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Spider Temple by Opaque79

DJ Full 8 8 8 8
eRIC 8 9 8 8
JesseG 7 8 8 7
JimmyBeon 9 8 8 9
John 10 8 8 7
Mman 7 8 7 7
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 13-Mar-2023
# of downloads: 245

average rating: 7.94
review count: 8
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file size: 58.90 MB
file type: TR2
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Fun level lasting only 38 minutes ; finding only 2 of the 3 secrets i did not got the reward of an extra weapon , however the shotgun and uzis were enough to deal with all the spiders in these places. The level is easy yet always interesting with jumps , rolling wheels , spring boards , spiked walls and ceilings. Appropriate atmosphere , clean texturing , and pleasant lighting." - eRIC (19-Mar-2024)
"This is a nice short and sweet level with a lot to offer. Its a very cramped level at the beginning, with realistic chambers that opens up into more slightly open xian architecture with traps and puzzles. Its not difficult at all, very easy for anyone to play i reckon. The builder is very talented and will continue to make great things im sure. Would recommend to anyone to try." - JimmyBeon (29-Feb-2024)
"This is a Xian temple theme; it all looks decent and makes good use of the TR2 engine capabilities; there's nothing stunning or surprising here, but it's all well executed with no real issues. As the name suggests the "spider cave" assets also see a little more use than usual here, although I did find it a little odd how the cave with the actual cocoon used the "normal" rock textures, but that's about the only thing I had an issue with. The lighting is decent and makes some use of contrast, although given the name of the map I feel it was maybe a little too bright, and a few more dark corners with some flares provided (since I don't think you get or really need any currently) would have upped the creepiness a bit. I liked the webby boulder makeover too.
This is a short level but provides a decent amount of gameplay, with plenty of traps and platforming; despite the name, enemy use is relatively restrained and it does use a few non-spider enemies too, although it goes combat heavy in one or two parts, with a boss-type encounter near the end that's quite cathartic if you've found the secrets. The secrets themselves are quite simple, but do require a little observation. Progression is linear, but it does interlink in interesting ways at times, and is well designed to minimise backtracking. I liked the touch towards the end where you get a final area just where it seems like the map has reached a climax; in a longer map it could be exhausting, but in an already short map it's a nice surprise. Short and simple but a fun level that does little wrong, and while it goes combat heavy a couple of times, it's got enough varied Xian-type gameplay going on it's not the shoot-fest arachnophobes nightmare the name might suggest." - Mman (06-Aug-2023)
  • Similar to Greek Temple by the same author, this level is on the shorter side, which isn't a bad thing, but there is less for me to take away from it.
  • Compared to Greek Temple this is more action oriented and less puzzle oriented. That means there are more traps are in the mix this time with shifting spike walls and ceilings, and blades on top of the usual boulders.
  • Naturally, the enemies in this level are spiders. They come in large numbers, so make use of the provided artillerary.
  • The visuals are more or less on par with a TR2 level. I enjoyed the use of lava pools.
Time: 33 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 7.5/10" - JesseG (01-Jun-2023)
"The last of the three levels the author released simultaneously is much like the other two: short and sweet, and quite linear. Even when you think it might spread out with the branching paths there's only really one path you ever take, so all you need to do is clear each room in order to proceed. There was a particular trap with a couple of boulders that had me reloading a few times, not realizing the way through was indeed the simplest one, and at least two encounters with a bunch of spiders. Plenty of uzi ammo to go around, so not a big deal. Good fun, I'm just sad I burned through all three of these levels in a single day. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 03/23" - Treeble (02-Apr-2023)
"Looking at the info and the screenshots on the site, this level was everything i was hoping for and more! it may not be a particularly long level but it was full of action, suspense and enjoyable tasks. The level uses the textures, music, traps, enemies and springboards from the TR2 level temple of xian and i just loved all the timed traps, runs and jump scare enemies attacks here especially with the boulders and spiders, but we also get some enjoyable exploring with climbing, platforming and the use of springboards to get to those hard to reach places and find items to progress. Overall one word sums up this level perfectly: FUN!" - John (24-Mar-2023)
"There's always a definite nostalgia rush whenever I play a decent TR2 level, but this is somewhat offset by the fact that isn't nearly as nimble as she is in TR4; I keep having to get used to the lack of the sprint function and not being able to shimmy round corners. Those little things aside, this turned out to be quite an action-packed neat little adventure, and it made a pleasant change to play a Xian-themed level. Everything is put together very competently indeed, the atmosphere is sufficiently spooky (those giant spiders do creep up on you here), the three secrets are fun to go for and the gameplay never gives you time to get bored, with plenty of adrenaline-surging trap sequences, the always welcome and rarely-used springboards and some enjoyable timed action. A block puzzle or thinking puzzle of some sort was the only thing absent and maybe a somewhat longer duration. Still, very enjoyable and probably accessible to everyone." - Ryan (19-Mar-2023)
"I could say here also what I did about the recent Greek level, which I liked a bit more even though this time the getaway was handled a bit better. Duration-wise, it's an interlude rather than a full level, but still fun to play." - DJ Full (15-Mar-2023)