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Secret of King Solomon by DroneQuadcopter

Adrian 9 9 9 8
DJ Full 8 9 8 8
eRIC 7 7 7 7
Lina La 8 9 10 10
Mortensmor 9 8 9 8
Petaludas 7 7 10 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
tuxraider 7 7 7 8
release date: 17-Oct-2022
# of downloads: 287

average rating: 8.17
review count: 9
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file size: 222.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I thought this was a pretty impressive set of levels with good gameplay. I liked the fact that a lot of rooms had pools in the the floor or niches in the walls, which weren't strictly necessary, but did reduce the boxy look that some other levels have. Ammo and med- packs were generously available and lighting for once not too dark. Secrets (9/9) were not difficult, but rewarding nonetheless. Some good puzzles - not overly-challenging, however not trivial either. The bird chirping clues for the lever room puzzles were a nice twist if you listened carefully to hear which chirp was higher or lower :-). I did find one bug right at the end. I had placed the 2 seals before disposing of Seth and consequently the final gates wouldn't open so I had to replay the column jumping a bit to place all the stones before the seals could be used." - Adrian (31-Aug-2023)
"I wish this had better ambient music since the current one becomes tiring over time. It's also a level where less would be more indeed - substract one unit from any repetition included, and it's already a better picture. Eventually, better visuals wouldn't hurt. Not my type of level but possibly someone's." - DJ Full (23-Dec-2022)
"The game could have been a bit more atmopheric for me, as the background ambient loops weren't as immersive as natural background audios can be, and the texturing sometimes is not quite realistic in the second level where some walls appear as if they were made made of two different stuff. Aside from that, the levels plays well with some good fun in parts and some good ideas also, only i was surprised after raiding 3/4 of the second level i was missing the winding key, had to look at the walkthrough and go back to the 1st level. Taken as a whole, obviously a step forward with this builder's last release." - eRIC (12-Dec-2022)
"Great TRLE with lots of interesting quizzes. I liked the fact that it was not too difficult to collect most of the secrets. I liked it cause it keeps you enthusiastic as you go. Some rooms were difficult to understand, even thou there is a classic TR touch to the whole TRLE. Can’t say this TRLE is very difficult but it took me quite a bit of time to solve some puzzles. Talking about puzzles I was happy to see good old puzzles from early TR games, I much prefer it that way than super smart puzzles that are unfinished and can contain glitches. Lara’s voicing is brilliant!" - Lina La (08-Dec-2022)
"I started this cause noone had written a review , by the time i finished it , it was already noticed. Easy to medium adventure , good raiding with classic gameplay and very enjoyable osts (especially the one when u enter to the room ,3rd lvl, with the 1 demigod and 6 sword enemies). i never understand the 3 rooms with the 5 levers in each one and the 1 lever with birdy sound ,how it worked.secrets were nicely placed and easy overall to find.i enjoyed mostly the environments and the raiding.good effort from the builder. Laras voice was so cute and especially when she was ironic towards Seth . boss fight was quite straight - forward also ,nothing fancy" - Petaludas (12-Nov-2022)
"Having replayed a couple of the more epic level series (Secret of the Forbidden Town and Horizons), it's nice to get back to somewhat regular reviewing and this was an enjoyable one to get back into the swing of things with. It's fairly extensive, with three levels each roughly of an hour and a half length, chock-full of puzzling action and exploration. Aside from a particular colour-coded puzzle in level one being a bit too tedious and the mine tracks in the final section being rather too excessive for their own good, everything is set up very well and generally accessible to the average player (with the possible caveat that the jumps across the mine tracks are quite buggy, they certainly proved so for me. The various hub room concepts are used effectively throughout the game, while enemy attacks get more frequent as you progress, culminating in a pretty tense battle royale. Environments and atmosphere are refreshing and well constructed with pleasing texturing, while the music choices are a bit trippy but not too intrusive. Recommended." - Ryan (12-Nov-2022)
"What a journey it was! The narration was an interesting touch, even if it oozed enthusiasm which I feel would be more suitable for young Lara. I only wish the game wouldn't freeze during the spoken parts. I'm not a fan of the waterskin puzzles, but everything else was good. Maybe the rainbow puzzle was a bit tedious once I figured out the lever combinations, it's like when you know you have won a solitaire game, but still have to put the cards into their respective decks one by one... But it was enjoyable nonetheless. The player is provided with enough ammo, and the creator was more than generous when it comes to medipacks. The enemy placement makes perfect sense and you manage to explore the tombs and solve puzzles without having to draw the pistols around every corner. Honestly, for me, this is the perfect balance between combat and puzzles. The eerie, cool music (hey, I even Shazamed it) contributes to the feeling of solitude. However, the track used in Sobek's cathedral contained a sound similar to TR stone doors opening/closing every beat, which was confusing at first and had me worry about some doors being timed. The last level was the best in terms of atmosphere, and I love it when some parts of the level are intertwined like this. No relentless shooting, no cheap scares, no excessive traps, just a classic Tomb Raider adventure which still feels somehow fresh due to the choice of soundtrack. Good, good, good." - Mortensmor (11-Nov-2022)
"It's OK. Sometimes the levels felt like it had too long or boring hallways and too much running around for no reasons, or rooms that had a strangely empty atmosphere (like the room where you enter level 2). On the other hand, texturing and level design was mostly good. Gameplay was OK too, but sometimes a bit incomprehensible. One example: it seemed like sometimes, random doors were opened when picking up random items. The final level had this mine maze. It was hard to move in it, because you could fall into your death so easily (something is wrong with these edges, which makes it harder than usually). I normally like mazes, but this made it fairly tedious. Some of the deeper tunnels remain dead ends until you've advanced the gameplay enough, and I spent too much time traversing the maze. The final fight was confusing too. Despite this, it's mostly a decent and enjoyable game and solid level building." - tuxraider (11-Nov-2022)
"This release was late getting hosted here, and I'm surprised that after several additional weeks mine is the first review to be posted. You have three loosely connected full-length levels, each of which requires about an hour to play, so it certainly qualifies as a "long" game. However, I take issue with the "challenging" description, as there's nothing that a player with average skills can't master. Lighting and textures are quite good, and there's only one or two places where I felt the need to light a flare. There are a few annoying touches, such as freezing the action while explanatory dialog is presented, and those long railroad track tunnels with a lava pit around every corner in the last level, but in general I had a good time while writing a walk. I tried bypassing the boss fight at the end, but the builder anticipated that by requiring that Seth first be destroyed before the two seals will open the exit gate. The traditional Egyptian trappings are easy on the eyes and the gameplay is sufficiently inventive, so I can recommend this release with some enthusiasm." - Phil (06-Nov-2022)