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ORC23 - Dreaming The Iris by Charles Kane

AgentCroft77 0 1 0 0
Crofti 1 3 1 0
DJ Full 3 5 4 2
Jay 1 2 1 1
Jorge22 1 1 1 1
Kubsy 1 0 0 1
manarch2 0 1 0 1
Ryan 1 1 1 1
Treeble 2 2 2 2
release date: 20-Apr-2023
# of downloads: 78

average rating: 1.25
review count: 9
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file size: 29.90 MB
file type: TR5
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A VCI iris level with TR5 engine. Attempt failed - because some textures become invisible, no lighting, no music, the architecture of the room is virtually nothing more than several test rooms without charm or attention to detail. The level name in the script was not updated either. On the other hand the gameplay works with some enemies and traps, there are 3 secrets and an end trigger. Those who can spare 5 minutes and like VCI levels may risk a look, all others miss absolutely nothing here. That's hard but basically this is garbage and I think the author knows that too ;) Positive about this TRLE is there are worse levels here, LOL! =)" - Crofti (16-Aug-2023)
"That has to be the quickest search for the Iris Lara’s ever undertaken and the way the scenery disappeared was somewhat distracting. It’s only a couple of minutes long and perhaps best viewed as a brief, possibly therapeutic, shooter." - Jay (14-Jun-2023)
"Texture rendering is somehow broken what obstructs the way, but nonetheless it's still very easy to finish this short, quick-paced shooter with some easy secrets and a certain prize in the end. Recommended." - DJ Full (13-May-2023)
"I suppose I understand the excitement of rushing releases out, having done the same myself well over 20 years ago, but we're still not seeing anything substantial out of these. The TR5 level counter is moving up I guess, but it's still just a handful of big and boxy rooms (or perhaps, in this case, one single room as the author adopted the ORC moniker). 5 minutes, 3 secrets. 05/24" - Treeble (07-May-2023)
"Like the previous reviewers, I have to say that this level it's more a test level than a level that, can be released to the public, we get very stretched textured, the lighting is very basic, and the gameplay is just a 3-5 min 'adventure' including the seamless pickups and a few guys to kill, the 'secrets' are very easy spotted ( they can't even be called secrets ) and that's it nothing more, the next time I suggest the builder to spend more time for his level and don't rush them, Take your time for a better quality level!" - AgentCroft77 (26-Apr-2023)
"Indeed a one-room level but there's barely anything to do else than shooting some enemies and finding non-hidden secrets and armory. If you ignore the enemies and pickups you can finish this level in under 30 seconds. I'm honestly not sure what's the reason to release something like this, especially as the builder states this should be a remake of two older levels (didn't find much similarities, though, to be honest)." - manarch2 (24-Apr-2023)
"It almost hurts to review this short of the shortest level (a few minutes long) by Charles Kane, as Charles is sort of a forum friend. But I'm sure he must know... The level consists of getting dozens of medipacks, shooting down a couple of baddies, plus those that you must shoot on the head, and getting a couple of in plain sight secret roses. The textures are rather unexpected, as in seeing what's on the other side, or merely being too simple. It's like a true trip down memory lane to the level's very first attempts. I wasn't bothered by the level, not at all, I only wish it were an actual level. Let's see what Charles may have to offer in the future. Will he surprise us?" - Jorge22 (23-Apr-2023)
"This surely must qualify as one of the shortest levels on the Level Index, at a scant three minutes. Simply kill a few guards, avoid a laser trap, pick up (or not) a lot of stuff and it's pretty much over and done with. I'm not doubting that it was an attempt at something, but it doesn't exactly make for scintillating raiding." - Ryan (23-Apr-2023)
"First of all (since I was unexpectedly asked by someone), I would like to say that saying "ORC23" is a bit misleading because there was no official announcement that another round of One Room Challenge is happening. So in future I suggest that you should either say "ORC" or just don't say.
But to the actual level. It's a typical level that Charles Kane made in the past - remaking the tests levels which is pointless (if done correctly then not). Here all you do is you can either: go speedrun to the finish trigger or kill all the enemies and collect gold roses.
The rooms were flickering for some reason, I am not sure what went wrong so I cannot comment on that but in general the rooms were huge and boxy with barely any lighting.
In general, I would like Charles Kane (or Reza) to build a normal level, I am sure he can do that. If he really wants to remake another test level, then I'd say he should make it better than the original for example if he wants to remake deep sea dive demo (another test level) then he should make it longer, and good looking. I am not sure what are TR5 limit (except for the nasty hardcoded stuff in the engine) but again I am sure it is possible.
Recommended for completionists otherwise you can skip." - Kubsy (23-Apr-2023)