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Aperama Competition - City of Khamoon by Sabatu

BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
JesseG 9 9 10 8
Jose 8 9 8 9
Mman 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Torry 10 10 10 10
release date: 27-Aug-2022
# of downloads: 328

average rating: 9.21
review count: 7
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file size: 136.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a remake of City of Khamoon, split across two levels, and a completely different interpretation to the one from Sabatu's Tomb Raider 1 that the author released at a similar time. It looks great with a lot of detailed rooms and even some new elements mixed in like lava and TR1 Gold textures, as well as good use of the Egypt objects, and a creepy variant on Atlantean Eggs. Maybe it borders on too bright at times with how orange it is, but overall there's only so much this texture set can do with TR1's limits. If you've played one of Sabatu's newer classic interpretations this is up to that high standard.
While based on City of Khamoon, there's not much recognisable here beyond the Egypt theme, and this is even more of a departure than the remake in Sabatu's Tomb Raider 1. Both levels have a semi-hub structure, with a main area and most of the action taking place in side sections. There's a good range of tasks and plenty of challenges, traps and exploration, along with Sabatu's trademark of tons of boulders and general high level of difficulty. It also has a lot of combat (with the full Atlanteans showing up here), and the second map ns particular is floods spawns in the central room every time you return; the "boss" encounter at the end also throws an absurd number of enemies at you, but there is a ton of health and ammo to get along the way (although the latter still got low by the end). A very good set of TR1 Egypt maps (albeit not much of a remake), although there's nothing especially new if you're used to Sabatu's style, but it works so that's not much of an issue. As a side note I checked for other entries to this contest and only saw one other, so I guess it wasn't a popular one..." - Mman (29-Jul-2023)
"This is a pair of two elaborate levels representing the City of Khamoon. Both levels contain sprawling environments made of pyramids, statues, and other architecturally interesting ruins to provide a huge amount of exploration. Finding secrets is particularly fun here. But this is no stroll in the park - the Atlantean enemies have made their way here, which seems out of place for TR1's story, but makes for thrilling, challenging combat that will encourage players to seek out as much ammo and medpacks as possible. There are also plenty of boulders to dodge, as well as other traps ranging from spike pits to those spikey doors, which will keep Lara on her toes. If the player misses something then they may have to backtrack a bit, which happened to me once when I missed a key in the second level, but thankfully the levels have a centralized structure that makes this less painful than it could have been. The only other minor criticism I have is that some of the switches blend in too well with the walls behind them, I'm not entirely sure if this was done intentionally but it might frustrate players in a game whose engine already has more limited lighting to discern things. Either way this was a very enjoyable adventure and should be a good fit for raiders who are into heavy amounts of exploration and combat. 3 hours 24 minutes." - JesseG (12-Oct-2022)
"It's getting more and more difficult for me to write lengthy reviews on Sabatu's TR1 offerings. Don't misconstrue this as me being negative as I'm really not, it's just when you load up one of these games, you automatically know what you'll get even before you start. Like in the case of this one: classic yet well-constructed (in this instance Egyptian) environments to roam around in, atmosphere that is well up to par with the original game, plenty of exploration interspersed with a fair share of traps and block pushing sequences and combat also playing a big part here. This time, up until the final couple of rooms of the second level, I found it to be fairer to the player with a surplus of weaponry, ammo and health packs to withstand the onslaught, although after that it was simply a case of spamming medipacks and hoping for the best. Overall though, if you liked the other ones you'll probably like this one too." - Ryan (25-Sep-2022)
"Ok. Another good creation from Sabatu. As usual there's a good gameplay with no much problems to advance, based only on the pure exploration; a classic game. As usual, the architecture is impressive, and the texturization is quite good. I think players will not get problems to advance and finish the levels; enough pickups, classic enemies and traps... Definitely two levels to enjoy and take a very good time playing a good adventure. Thank you very much, Sabatu!" - Jose (24-Sep-2022)
"Creator of all things bright and beautiful, WHY is it so yellow!?? - I asked myself before I got used to the color palette. Other than that, every platform is wisely placed, every pickup is satisfying, and enemies never felt like if I don't stand a chance or should rely on massive saving/loading in order to proceed - I guess if Sabatu's TR1 had them as balanced as here, it would appeal to much wider audience." - DJ Full (31-Aug-2022)
"All I can say is WOW. What a great level set. Challenging in the extreme with fire fights involving multiple opponents mainly consisting of those difficult to dispatch Centaurs. Secrets were also difficult to locate. I found five in the first level but only two in the second. This had me fighting the last two great battles at the end with only my trusty pistols as I had used up every bit of ammo for everything else by the time I got to those momentous fire fights. Luckily I had a good score of health packs up my sleeve which got me through. Having said that I just loved this. Great graphics and game play in the true tradition of the game that started it all. Sabatu, you are the TR1 master as far as I am concerned. Well done my friend and give us more please." - Torry (30-Aug-2022)
"This is very well made egyptian level on TR1 engine made by Sabatu. Game consists two great levels. In relation with competition's rule to create a level which could replace one of orignal Tomb Raider levels, Sabatu chose to build replacement level of City of Khamoon from Tomb Raider 1. He did amazing job on it.

Gameplay is pretty strong with a lot of exploration and combat. I loved exploring big beautiful areas. There is a lot of platforming and avoiding traps as well. Game includes a lot of various tasks to do. However I missed some more puzzles. Sure there are few puzzles but they are very basic; push block on right spot to open something. I would be glad to see something more complicated :) As author said there is a lot of combat in this game with different enemies like lions, rats, mutants etc. Sometimes it gets really tough with them. Gameplay in overall is very strong and there is much to do. I missed some more clever puzzles though.

Design, Atmosphere & Sounds
Design of level is almost flawless. Everything looked very polished. Architecture is very impressive; there are some enormous locations with really advanced geometry. Architecture captures egyptian vibes perfectly. I'm very impressed how Sabatu managed to create such beautiful rooms in TR1 engine. Textures are top notch and very diverse. They are more saturated in comparison to the original TR1 egyptian levels so levels look very colourful. I love usage of lush textures. There was only one missing texture after flipmap in main area of second level. Lighting is very well done. Every room is very nicely decorated with egyptian furniture, plants, pillars etc. With everything combined this game has awesome atmosphere of TR1 Egypt. Usage of soundtracks is great.

It's great TR1 game, probably one of the best created in this engine. These two levels could be for sure a great replacement of original City of Khamoon :) If you like a lot of exploration combined with a lot of combat + beautiful areas then this level is for you :) Definitely recommended!" - BlackWolfTR (27-Aug-2022)