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TR Advent Calendar 2022 - Christmas in Venice... Again by Ranpyon

billie2001 9 9 10 9
BlackWolfTR 8 9 8 8
carolinux 10 9 10 7
Dick 10 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Ivan 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 9
JesseG 9 9 10 10
John 9 8 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Josey 10 9 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 8
Nillc 9 9 10 9
Phil 10 9 9 10
requiemsoul 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
tuxraider 7 7 7 7
release date: 26-Dec-2022
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 8.99
review count: 17
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file size: 114.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Pretty decent Christmas level. Elaborately decorated, but sometimes the wall textures seemed a bit dreary. I disliked that some doors could be opened, but other doors that looked the same couldn't. I had some problems when interacting with custom objects (door of the store, the brick, some others), where I thought I was stuck, but I just didn't get how to interact with them correctly. Gameplay was sometimes tricky, but elaborate and varied. There are timed runs involving custom moves too. Breaking into houses and seeing people in Christmas situations (completely static "dolls") looked a bit awkward. In conclusion, I had some problems, but it's still a good level and can be recommended." - tuxraider (07-Jul-2023)
"This level has a pleasant, festive atmosphere and a variety of puzzles to solve (breaking into a dress shop, locating clues in a library, making candles grow...) There's some history to be learned about the lion of Saint Mark too. I found the text hints very helpful. It was a fun raid. Some areas felt a bit repetitive and it was easy to get lost, but the same can be said for actual Venice :p" - carolinux (14-Mar-2023)
"An attractive Venice level that came with some rather complex puzzles and original, creative gameplay. I stumbled at the start because a pushable object did not induce Lara to "assume the position" but that was a technical issue and I did not dwell on it. After that I managed to get through the level without help - even the clever library section. So I would say the gameplay was challenging and doable - that's the combination players want. Visually: very pretty, with loads of detail, but I do think it's time this talented builder branched out of the Christmas and Easter themed levels and made something more epic." - Dick (08-Feb-2023)
"Yes, Ranpyon did it again! A lovely, satisfying, very well crafted Xmas level, thank you very much, I loved it! At the very beginning, the music chosen for the initial flyby melted my heart; and the only complain that I have about the level has to do with curtains: was it really necessary to obscure a tight rope with a curtain, to cover with a curtain a magic mirror where Lara had to see a trapdoor, to curtain windows that she had to kick open? But at least there are plenty of positive points to atone for this little fault: all the puzzles are creative, smart and with recognizable hints for their solution; all the timed runs are manageable without undue efforts; the decoration is quite lovely; there are plenty of original, varied and funny gameplay actions - the brick, the kicks, the Italian books that I could read in part, the singing little Santa at the chlothes' store, Lara's little feet leaving marks in the snow - and above all, a glorious music and Christmas atmosphere. Congratulations!" - Josey (26-Jan-2023)
"Did anyone else have fun running Lara round in circles, just to admire her footprints in the snow? I really can’t believe that was just me. Everything about this game is just enchanting, from the beautiful music to the always welcome Venice locations and the wonderful calm and peaceful Christmas atmosphere. Lack of enemy action is more than compensated for by the interesting exploration and items to puzzle out a use for and there is, of course, the always appreciated spot of clambering around on awnings. Lara also has a cool new move and I think I just might prefer kicking in windows to shooting them out. This should be a level readily accessible to most players, difficulty-wise, and the fun factor is wonderful." - Jay (25-Jan-2023)
"This may be considered a short level by today's standards, but it's packed with innovative features that make for a fresh and entertaining seasonal raid. Ranpyon is one of our most reliable builders, who never fails to give us a visually satisfying and moderately challenging (but never to the point of frustration) level. There are four secrets, but the last one requires the player to follow a circuitous route that few will figure out on their own. And if there were clues pointing to which wall switches to pull and which ones not to pull in that library room near the end, I completely missed them. I followed Doggett's video in preparing my written walk, since he always seems to know exactly what and when things need to be done, but along the way he shot a painting (something I'd rarely if ever think of doing) and caused it to shatter, but to what if any effect I still have no idea. There are no traps or enemies here, nor many dying opportunities of any kind, but there's plenty going on in these winding Venetian canals to provide ample Christmas cheer for all players. High recommendations." - Phil (13-Jan-2023)
"Another cream-of-the-crop offering from the most recent Advent Calendar, I'm very partial to a Venice setting so I had a very enjoyable time. This is also definitely the most well-rounded of the three "Christmas in Venice" levels to date (although the previous ones were enjoyable in their own right). The surroundings are painstakingly crafted with an eye for detail (even the areas you can see but not reach, the inside of the cafe for instance), the festive atmosphere is striking throughout, the secrets are fun to go for and the gameplay is pleasantly varied, nicely mixing up exploration and puzzle-solving, interspersed with a couple of brisk timed sequences (the clock puzzle is very well executed) and it's all great fun. Very nicely done." - Ryan (13-Jan-2023)
"Lovely Christmas offer in a snowy Venitian environment. It contains tight timed runs (or was it just one? I'm not sure) and lots of exploration and nice ideas, including the needed jump from the tightrope to get the pistol (and being able to slash windows and boxes in a kung fu manner, before the pistol). I liked the library, but I must say I was too thick to get the logic behind the number puzzles, so I had to check them out. Christmas is over now, but I'm still grateful for this entry." - Jorge22 (03-Jan-2023)
"Perhaps the ending is a bit too sudden after 35 minutes but the time here was incredibly dense and, aside of some exploratory parts, there's always something to do - the timed runs are not very tight, but finding the path is taking some time (nice!), the puzzles are intriguing and not straightforward, platforming across the roofs has its moments (although there was one nastily hidden tightrope you can't see very well), spiced up with some small but quirky ideas like destroying windows and boxes with kicks, getting the key using a hook etc., and objects are very well used; secrets are cleverly hidden too. The Venician atmosphere is really charming and it's nice to see previously insaccessible areas finally revealed, and a lot of care is put into details, even rooms like the cafe we never actually visit. A few minor cracks in the lighting do not play a larger role as the visuals are pretty strong throughout. To cut it short: This is actually my favourite X-mas level of this (ahem, the last, in fact) year, and I hope to see more soon!" - manarch2 (02-Jan-2023)
"Here we have another level where it combines two of my favorite level categories: Venice and Christmas! and this one has to be my most enjoyable of the 3 with fun and tricky platforming tasks, great exploration to higher and lower levels, fun puzzles and original and fresh tasks with kicking open crates and windows and throwing bricks through windows until you can find a weapon to use very clever! The puzzles involves using mathematics, books, clocks tricky jump tile squares, push-able items and then we have the enjoyable and tricky timed run before opening up the library for more fun platforming chandelier tasks and another timed run. The game is set at night and of course its been snowing and so making your way through buildings, windows, gardens and canals in this wintery Christmassy environment was just such a treat for me because the areas you get to explore and the layout was so varied and i hardly ever had to use a walkthrough. With lots of Christmas tunes, objects and gorgeous visuals and lights the level really gets you into the festive spirit and as for gameplay its obviously really good, only the addition of traps and a vehicle to use maybe would take it to perfection for me, but you cant have everything!" - John (02-Jan-2023)
"A short level, but with very interesting and innovative ideas. I loved all the library challenges and the strategic timed run across the rooftops. Very good work." - requiemsoul (01-Jan-2023)
"I love Ranpyon's levels and this was no exception. It ticks all the Christmas boxes. Peaceful, beautiful, snowy Venice, nice music, not a moment of frustration. Thank you, Ranpyon for this offering and for including Offenbach's Barcarolle, a favourite of mine. Absolutely recommended." - billie2001 (31-Dec-2022)
"After having just played the last two Christmas in Venice levels, we see another contribution to this setting. This one is by far the strongest with visuals, with Lara exploring many homes and shops decked out in holiday gear across the city. This level is also my favorite in terms of gameplay, and that is because a good puzzle is a quick way into my heart. This adventure has several, from moving the hands of a clock to unlocking a cash register with a code. If you are a fan of escape room experiences, this will be right up your alley. There's also a few timed runs for a bit more adrenaline, which may take a few tries but it's nothing too crazy. One issue that soured my experience a bit is that each time Lara runs up against a static mesh, she rotates to one side or the other, instead of maintaining her current direction. This isn't something I remember seeing before and it makes it surprisingly difficult to do running jumps over fences and banisters, which is something that is required quite often in this adventure. However once you're aware of the pattern you should be able to counteract the rotation, or attempt to do the running jump earlier so that Lara doesn't touch the offending object. 1 hour 23 minutes." - JesseG (30-Dec-2022)
"In the past Ranpyon provided us with a bunch of memorable Christmas levels; this year she's back with this special, "typically AK" game set in a snowy and atmospheric Venice, which Lara will have to explore in order to reach the party she is expected to attend. The gameplay is classic: you have to find your path and make your way throughout Venice, solve some puzzles and perform some healthy platforming; there are also a couple of puzzles that will require not only your solving skills, but also memory and... math! I therefore advise you to keep pen and paper at handy, or a device for taking notes (I won't say any further to avoid spoilers). Technically, as always, Ranpyon's work is excellent: she built a Venice which is full of things to do, with suggestive external and internal environments, some new objects and some additional moves (be careful because a couple of them are necessary in order to proceed); special mentions for the score: I often let Lara stay still in order to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing and festive music the author put in the background (which includes Offenbach, Listz and loads of surprise). Low to medium skill is required to solve the level in about an hour." - Nillc (29-Dec-2022)
"A really nice Christmas level happening in Venice. The gameplay in general is good, and I enjoyed the included ideas. It bases itself on exploration and solving puzzles, so, as stated by the author, we will not encounter any enemies or traps. However, a few areas felt quite empty to me; something more could have been implemented in them. I found some shortcuts that could have been prevented too because you can get to some places faster than you should. For example, I omitted the sequence with the waterskin by jumping on the red thing from the bridge. I also encountered a weird error line appearing while walking on the tightrope (not something tragic, just mentioning it). By the way, I don't know if the books' texts were relevant, but if they were, then it would have been nice to have an english version of them :) Design-wise, it's quite solid. The town looks good overall, with several Christmas decorations that create a nice xmas atmosphere. The level's architecture is adequate, albeit quite simple. As for the lighting, I'm not sure. It's not bad, but I feel it could have been made better. Perhaps darker and stronger tones would work better? Anyway, I didn't notice major issues while playing the level. All in all, it's an enjoyable level, perfect for the Christmas season. Recommended :)" - BlackWolfTR (27-Dec-2022)
"A brilliant level and ideal for the Christmas and New Year holidays. The atmosphere is excellent, Venice is phenomenal, and the textures are perfect. It's a real pleasure to play this level, and I'm sure I'll play it again in a couple of years. There are no enemies here, but a little later there is a gun with which you need to break boxes, shoot with the sniper scope, and break windows :) This is my favorite part. But not all windows are for breaking. The lights are also very beautiful and the water of the canals in Venice is beautiful. The library was a bit more difficult to navigate as I found where I needed to be and then to my dismay it was soon game over. About an hour and a half to two hours of fine, beautiful gameplay. It is necessary to think about what and how, but I found help on the forum and I solved it :) Happy Holidays to everyone and a special big thank you for such a beautiful tomb raider-level editor level, the author. We are expecting more wonderful levels that are surely masterpieces! Cheers!" - Ivan (27-Dec-2022)
"Feels cut short, but gives good vibes as usual from Ran." - DJ Full (27-Dec-2022)