thought was really cool was that later in the game, you will explore an area that will remind you of Sanctuary of Scion, but the builder adds his own personal touch and ideas to it. As fun as the exploration is, there really isn't much going on in terms of puzzles. (9) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There aren't that many medipacks to begin with, and it makes the panther/mummy battles thrilling. I was so happy to see Larson popping in and out. The object decor is perfect, although trap usage is quite minimal. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Both the inside and outside atmosphere are top-notch. The builder did a great job of making memorable, organic locations. Music/sound cues are great, as are camera hints, and I especially enjoyed the premise of rewarding the player with camera hints if they approach cat statues. (9) Lighting & Textures: What a beautiful level. The lighting is superb, as are the builder's texturing choices. I definitely wouldn't describe the original TR1 Egypt setting as "luscious", but the builder nailed it here in terms of luscious color schemes. It was not uncommon for me to spot unclean texturing on skinny tiles, however. Overall, I am thankful that the builder created such a pleasant nostalgic adventure for us to enjoy, one that surely will stay in my memory in terms of atmosphere and architecture. However, I completed the game feeling wanting in terms of puzzles. 8/9/10/9." - nerdfury (04-Sep-2022)
"A short but really good and beautiful Egyptian level despite the limitations of the TR1 engine. The gameplay is fluid but on the challenging side (some precise jumps) and most of the secrets well hidden. I found only 3/7, I liked the cat statues that served a purpose, showing 'something" each time. The atmosphere is great, impeccable texturing, and lighting as good as it gets in this engine. A very memorable and eye-candy level. Took me 2 hours to complete. Highly recommended." - billie2001 (02-Sep-2022)
"Gameplaywise solid without anything to fault but honestly I don't think it's really outstanding compared to many previous levels, the main aspect of this TR 1 level is the great atmosphere that really makes up for some nice views in grand areas and with a really clever structure. The visual quality is quite good as well and object and enemy design and placement are professional. I enjoyed myself in this game and there are several nice tasks in here, but in total this wasn't a really intense game which could've been much better with more original and demanding tasks. The seven secrets are very well hidden, though, and this is one of the games that without being a remake nicely provokes feeling of classic TR. Finished in 35 minutes." - manarch2 (19-Aug-2022)
"Well, first of all I must admit that I am not a good player like others who are very good, so surely my review can help Feder to take into account the ability of a not so talented player. The highlight of the game are the settings, both the exterior ones in the oasis and the interior ones that are underground. A great job without a doubt. I built a level with a similarity so I know that the degree of inspiration and creativity must be be high, but also patience is important, and above all in detail. Another thing I see from the level is the good use of "alternate rooms" to create the atmosphere and Feder has shown that he knows how to implement it and make good use of this feature. I couldn't find any secrets, maybe that's why I consider myself a not so good player, although I don't hesitate out playing the level again to be able to evaluate this more objectively on time: if I'm the one who didn't pay due attention or maybe the secrets are cryptic. The game contains a large dose of nostalgia, and that is exactly what the average player is looking for: to rescue classic elements of the originality of the game and improve them with the particular talent of the designer. Feder pulled it off very well. Enemies perhaps a challenge, those 'gang mummies' are always dangerous, but at least with medipacks and uzis one can manage to defeat them (taking into account the worst case scenario of not grabbing all the secrets that empower the player to best armory). Definitely recommended to download and play. ;)" - DaroRaider (18-Aug-2022)
"Lovely TR1 level from Feder that encompasses all the good parts about the original with nothing that is too challenging but quite a few spots where thought is required to achieve your goal. Graphics were great via the Tombati engine. I found the level intuitive and a pleasure to play. It was fairly linear with only the tiniest amount of backtracking involved and the best part, you do not need a walk through to complete this level. Always good level design in my opinion. However I did not find one, not one secret LOL. Thanks Feder." - Torry (17-Aug-2022)
"I've only played one other level from Feder, The Swamp, so I'm not entirely sure to be able to pinpoint what his style his. I wonder if he's among that kind of builders who like to make things unnecessarily complicated, but the three first pickups of the game necessitate very precise jumps, and the shotgun even is protected by spikes you can't see at first. That's not exactly what I would call a warm welcome in this level. Further on, there also were some uzi clips laying on a corner requiring a hard jump to get to. In other circumstances, this would have been a secret. Anyway, the level turned out to be somewhat challenging but without any surprise sadistic traps as I was afraid there would be (I still have grim memories from Sabatu's TR1). The few timed runs are even very generously timed. There were even some atmospheric puzzles, in line from what you would expect from a TR1-like Egypt level. When I saw the sand room with pillars poking out of the sand, I was almost entirely sure that it would be a flipmap revealing a hole. What surprised me was that it actually triggered when walking on the sand, not only when picking up the artefact. At first, I thought it was only trial and error, but a more thorough observation made me realise that there actually was clues to avoid a certain death. Most secrets are well hidden, some are even hard to get, like the one during the descent to the sphinx. Finding all of them definitely is the most challenging part of the gameplay. Feder makes good use of cameras and musical interventions, crafting a nice atmosphere in a level that is really pleasing to play. Enemies are rather numerous, but ammunition is plentiful and it is absolutely possible to play in a no medipack challenge. Texturing is flawless. The only thing restraining me from giving a full 10 is that I was not as gobsmacked by the environment as I've been by other custom levels, even though the structure and design of this oasis definitely are excellent. By the way, the engine used for this level is tombati instead of Tomb1Main. I don't know what are the benefits for the builders, but Tomb1Main allows player access to statistics and keyboard shortcuts for weapons. It's a minor detail, but I think in the future builders should aim for Tomb1Main (unless there is a good reason I don't know about that would make tombati the better choice, of course!)
In short, this is a very good level that will provide a good time in a well crafted environment. Recommended to anyone." - TimJ (16-Aug-2022)
"This is a Tomb Raider 1 Egypt level. As can be expected by Feder at this point the visuals are near-flawless, with multiple impressive large scale areas and nice object use to give an overgrown style to a lot of it, in fitting with the title. I think there might also be some new transition textures used, but they might just be some I haven't seen used much. The gameplay is strong and flows well as you go around a few large interlinking rooms that gradually unfold themselves. The Cat theme from Unfinished Business is there too so the statues provide clues to help find the next area. The Egypt enemies are used well, and there's a couple of close-ranged ambushes, but there's plenty of ammo provided (if you find the weapons anyway). Larson is also used in a Pierre type context, as he ambushes you throughout the level before running off, and I don't think I've seen a Pierre alternative used in a TR1 level before. Traps and puzzles are relatively simple, with the focus mostly on general exploration, although one platforming puzzle had a last move that seemed like it couldn't be worked out without trial and error. Another great Feder release, even if it doesn't do anything especially unexpected." - Mman (16-Aug-2022)
"Surely one of the best Egypt levels, not just in TR1 engine but overall. Despite of being a single map, Feder managed to include foreshadowing, plot twists and a learning curve though without going overboard even in the most difficult places, so it should be suitable even for fresh TRLE players. It even ticks a remake box because it does some TR1 things differently with similar or better quality." - DJ Full (16-Aug-2022)
"A very good TR1 Egypt level is offered to the player here with the focus on exploration. The gameplay is fluid, not too difficult, the path is always clear in front of your eyes (the cat statues also help), the atmosphere is beautiful. Perfect balance of enemies (and several encounters with Larson), ammo and weapons, and climbing interludes. 3 things are not so successful (the first two I would definitely fix!): No statistics and therefore no secret counter, unfortunately. There is no end trigger, I could only end the game by using the windows button. Also, the TR1 engine caused heavy tearing (I don't know if this can be fixed, I had no problems with it in Sabatu's TR1, but I think he also used a different TR1 engine - I'm excluding this problem for the rating). If you love TR1 you should definitely play this adventure by Feder!" - vandit (14-Aug-2022)
"Let me be short this time. Overall I love this level even though it is just one :( The atmosphere was perfect ( textures, lighting and geometry) The gameplay was slightly challenging and I again found the most difficult secrets ( 3 ) and I was not able to find the easier one :) + I missed the obvious shotgun ( my mistake ) One thing surprises me that is the fact this game uses default TombATI with default TR1 Limits and yet the level is so massive. Congratulation Feder for another amazing piece of work.. BTW I thought I can make good looking Egyptian Level and yet you proved me wrong :P" - Sabatu (13-Aug-2022)
"Feder once again serves us a great level this time on TR1 engine with egyptian theme. I must say the environment looks so damn beautiful and well designed. The areas look spectacular and impressive. Really good job on managing to create such an interesting architecture of the level. Additionally, rooms and locations were nicely decorated with egyptian furniture and different plants. It really felt like exploring some long time forgotten ruins. I also love the constant usage of lush. Gameplaywise it's on high level as well. Level is focused on exploration and platforming. We will come across some small puzzles as well. They were pretty simple though and I would like to see some more complicated ones. I really liked the idea of Larson ocasionally encountering and fighting with us just like Pierre in the original game, not so often seen in levels on this engine. Textures are used in a very creative and diversed way. Lighting is basically flawless. I liked sporadic soundtracks which set immersion and fit very well. All in all it's very high quality level which definitely stands among other very high quality levels of this engine. Definitely recommended :)" - BlackWolfTR (13-Aug-2022)