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Reliquary by Bigfoot

billie2001 10 9 9 9
black horse 7 7 9 8
Dick 9 7 9 8
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eRIC 10 10 10 10
Feats 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 9 10
Mr XY 9 9 9 9
Nillc 8 8 7 7
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 9 9 9
tuxraider 8 7 7 7
release date: 02-Jan-2023
# of downloads: 488

average rating: 9.05
review count: 16
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file size: 251.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Steampunk

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This was a very good two-level adventure in all aspects, as I was expecting from Bigfoot. Gameplay comprises a mixture of exploration, platforming, and fairly simple but well- designed puzzles. I liked especially the tile puzzle involving moon and star symbols towards the end of the game. Environments are also skillfully built although the rooms tend to look very similar to each other. The city streets area outside the church was a really nice touch, since it stood out visually from the rest of the game, and, therefore, I wished that this area would have been slightly more expansive. As a whole, I had a good time playing this custom game and I can recommend it for all players." - Samu (06-Oct-2023)
"This two-level set is a sort of sequel to Relic (although it's just some story references), as you are in another Italian city under a strange sky. You actually see the sky very little though as this is mostly set in a palace building and the sewer-type structures beneath it. The majority of the set has a Lost Library type theme, but Rome textures are used for the upper sections and a couple of other sets show up too. The focus on the mechanical aspects and a few Da Vinci machines gives it a borderline steampunk feel at times, which puts a bit of a twist on the themes used. Objects are used well, especially for a couple of the mechanisms, and there's some large-scale areas and interesting architecture. Lighting also supports it well, and, while quite bright it supports the scale and feel of the place being technologically advanced for when it was built. The only thing I felt was slightly weak was the enemy as it's just Tinmen and Wraiths when some stranger stuff at times could have spiced up the Steampunk aspect a bit.

The two levels are decently large but the progression stays quite clear throughout; you go between the two so they essentially work as one giant level, but it's done in an almost entirely linear order so it doesn't complicate things much. There isn't much especially difficult, but, as usual from Bigfoot, there's a good range of tasks despite that, and the various more creative ideas lean into the more mechanical nature of the location, with some device manipulation and moving objects. The gameplay actually takes a slightly non-standard pace too, as the start is more based around linear challenge segments and plenty of combat, and then the later sections after properly accessing the second map are more exploration based, but it manages to work and fits the theme shift as you go from the hidden sewer hideout to the relatively more mundane above ground parts.
The first main map did have a slightly irritating number of forced fall damage moments; the actual damage they did was near-zero but it did gradually chip away at your health somewhat. A couple of ladders were also quite long and felt like something more interesting could be there (especially as you'll probably have to do one twice if you're going for the secrets. Even if you can technically avoid it if you know in advance). I also felt the solution for one puzzle was a bit too clear, and maybe the hint could have been made less obvious without making it complete obscure (or the current clue held back in some way until the player is stuck for a little). Those are the only issues I had though. While a smaller Bigfoot release like Mainland of Magic, this one feels a lot more ambitious for what it is, as well as being stronger in general, and creates a somewhat original theme with how it mixes it's elements, making another great release." - Mman (22-Jul-2023)
"A level from this builder is always something I look forward to. I find them to be satisfyingly well balanced in terms of gameplay, with a difficulty level that should be achievable by most players, and they tend to look good. I am fond of the library objects and textures (with the exception of that blasted spokewheel lever that can be so irritating if it’s a really tight timed run and necessitates pulling the wretched thing umpteen times). The game shuttles between two areas and my only regret is not getting to spend more time in the outside spaces, but it’s all very enjoyable and the Leonardo da Vinci references are rather splendid." - Jay (27-Jun-2023)
"Cons: Unique designs. Doesn't have frustrating platforming, puzzles are neat and fun! Secrets are fair (missed 2), nice models. Pros: Level can be confusing as it have backtracking and moving to another areas. The font is horrible, small, hard to read and so jagging that is actually hurt my eyes x(. The lantern push puzzle glitched on me, had to read the wiki to figure it was glitched, pushed them back over and over, re-loading the game few times, it worked somehow, hitting enemies is very gimmicky. -Overall very fun and I found it chilling, maybe cuz of the music and open spaces, I liked it-" - black horse (13-Apr-2023)
"Nice and short level. The gameplay flows well and is relatively easy. Maybe there's too much backtracking at times. The outside area in the later part of the level disappointed me: it's small, does not look as good, and is relatively unimportant to the gameplay. The rest is good, I don't know what else to say." - tuxraider (13-Jan-2023)
"If someone was to put a gun to my head and ask for my top 5 favourite builders, I'm pretty certain Bigfoot would be one of the names that springs to mind and this is another solid offering from said builder! A thoroughly enjoyable raid to be found here. As usual for Bigfoot the levels look fantastic and play just as well! 4 levels in 2 levels if that makes sense, as you revisit both levels over the course of the game. One of these days I will play a Bigfoot bonus level hahaha! As usual it is a little annoying having content locked behind a secrets barrier but I guess it wouldn't be much of a reward or bonus otherwise! Anyways would definitely recommend this level to anyone of any skill level. A good time guaranteed!!!" - Feats (11-Jan-2023)
"I'm a bit torn between rating this intricate two level set a 9 and a 10, but what the heck, the design, in spite of many places looking somewhat similar, looks flawless, and it's definitely fun and player-friendly. Yes, this builder always has the player in mind, which is a tad rare these days. I enjoyed the puzzles and even shooting down the knights and fleeing the fire wraiths, even though this was mostly about exploration. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't found a total of six roses, which gave me access to the mechanical scarab... Would the adventure have felt incomplete? Anyway, I liked ideas such as shooting the metal globe behind the closing door, as well as the run towards the moving platform on the back of the huge lion with a lever. Other puzzles took me a while longer to figure out. Never frustrating, always enticing, made with perfect craftsmanship, recommended." - Jorge22 (11-Jan-2023)
"A good and well implemented story, fluent gameplay mostly based on exploration and good puzzles (of the kind you can actually solve), but there are also traps to avoid and timed runs (on a generous timer), very few enemies (couldn't care less) and a well crafted environment. My only complain is that we don't get to see much of Florence, just a brief visit outside. The entertainment factor is high, the difficulty rather on the easy side, so strongly recommended on players of all skills, beginners included." - billie2001 (11-Jan-2023)
"Another beautiful and well-crafted level by Bigfoot. If you are a fan of the builder you will most probably enjoy this level. It has all the ingredients a typical Bigfoot level has: Clever puzzles, a lot of exploration, little action and a nice background story. I have to agree with other reviewers that a big portion of the level looks the same. I was excited when the outside area was introduced, unfortunately this part doesn't last very long. The puzzles on the other side are probably the best Bigfoot has come up with so far. I enjoyed the sliding door in combination with the shootable behind or the hedge symbols that were used as puzzle hints. Very clever! I feel like the map was unnecessarily big at times resulting in long running sections between the tasks. Lara will definitely need some new shoes after this adventure. Overall I found this raid to be enjoyable and I recommend it for the ingenious puzzles and ideas. Difficulty between easy and medium. Playtime around 2 hours." - Mr XY (10-Jan-2023)
"I'm never disappointed by a Bigfoot release. The environs are unfailingly impeccable, the gameplay is engrossing without ever becoming a source of frustration and you're not obliged to play hours and hours on end. In this case my vocabulary was expanded as well. I was completely unfamiliar with the word Reliquary, which my dictionary defines as "a repository or receptacle for relics." Judging from the attractive opening screen of a magnificent Florentine skyline I was expecting an outdoor romp with a possible visit to the Uffizi Gallery, but as the game wore on I started thinking a better title might be "Sewer-quary." The only enemies I recall were knights who proved more an annoyance than anything else, together with an occasional wraith with a water source always close by, so your fighting skills are certainly not put to the test. Ample flares are provided, but I can't recall a single occasion where I had to use one, probably the feature I like best about Bigfoot's levels. Dutchy's typically thorough walkthrough covers all the possible rough spots, and with its help I was able to finish in slightly less than three hours. Not one of the very best but surely a top-flight effort that players of all skill levels should enjoy." - Phil (10-Jan-2023)
"Reliquary is a very neatly put-together double level-set, featuring the always-attractive library wads. Gameplay is generally easy/moderate, and that's fine because there is plenty of variety and some very interesting puzzles: the puzzle featuring the topiary trees was clever and nicely presented. The downside, for me, was that the level-set felt rather confined, and there was no real sense of evolution or progress - rooms visited near the end could easily have been swapped with rooms visited at the beginning and it would have made no difference - the vibe was always the same. Only during a couple of brief excursions to the outdoors was there a change to something new. Bigfoot does create his own objects, as seen mainly at the end, and I think he should have created many more to add some variety to the rooms as the game progresses: the pipe objects are not bespoke and they exhibit harsh shadowing making them look out of place set against the general softer room lighting into which they've been plonked - somewhat willy nilly.
Minor criticisms aside - this was a fun raid and is strongly recommended to all players including novices." - Dick (09-Jan-2023)
"I enjoyed a lot playing this game. Many cute details and a nice history. I liked a lot the way you can see places that you don't know how to arrive there, and then, after continue walking in the adventure, suddenly you are there. I liked a lot the secrets, I was able to find five roses, I saw another one, but never found the way to get it. At the end I was waiting for more, because really was a very nice game." - Juan Carlos (09-Jan-2023)
"I feel like this could be briefer as some parts are deliberately elaborately long. Also who knows how many times that one pipe object was repeated. And I felt like in some rooms the author didn't know what to do with texturing. But in the end, it was satisfying to see all the lore, and it was a good level to stream at late night." - DJ Full (08-Jan-2023)
"Related to the Relic storyline, this episode was delightful to play. If Relic is played in intricate complex places , Reliquary has spacious areas and you always know what you are doing. The storyline does a lot to the immersion, and likely the player does not want to stop before the end. The gameplay is on the easy side , with exploration , easy traps , good puzzles with symbols, and some timed tasks that won't give much anxiety to the average gamer. The hints are helpful (the one with the pushable lion statues was not necessary imo) likely it is the type of adventure where the player won't need any outside help. The setting could not be any cleaner and atmosphere is top notch. And some impressives moments. Don't know if it's Bigfoot's best game so far but certainly one of these i had the best time playing. 2h28 - 5/8 secrets." - eRIC (06-Jan-2023)
"I decided to play this level because I was lookin forward to see Florence in a CL, but in facts we see very little of it: the level is mainly set in the interiors of Leonardo's villa. I must admit that I got a bit disappointed, but after all this is a good level, so I won't complain. The gameplay is based on exploration, puzzle-solving and a bit of platforming; there are also a few shootings and something like a boss fight. The difficulty is medium-to-easy, so you can just play it in order to relax and have some good time. There are 8 secrets, but you have to find only 5 of them in order to get a special reward at the end. What I really don't understand is why Bigfoot built such large environmentes without nothing to do in them: most of the level are unuseful corridors that connect big rooms in which you have to perform just a couple of actions and nothing more; also the backtracking is sometimes really frustrating." - Nillc (06-Jan-2023)
"What a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Although this is one of Bigfoot's slightly smaller offerings (comprised of two interlinked levels that flow seamlessly into each other), this is definitely one of the most engaging and fun raids I've played to date. The storyline is a great one, with everything satisfactorily tied up at the end, the classic Library settings are stunning from start to finish (the audio and flybys are wonderfully used to set the scene too). The gameplay grips you from the very first moment, with an amazing mixture of traps, timed sequences, fetch quests, a few nice hub room concepts and a couple of neat symbol puzzles. Loved the nod to Da Vinci near the end too with the golden roses (but I won't spoil it). Absolutely brilliant!" - Ryan (04-Jan-2023)