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Good Bye Amanda by DHermogenes

CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 6 9 8 8
Kubsy 4 4 8 8
manarch2 6 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Sylwia 3 7 8 8
release date: 29-Dec-2022
# of downloads: 293

average rating: 7.54
review count: 6
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file size: 488.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Nordic/Celtic

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"In retrospect, it probably wasn't the best idea to play this first version after going through the much more polished and player- friendly definitive edition, but since this was still sitting in my list of unplayed downloads, I decided to check this one off my list. This is noticeably flawed throughout, with too much incipient darkness that dogs the player through the entirety of the game, numerous dead ends and bugs and some tedious gameplay mechanics (the minotaur maze comes to mind, as do the annoying harpy attacks in the mines section), but it does have a certain charm with the changing environments that work quite nicely, the hunts for the secrets, the nicely used music which does aid the atmosphere etc. Still, the Definitive Edition is altogether the more pleasant and wholesome experience so I would go for that instead." - Ryan (24-Sep-2023)
"A massive and occasionally annoying, but not unrewarding game. The mentioned softlocks and sometimes the darkness certainly spoil the experience, but overall I think there are more positive things to say about this game - thrilling timed runs, rather well-designed fights (although you have to be careful with ammunition), good platforming and traps so that boredom is really not a problem in this game. There are good sequences with the quad bike as well, but the whole thing is simply too buggy to be enjoyable, though. Atmosphere is pretty great - despite making usage of various packages in the different levels the whole thing works together quite seamlessly - and the builder has a talent to create large areas, but it is also spoiled by some odd mistakes in architecture (paperthin walls...) and sounds; cameras are well used in general but sometimes a bit wacky. Same goes for texturing - it's pretty in many parts but hastily applied and wallpapered in others. The lighting is quite realistic, but sometimes too dark for gameplay regards - flares are not very helpful either. Some secrets are not hard to find but many are rather well hidden. In total, a game that could've easily hit the HoF with some beta testing and more time before releasing it prematurely. Finished in 3:40 hours." - manarch2 (10-Mar-2023)
"First it throws everything nice at you, then it behaves like if it didn't want to be played at all. But if you acknowledge the issues and learn to play around them, it even turns out rewarding. Divisive yes, but not as bad as I expected." - DJ Full (12-Jan-2023)
"UPDATED REVIEW: I decided to play this game again! (I ended up realizing the extraordinary experience that this game had given me and the need I felt to play it again). Playing this game a second time, allowed me to realize the "grandeur" of some spaces, the fantastic music, and some of the amazing ideas behind the game and its challenges! (And even better understand the "returns" to certain places). Some areas are authentic works of art (masterpieces - "Grandiose!")! I managed (at the second try) to make the game in +/- 500 saves and 4 hours and 20 minutes. It's true that this game has some "issues/problems", but, in global terms, and after all, this is certainly the best game I've tried so far in terms of the final feeling it gave me, (because until now I had never proposed myself to play again a TR/Custom). The author, (DHermogenes), proves to be extremely talented, indeed an extraordinary revelation in terms of creativity and game environments construction! I confess that I feared not seeing any new work of him again, realizing the low rating this game could get... When actually this game has all it needed to be a Hall Of Fame! And, also, to be in the Top 5 of all and any TR Customs experiences (i have mylsef played so far) [and i deed not review all of them]. Fortunately, the same day i finished to replay this game, i noticed a new publication by the author (The Last Plague)!! I was extremely happy, because i was now extremely shure that i love is style!!... Finally, all this said, recognized this game as very difficult, but also an unmissable experience! Thank you Dhermogenes!! [Thanks for the (amazing) music - I know you also compose - , Thank you for the incredible work that "Good Bye Amanda" must have given you, and by the way, thanks for also choosing Portuguese in menus!!!] (I know it can be devise/debatable, but 10 in all categories!!! And I sincerely hope to see from you more works like this one beside "The Last Plague" (that i will play as soon as I can!). Thanks!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: "Craziness! This game is extremely difficult and not for everyone! If you like puzzles, exploration or quiet places, this game is not for you!! I had immense difficulties with orientation to understand many times what I was supposed to do!! The gameplay is flawed and full of frustrating moments. There are many situations in which we can be completely blocked and it is necessary to start over. I found “Ruinas da Noruega” the most frustrating level (despite beautifull graphics and atmosphere). “Caverna Subemersa” and “Abismo” are insane and also disconcerting at times, (you can get lost easily or get confused). Some combats are totally uneven and with too many requests to kill all enemies. At times i thought it would be impossible to complete the game. Very long, (because I needed to save and restart countless times after i figured out what, and how to do), too many enemies, some parts with consecutive complex jumps, platforms that are very difficult to access, and too many backtracks, (to places where you already have been). Some timed runs are also pretty difficult (and long). Music is great, (trully loved), even if sometimes transitions are not quit smooth. Sounds are OK. Lighting & Textures are OK. I needed 1034 saves, 12 days (a lot of hours in each of these days), and almost 8 hours (continuous time) to reach the final fight which is crazy! Found 11 secrets. Despite all the setbacks, I ended the game with a strange feeling of having really enjoyed the experience. This is why I had some difficulties deciding final ratings for this game, because, in a sense, this one is far from the traditional TR world (the way i think it is). But the game offers some new ideas, and innovative ways of organization in terms of story line and imagination, (very impressive). Some graphics and objects are amazing (despite, at times, confusing design or texture glitches - There are also some camera issues)!. Thanks DHermogenes for your (clearly) hard work!" - CalrOsario (12-Jan-2023)
"For me, this custom is unplayable. The quad kept running into obstacles which couldn't get out of. It was also possible to enter places from which the quad could not be recovered later. Timedrunes are very difficult. It's very dark by the quad track. Personally, I quit the game during the minotaur maze... it was too much for me xd Overall, a project with potential, it's a pity that it's broken both technically and playably." - Sylwia (01-Jan-2023)
"When I looked at the screenshots, I knew I would expect high quality from a debut level. However, I was pretty disappointed with the execution of this whole level set.

Let me start with the positives. The atmosphere is fantastic, especially the 1st level (Norwegian Ruins) there are some paths to take as it is sort of a hub level. Although I disliked the fact that it had a confusing design - there are too many slopes and sometimes I was unsure where to climb or where to go next, subtle hints should be given about where you can climb/go or where you cannot but overall I think the atmosphere was really good to some extent.

Let's go to the negative side, though. The aspect I heavily hated and made me take breaks often with this level is gameplay and softlocks. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get softlocked in areas with quadbike; I had this happening a lot, plus with the confusing design and darkness, I was not able to proceed easily (although after several tries I was able to phew!) there was another annoying sequence with 3 tight timedruns and again easy to get softlocked. because you need quadbike and if you proceed without quadbike, you will be stuck as the door closes. There are more problems though - sometimes the switches blend really well with textures that you can't see them, or where you have to fight an immortal boss but you have to lure him to someplace so that you can climb the ladder easily and this was frustrating, the author should've just put a mortal boss to kill so you can proceed easily. Another thing I hated was the fact that there were too enemies in the same area with extremely irritating sfx (Harpys) and I was about to ragequit this game because I had no weapons and run out of medikits very quickly, there is no balance and it is clear that this levelset was not properly beta tested.

Other stuff that I disliked were lara sfx and how the author placed them in her animations. I don't mind TR2013 Lara sfx because I also like them (and would probably use them myself) however the choice of them and placement was pretty poor because whenever Lara would go in crouch state and crouch moving state (I forgot the proper name for this so please excuse me) then Lara would moan in pain, I think it was too dramatic and unnatural. The same goes for dying sfx where you can hear lara dying from spikes even though she was falling from a height. I think the Lara SFX was somewhat good, but the placement and some sfx choices were bad in my opinion.

Regarding lighting and textures, the lighting was good - I have nothing to complain about however in underwater sections you can see several cracks that were not taken care of and sometimes the crack would stretch into several rooms or in a tall underwater room. There were also many stretched textures which could have also been taken care of by appropriately managing the grid lines on walls.

Overall, this level was okay but for me it was disappointing because I thought I would be expecting a high-quality level (judging by the screenshots, that's what hooked me into playing this) but again I was disappointed. Next time the author should take care more and find betatester for their level. I think this author has potential to create something really good and I am waiting to see what they will build next." - Kubsy (31-Dec-2022)