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Jungle - Part One by Calypsis

BlackWolfTR 8 10 10 10
Cbl 8 8 10 10
ddaring_dash 8 9 10 10
Deceneu 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 7 8 9 9
eRIC 6 8 9 9
Feats 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 9 9 8
JimmyBeon 8 9 9 9
John 8 7 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 8 8
requiemsoul 6 6 9 8
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
vandit 7 8 10 9
release date: 20-Nov-2022
# of downloads: 455

average rating: 8.80
review count: 16
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file size: 192.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I must admit when the level loaded up I thought it was just a TR3 jungle remake, same long slope etc, then I started noticing small changes and new areas and I had hope it would turn into rather a reimagining rather than a remake but after 10/15 mins I realised it had turned into a complete new original level. I can tell so much care and time has been taken with the visuals and objects, it’s just bathed in foliage and so much detail! gorgeous! Gameplay is very heavy on the exploration of the jungle areas, trees and structures and platforming or climbing through these areas to find keys and switches to progress. Now despite these fresh new areas and layouts being fun to navigate through, this gameplay was just starting to become a bit too repetitive so luckily the second half of the level becomes more interesting with a couple of box pushing tasks, timed runs and traps to avoid. I also noticed a lot of diagonal walls, structures, ledges/ walkways which for me invigorated the layouts of the areas and was pleasing to the eyes and refreshing to explore through. If your an enemy or combat fan you might be disappointed as there are no humans and the only aggressive animals was the tigers as the cute monkeys are fine with you if your fine with them, but hey that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of your pistols as there is a couple of times you’ll need them for progression. So now that jungle part one is over I’m looking forward to part 2 !" - John (07-Jul-2024)
"For the last year or so I've avoided playing anything but TR4 levels, but now that I'm starting to wean myself away from Windows XP I've started slowly branching out into TR3 levels as well (TR1 and TR2 may come along in time, but I'm in no hurry). I noticed that this well received pair of related levels has been without a written walk for some time, and now that they're bundled in a single download I've decided to rectify that situation. There's one thing I need to get off my chest at the beginning, however. The builder has disabled the gamma function, and if there's anything that irks me it's when players are deprived of a tool that's built into the game engine. Sure, plenty of flares are provided, but that's beside the point. End of rant. The level itself is quite enjoyable and takes place in lush jungle surroundings. The enemies are suitable to the setting, are well spaced and adequate weaponry and ammunition are provided to deal with them comfortably. Playing time is relatively short, but this raid serves as a worthy appetizer for Part 2. Recommended." - Phil (03-May-2024)
"Just for the record I will be reviewing the version of Jungle - Part 1 that came with the download for Part 2. I loved the fact that Part 1 was included with Part 2, a nice feature :) This is a great level that is heavily inspired by the Jungle level from TR3. While there are quite a few recognisable areas the builder most definitely puts their own mark on the level. To the point that they are more easter eggs or odes, rather than a copy paste of the TR3 version. As I found out when I reached for a walkthrough there a few differences and additions between the 2 versions of Jungle - Part 1. Most of them I'd say are welcome and add to the experience and also gives the player a bit more to do. The level looks beautiful with some nice effects (leaves falling being one) and plays well too! All in all I'd definitely recommend this level set. I'd say download just Part 2 though as you get both levels in one download. I look forward to hopefully playing more offerings from this builder in the future... Good job Calypsis!" - Feats (14-Nov-2023)
"An amazing throwback to TR3 first jungle level. At first it's starting as a remake of the level, but afterwards it's becoming it's own thing. Amazing level design, very good visuals. Even the starting area is better than the original, improved visually, with extra secrets and expanded areas. The gameplay is simple, no marked secrets (though there are secret areas), a few traps here and there, some monkeys and tigers. This level shines for it's exploration part." - Deceneu (30-Aug-2023)
"I'm a bit undecided regarding whether I enjoyed this level or if I simply played it. The settings are undoubtedly lush and near perfect, but excessively dark. I think the darkness is the precise point that spoils the experience, as frankly it made most things (basically exploration, with a few traps thrown in for good measure) invisible to my eyes. Yes, I ended up using the walkthrough a lot. Some things become bit too cryptic, and that includes all the pickups I would have basically missed if it hadn't been for the walkthrough - and even so. For exploration and Jungle fans." - Jorge22 (07-Jun-2023)
"Undoubtedly among the most visually stunning TR3 levels out there, this really does look sumptuous and is rather accomplished for a debut. Although the lighting is a bit too gloomy in a couple of the indoor areas, it is very nicely done elsewhere and combined with the highly detailed texturing, fog that was atmospheric rather than a hindrance to the gameplay and atmosphere that more than rivals the original India section and you have a treat for the eyes and ears. Gameplay is mainly exploration-based and mainly quite simple providing you keep your eyes open and often you are rewarded with useful pickups for venturing just that bit deeper. I could locate no secrets, but that doesn't mean anything, could've just been me not paying enough attention. Maybe a couple more puzzles would have rounded the game out more though, and a few areas did feel a bit underused plus the "shooting the gratings" sequences were a little too obscure. Overall though, nicely done." - Ryan (10-Apr-2023)
"The best TR3 level in terms of visuals to date, as well as the first to use the Tomb3 patch. It is really beautiful, and the environment feels vibrant and lively. Great usage of textures and very good lighting. The use of fog and sunbeams throughout the level creates a great atmosphere. I also love the architecture; it looks phenomenal! Gameplaywise, it's decent, if quite basic at times. I mean, there are some cool ideas, but often we just run from switch to switch. There are areas where gameplay potential wasn't used to its fullest, IMO. However, as I said, the gameplay is still pretty decent. All in all, this is definitely a milestone level in TR3 custom levels. It brings back so many memories of the old good India levels. Great job. Definitely recommended!" - BlackWolfTR (25-Feb-2023)
"This level is really nice, love how it feels like a good TR3 Jungle with new designs and architecture. The lighting is good, some textures are stretched or misaligned, but that was the same in TR3 so it's on point to be honest. I struggled with finding the key hole, was a bit annoying, and would appreciate a camera inside the chamber where you have to break the window. All in all this level is great for anyone who wants to see tr3 jungle from another perspective." - JimmyBeon (21-Dec-2022)
"Superb scenery with basic interactions. Texturing of props and architecture needs more care. A good prologue which should return with Part 2, to make better use of pickups. Recommended." - DJ Full (17-Dec-2022)
"Was glad to see the beginning of the game inspired from the first from TR3, with some more pickups and extra areas, then we enter new areas with good architecture (no need to have fixed cameras to point to this, it is obviously impressive by its own :) . The level is easy with keys to find and levers, then it changed with the odd thing to do (shooting a golden window when the one beside it isn't breakable) and we have also some timed action to perform in a dark room, even with flares it is not very fun. This said, the end of the game is more enjoyable. Obvioulsy the level is built with competence, so looking for part 2." - eRIC (12-Dec-2022)
"I don't think I've ever played a game using this kind of TR3 engine before, it's very nice! But let's focus on the level itself, which is a revisit to the first level of TR3, in the jungle. There are a number of borrowed elements, from the starting descent down the hill to the ruins above the quicksand, but about two thirds of the level is original content. The architecture is very strong and Lara will get some picturesque views, but it also gives her a lot of places to explore. The lighting and texturing are great for the most part, although a couple of corridors suffer from warped textures. A couple of switches are missing camera shots, thankfully there aren't too many doors in this level so the player won't take too long to deduce which one just opened. I wasn't a fan of the textures used for some of the monkeyswings, and while I was able to find them on my own, it still should look like a surface that can be grabbed onto. The original part of the level introduces many more traps for Lara to evade, and this was my favorite part of the gameplay. It's a decent challenge overall, but nothing that should stump raiders for long, especially if they're willing to part with a medpack or two. I look forward to seeing more of this series. 1 hour 9 minutes." - JesseG (02-Dec-2022)
"In this lush debut level, the author demonstrates a deep understanding (and love!) for TR3 environments and gameplay, surpassing the original Jungle while paying homage to what made it great in the first place. As someone who played TR3 before any of the other games, it was a joy to see the game looking better than ever with beautiful sun rays, TR2 health bars, rotating objects on pickup, and new custom objects that blend seamlessly with the original textures. Especially of note were a large water system room with "pipes" of stone featuring diagonal waterfalls, a faithful recreation of the loading screen gate, and the ultimate temple using the new diagonal architecture to great effect. In the future, I echo other reviewer's suggestion that large rooms contain more activities. There were some areas that could have used more telegraphing for the player to follow the flow of action. I was stumped in the chamber with the lit torches, partly because the dramatic sequential lighting ended up having nothing to do with finding a way out (which involved shooting a gate that looked almost identical to every other gate in the room). Additional types of puzzles would be a welcome addition as well: fewer levers, sparing push blocks, perhaps more interesting jump traversal would help enliven the action. No secrets, but some areas that felt like they should have been (like the large medipack on the ledge above the mud room). I very much look forward to the author's continued work!" - Cbl (01-Dec-2022)
"This reimagining came out better than the original. In the third part, I did not like the chaotic level design of the first levels. The author of this level managed to build believable and recognizable locations. Great job with atmosphere and lighting. I did not have enough challenge in terms of riddles. Some rooms, despite their beauty, are empty and the player passes through them quickly. Rooms of such beauty do not deserve to be run through quickly. Looking forward to the next parts! Well done author!" - ddaring_dash (28-Nov-2022)
"The architecture is good, but I didn't like too much the gameplay. The rooms are big but very empty with very few challenges. There is an excess of levers and basic tasks. Several challenges imply necessarily losing health. The level is short and the lighting is bland." - requiemsoul (26-Nov-2022)
"I'll be quite straightforward and clear. The best jungle level I've ever experienced, and clearly beyond my imagination how jungle can be accomplished in TR3. I do love the aspect that enemies are sparse, so to speak. I still cannot comprehend how you have managed to pack so much rich geometry and so full of NG items into the TR3 level with the standard TR3 restrictions." - Sabatu (25-Nov-2022)
"Visually, this jungle with TR3 engine is the best yet. New things like voluminous fog, water drop textures, dragonflies, new stone statues etc. have been added, furthermore the lighting has been perfected and the level now "shines" in much richer colors. The beginning of the level with the big slide down to the first zipline is very similar to the first original TR3 jungle level, what comes after that has been rebuilt. The gameplay of the level is okay and known from the original game, the timerun in the room with the many spikes could be challenging, but was no problem for me after 5 attempts. Real opponents are only the few tigers, the monkeys are still nice. In conclusion, everything you know and love from the original level is there, including the iconic music as you meet the first tiger. What I didn't like were the almost completely dark rooms. Even with the brightness of the PC monitor turned up higher, the darkness is rather annoying than that it supports otherwise impeccable atmosphere, sorry. I'm also not a fan of the gamma being off by default in the options, this feature can be important in some corners of the level. In two or three places textures or green stuff flickered when you choose a certain view of Lara (looking up for example). And as with Klona's level, I again miss a readme file from the author. I had no startup problems with Windows 10. If you want to see what you can get out of the TR3 engine, you should play this level, the gameplay is familiar (which is not a bad thing), the massive darkness in a few rooms is more of a hindrance than fun (playtime around 1 chilled hour)." - vandit (24-Nov-2022)