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Kitten Adventure: Ultimate Meow! by Delca

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Kubsy 10 10 10 10
Lorax 10 10 10 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
Tolle87 9 10 10 10
Troye 10 10 10 10
tuxraider 8 7 8 7
Wolf7 10 10 10 10
release date: 25-Mar-2023
# of downloads: 1183

average rating: 9.84
review count: 17
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file size: 217.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments

Delca really delivered with this one :3 What I believed of the original Kitten Adventure was is more or less a very pretty Tech Demo without a good gameplay core, this Ultimate Meow (Or Director's cat, sorry I meant cut) pretty much solves everything I thought was unexplored and underdeveloped in the original, truly brewing an unique adventure with Delca's adorable art direction and environmental designing plus some very interesting surprises!


It is lengthy and varied all the way through, it keeps a good dose of exploring OG KA (that is how I am gonna call the original), while expanding upon said areas with more to do, more combat, more to care about and some absolutely cute challenges to complete. I know it is the gameplay section, but I am gonna talk a moment about the secrets in this game, which are quite many, but I will actually consider such only the Golden Tiger heads, because the paws are more broadly available and they do add to a collectathon (game with special object so collect - Banjo Kazooie e.g.) experience, which does work surprisingly well in Tomb Raider, maybe considering Tomb Raider as a medium is very much driven to having Lara exploring places, which is what you do a lot in collectathons. Some of the other challenges the game makes Lara face are, obviously, platforming and trap avoiding, which are always welcome, naturally. The last level takes an interesting concept and explores it deeply, I am not going to spoil that too much, but it is a concept explored in other customs before, despite that it never had the player in the control of it happening. I enjoyed it a lot in the driving section, a little bit less in the platforming one, due to how difficult it was for me to orientate at first, but I quickly were able to get used to and I must say I wish I can see this being pulled off again!


Deserving of a section of their own indeed, I already spoke about the paw coins, here we talk about the heads, in my betatest play through I was able to collect most of them, they range between being very well hidden so that the player cannot see where they are and being in plain sight and the player has to work out how to get there, people who know me absolutely are aware that I love the latter, but all considered I enjoyed every secret I was able to find in the game, which, again, really gave that [s]collectathon vibe[/s] which I really liked and I really would wanna see new customs do as to keep fresh Tomb Raider.


I might keep myself very short here, this game is gorgeous. That's it. ... What? You want me to elaborate? Delca, even in OG KA put always a lot of effort into creating absolutely gorgeous and detailed environment, even while using the bilinear filtering off as an option, which I do not really enjoy that much in newer custom levels, but when done right (such as here) it is absolutely excusable and lovable. I hate it when used it in HD customs, I am still traumatised from people using bilinear filtering off in my own custom... WHY??? The lighting is warm and colourful outside and a bit more contained but nevertheless well put in any area of the game, visuals are extremely unique and experimental like in the last level which I obviously enjoyed quite a bit :3


If you were hoping for more in OG KA, KA UM absolutely will deliver in that, something that still in its simplicity would allow me to easily pick it up and play it again. Good Job Delca :3 give yourself a pat on your shoulder :3 Wolfy regards

" - Wolf7 (02-Aug-2023)
"This is a remake and major addition to the original Kitten Adventure (which is now a demo even though it wasn't called that originally). The original Zoo and Volcano already looked great and this improves on it even more, with various visual tweaks to the old content and a ton of new (just as good or even better) additions like an aquarium, mine and surreal finale to expand the theme. The big coin pickups and sound changes could make it a bit too Arcady and harm immersion, but something about the theme execution and design creates this perfect nostalgic feel to the setting despite being full of completely original ideas, objects and interactions; it feels like something straight out of Tomb Raider 3 (it's clear inspiration) despite heavily expanding what can be done both visually and in your interactions.

The original version was a single map that felt like two different ones, and it's now been expanded into five full maps (plus a bonus for finding enough secrets), with quite different themes for each, although they aren't too long individually. It's not especially difficult but provides a constant mix of new ideas and interactions, including NPC dialogue that leads into original mini-game ideas. There's something completely original in almost every area, while sticking to the general TR gameplay and not getting too gimmicky. All the additions add even more, but even the old sections have some major changes to enhance them further.
Seeing that there's 140 secrets was a bit intimidating, but it's actually fine as the main "secrets" are mascot platformer-esque large coin pickups that are collected like TR3 Save Crystals so can be grabbed on the move, and are frequently even used as hints to progression or bigger secrets, despite there also being some much sneakier ones. Then there's the harder secrets that are found in treasure chests, which also frequently provides a clue to where they are. While they're optional and you get a full experience without them the secrets are another interesting addition to make it distinctive, and finding enough gets you a bonus level recreation of a small part of Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts that's mainly an extremely impressive visual showcase, although I was slightly disappointed it's only one area of it. The one or two issues I had with the original are also fixed; namely I recall the final boss being a little disappointing, if still okay, and that's certainly avoided now, even aside from the entirely new level leading up to it. The only issue I had was a sentry gun causing quite a bit of forced damage in one area, but maybe I missed a way to avoid most of it.
The original Kitten Adventure was already excellent, and this makes it a masterpiece with multiple moments that would be stand-outs in most other releases in each level, and it does that without even being especially long or difficult; it's a contender for the ultimate "all killer no filler" TRLE release." - Mman (25-Jul-2023)
"I want to keep it very short. Delca made a very incredible classic experience that everyone should play. It is (and should be) amongst the list of popular levels such as: War Of the Worlds or Titak's Mists of Avalon. The texturisation, gameplay, lighting are basically perfect and there's not one bit to criticise because Delca catched the essence of a Core Design Tomb Raider perfectly. With that being said, I cannot agree with Tuxraider on what he said, the Dialogue system is very good and makes sure that the user has time to read the text, so I am not too sure what should Delca do furthermore to make him go with 9+. Well done meow meow oui oui" - Kubsy (16-Jul-2023)
"I enjoyed a lot this game. Some parts, some rooms, I remember in older games, but it doesn't matter. The line of the game is great. A lot of fun all the time. The last part, very unique with the change of reality. The game hasw a nice ballance of everything. Thanks a lot for let play it." - Juan Carlos (14-Jul-2023)
"What an inventive, quirky, unforgettable and just plain old fun adventure this turned out to be. I had previously had a go at this clever builder’s Christmas level but unfortunately found the increasingly challenging games just a bit too much for my poor old fingers. This, however, had all the enjoyable aspects but with a gentler level of expertise required. I found it utterly charming in storyline and execution, so I make no excuses for following a walkthrough extensively as I didn’t want to miss out on anything, especially the bonus level, which was a short but tantalising glimpse of what I really hope will be the setting for a future adventure." - Jay (26-May-2023)
"I played the Christmas level first, and only when I played this extraordinary release did I realize that many of the fresh concepts common to both levels were introduced here. It's enjoyable throughout, with eye-catching environs and lighting so superb that I can't think of a single instance where I felt the need to light a flare. Come to think of it, I don't recall any flare pickups either. Anyway, there are five distinct levels with a variety of tasks to perform while trying to find and collect 25 secret paws and 3 secret golden heads in each one. Your reward is a two-minute bonus level that came as sort of a letdown after all that hard work. Although it was a nice idea, I feel the builder should have either left it out entirely or given the player something a bit more substantial. That's my only negative vibe associated with the entire package, and this is a release that's certainly worthy of Hall of Fame honors. Highest recommendations." - Phil (23-Apr-2023)
"A truly marvellous raiding experience that was clearly a labour of love for the builder throughout. The storyline of the game is utterly charming and well carried through via the use of text exchanges between Lara and the various animal inhabitants, and for once these aren't too long-winded nor do they detract from the experience. The environments are stunningly constructed (how I do love those TR3 Gold Madhouse textures and they've been very well served here) and the gameplay is highly enjoyable and, for the most part, accessible to everyone. The bonus level was a bit of an anticlimax after collecting all those trinket rewards, but the system was still nicely executed. I was tempted to dock a point from the first category for the rather frustrating amulet sections, which needed a few too many tries to be fun, but I relented in the end. Excellent from start to finish." - Ryan (23-Apr-2023)
"A set of levels that somehow feels like an additional chapter of TR3. I was never bored and I was constantly wondering what's next. There is a variety of themes, but the transition is always smooth and explained by a cut-scene. A lot of clever gameplay ideas, with the occasional mini-games, a concept familiar to those who have played Delca's Christmas level. Visuals are wonderful and the objects/pickups are unusual but always logical. The hunt for the secrets is not distracting and it doesn't take your attention away from the main goal. It's very close to a perfect score, but I will keep the gameplay at 9 due to some slightly repetitive concepts and a few areas that dragged slightly longer than necessary, but overall it was a wonderful experience." - Tolle87 (20-Apr-2023)
"If the first version of Kitten Adventure was already a success, this new version is a masterpiece. There is everything for this game to be worthy of an official game. The adventure begins in a small town near a zoo and there is even a cafe nearby. Then the adventure continues inside the zoo, in a mine and even in another dimension. Everything is cute. I also really liked the story about the animals because it brings a real plus to the adventure and the dialogues between Lara and the different characters are really excellent and super well done. The adventure is not overly difficult and I would say that the difficulty is increasing so even beginners in the world of the editor should be able to get by. I must also say that the hunt for secrets throughout the adventure to unlock a bonus level was a really satisfying challenge. Congratulations Delca for this incredible adventure." - Bigfoot (19-Apr-2023)
"Ameowzing. Feels like it could be given by official devs, and sometimes even better than what we got from them. Every element is professionally approached and polished, and then they are all balanced. It just works, play it." - DJ Full (15-Apr-2023)
  • There is an amulet used in two places that toggles a flipmap around Lara, often with alternating floating platforms. While this was a fun idea overall, it did lead to some savegame scumming because I would force Lara to fall to her death when I wanted to check what was coming up next. Maybe the non- tangible platforms could have appeared as transparent for an easier visual reference.
  • The visuals are flawless. The variety of environments have a good use of color, textures, and decorative objects. Highly immersive.
  • Several characters provide minigames for Lara to complete. These challenges are a nice way to break up the exploration, and serves as an easily digestable medium for timed runs and puzzles.
  • Aside from the minigames there are still other puzzles to solve, between activating lights with spikes and finding the right tiles to jump between. I'm a sucker for puzzles and always appreciate this aspect of an adventure.
  • The combat is engaging, particularly the final encounter, which is not complicated but the teleportation still made it fairly challenging.
  • Exploration is encouraged via the tiger heads and paw tokens scattered about each level. I didn't find them all, but it still added an additional sense of accomplishment to grab the ones I did.
Time: 2 hours 32 minutes | Difficulty: Hard | Rating: 10/10" - JesseG (13-Apr-2023)
"Gameplay&Puzzles: Very engaging gameplay with not one single dull moment, everything was very entertaining and I just had to finish the whole game in one go! Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Object usage was brilliant, everything fit the atmosphere and nothing was out of place. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Atmosphere was on point, sound and camera cues were used where applicable, actual helpful cues and no immersion breaking too long flybies. Lighting & Textures: On point, perfect texturing with perfect lighting all over. Overall a perfect little adventure. Everyone should try it!" - Troye (08-Apr-2023)
"Medium length set of levels, difficulty easy to medium. I found it relaxing and enjoyable. I didn't play the original level.

GAMEPLAY: It's pretty linear, even if it branches off sometimes. You always know where you should be going. Sometimes it still gets tricky (timeruns, rush of enemies, puzzles), but all manageable and not too tight. All in all a good mix of gameplay elements. Some of the puzzles are innovative. The coins and heads are optional secrets, and you get a bonus level for collecting all of them (I was 20 secrets short). There's a story with many cut scene or dialog interruptions.

VISUALS: Decent. Doesn't use bilinear filtering (pixelated, like TR2), seems to be intentional. Generally good atmosphere. Sometimes looks impressive. There weren't many (or any?) kittens in the first half, but you get to see them more later. You could criticize the lack of kitten themes, all while Lara has to shoot (probably threatened) zoo animals. (I'm doing doing that, at least not seriously.)



  • I didn't find the dialog system quite convincing. You have to press ESC after reading each line.
  • I think some enemies were too tough for the general tone of the game. It wasn't a problem for me, but saving on medipacks is a good idea.
  • The jump levers with the rotating thing and the timed spikes on the bottom of the mine seemed too difficult for this game as well.


  • The Space Distortion Amulet was a really nice idea. (Even if took me a while to notice what it did and almost got stuck.) I liked the platforms the most.
  • The challenges were all interesting, like small games within the game.
  • Little to none backtracking.
" - tuxraider (07-Apr-2023)
"I was surprised and very sorry I didn't get to play the bonus level (I seem to have forgotten one had to collect every single secret to get to it; I was convinced it was simply a rather fair amount, which I think I've gotten) - here go my secrets stats: 23/1, 24/2, 24/3, 23/1, 25/3, which gives a total of 129 out of 140, 11 missing in the entire game, really not that much. Anyway... I loved the overall design and settings of this level set, the secrets collecting (yes, the secrets collecting, even if I didn't get them all), the odd mini-games, the main game, the lighting, the atmosphere, the imagination and originality, well, that's why I'm giving it four tens. I confess I looked up a bit Doggett's video for the final three mini-games, I had to, but I must add the use of the talisman was quite ingenious (and doable, with a little effort). Did Doggett get all the secrets, or did he leave a few behind and still got to show us the bonus game? Hmm? Am I getting something confused here? Still, never you mind. It's simply a game everyone should play, really very good, and of course I mean it." - Jorge22 (03-Apr-2023)
"I played the original Kitten Adventure and gave it 10/10/10/10, but never played the complete version until now, probably because it released so soon after I played the original. While the original Kitten Adventure was already some of the best zoo themed levels on the site, with this version Delca takes what worked about the original and turns it into something truly unique that's similar in quality, if not better than their previous level Fantome. Recommended to everyone, and big respect to Delca for being able to make so many levels that are this great in such a short amount of time. 5 great levels (including demos) since may 2021 is crazy!" - Lorax (30-Mar-2023)
"FIRST WORDS I must say upfront that I played the original Kitten Adventure which was great. I couldn't wait for this final version which literally blew me away. ENVIROMENT (TEXTURES + GEOMETRY + LIGHTINGS + SOUNDS ) The environment itself was absolutely perfect, both in terms of overall geometry and textures, and lots of new textures. The sound effects were awesome, and I can't even forget the many new effects like lava bubbles and flames or the impact of raindrops. Overall this adventure was a feast for the eyes GAMEPLAY What surprised me about this adventure were the new quests and gameplay mechanics. Overall it was very fun but at the same time difficult at times. There aren't a lot of bullets and pharmacies but at the same time there are plenty of them and you will have some left over. The new quests and mini-games were a nice change and overall livened up an already great game. CLOSURE For me, at the moment, one of the best adventures I've played this year and I can only recommend everyone to play this game. You won't regret it." - Sabatu (27-Mar-2023)
"I had a pleasure to beta test this level set. I can say there's a lot of improvements since the original Kitten Adventure uwu.

Gameplay is very consistent and constructed properly. A lot of platforming sequences, nice puzzles and very enjoyable trap sequences which make gameplay dynamic. I wasn't bored during playthrough at all.
There are also RPG elements, we have to do simple quest to get something or somewhere. Clever and well executed idea :)
We have also clever system of secrets where we have to collect 25 Paws and 3 Golden heads in each level. If we collect enough amount of them, we'll be able to play bonus level. In my opinion, level set has balanced difficulty for less experienced people there might be a few hard moments but they're doable in the end I think

There's good balance in enemies, we have many opportunities to avoid huge loss of health using some strategies or by just playing smart. In fact the author provided tons of ammo, so it should be fine in the end for all players. :p

Atmosphere and Design
The environment is really beautiful and well built. It creates unique and believable atmosphere of the level set. Very careful texturing and lighting. Pure perfection!

In my opinion this level set is a masterpiece in every aspect. Looking forward to further releases by Delca uwu" - Mahetus (27-Mar-2023)