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Tomb Raider: The First Revelation by JimmyBeon Nickelony

Adrian 10 10 10 10
billie2001 9 9 9 9
Dick 9 8 9 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Feats 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Towandaa 8 10 10 9
TubThumper 10 10 10 9
tuxraider 8 8 8 7
release date: 30-Nov-2022
# of downloads: 710

average rating: 9.15
review count: 13
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file size: 286.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very fun games, interesting geometry, not really difficult, but kept my attention. I liked Lara's Mansion almost as much as the game itself ! Winston in the freezer again - LOL" - Juno Jim (25-Feb-2023)
"What a nice two parter Egyptian level, coupled with a long mansion level - they could easily have been two separate games, and it's still be fine. I liked the settings of the main level a lot, especially the second part, the atmosphere, the lighting, the lightness, in fact I didn't really have to check the walkthroughs, excepting parts of the second level because it was such a huge room. That's a major plus in my book, because I was allowed to have fun. During the mansion level, I had a TV+net breakdown (I still do, I'm using a hotspot card), so I didn't check any walkthrough and did it all on my own, even though the level itself is a bit intricated. That was quite satisfactory. I have no complaints, only praises, hence my four tens. Very cool and close in atmosphere to the original The Last Revelation." - Jorge22 (26-Jan-2023)
"A very good Egyptian level-set consisting of two big levels and a short epilogue. It has the best TR4 vibes I've ever seen. I enjoyed the first level, but the second is the highlight of the adventure. Even if you are not impressed by the first level, keep playing and you'll be rewarded. The gameplay is good, well balanced and entertaining. Medium difficulty. It took me around 3.5 hrs to complete, hours well spent. There is also an optional extended home level for mansion lovers which I enjoyed very much and took me around 3 hours to finish. In summary, a good game that I heartily recommend." - billie2001 (11-Jan-2023)
"Nice one, a demo that made it to a fully- fledged adventure and highly enjoyable it is too. The first section is mainly an exploration-oriented part, where a keen eye is often required to spot the next jump or artefact to pick up. Enemies are fairly scarce, but some decent trap sequences, jumping challenges and even an always enjoyable element puzzle keep gameplay proceedings spiced up. Level 2 ramps up the gameplay difficulty noticeably (although still nothing too difficult for reasonably experienced raiders) with some nifty lava rooms to traverse, more sneaky traps and the undoubted highlight is exploring the imposing cave with the central structure from both top to bottom and corner to corner, it's brilliantly executed and never tedious. The bonus mansion level isn't what you'd expect either, and it's definitely one of the more entertaining visits to Lara's humble abode. The environments are top-notch throughout, textures are very pleasing in a classic sort of way and I had a ball, basically. Looking forward to (hopefully) more from these two builders soon." - Ryan (10-Jan-2023)
"This is another in a long line of recent releases that took me seemingly forever to document in the form of a written walkthrough. Not that I'm complaining, as these three long and complex levels kept me entertained and occupied such that I was frequently reluctant to stop after extended stretches to take a break. The house level is a stand- alone that bears no similarity to the two Egyptian levels. All told, I spent nearly six total hours here, but much of that time was invested in trying to figure out some of the nuances of the game. In one of the Egyptian levels there's a timed run for a secret, but it starts with a cut scene of an area you haven't yet visited, and there's no indication that the exercise is timed in any event. Furthermore, the timer starts by pushing a button that doesn't reset, so if you don't get there in time and haven't saved your game, you're out of luck. In the house level one of the secrets is accessed by doing away with five objects. They don't all look the same (the first one looks like a frozen bush tucked away in the maze), and one is eliminated remotely by pushing a button. The other three that you have to shoot are fairly obvious, but there's no indication that the five are interrelated, nor is there any visual clue of success once you've dealt with all five of them. The secret door is either open when you get there, or it's not. If it's not, you have no clue as to why not. Anyway, it has been so long since I started the game that the details have already started to grow fuzzy in my mind, but I do remember that I had a grand time playing these imaginative levels." - Phil (07-Jan-2023)
"If you are currently dragging yourself through the rather grungy first level: Ruins Of The Old Kingdom with its interminable small boxy corridors, you may be asking yourself "is this really worth it?" Heed the advice of Tuxraider (below) and stick with it because the second level is so very different and much, much better. Ruins Of The Old Kingdom could have been excluded but, on the other hand, it does effectively set the scene with some gameplay that is as close as Tomb Raider ever gets to the real business of Egyptology - sandy tunnels, dead-ends and modern constructions/scaffolding built by the contemporary explorers etc, etc. To be honest, the gameplay is okay, and not that hard, it's just too long for what it is.
The next level Tomb Of Anubis is a real treat for any player as it features a very voluminous area with many, many features that need to be reached and explored. I think the first section of Tomb of Anubis, that precedes this big area, could have been incorporated into the big area itself (as side rooms) to make it even more vast and complex. But that's a matter of taste, I guess. Not to mention practicality.
There is also a Lara's Home level, but I've only just started this and I feel the Egyptian levels are really what this release is about.
Recommended to all players, especially lovers of TR4." - Dick (29-Dec-2022)
"I quite appreciated the Egyptian adventure, its first level is like the demo but longer with new areas interesting to raid. The second one is even better with bigger areas ; the gameplay in this level is largely based on platforming and it was fun (except for a dark button placed on a dark wall, this was hard to see). The flimaps are well excuted , and i appreciated the few spots where the builder was player-friendly on us. Many different textures have been used throughout these two levels , regardless the looks and atmopshere are quite correct. The fly-bys also. Then the short boss level quickly defeated, thanks for that. On the opposite the home level, if technically competently done , wasn't to my liking as a lot of time was spent here and this time felt futile. There is a sidecar ride , the unavoidable hedge maze , a training area outside which is in XXL format , and so forth. It is the type of mansion filled with sometimes nonsensical tasks and weird placement of objects , as if Lara Croft was a crazy landowner. Each time she needs to enter into her mansion does she really have to pull underwater lever then climb a ladder to push a button located above the main entrance ? and that is just the start. The rating does not take the mansion level into account. The regular Egyptian adventure is recommanded." - eRIC (29-Dec-2022)
"Egypt level is ok but not my jam ... I was please to discover a complete Mansion level on top of it that is very cool!" - Towandaa (21-Dec-2022)
"I'd make the manor shorter and/or more varied, and I would fix lighting as sometimes my eyes struggled. The rest of the game plays and feels consistent. It's a good thing especially for a TR4 fan." - DJ Full (20-Dec-2022)
"The actual game consists of two levels (plus a tiny epilogue level with a boss fight). The additional Lara's Home level, available as separate choice on the game menu, is a huge extra level. All three levels are amazingly different. The first main level is very tight and crammed. The gameplay is as messy as the texturing and architecture. The second main level is much better. Saner texturing and architecture, more space, the gameplay is more directed. The epilogue level was a bit irritating with its invisible walls and its final overly long camera flight, but it serves only to fight a boss-type enemy. Finally, the separate Lara's Home level is almost as big as the two main levels together, and deserves attention. It's very elaborate and reminds me of a simpler The Witch's Tea Party. I found it very fun. To be honest, the home level was more interesting than the first main level. But the second main level is the best level: it's well designed and balanced. The first main level is not bad, it's just that the other levels are better. In summary, even if you share some of my thoughts about the first main level, keep playing to see the second main level, and don't forget to play the home level too." - tuxraider (19-Dec-2022)
"After playing the demo I was eagerly awaiting the release of this level. While the first level of the main release was a little different to the demo I was not disappointed with the outcome! Had a blast playing this level set and the fact you basically get another level (Lara's Home) as a bonus is awesome too. I honestly reckon the builders could have got away with releasing the Main Levels and the Home level separately! Gameplay was engaging and enjoyable, it looked great and music was well implemented with some pretty cool choices of music put in there. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of giving this level a go!" - Feats (13-Dec-2022)
"What a treat this was. Great gameplay - like a best of TR4 in short. This is a 3 level set, two large main levels then a boss level, followed by a separate, gorgeous Lara's home section. The first main game level features lots of interlinking rooms, but did at least find smart ways to let you link back to earlier areas (sort of like TR2 design). The second level brings in massive rooms that are intimidating and very well built. Level difficulty is similar to the main TR4 game, and multiple secrets keep you on your toes (Important note - the secret count per level is shown on the pause menu, so for example in level 1, there are 11 secrets rather than 11 across the set). One small point knocked off for some of the textures, which look at times like they'll do something but turn out not to. A very minor niggle, this set is great and well worth your time. This took me between 3-4 hours and I got about half of the available secrets. Fab!" - TubThumper (09-Dec-2022)
"A really great level set from what appears to be first-time or almost first-time builders, which also includes the best Lara's Home level I have played. In the first level the map was cleverly tight and interconnected, where as in the 2nd & Home levels the wide open expansive locations viewed from a high-up perch was very impressive without much, if any, distance pruning. Lots of lovely custom objects and textures were nicely applied. Secrets were particularly well placed. The Elysium level was the only slight disappointment with hints of other possible areas to explore after disposing of the level boss with tunnels leading into the platform but blocked by invisible walls. Also quite dark in places but a tweak of the gamma and all was good. Overall a fantastic effort worthy of 10s." - Adrian (07-Dec-2022)