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Another Story by Naxheel

billie2001 8 9 9 8
DJ Full 8 10 9 8
Jay 8 9 8 9
JesseG 8 8 9 8
John 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 9 9 8
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
release date: 06-Feb-2023
# of downloads: 749

average rating: 8.31
review count: 9
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file size: 490.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Starting with the optional lara's home and continuing onto the forest level i was a bit disappointed with gameplay at the beginning off this adventure as i found lara's home a bit underwhelming and short because despite the new gymnastics in the gym, its very reminiscent of the TR3 one in terms of tasks and visuals but this time without the quad track and a fully finished assault course (i managed to avoid the end of level trigger near the bike outside and make my way round the other side of the house instead)   The forest level has some lovely looking outside areas with pink trees and such great layouts and plenty of platforming and areas to climb and explore and while the caves later on ramps up on the gameplay with tricky platforming, a timed run and collapsible tiles that area is a bit spoiled with all the darkness, the constant flare lighting and the red herrings eg: what was that rope even for?!(leading you to get lost and confused) The house level is where the game changed for the better for me, after you make your way out of those caves you are greeted with a modern looking abode set in the forest wilderness where your tasks involve push-able item puzzles, torch puzzles and tasks and a random trial and error painting switch task, disposing of the local wolf pack and platforming in order to open up new areas around the house both internally and externally to new balcony's and rooms etc. Onto a base/lab level next which is not usually my cup of tea but this one was great to explore around in, it starts off quite simply looking for disks and key cards from guards etc before we move onto fire, laser and boulder traps, death defying tightrope walks, giant rats and cyborgs to dispose off and some tricky platforming involving poles and toxic water and actually there's even a motorbike task needed for progression! in the later stages of this level some of the hallways and corridors are very reminiscent of TR3 area 51 i feel actually but yeah lots of fun this one. The final level which was my favourite actually takes places on a tropical island where you get to ride on a jet ski through lagoons and watery caves before back outside again where you get to use the items you've collected so far, on the way you encounter nasty crocodiles fantastic puzzles, traps, timed sequences and really enjoyable platforming and that combined with the bright sunny outside areas and bright textures it was a treat for the eyes as well. Overall despite the disappointing beginning this adventure’s focus is clearly based around variety and fun and for it exceeds brilliantly." - John (15-Mar-2023)
"Being a game of four parts (five, if you include the optional mansion level), there’s an excellent variety of scenery to enjoy, so, for instance, if you don’t overly enthuse about darkish cave scenarios, there’ll be something along later to tempt you. The gameplay is equally well rounded, with some highly enjoyable traps, agility tests etc. Enemy action is quite brisk at times, but guns and ammo are generously provided. Basically, parts of the game are definitely more fun than others, but overall it’s well worth playing." - Jay (13-Mar-2023)
"A good variety of locations, starting from Lara's home (as an optional level), then going in a jungle, a cave --dark as most caves are, but we have many flares and binoculars to find our path, and with a monitor that is not on the verge of dying you'll be fine-- then a house and it's surroundings (quite good gameplay there), a base/lab/VCI area in Germany (that was my favourite level) and a last level that includes many different areas. There is a good variety in the gameplay (exploration, platforming, enemies, puzzles). At the end of the day, it's an ok game that doesn't really excel in any department, but is very pleasant to play. Recommended." - billie2001 (13-Mar-2023)
"Right, after a bad start, especially in the first level with all those unnecessary spike traps along the initial way and loads of buggy slopes, plus all the darkness, and a second level that sort of continues that trend, except that the house is interesting, we get to Verlassen, a type of base/lab level, which much improved the gameplay and was my favourite. Regarding the last level, Tomb of the Messiah, I have mixed feelings. I can't say I didn't have fun playing these levels, namely the last two. I found the FMVs probably a bit too much and somewhat buggy. Looking forward to improvements." - Jorge22 (03-Mar-2023)
"To make it short: bad start, but it gets much better later. I found the first level (not counting the optional home level) in the forest really irritating. It started with these silly traps in the ground (ok, just reload a lot). The mountain jungle terrain was pretty elaborate and nice looking, but exploring it didn't pay off. Instead you ran into buggy slopes or untextured level edges (jungle suddenly ends on invisible walls showing nothing but the sky), and the area wasn't even relevant to gameplay. (Disappointing, seemed like a waste.) It was too linear, with not much to do. On the other hand, I often was on paths that led to dead ends, or didn't make sense (had to look at the walkthrough or got stuck in inescapable situations). Also, everything was annoyingly dark in the caves, even if plenty of flares were provided. The second level seemed to continue this, but I found it improved much when I reached the surface with the house. It shared some of the bad parts of the first level (the beginning in the cave, terrain problems in the jungle), but the house was interesting, fun to explore, and there were some puzzles. (The food puzzle was because, because it got you stuck if you made the wrong choice and saved.) The third level is some kind of military base or secret lab. I really liked it: looks interesting, you get to explore a lot, it's sufficiently non-linear, enemies, returning to old areas and opening up new areas. Generally what you expect from a military base level, in a good way. The things, which I thought made the first 1.5 levels bad, seemed to have disappeared. The last level was a bit weaker IMO, but it still good. I liked the location changes across the level set, it felt refreshing and creative. Some technical issues: the video FMV didn't play for me. Loading a savegame didn't show the loading bar, but it showed up when I deleted the PIX folder. (Without the bar, it feels like loading takes so much longer.) In summary, the beginning is weak, but it gets better, so give it a chance." - tuxraider (27-Feb-2023)
"The download size is a bit overblown for a five-level pack of around 3.5 hours net gaming time, but it's an enjoyable enough one. I agree with Phil that the FMV files are on the glitchy side (which probably explains the bloat), but they were a nice addition nonetheless. You get a decent variety of environments to explore ranging from a rainy forest setting, into some caves (rather too dark in this section for my liking), taking in a quite splendid looking modern house on the way, then onto a lab environment and finishing in a light, bright jungle. A few sequences throughout were somewhat irritating (mainly involving groping around dark corners and jumping across ledges that were difficult to make out), but on the plus side the builder is quite generous with supplies throughout, the secrets were cute touches, the combat is constantly engaging and I did enjoy a few of the puzzles, particularly the keypad sequences. In summary, the positives generally outweigh the negatives." - Ryan (20-Feb-2023)
"I wondered before starting why the download was nearly 500mb, and I soon learned that it was because of several FMVs that proved glitchy as well as essentially valueless. Builders should use them sparingly if at all, as they bloat the download, bog down the gameplay and add little if anything to the playing experience. Moreover, the game itself got off to a slow start for me, although I took periodic breaks so I could enjoy the load screen each time I resumed play. The first two levels are much too dark and require complex moves in locations where it's difficult to tell where you are, much less where you're going and what you need to do. Getting through them was an ordeal that was definitely no fun for me. However, things picked up quite nicely in the concluding levels, which are more elaborate and provide a great deal of entertainment. The builder has also been generous with the available pickups, and I never had to worry about running out of flares or ammunition. Finding secrets often caused additional items to be added to your inventory without having to pick them up, and this made acquiring them a worthwhile exercise. In summary, if you can get past the first two levels you'll have a good time here." - Phil (19-Feb-2023)
"Bugs/Functional Issues
There are a number of issues that prevent this from feeling like a polished release, although they didn't inhibit my gameplay often:
  • Missing textures on a few walls
  • Many "edge of the world" places Lara can reach
  • Messed up sound effects, such as hearing a wasp when Lara stops from a sprint
  • There were a couple of times the game crashed on me when I pressed certain buttons (I think Action and Up?) in certain spots. I suspect there is some kind of TRNG environment check that breaks the game; I've seen this happen in other levels, including one of my own.
  • The food buttons puzzle seems to be trial and error. I thought I might have missed a hint but the walkthrough doesn't mention one.
  • In the last level, the room with the spike pillars also seems to be trial and error as well. And one of the spikes appears upside down from the air?
  • That torch pickup was really difficult to spot!
  • I like that there is variety in the lighting used throughout the adventure, although I feel like it needs more contrast: lighter and darker spots within a given area.
  • There was effort spent in crafting a story and tying it together with cutscenes, to give this the feel of a proper adventure.
  • I liked the various pushblock puzzles.
  • The combat gets pretty engaging after the first couple of levels, and there's a nice variety of enemies, although that one cyborg guy with the red eyes took a few too many bullets.
  • In the later levels there are a good amount of tricky traps to provide Lara a challenge.
  • The use of the boat was fun, sometimes getting up the more narrow paths was a bit tricky but I still enjoyed it.
  • The texturing and architecture are both solid and work well for the respective environments.
Time: 2 hours 14 minutes | Difficulty: Hard | Rating: 8.25/10" - JesseG (19-Feb-2023)
"I thought it's gonna be a bad level but it wasn't. I wish sound was less buggy, visuals were more seamless and the ending was more defined tho. Also, what happened to the Venus challenge, was it deleted?" - DJ Full (14-Feb-2023)