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Aspidetr Easter Time 2023 - Twenty Years Ago by Traio

BlackWolfTR 8 8 8 8
DJ Full 8 10 9 8
Kubsy 3 6 6 3
Nillc 7 8 7 7
Phil 8 7 8 8
Ryan 8 8 7 8
release date: 07-Apr-2023
# of downloads: 209

average rating: 7.33
review count: 6
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file size: 109.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Different but good. After I got through a quite confusing beginning, I learnt the builder and, slowly yet consistently, the experience grew over time. I feel like an archeologist who has just dug out a record of a world once existing, but I hope at least partially existing to this day. Recommended." - DJ Full (23-Jun-2023)
"Well, this was rather quirky to say the least. It's always a pleasure to see a builder return after so many years away from the scene (this particular builder's apparent swansong being the memorable Mantua's Squares), and I found this to be an enjoyable comeback. Right from the start this game has its own style, as the surroundings are garish and cartoonish (think Mantua's Squares meets The TechnoEgyptians, quite a combination indeed), but somewhat charming in their own unique way, and the gameplay is pretty head-scratching throughout. A few sections were too obscure for their own good, particularly the barely visible raising blocks which suddenly transported you elsewhere with no warning and the not at all obvious task to shoot the giant head statues. The forced damage parts were a bit of a mean trick too. However, the platforming is engaging throughout, the motorbike jaunts are challenging without being frustrating, the secret hunts were enjoyable and the custom objects and enemies are nice, unique touches. If you can allow yourself to enjoy this one, you'll likely have a good time here." - Ryan (17-Jun-2023)
"This four-part release features surroundings that are crude and somewhat cartoonish in appearance, but the lighting is such that you almost never need a flare and the gameplay starts to grow on you after a while. You basically get two full-fledged levels that take about an hour each to play, then there's a short transitional level that brings you to am abbreviated dessert before it all ends rather abruptly. The builder is well known for his classic Mantua's Squares of many years ago, but this retrospective doesn't stand up quite as well after the passage of two decades. Still, you get a lot of variety and a copious number of cleverly hidden secrets, a healthy mix of enemies and platforming exercises, and I must admit that I had a fairly good time here. Not a classic by any means, but certainly a fun raid if you have a reliable road map to follow (hence my supplemental walk)." - Phil (14-Jun-2023)
"This level has been conceived and started by Traio more than 20 years ago, as the title goes; he went back to TRLE just to finish and release it. It pays a moving homage to TRS, a now-closed Italian forum; the characters (including the playable ones) bear a strict resemblance to some of its users, who befriended Traio both in the forum and in real life. Due to the level being in the making for so long, the gameplay is a little confusing, but at the end of the day everything works fine (and Traio provides us with a precise walkthrough in the readme, anyway) and the level is enjoyable and fun. Maybe fans from other countries won't understand the references to the beautiful adventures on TRS forum, still it's worth a play." - Nillc (12-Apr-2023)
"A really nice comeback by the author who hasn't released a level for twenty years. This level really feels like an old retro level from the early 2000s (especially considering that it was built on the original level editor). The levels themselves are very abstract. I personally loved how they looked. The abstract and surreal architecture and textures create a really unique atmosphere in the level. Some cons of the design are: missing, mirrored, or squashed textures. The lighting is quite good. The gameplay is also really fun. There is a huge amount of exploration, as well as parkour. The levels (at least the first two) feel like one big puzzle. They are quite challenging. I really enjoyed exploring them. In between the parkour, we have some mini puzzles and other interesting tasks to do. The ride with the bike in the second level is real fun, and the nitro usage is cleverly done. Although the thing I really wish had been fixed before was the softlock in the first level; you can jump to the next big area with the volcano before unlocking the way for the motorbike. I had to use a glitch to get back to the previous area with the motorbike and unlock the passage. Overall, it's really nice to see this builder come back after 20 years with a new release. The level is enjoyable although quite challenging, especially in exploration and parkour terms. It has its own vibe. I can recommend it :)" - BlackWolfTR (07-Apr-2023)
"I was quite surprised to see another builder come back after 20 years of absence, although only to finish this level. So I saw that this level which was released for Aspidetr Easter and gave it a try since his last level got a good score. Unfortunately though, I quit the game frustrated and disappointed.
There are problems in this level. I think the main problem is the gameplay and extremely confusing where to go. I was able to get to the jeep and drove around it but it did not serve any purpose since I was able to progress without it. another problem in this category is that there are many invisible walls (I presume toggle opacity 1) which look like you can easily pass it but you cannot. There were also lots of unmarked death tiles.
Another problem is the architecture and texturing. The levels consists of huge rooms stacked on top of each other with many textures being severely stretched or with illegal slopes and also with a random lensflare coming out of nowhere and with no horizon.
Although I would give plus for the nicely designed custom enemies and such.
In conclusion, I think you should skip this one or watch a walkthrough from a favourite TRL walkthrough maker, as it was way too confusing for me to proceed with this level especially with weird giant rooms structure." - Kubsy (07-Apr-2023)