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The Golden Scarab by Zolee

DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 7 8 9 8
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Juan Carlos 8 10 10 10
Mr XY 9 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
tuxraider 6 6 6 6
vandit 8 9 10 10
Wolf7 9 9 10 10
release date: 09-May-2023
# of downloads: 501

average rating: 8.59
review count: 11
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file size: 178.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very professional work, textures, lights, rooms. Everything has been worked very good. My only complain is that the game is too short and needs more mental puzzles. Surely with more chapters would become a great game." - Juan Carlos (14-Jul-2023)
"I had quite a lot of fun with this one. There’s plenty of good use made of Lara’s ‘new’ moves and I liked the Egyptian settings very much. Enemies aren’t over used and the various traps appealed to me – entertaining without being too stressful – and I particularly enjoyed the Great Pyramid scenario with the spikes and boulders. Not a long level, but plenty packed into it. Recommended." - Jay (14-Jun-2023)
"This is enjoyable if a bit uninspired, scenic if a bit dark in places, and just about the right length a level should be at one hour. As others have mentioned, it's somewhat on the easy side and a few tasks become repetitive, but I thought there were also some innovative hazards to conquer such as that spike-trapped pyramid at the end. Frequent use of Lara's new moves is also required, but these have become so familiar by this time that they should pose no obstacle for most players. The enemies are well spaced and ample weaponry and ammunition are provided to deal with them. Not a classic, but I had a good time here and can recommend this level to players of all skill levels." - Phil (09-Jun-2023)
"I'm not particularly fond of this Lara figure, she does seem to be moving in a noticeably clunky fashion and it did rather easily mess up otherwise simple manoeuvres. Apart from that negative, this was quite nicely done in the Egyptian style. The gameplay was a little repetitive in places and a few more puzzles might have made for a more well-rounded experience, but I did enjoy the trap sequences and it's always a pleasure to utilise Lara's "new" movements. The environments are a bit too much on the greyscale side of things, but they're still pleasing to the eye and music is used very well to accentuate the atmosphere. Worth a look if you bring a bit of patience along." - Ryan (09-Jun-2023)
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • The crocodiles kept getting stuck in corners and pillars. Possibly a zoning issue?
  • The lighting is fine, but it could be more dynamic in some places to make the visuals pop more.
  • This level has a strong sense of atmosphere, reminiscent of the Egyptian levels from TRA.
  • There are a good amount of enemies and traps to keep Lara on her toes, and I appreciated that sometimes the traps could be disabled when a backtrack was necessary.
  • To engage the player's brain there are some simple puzzles with pushable blocks and levers.
Time: 57 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 8/10" - JesseG (31-May-2023)
"Short level which I didn't like too much. It looks too grey, too flat, too empty. The gameplay is too simplistic. It's mostly climbing/acrobatics and using switches. The only puzzle was guessing a 4-lever combinations (didn't see any hints, just brute-forced it). I can't recommended it to beginners, because it requires you to know many custom moves, which aren't even mentioned in the readme file.
This review is probably unfair to the builder. I don't know why I think the level looks generally flat and empty, because the builder obviously put much effort into adding decorations everywhere. Maybe the rooms are too square, or it's something else about the architecture. Sorry." - tuxraider (20-May-2023)
"I wasn't overly impressed by this excessively grey offer, even though I can't say I didn't enjoy it - it's just that I couldn't find any wow moment. Most of the game is spent on (well done) acrobatics. There's also a puzzle and a few Atlanteans I wasn't really expecting. The secrets are accessible. The overall architecture is interesting. I thought the movements were a tad too slow. In the end, I wish Lara had picked the scarab and something else had happened, instead of that sudden finale. Still, one to play." - Jorge22 (19-May-2023)
"What a beautiful Egypt level. It is very clearly visible that this level is inspired by TR Anniversary. The very detailed visuals, the music, sounds, enemies, the outfit... it feels very authentic and it is fun to explore everything. Also with the gameplay Zolee knows how to engage the player. Most of the tasks rely on acrobatics and dodging traps, nevery too hard, never too easy. A few smaller puzzles can also be solved. Secrets are always rewarding. The only complaint I have is that maybe the level ended a bit too abruptly, a short path out of the tomb would have been a nice addition but other than that the level is very enjoyable. My recommendations!" - Mr XY (19-May-2023)
"A quite nice, cute, hour-long adventure to spend in a splendidly created Anniversary style Egypt environment. Gameplay has a focus on some satisfying platforming mainly and sometimes avoiding traps, it was quite intriguing to see the cling doors being reworked to fit in this environment! There is one puzzle, which is quite simple and, I think, it is not random, cuz you can see how one is a lil bit different. Secrets are plentiful, some are quite easy to find and others are a little bit more hidden, they do have some nice goodies (and weapons) to combat and survive the enemies more easily. The atmosphere is well crafted and enhanced by the decorating objects (some of which custom made), which help turning TR4's blockiness into a surely more intriguing environment. Lighting is super good here, special care was put into setting the right mood to any room ^w^, textures are well applied too. Quite recommended to any raider really :3 cannot wait to see what Zolee does next :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (18-May-2023)
"Overall a nice level. Means to pay a tribute to TRA and does it very well, what means you'll either like the visuals or not. Some quicker animations like ladder jumping and faster shimmy were applied, but other ones like fast crawl and fast rollout were skipped - as a result, slow parts feel much slower than they are. Another thing I missed was deactivation of traps after dealing with them once. Last, we get no chance to grab the final pickup nor to feel its aftermath, what makes the game feel quite unresolved. A simple escape sequence would fix it, possibly with a boss fight to make those revolver bullets more useful than just for the mummies." - DJ Full (16-May-2023)
"Best level by this author so far. TR Anniversary atmosphere, gameplay, puzzles, enemy balance, soundtrack, textures, lighting, cameras and various Egyptian-typical objects make for a very fulfilling level. The traps are not as tricky as in the original, so you can enjoy almost every corner and rarely have stressful situations. One point I would urgently improve: Some animations are unnecessarily delayed or slow, this concerns running or pulling up edges. It would also be nice if you could roll out of crawl spaces. Apart from that, you get a lovingly implemented TR Anniversary homage that takes about an hour to play. It was fun, thanks for that, Zolee!" - vandit (09-May-2023)