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Lara's Day Out by GMac

Adrian 8 7 8 8
DJ Full 6 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 8 9 7 7
Jorge22 8 9 10 10
Juno Jim 9 9 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
tuxraider 7 7 7 7
release date: 25-Jan-2023
# of downloads: 267

average rating: 8.00
review count: 9
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file size: 115.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

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Reviewer's comments
"I suppose for Lara this is a fairly typical day out, running around, finding shed loads of stones, thistles, skulls etc., to open various areas, which does involve an enjoyable variety of tasks along the way. Given the number of translocated sea hags, it was a relief to find the revolver early on in the game. Although not a particularly lengthy game, it is split into three sections – morning, afternoon and evening, appropriately enough. I found the second part somewhat confusing, given the amount of levers involved, but, hey, that’s what walkthroughs are for. If you like George’s style, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this level as it has plenty of his trademark touches – dark, broody lighting (which nevertheless enables you to see what you’re doing) and (my favourite bit) one of those inventive mazes, viewed from above. I don’t normally care much for mazes, but this is something different." - Jay (27-Feb-2023)
"This looks like more of the same of this author's levels particular style (like Lara of Light). The visuals and the gameplay are very similar. It's not as long, and there are no surprises, but still decent. My only real complaint is the room with the skulls. I had to look at the walkthrough what to do there. I didn't really like the fixed cameras in the limited-ceiling labyrinth. The torch puzzle was nice. The large cave near the end was fun, even if the gameplay was too simple. Players who liked liked the previous levels (like Lara of Light) and wanted more, will probably be content with this. I thought it was a nice way to spend some time." - tuxraider (26-Feb-2023)
  • The room with the shootable skulls was a bit weird, tricky to do without a lasersight. There was also a deadly explosion triggered by walking near one of the pedestals for no apparent reason.
  • Some rooms require a little backtracking, such as a flooded cavern where a crystal appears in the water, requiring Lara to ascend from the pool twice.
  • Quite a few missing camera cues, requiring unnecessary guesswork from players and having them stumble upon important pickups that silently appear into existence.
  • The texturing and geometry make for a decent raiding vibe, but tends to be a little boxy and wallpapered.
  • Similarly the lighting does its job, but could have been a bit less stagnant.
  • Each level plays as a collectathon - expect to see many crystals, skulls, and thistles coming in and out of Lara's backpack. This is great in terms of exploration, but can start to become a tired concept by the end of the third level. The repetitiveness makes these relics feel less special, if that makes any sense.
  • There are a number of flames, boulders, and spikes to avoid here, some are straightforward but others will require a bit more precision and timing.
  • I enjoyed the torch puzzle, requiring careful use of raising blocks to reach the goal.
Time: 1 hour 59 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 7.75/10" - JesseG (15-Feb-2023)
"I like GMac's games. This one was a little short, but fun, well lit & linear." - Juno Jim (13-Feb-2023)
"A three-parter in George's style (dark - not of the kind that you can't see, green-ish, looking for gems and skulls, jumping from ledge to ledge). I thought the design was always flawless, I enjoyed the music, great atmosphere throughout. I disagree that it's all too straightforward, it may seem so, but the fact is there were parts in which I had to get some help from the walkthrough, as well as other parts in which it was, well, straightforward alright. It's quite well crafted in its own style, but there's something missing, and I just can't put my finger on it, I don't know what it is, but it's something in the gameplay that makes it a bit bland. I had fun exploding the hags. If you've enjoyed George's offerings so far, you can't go wrong with this one though." - Jorge22 (06-Feb-2023)
"Even though George's style hasn't really changed since his previous offering (for better or worse), it's nice to see him back in action. This is another reliable offering in his repertoire of sufficiently enjoyable but not overly demanding levels. The surroundings are constructed with the usual level of standard, the atmosphere is well up to the usual spookiness and the gameplay (as has been mentioned previously) is never anything too difficult. I did get a bit weary of jumping around loads of ledges looking for the next artefact, the air (?) hags were a bit tedious to take down and the guide was rather underused, but those aside, it's enjoyable and pleasant stuff." - Ryan (05-Feb-2023)
"It's nice to know that George still has warm feelings for me after all these years, as evidenced by the dedicatory words in his readme. However, he needs to know that since we were last in touch I've graduated from half-wit to at least three-quarter-wit status, as DOZY is no longer my cheating tool of choice. Indeed, it has been obsolete for quite some time. Before beginning a level my preference instead is to modify the executable with the god mode patch, making me incapable of drowning or being consumed by flames and also rendering me impervious to enemy attacks. I still need to be wary of spike traps and falling from great heights, but I'm working on that. And for good measure, I can also find the nearest block or ledge (in this case, the snake-head receptacle slope that was only a few steps away from Lara at the very beginning), pull up to determine true north, bring up the small medipack in my inventory and type in the letters g-u-n-s to give myself all weapons with unlimited ammunition, thus becoming fully equipped to deal with anything that George (or anyone else) may wish to throw at me. Now, on to the merits of this game, such as they are. To begin with, it soon becomes painfully obvious that the word "sunshine" still has not filtered into George's vocabulary. The entire game is played in an unremittingly dark setting, which is not my cup of tea at all, but that's just the way George likes to do things. Each to his own, I guess. But on a positive note, the lighting throughout is such that it's rarely necessary to light a flare in order to see what you're doing as you progress. The levels consist of three segments of approximately equal length. They're fairly short if you follow the glitch-free videos, but they're packed with quite a bit of interesting and varied gameplay. The first level has a fairly compact map but in my case it consumed more than an hour because at the same time I was writing a walkthrough. A nice touch was outfitting the rarely seen sea hags with lungs and invisible wings so they could harass Lara in the open air. We're also treated to a 2-D maze that seems to have become a favored motif in George's more recent releases, and this is where I feel that better lighting would have been helpful to the player. The second level is considerably lower key and consists mainly of exploring the cliffs surrounding a lava lake, but it does have its moments. However, to get started you need to find and pull five wall switches without knowing in advance where they are (understandable), how many there are and what they do (inexcusable), and I would have been a very unhappy camper had it not been for the posted videos to lead me by the hand through this section. The concluding level picks up the pace and begins with a well-planned and thoroughly engaging rising block/torch puzzle, but it limps to a rather disappointing conclusion with a tedious trek along a lake area to reach a button. In summary, the game features some nifty ideas and is quite fun to play, but I won't have it on my replay list." - Phil (04-Feb-2023)
"I guess at this point I play GMac just for the M83 music. Are there other reasons? Maybe." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2023)
"A pleasant but fairly straightforward set of 3 levels. Always clear where you are headed, no difficult platforming and the few enemies are easy to despatch without losing much health. Perhaps some repetitive gameplay like jumping around/circumnavigating the walls of a large room to find the next gem/skull. A bit dark without tweaking the gamma. Secrets not too hard. Should be playable by raiders at all levels of expertise." - Adrian (29-Jan-2023)