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The Last Jade Dragon by Leoc1995

BlackWolfTR 10 9 9 9
Dick 10 9 10 8
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
JesseG 9 9 10 9
John 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Lorax 10 10 10 10
release date: 06-Feb-2023
# of downloads: 753

average rating: 9.57
review count: 7
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file size: 82.60 MB
file type: TR2
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Head Trip. Designed specifically to be hallucinatory this extraordinary level-set succeeds in pulling that off 100%. It's helped along by some very suitable audio, but it is the imaginative use of numerous flipmaps that really sent The Last Jade Dragon into hallucination overdrive; many wtf moments. When I started playing Tomb Raider, many years ago, I used to dream about the levels I'd just played, and this game felt like one of those twisted dreams.
Down to the specifics: Gameplay is full of interesting puzzles of various flavours, and overall it is quite forgiving - you get hints for the puzzles and a bit of slack on the timed stuff. Atmosphere is awesome, as I've already said, and it is technically of a high quality - but at the end of the day - it is still TR2 and it has the flat lighting and flickering textures of TR2. (Actually this was a TR2 level built with TombEditor (go figure). It is not obvious what contribution TombEditor made here, maybe it allowed for all those flipmaps, but I don't know.
Overall: a masterpiece - almost. The TR2 engine held it back - a slick TRNG version could have brought more to the table." - Dick (16-Mar-2023)
"Wow what an adventure that was! starting off in a great rocky cavern and canyon area which reminds me of Nevada from TR3 with great exploring, platforming and even a speedboat timed run! then onto my favourite type of level: a huge manor/mansion! although this one is very spooky and creepy with jump scares, great puzzles/tasks, spring pads and traps aplenty! right up my street! Speaking of jump scares a lot of these are with undead warriors walking around, monsters or your surroundings abruptly changing in front of your eyes especially the finale omg! i nearly fell off the sofa! i wont spoil the surprise here haha! I particularly enjoyed some of the platforming challenges and portrait puzzles and the atmosphere music and textures were just top notch and deliciously done. The only negatives for me was too many dark areas needing to light a flare every 5 mins! not fun! and the towards the end the constant running around the house backtracking started to become quite excessive but wow yeah an almost perfect level here, so much fun and so much variety in gameplay fantastic!" - John (26-Feb-2023)
"I don't like messing with the registry, but so be it. This was a perfect TR2 horror level, at least from the moment Lara finally reached the mansion on. There was indeed an atmosphere, and, of course, baddies (a gunfighter Lara included) and even puzzles, including the back and fro (still interesting and original) paintings puzzle. Most of the level set wasn't overly complicated, except for the fact that you had to explore quite a bit and have a sense of where you were and where you'd been, but it did keep you on your toes. I guess there were a tad too many pitch dark spots, even though at least there were plenty of flares too. I only found one secret. All in all, clearly recommended." - Jorge22 (17-Feb-2023)
"This was really good. Even if you aren't into horror levels, you should give it a try." - DJ Full (17-Feb-2023)
"Another high-quality surreal level by Leoc1995. Definitely one of the engine's best. It consists of 7 levels, some shorter, some longer. We get to explore deserts with oriental architecture and haunted mansion. The level is very unusual because of how it mixes both themes. Gameplay is interesting and engaging, as in TR2. Many clever and even innovative ideas are implemented. Lots of puzzles, enemies, and hallucinations. The hallucinations are creative and scary; I jumped on my chair several times. The motive with the green guy appearing out of nowhere and disappearing is an inventive idea. Design-wise, it's very good. I liked the layout of the mansion and how well constructed it was. I liked the constant foreshadowing too. Textures are used in a creative way. I have a little remark towards the lighting; I took one point off because it felt kind of unbalanced at times. Especially in the mansion, some places were too dark in contrast with the rest of the room. Besides that, the lighting was okay. The level uses customised enemies and lots of funny paintings on the wall representing different jokes and memes. It's a nice addition. As I said, the level uses a few innovative ideas, such as never-seen-before shootable vases in TR2, enemies with boosted speed, and custom animations. It's really nice to see some new things in the TR2 engine. I also have another minor point; I believe the first level could have benefited from some more lush or plants to make it feel more decorated and less empty. Just a suggestion. All in all, Leoc serves us another mysterious and horrorish experience with lots of hallucinations, puzzle-solving, and combat. It is definitely worth playing." - BlackWolfTR (11-Feb-2023)
  • While Fleshdoom has some original content, and essentially turns the house into a puzzle, I still would have preferred a new setting instead of having to explore the same mansion a second time.
  • What's up with the pictures referencing critiques on past releases? Just like with any other art form, it's impossible to please everyone; no need to add negative energy into this release because of it.
  • The lighting has a good sense of dynamics, although I could have done with a lesser quantity of dark areas. (This isn't a large issue due to the high number of flares provided)
  • There are some nice puzzles present throughout, my favorites being the timed bell chime platforms and the clocks.
  • There are some neat trap sequences, like the bookcase
  • The texturing and architectural design is strong, providing an immersive adventure
  • TR2 has a strong disposition for combat and this adventure taps into it well, using both classic and original enemies to chase down Lara.
Time: 3 hours 9 minutes | Difficulty: Hard | Rating: 9.25/10" - JesseG (07-Feb-2023)
"I knew to expect something interesting from Leoc but wow this blew away my expectations and is by far my favorite trle by him and probably in my top 10 or even top 5 trle's. The pacing here is amazing especially for a horror game the way it starts out slow with the journey to the mansion, before the second level drops you into the experience. Pretty much textbook horror pacing. The levels feel pretty varied, just when a level starts to drag on the next level starts and does something new and different to keep you interested. I found the general design pretty good, I never got stuck due to confusing level design. The moments of humor are also fun, some are more inside jokes not everyone will get while others I'm sure everyone will find funny/charming. There's a quality here not many trle's can reach where Leoc almost feels like a director of a movie who's directing your experience. Can't recommend this one enough. 10/10/10/10" - Lorax (06-Feb-2023)