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Goliath is Back! by Marcos

bERT 10 10 10 10
billie2001 9 8 10 8
black horse 8 7 7 8
DaroRaider 10 9 10 9
DJ Full 10 9 10 8
JesseG 7 10 9 7
Jorge22 10 9 10 10
Lorax 10 9 10 10
Petaludas 9 9 10 10
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 9 9 10 9
tuxraider 7 7 8 6
release date: 21-Oct-2022
# of downloads: 231

average rating: 8.92
review count: 12
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file size: 83.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"[🟩Pros: ● Fresh look ● Has cutscenes ● Open space ● Well animated ● Adorable doggie!! X3 points!!][🟥Cons: ● Glitchy controls ● Bad camera angels ● No targeting / aiming] ⏹Overall: A new look with the open space, feels so refreshing and peaceful. I had to use wiki once because spent 30 min and couldn't see the lever next to me on the wall x( But was nice and I liked it, especially the little doggie!! Nicely done :)⏹" - black horse (26-Jul-2023)
"I can abbreviate it to "complex taletelling in simple environment", as, like always from this author, we get neat characters and cutscenes to deliver the plot. Visuals won't stun anybody, but the exposure to them was too short to make me tired. The only confusing thing was a prematurely passable blade trap, so I'd suggest Marcos to fix it. Highly recommended." - DJ Full (29-Dec-2022)
"The storytelling through cut scenes that were never boring was the strongest aspect of this rather short level. The gameplay, although not as much inspired as in other levels of the builder, is generally very good and enjoyable and has several highlights. Graphics-wise, the environment is there to just serve the gameplay. I wouldn't call it ugly, but it is blocky and with some wallpapering effect here and there, but it doesn't really matter in the case of this builder. In summary, charming, atmospheric, highly enjoyable, just go for it!" - billie2001 (10-Dec-2022)
"Tried a few Marcos games long long time ago but never reviewed them as I could not finish them which is a shame because I like out of the ordinary games and this builder sure excels in them. This one I did finish (with a little walkthrough help though) and I absolutely love it. With some help he got, this is another builder who gives you the whole deal: an original load screen, an original sky (very sharp resolution), end titles, an original story. All this in great settings. Loved the distant island with the ufo, it gives you a sense you are really playing in a fantasy setting. The characters are well done, special mention for the doggy. Love the details (the man dying apparently from being bitten by piranhas, the short voice overs, short cut scenes and so on). And Marcos finally reveals that even computer game characters have to go the bathroom now and then (hilarious!). A must play. Definitely going to try the previous games again." - bERT (04-Dec-2022)
"Another quirky and rather brief offering from this builder, but still charming and enjoyable in its own way. Once again, the numerous cutscenes do their job very well in moving the story along (while never becoming intrusive), the various custom objects (particularly the puppy and the cute cat) are delightful and the gameplay moves along at a mostly smooth pace, although you are required to think in a couple of places. Perhaps the scene of Kurtis relieving himself was a bit of an over-the-top addition, but nothing too bad and I did enjoy the boss battle. Nicely done." - Ryan (01-Nov-2022)
"This is a rather satisfying sequel to the cliffhanger from Goliath's Tomb, and a lot of wait I said in my review for the predecessor applies here as well. The lighting is generally more colorful, but otherwise the visuals are at about the same quality, with textures that can come off as wallpapered, maybe the blocky environments make that more apparent than it would be otherwise. I feel that there weren't as many interactive moments in the gameplay, most of the time is spent hunting down one key after another, although there are some exciting moments; a boulder rolling after you, a symbol puzzle, and in particular the fight against the titular character. Most of the interaction and immersion will come from the cutscenes, and it's that kind of storytelling that is the strongest aspect of this series. 39 minutes." - JesseG (01-Nov-2022)
"This level is short and easy and fun. Just play and don't read the rest of this review. It's worth playing, and even if you end up not liking it, you didn't waste much time. What follows is an attempt at constructive criticism, good things and bad things. I think the really good thing about this level is that it's very synergetic. The story isn't in the way, but enhances the gameplay and gives hints. It's interweaved with the game and progresses as the player makes progress. A story which is in the way would mean lengthy cut sequences, after which the player gets teleported to a other places and such. In this game, you know that you'll fight Goliath when you swim back to the platform. There are fun little details like the dog and the cat, which contribute greatly to the atmosphere, and which show great care by the level builder. (Why did the protagonist have to take a piss, though?) If you consider pure gameplay alone, it's a bit (almost too) basic, mostly finding keys and similar items and using them in the right places. Maybe it's just because the level is short and easy (nothing wrong with that), but I think it could have been more elaborate. The texturing is a bit too simplistic to be honest, and gives much of the level a too simple and square and bleak look. The tiling is too obvious, and it could use some variety in textures, or more 3D decorations. The simple texturing is an odd contrast to all these elaborate custom objects and visual extras, where the level builder successfully put a lot of care into details. In conclusion, it's all good, but improving some aspects of the visuals and gameplay would make it even better. (My average review scoring is a bit lower than most other reviewers. I hope this isn't considered a harsh review.)" - tuxraider (29-Oct-2022)
"Marcos can always be depended upon to deliver a quirky but entertaining raid, and this 45- minute tidbit is no exception. Providing a urinal for The Pause That Refreshes was a bit on the juvenile side, but everything else was quite well done. I didn't try to shoot the puppy when it began to become a bit annoying (and probably couldn't have anyway), which is a good thing because it triggers a trap near the end that enables you to finish the level. I couldn't figure out the reason for the wounded warrior who was propped up against the wall near the scene of the concluding battle. Doggett TV gratuitously blew him away with a grenade in his posted video, but his presence or lack thereof didn't seem to affect anything involved with the game. Goosing a skeleton to open a door was also a nice touch, but you don't want to try the same thing twice. A welcome change of pace." - Phil (29-Oct-2022)
"Marcos is a professional builder for sure..humorous and creative level as well..short but very pleasant also..doge was so cute following around and barking to the 10iq goliath..from the cinematics i was preparing myself for a scary and dangerous goliath and i wasnt sure if he was the real one so firstly i bypassed him but then i load again to check if bullets harm him and with a few shots he fell and shaking himself for the rest of the game , thinking that he is the end a ufo? passed above me , dunno if it is the next project or after the credits another mythical monster will be in the next release?looking forward to it" - Petaludas (26-Oct-2022)
"First of all I must say that being his tester, it was an honor for me that Marcos placed his trust in me. I feel extremely honored. Now moving on to the game, yes it is true, Marcos emphasizes the WideScreen game form for a better visual and aesthetic experience, but it is okay that it is only a suggestion. The truth is that as a player I never pay attention to that detail because personally I focus on the quality of the content regardless of the display details. Marcos suggests it for a better experience, it's nice to remind it, but not necessarily relevant for all players. That's clarified so that the designer who invested a lot of effort doesn't get so annoyed when his suggestions are ignored :p . Well now in the game itself, the story is very good. The plot is faithful to the events of its predecessor game and gives it an engaging meaning. As was The Chalice and then The Chalice II. There is not much to criticize because the level design itself has to do with the style that Marcos conceives his games, so whether you like it or not is something more subjective or personal than anything else. It's entertaining, TO STOP TO THINK, I emphasize it because things are not solved so mechanically. You have to explore, think about how to solve the puzzles, have intuition and if you get bored or you get stuck, it's better to get up, take a breath, have a coffee and with a clearer head go back to it. The cinematic scenes are very good, the map is wide and you have to know how to memorize what is in each place so as not to go around looking for something you have already seen. As an additional matter, Marcos' fascination with biblical themes is noted, and especially his admiration for the figure of the young King David, probably because of Marcos' personality, shy and smart??, but that is another matter.. The game is totally recommended and we hope for another new adventure and surprise for the future. Will there be a Goliath III?.. hope so." - DaroRaider (25-Oct-2022)
"Our own very distinctive Marcos has done it again. It isn't a long ride, but the atmosphere and textures seem to be spot on, and there are plenty of funny, original ideas throughout. I was afraid I might get a nightmare of a final boss battle, but it was very doable as it was, which served the purpose of it being entertaining. And the carnivorous fish only gave you a few bites instead of eating you up before you could know what was going on. Atmospheric, player-friendly and entertaining, that's it. Good go." - Jorge22 (24-Oct-2022)
"Great level from one of my all time favorite builders, this time a boss level where we fight Goliath. Marcos levels have some of my favorite atmosphere and as usual the texture/lighting, sounds, etc. were all great. There aren't as many secrets as the first and not as much enemy variety, but what it did have was good and mostly makes up for it. Has the charm I come to expect from Marcos, his cutscenes are always some of the most entertaining. Highly recommended from me." - Lorax (23-Oct-2022)