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Archangel's Path (Demo) by JoeArruffo

DJ Full 6 6 7 6
eRIC 6 6 5 6
Jay 7 6 6 6
manarch2 5 5 5 5
Phil 6 6 6 6
Ryan 6 6 6 6
Sponge 7 7 5 5
tuxraider 7 6 6 5
release date: 14-Jan-2023
# of downloads: 527

average rating: 5.91
review count: 8
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file size: 95.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A demo and a debut level may automatically strike dread into a few hearts, but I actually rather enjoyed this short but comparatively action packed taster. The city is nicely realized, if somewhat sparsely ‘furnished’ and the dark areas blocking off the roads are a bit distracting, but overall it feels like a pleasant visit. There is some enemy action, including the giant gladiator, and a well devised and fun timed run. Good potential here and I shall certainly take a look at the full version as and when it becomes available. M/S" - Jay (13-Feb-2023)
"This debut occasionally shows good design, like the overall city atmosphere, the water animations and the lighting, but as well shows that the builder is in his learning phase with several things to account for next time, like misplaced textures, missing or wrong sounds and odd animations. The gameplay is rather exploration based but the pushables are well used in here and the timed run, even if not well marked, was nice once I knew what I had to do. While not exactly outstanding, the 20 minutes this level lasted it were a rather pleasant experience. Found no secrets." - manarch2 (10-Feb-2023)
"A small city level that looks a bit unfinished. It's a demo and the very first release of this builder. The readme says it will be extended and be released as part of a bigger project. With the promise that the level will be extended and released again with other levels, there's not much of a reason to play it, unless you want to give feedback or are starved for new levels. So I will just try to give some feedback. What's immediately obvious is that the city looks empty. The only decorating objects are the streetlights. Even the town square has nothing on it, just streetlights, the arc, a spring without water (which, strangely, makes it look sad), and a weird slightly raised block. The texturing looks decent, but repeating it over such large surfaces obviously makes it look bland. Every level with streets needs to find a way to block the street at the end of the map, without making it look weird and unsatisfying. This level doesn't succeed at it. Lara hits a black wall, can light a flare to look at black wall, and can even disable the camera. OK, even masterpiece levels fail at this, but maybe there are better ideas, like just putting up a fence. The dark, empty, and unused place in the S/E corner of the map is just weird. More needs to be done to create a good atmosphere. I can also say some positive things. Putting the city at night is a nice idea. I found the facades of the buildings and the decoration of the indoor rooms and sewers acceptable to good. Now to the gameplay. I thought it was OK and don't have much to say about it. Lara suggests to find guns first. A bit trivial when Lara got no guns and there's a gun shop nearby. There could have been more of these hints, or forget about it. The monkey swing texture issue actually made me look at the WT, because I couldn't figure it out. There was a situation in the sewers (when you raise the water level or slightly before) in which Lara got stuck and I couldn't get out. The difficulty was just right for my tastes. In summary, I actually would have played more if there was more, and I'm looking forward to the finished level, maybe level set." - tuxraider (28-Jan-2023)
"The builder has provided his own video playthrough for his maiden release, and there are slight differences between the version he used and the current download that I played (improvements for the most part, such as proper names for pickups rather than "load"). This rather short offering practically screams "beginner" throughout, but it does have its moments. The layout of the pavilion was especially pleasing aesthetically, and all is lighted to the extent that use of a flare is rarely necessary. Nevertheless, I would encourage the builder to hone his skills a bit more before releasing his fleshed-out final work product. The highlight of the level for me was a well-planned and fairly tight timed run that still is fair to the player. What's more, the jump switch that initiates the timer resets itself so that the timed run can be repeated if necessary. There's also a pushblock exercise that requires a bit of looking around and advance planning. The enemies consist of dogs and a couple of crocs, with a Roman warrior thrown in at the end, and there are no secrets to find (something the builder should consider rectifying for the full release). An average level, hence my scores of 6 across the board." - Phil (22-Jan-2023)
"A half an hour demo effort that's not without promise, but also not without its flaws. Its enjoyable parts are the nicely designed jumps around balconies, the well thought out and fairly elaborate pushblock puzzle, the surprise dog attacks and the neat method of infiltrating the otherwise inaccessible gun shop. The sections that need work are the odd sounds for some of the doors, the wrong animation for the buttons (not too annoying though), the emptiness and blandness of the city streets and maybe that timed balcony run could have been better indicated; if it was, it's very subtle. Not without its moments then, but still needs more work. A pretty mixed experience overall." - Ryan (22-Jan-2023)
"Has the majority of elements of a proper raid, but all of them need more care - e.g. the architecture was there but not adjusted enough, the monkey swing was marked but not in a correct way, the storage key was shown but in a spot which made it blend with the window frame - this kind of stuff, which can be pointed out during betatesting." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2023)
"This the author's first released level and as such it comes with a few light cracks due to missing wall intersections, missing lighting in some sections of the map, illegal slopes where slopes end facing a wall, visible ends of the map and such, all of which affects the overall atmosphere. There are also wrong soudns when doors open, and Lara's switch animation does not fit due to missing OCB entries in the switches. In general, however, JoeArruffo makes good use of the original textures, objects and music in his city level. The puzzles include breaking into a gunshop for equipment, flooding/deflooding flip rooms, a timerun across the balconies, summoning a living statue that promptly tries to kill Lara, and some climbing. There is a lot of exploration needed in a comparatively big area but after a while it gets easier to find your way to and fro. I would have wished for more camera hints, eg. on how to get up into a vent high up somewhere in the arcades." - Sponge (17-Jan-2023)
"Half an hour demo where the builder shows some good ideas for gameplay, there is an elaborate pushable boxes puzzle, a long timed door, and a couple of subtle things to do. Given the ends of the playground , we can perhaps deduce that this level is not complete or seems unfinished maybe. I had no background audio loop in some of the inside rooms , in some of these inside rooms the builder shows he can create a good lighting but it's lacking in other places. I would recommand to design the monkeyswing textures in a more obvious or realistic way. This said, the level shows some good promises." - eRIC (16-Jan-2023)