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Egyptian Tale by AgentCroft77

Crofti 9 8 9 9
DJ Full 7 9 8 8
John 7 8 9 8
Jorge22 7 8 9 9
Josey 8 10 9 10
MichaelP 8 8 10 9
nerdfury 6 7 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 9 9
Tolle87 6 7 9 9
tuxraider 7 7 7 7
release date: 23-Mar-2023
# of downloads: 337

average rating: 8.18
review count: 11
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file size: 236.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a very competently built Egyptian adventure in Anniversary look and feel and was mostly a lot of fun to play through in about the hour it lasts. It starts with a bit of a jump switch frenzy and you get 3 of the 5 secrets quite early in the game and then revolves around the proven formula of finding and using the 4 black beetles on the pyramid to get the mechanical scarab to reach your final destination. And the builder lets you work for this quite a bit and the only downside is that the tasks are repeatedly repetitive, so you end up doing something and then you need to do it another 3 times to move on etc. It is not too bad though, but becomes a little too predictable as a pattern and slightly boring to execute. There is also a boss fight that is poorly designed in that there is really zero threat for Lara as the demigod type enemy just never hits her if placed correctly, so all you get to do is feed the bullet sponge until she falls over eventually. Those are very minor gripes though on a great looking and very atmospheric adventure that you should not be missing out on." - MichaelP (11-Feb-2024)
"An easy, nice, beautiful game, very enjoyable, that I'll recommend to all Raiders. The Medium difficulty, instead of Easy, is entirely due to the final long boss battle and the huge scorpions. The tasks and challenges are somewhat repetitive, and I missed some camera hints at places, but the lovely rooms and the attractive objects make up for this. There are no puzzles, but the gamer has to explore with the utmost attention all the corners, looking for sneakily hidden switches, weapons and Secrets. Good job!" - Josey (21-Oct-2023)
"If you like symmetrical looking levels with lots of tasks revolving around doing things in groups of four this will be great for you. Gameplay is heavy on platforming, climbing and exploring for lots of items and placing them but we do have a few moveable object tasks, some traps like blades, spikes and fire and the odd enemies like mummies,scorpions bats and dogs to spice things up. Visually everything looks well put together with textures that remind me of Egypt in tomb raider anniversary contrasting with some brighter colours here and there to add a bit more variety. It all ends with a female boss fight who can take a huge amount of bullets so make sure you collect all the ammo you can throughout this small but solid adventure." - John (08-Aug-2023)
"Basically I agree with Phil, classic Egypt style, the gameplay feels very relaxed with lots of puzzles, climbing and traps, not particularly difficult (except for the boss fight), atmospheric music and enough ammo and weapons for the few enemies. This TRLE can exist as a standalone level because you never have the feeling of a demo "something was removed". Of course, the author still needs to improve the texturing, in water rooms you can often see the horizon, the visibility should also be increased a bit, in my opinion the author may also use a bit more colored light (especially at the beginning), I also noticed that some items float above the ground. Apart from these little things I found it damn well done! Play time 1 hour 20 minutes, all 5 Secrets found. :)" - Crofti (07-Aug-2023)
"Short average level. I mostly liked it and I don't agree with the other review comments about repetition in gameplay too much. The jump levers are weird: in situations in which a standing jump should trigger them, Lara can't grab them. You always have to make a forward jump. I almost thought the jump levers were bugged or disabled. The end boss isn't good: it's just a reskinned demigod with high HP, makes for a boring and drawn out fight. Other than that the visuals, atmosphere, and gameplay are solid. In summary it's an OK level good to pass some time. I will download the builder's future levels as well." - tuxraider (20-May-2023)
"(6) Gameplay & Puzzles: The gameplay here is never frustrating, but it's just not very exciting either. Too much repetition and a sense of symmetry in the gameplay tasks. For example, you need to collect 4 gems. To do so, the builder has you go through 4 very similar paths for 4 items, dodge the same circle traps, etc. Why not give the player some variety? E.g. out of the 4 paths, have a puzzle path, a timed run path, a platforming path, a traps path, etc. Similar dull repetition (i.e. the player already knowing what to expect) appears again in a room with mummies and 4 pushblocks. There are no puzzles. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: As touched on above with the circle traps, I think it would be good to not have the player repeatedly going through the same kinds of traps in the same area. In the earlier stages of the game there are quite a few jump switches that aren't high. It felt awkward using them, as jumping straight upwards didn't work, and the jump switches would only activate if I jumped forward at them. I think regular levers would have made more sense in place of the "low hanging" jump switches. The builder did a good job of utilizing many different objects to bring rooms to life. Based on the many overgrown plant objects, it seems we are in a desolate temple, which brings me to atmosphere: (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I wasn't that convinced about the atmosphere, as the geometry seemed very tidy (like we are in a modern building complex). Examples of geometry that would enhance the feeling of being in a desolate temple are cave-in areas, areas where some pillars are falling apart, areas where rocks are sticking out of the floor, etc. While I think the environmental immersion could be better, the builder did a good job of ensuring no room looks empty and boxy. Sounds and cameras are decent, although I noticed that when a tense music cue played, the background ambience would continue to play at the same time, which didn't sound good. (8) Lighting & Textures: Texturing is the strongest aspect of the game, in my opinion, and I think that the builder did a superb job, with no misshapen textures spotted. My only suggestion for texturing is: the use of blended dirt textures (with overgrown plant objects on top) will enhance immersion, instead of having all of these plants popping up through the floor with no dirt. Lighting is pleasant, although I think there needs to be some more contrast in corners/edges of rooms, as well as using wall torches, to create different lightning "moods". Example: It makes sense that the large room with the pillar (and 4 gems) is brightly-lit, due to the holes in the ceiling. However other side rooms could have a darker mood, with torches on the walls, etc. to convince the player that we are in a desolate temple. There are many underwater cracks and some object color tinting needs more care. Overall, When considering that this is the builder's 2nd level, I think the builder has done a great job with improving his skills, however going forward I encourage the builder to think about memorable gameplay elements which can surprise and engage the player. 6/7/8/8." - nerdfury (11-Apr-2023)
"While playing I noted the repetitive activities objected to by earlier reviewers, but since this is my kind of level I didn't find this to be in the least annoying. These old school raids have always appealed to me, and the surroundings here are particularly pleasing to the eye. I was wondering why there were so many ammo pickups until I reached the end and exhausted a good bit of my armament disposing of that demigoddess with the terrible aim. All the classic elements of an Egyptian level can be found here, and the gameplay is easy enough to be managed by players of all skill levels. It's still billed as a demo, although it seemed to me to be a full-fledged release. Recommended for a stress-free nostalgic trip." - Phil (08-Apr-2023)
"According to the title screen, this is classed as a demo. That being so, it does have a few inconveniences and irritations in the gameplay section, but it has to be said that the visual quality is absolutely wonderful. The textures are striking, the atmosphere is as convincing as many a next- gen Egypt offering and the flybys are well done. AgentXP also does her authentic Lara voice-over well (although a little hard to make out at times). On the flip side, the gameplay does have a tendency to get repetitive and possibly overly symmetrical as each of the side rooms would normally contain a monkeyswing task, a pushblock task, a swimming task or a switch task of some sort with little variation. I didn't find it unduly annoying, but a little more variety would really have helped here. The final boss was also far too resilient for her own good, being easy to dodge while simultaneously hard to take down. Overall, a demo that still needs a few of the kinks ironed out, but is definitely worth a go for the less critically discerning." - Ryan (08-Apr-2023)
"It still says "Demo" on the title screen, so hopefully the builder will reconsider some of the gameplay decisions, as it's full of solid but repetitive tasks, questionable item placements and some technical issues like voice/engine/enemy inconsistencies, but also some more serious ones like unintended shortcuts and possible softlocks. Killing the "unkillable" mummies (for which the builder himself said that must be avoided) with two shotgun shells, but not being able to kill the boss with 60 revolver bullets, 30 close-range shotgun shells and about 300 pistol rounds combined? Okay, lets put all of that under the expected demo-issues and lets hope for improvements. On the bright side, the presentation and the visuals are excellent, which seems to be the constant quality of every builder with "Agent" in his/her name. Everything said, there is some potential for sure and hopefully the complete level/levelset will be of high quality, but there's a lot of work to be done." - Tolle87 (02-Apr-2023)
"As DJ Full so rightfully already said, there's a lot of repetition, otherwise it's basically easy. If you know exactly what to do, it's pretty easy. But of course, you're not supposed to know what to do. I got the infamous raised block bug, which kept me from proceeding already rather near the end. So, I had to download it once more and play it all over again, as my saves didn't work and always resulted in the game crashing to the desktop. It's an entertaining raid, being that maybe the design/settings are the best of it all. The final enemy, albeit easy to defeat, took an uncommon quantity of ammo to go down (I was starting to wonder if I had to do something else besides shooting her). Also, as vimmers said in the forums, if you, for some reason, fail to pick up the diamond cover, you won't be able to go back and get it, so you can finish the level, which is yet another piece of flawed game design. I was never annoyed though, which I guess is a good sign." - Jorge22 (27-Mar-2023)
"Unlike the title might indicate, it would be like a 15-minute raid if it didn't have a lot of repetition - even with skips used, we get 6 overhang climbs, 4 gemstones, 4 beetles, 4 pushblocks and 4 underwater swims, so it would be better to reduce the amount of elements or change their order so many of the same kind don't occur directly one after another. Aside of that we get a proper level, neither too bad nor too good, and leaving some hopes for the second part coming." - DJ Full (25-Mar-2023)