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Good Bye Amanda - Definitive Edition by DHermogenes

CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
JesseG 8 8 9 9
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 9
Mman 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Samu 8 9 9 9
release date: 06-Apr-2023
# of downloads: 843

average rating: 9.21
review count: 7
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file size: 627.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Nordic/Celtic

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Finally got around to trying out this massive release and indeed it was an unforgettable experience, in more ways than one. First things first, the environments are absolutely striking from start to finish (if a little dark in places), the atmosphere is wonderful and the textures on point (although Lara's overly dramatic cries at the smallest of exertions did get in the way at times). You get to travel through a variety of themed environments including a castle, a Nordic setting, a Greece setting and even a slightly eerie Space environment for the finale. Gameplay is definitely more on the challenging end of the spectrum, with the numerous traps proving quite tricky and the timed runs are not for the faint-hearted either, but there's nothing insurmountable. What did end up being more trouble were the enemies. While weaponry and supplies are undoubtedly plentiful (and there's no denying the generosity of some of the secret areas), the enemies are also on the fearsome side, probably to a fault as the boss battles were a bit on the overwrought side and did turn into a bit more of a bloodbath than would have been ideal. Overall though, recommended but don't expect to finish it quickly." - Ryan (03-Sep-2023)
"This multi-level adventure features a little bit everything in terms of gameplay keeping things nicely varied from the beginning to the end. You will find several large non-linear areas to explore with high and consistent visual quality, platforming sections involving different types of traps and timed runs, some puzzle here and there, and plenty of combat against both regular enemies and bosses. Enemies can be somewhat bullet spongy at times, but on the other hand weapons and ammo are plentiful also. Moreover, I liked a lot the way of combining traps with many of the fights, which added a nice additional challenge (e.g. the room where you are running on conveyor belts while fighting against harpies was great). Overall, I think that this level set has all the ingredients to be remarkable, but it also includes few annoyances. Depending on which order you visit different areas, you may have to perform tedious backtracking often. Towards the end of the game, you will also encounter several boulders and falling ceilings that will unexpectedly crush you. One of the levels contains a large maze where your goal is to find switches that open doors while being chased by a minotaur. This was my least favourite part of the game, and I was lost in the maze for 0.5-1 hour without having an idea where to go. Apart from these few downsides, the overall quality is great and the game offers plenty of entertaining and grandiose moments for the player. I highly recommend this." - Samu (12-Aug-2023)
"While set in Norway this has a variety of themes, with you going through Complex Simplicity, BTB Northern Legends, BTB Greece and a surprise setting for the finish. All of the settings are detailed and well executed, with some great spectacle like the camera use as you swim through a giant underwater passage; in general it's full of great views. Each texture set is used well and manages to fit despite how far apart some of them are. There's a lot of great lighting and interesting highlights, but it's also extremely dark for significant amounts; this isn't too big an issue gameplay-wise most of the time as you have an infinite flashlight that can be used during all actions, but there's parts I can't help feeling would look even better they if had some actual lighting. On the other hand the darkness is well-leveraged for horror purposes, and leads to moments like wandering into a dark room and hearing the footsteps of something giant stomping around... Object use is great throughout and used for some creative set-pieces, although like The Last Plague Lara's new sounds are overdone to the point of sounding a bit silly at times.

This follows a lot of the structural style of TLP (although I guess the original release of this came out before that), with the hub-based main area, massive amounts of items lying around, and equally industrial quantities of threats later on to drain them. Due to the Crowbar gating off later sections it's a little more linear than it initially appears, but there's still plenty to explore from the start. The story is conveyed by PDA's like TLP, with the intriguingly melancholy premise of following Amanda's post-Underworld last journey, and it fixes my issue of no notifications as you now get an item prompt informing of an update. As a hint make sure you find the Revolver+Lasersight in the hub level before you go anywhere else; it's not essential, but it makes a couple of things much easier and prevents backtracking for another weapon later.
The Catacombs are the first main area and heavily exploration based with a lot of ways to go from the start; there is quite a bit of backtracking and one or two things that can be pretty easily overlooked (namely one key placement in a large area that feels a little random), but it does generally provide clues on how to progress, and eventually unravels and opens up.
Behind some Quadbike action is the Sunken Cave, which is mostly a Norse ruin, and interesting in that you actually get the "quest" item near the start, so the majority of the level is about finding a way back out of the ruins and caves. There's a nice use of the Hammergod too. The Cold Exposure meter is used in one area and it broke after a little and didn't display properly for me, however this was after the main challenge involving it, so it wasn't really a problem.
The Mines are a Greek Ruin (which I'm not sure the story entirely justified the placement of, but the location is strange enough that it works). There are two main paths you need to explore, and it's probably the most frustrating level in execution, both being very dark and swarming you in harpies on conveyor like ledges; the spatial/movement challenge was actually an interesting idea, but it's hard not to groan hearing more Harpies spawn in after the first twenty or more. The other half is another kind of frustrating with a chase through a giant maze; it starts off as a nice tense segment but overstays it's welcome, especially as you get a bunch of Skeletons spawning in as well as the main threat, and I had found no explosive weapons, so you are getting swarmed while trying to work out a path (although if you have found explosives that problem can be avoided at least). Though it did turn out simpler than expected as I thought I had missed a hidden jump switch, when it turned out there were more passages I had overlooked.
The final level (aside from a bonus credits section, which I'm not sure is missable or not) is a bit of a wind down after the Greece level, although there's still plenty of challenging platforming, traps and huge areas to explore. The ending combat gets more intense but it's not as OTT as TLP got, which fits the bittersweet story conclusion; given the actual ending in TLP was so anti-climatic this does much better, with an actual resolution to the story and an escape sequence.
As I mentioned I missed the explosive weapons despite only missing 4 of the 19 secrets, and it definitely felt like the later parts were somewhat designed around you having them; more ways to get them should be provided even if early exploration/observation lets you find them much easier. Despite my issues I think I preferred this to TLP overall, with it's more mysterious atmosphere and premise, it's also a bit harder and more complex when TLP was already pretty tough, but I managed to get through despite no walkthrough yet, although I came close to being stuck a couple of times. An excellent and varied set, but not one to take lightly." - Mman (07-Aug-2023)
"Very nice game. You have to search in all areas in order to find the next step. Multiple possible ways to go. In many ways is very challenging. Many good puzzles and traps. You need yo use the motorcycle in hard ways and tricky jumps. My only big complaining is why there aren't flares?? I hate dark places where you need to walk shouting trying to look into the dark. The last part needs flares. Not even one flare in all the game. I very delicate work with textures, but you cannot admire because you dont have flares in the last pool. Please, next time be generous with flares. Anyway, thank you very much, I enjoyed a lot all the time I spend in this game." - Juan Carlos (16-Jun-2023)
  • There were a lot of potential dead-ends to find, and a surprising amount were after a series of traps. If Lara hasn't yet collected a specific key or opened a certain door then that means time is drained on dodging these things multiple times.
    -There are quite a few missing camera cues. With the large layout of these levels that could lead to a lot of aimless wandering around to guess at what a certain switch changed. In the submerged level, a rope came into existence without letting the player know.
  • The grenade launcher can damage Lara, making it difficult to be used effectively.
  • Some of the sound choices are questionable. In particular, every time Lara does a backflip it sounds like she is screaming out in pain, which can be a bit distracting.
  • There are many boulders among the traps for Lara to avoid, but some of them felt like cheap shots because they will fall out of thin air or an otherwise solid ceiling to plop on top of her.
  • The environments, from the hub level to the four levels spanning off of it, are unique and immersive.
  • The visual elements, while a bit on the dark side (Lara has a limitless lamp to counteract this), are very well done.
  • There are a few nice puzzles, one with pushable vases and another with levers to help Lara reach some switches high on the walls.
  • Between the sliding doors, falling columns, flames, and timed runs, this is not an easy adventure by any means. I myself enjoyed the challenge it provided.
Time: 5 hours 33 minutes | Difficulty: Very Hard | Rating: 8.5/10" - JesseG (12-Jun-2023)
"Definitely less annoying than the earlier release - I never struggled. I guess half of the fix is the PLS alone - it's incredible how much easier it becomes when you can actually see things. Of things still improvable, I'd cut excessive passage repetitions. Also the intensity of sound design is questionable, but that's a matter of style (or isn't it?). Overall, I recommend this level if you like it big and epic, and I don't if you like it small and condensed." - DJ Full (20-Apr-2023)
"Wow! Completely unexpected! A Definitive Version!! I loved this game! Both: The original version and this one! But I have to admit: Almost all the errors (or less good aspects in some way) of the original version were corrected!.. (especially "Ruins of Norway" and the issue about lighting, flares, cameras/Hints, and some glitches and the squad). The game is fantastic! We are talking about one of the best experiences you can have with Customs TR. The level creator is immensely talented and his techniques/ideas are impressive. It's the third time, (twice in the original/inicial version + once in this final version), that i've played this game!! And the feeling is of great satisfaction!!! This time I needed less than 5 hours and about 800 saves!! Whit the release of this version, the game is ABSOLUTELY UNMISSIBLE, even for those with less experience, (as long as you have some resilience and some spirit of adventure!!). I loved the « extra » level/animation tribute! Thank you Dhermogenes!!. In my opinion this game have all it takes to be Hall of Fame!! Highly recommended (40/40)!" - CalrOsario (19-Apr-2023)