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Wreck of the Alna by XianDani

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 10 9
eRIC 9 9 9 8
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
manarch2 8 9 9 8
Phil 10 9 9 8
Raider278 8 8 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
tuxraider 7 8 8 7
release date: 25-Jan-2023
# of downloads: 172

average rating: 8.89
review count: 11
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file size: 122.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"i always love underwater and ship levels, this one is a TR4 ship level with a very nice leveldesign and a good atmosphere, maria doria fans will have fun with this." - Raider278 (27-Jun-2023)
"This new adventure by XianDani is as beautiful as the previous one. This time, we discover Lara at the bottom of the ocean in search of an ocean liner that disappeared under mysterious conditions years before. Everything is wonderful. Whether it's textures, new objects, animations, everything is very well used. The game is not very hard and like the author's previous adventure, can be tackled easily by beginner players. The ending of the game is really a great success. Congratulations to XianDani for this adventure." - Bigfoot (19-Apr-2023)
"A really solid ship game, despite being just one level of 45 minutes it felt quite complete as an adventure and the storyline and how it is evolving is rather intriguing. The atmosphere is intense, the cutscenes and sounds are well used, gameplaywise there is always something to do and I enjoyed the usage of timed runs and block puzzles, even if everything felt a little too straightforward and cramped at times. The lighting could've been a little less flat at times, but that's a minor thing in an otherwise fairly enjoyable raid with three nice secrets to find as an extra." - manarch2 (12-Mar-2023)
"Although I'm not particularly fond of ship levels, I really enjoyed this one, maybe because of it's player-friendliness and the well balanced gameplay, which is mostly exploration based and spiced up with a few enemies and some rather generous timed runs. A lot of water, of course, but the airhole is always close by. I think I didn't manage to drown Lara not even once. lol The architecture is rather simple, which makes things easier and you won't be stuck for long. Standard ship textures, put well together, that create a really nice environment but not grandiose, mostly small rooms. There is also a nice intro and an outro too. A very enjoyable and immersive level that took me a bit more than 2 hours to complete. Recommended." - billie2001 (14-Feb-2023)
"I always like a ship level and this is a pleasing blend of the rusty wreck and the always poignant, drowned Maria Doria settings. It’s also very enjoyable, with well rounded gameplay. It’s not a long level, but it is action packed and I certainly wasn’t expecting the hydras! Despite picking up the harpoon gun early on in the proceedings, I was extremely glad that I wasn’t actually required to use the wretched thing. Nobody’s weapon of choice, I’m betting. Nice cinematic intro and outro and of course the wonderful iconic music. Good fun." - Jay (13-Feb-2023)
"This is an extraordinarily good ship level, but I feel that it may have overstayed its welcome by perhaps a quarter. The rooms all started looking alike to me after a while, and I felt compelled to comment on this in the walkthrough. Nevertheless, it's great fun throughout, even though it was a bit too dark for my tastes (but plenty of flares are provided, and darkness is what one would expect in a wrecked ship). As others have noted, the beginning and ending flybys are quite well done and provide fitting bookends for the adventure. The only glitch I noted was in the room with the hydras. If you step on that "closed" trap door you'll fall right through and won't be able to get back out. A well conceived and well executed raid that merits high recommendations." - Phil (10-Feb-2023)
"What a treat to have a ship level of as high calibre as this! I may be somewhat biased as I have a soft spot for this particular class of levels, but this is nonetheless really well constructed in its own way. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is very player- friendly and flowing throughout, with the occasional backtrack but generous camera work and a pleasing variety of tasks to accomplish, plus a difficulty level that is just right. The atmosphere is evocative of those wonderful TR2 sections, while a few parts rather reminded me of a condensed Wreck of the Blue Storm. Loved the beginning and closing cutscenes too. Highly recommended." - Ryan (10-Feb-2023)
"One of the best ship levels, gives more than you expect. Packed with discreet tweaks throughout. Also looks like an actual ship." - DJ Full (31-Jan-2023)
"After all, the mercenaries weren't that dangerous, and there were more crabs to fight than baddies - I enjoyed the turning of the scorpions into crabs, by the way. It's a very classic sunken ship level, and quite enjoyable at that. The lighting, the general atmosphere, the textures, all looked good to my untrained (not a builder's) eyes. There was a time or another when I had to struggle to find a key or the occasional torch, but sure enough, they were all there. The puzzles were simple, which is not so bad, as I don't like to have to guess what goes on in the builder's mind. The one thing I liked less was fighting the serpents as if blindfolded, because the player looks at Lara, but the room's too small to see the serpents, so when you finally hear the sound of crunching and cracking, that's when you can go "pff, right, it's finally done". I enjoyed the initial and final cut scenes. All in all, perfectly recommended in the classic, fun giving style." - Jorge22 (30-Jan-2023)
"a very consistent level with good intro and outtro, good sounds , objects , animations , and attention to details in general. The gameplay design is rather player friendly , one can enjoy some puzzles with symbols , or timed trapdoors or the return of the burning floor. Given the introduction i thought there would be many enemies but ney there arent too many and i did not used the harpoon even once in water, so the shotgun ammos were kept for the boss at the end. Good stuff without frustrations. Enjoyable." - eRIC (28-Jan-2023)
"A ship level. It's exactly what you would expect from a ship level in terms of visuals and gameplay. I agree with the review by eRIC: it's very consistent and free of frustrations, and I found it very enjoyable. Maybe the flipside is that you could complain that the gameplay is too easy and too linear, but I found it well balanced and prefer it over level design that is "mean" to the player. The visuals are also standard (TR2 ship level look). Adequate but maybe a little boring on the long run. Same for the architecture and the rooms. Personally I think the level would have benefited from some larger caves. eRIC was on point about the enemies. The time runs and running-out-of-air situations were the hardest part about the gameplay, but not that hard. This might matter if you want to recommend the level to beginners. One potential bug: I had to create a "save" folder to be save games. In summary, if you like ship levels, and you're not a god-level expert player, you will surely have a good time with this. I wouldn't have minded if there were some more levels and will look forward to new levels by this builder." - tuxraider (28-Jan-2023)