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Croft Manor Revised by KrisNephilim

DJ Full 8 9 9 9
Jay 6 7 9 9
John 5 7 8 7
Jorge22 7 7 9 9
Ryan 7 7 9 9
Tolle87 8 9 9 9
tuxraider 5 6 6 7
release date: 15-May-2023
# of downloads: 409

average rating: 7.71
review count: 7
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file size: 215.00 MB
file type: TEN
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I agree with the general review consensus thus far. This level clearly has been built to showcase the features of the new TEN engine and it does so quite nicely. The mansion really does look rather glorious and opulent and the high-definition textures work really well. The gameplay does get a bit cryptic in places despite the helpful camera hints, and you will have to be observant to spot the next open door - they're usually fairly nearby. The usual mansion activities crop up (gymnasium, trophy room, quad bike course etc) but I did like the addition of the vault area near the end (although you can choose how long you want to spend here) and the secret roses provided a nice side quest. Not bad at all." - Ryan (13-Jun-2023)
"This level has obviously been made to showcase what can be achieved with the TEN engine and I think you will have to agree that the old manor has never looked finer. Gameplay-wise, you get to do enjoy the manor’s familiar amenities (and one or two upgrades), have a good explore and find a few secret roses. It’s definitely worth a look and I just love what builders are doing with this new engine." - Jay (02-Jun-2023)
"Ok, this level's main aim is to show what one can visually do with a manor level when using TEN, and yes, it does it, the level looks very good. Regarding gameplay, I don't know what to say. It's a bit confusing to say the least (what on Earth was that lever up on the pool's rooftop for?). I got 5 secret roses out of what I assume would be six, but it's just that I've had enough. Also, was one somehow supposed to get the Hand of Rathmore? Not to mention the kayak, I never even saw any. And the quad bike ride seemed a bit pointless. Good try, but next time make it more fluid, it's not just the looks that count." - Jorge22 (23-May-2023)
"Exploring the seemingly familiar surroundings and still feeling that you're in a new place is really cool. As it's possible to "finish" the level anytime you want, I considered the secrets to be the actual goal and I didn't consider myself done until I found all of them. There are some great additional areas, especially as you open more and more parts of the Manor. In general, the idea behind this level is good and the execution is great on surface....but there is one problem here - The confusion caused by some overlooks. I read that the level was tested and that many issues have been fixed even after the original release, but I was really surprised by the amount of the obviously unintended things that are still in the game. It's not that much of a problem if you know that you did something unintended (like reaching the race track in a very simple way before actually getting the key for it), but I also managed to pass through some solid walls, get the quad bike outside of the race track, reach the invisible level boundaries in many places, reach the area outside the main gate behind the finish trigger (although reachable only by a deadly fall, as far as I can tell) and I even think that I've found a testing lever switch that did absolutely nothing (can't be 100% sure of it, maybe it did something, but the area and the way I used to reach it feels very non-legit). Duo to all that, I'm not sure if I did everything 'by the book' and especially if I got all the secrets in the intended way, so it left some question unanswered - Were the amulet and the hand obtainable? What about the kayak? Could I reach the dinosaurs? Was my random passing through a textured ceiling legit? If it was legit, then it's way too cryptic. You get the point. With the modern moveset, some architectural adjustments are necessary. But you know what the funniest thing is? Not exactly sure why, but due to the nature of the level, all of that somehow made the exploration even more interesting. Anyway, it took me around 2 hours, but that's mostly because I really tried every single "what if.." thing that occurred to me. 6/6 secrets, but I feel like there is more to this and I might go back to it and try to find the answers to the questions I mentioned above. All in all, a nostalgic level in a new suit, with many good sides and with some design flaws that actually made it even more interesting in some weird way." - Tolle87 (21-May-2023)
"Very standard home level. Normally I like home levels, but this didn't add much interesting to the standard experience. It's just OK. There's no proper goal to reach. The level end trigger can be reached by using the switch next to the gate and walking through the gate. Gameplay is just about finding keys or switches. Challenges like training segment or the race track don't have a timer and are not rewarded. I hope I'm not being too harsh. The level doesn't look effortless or bad, I didn't run into any bugs or frustrating parts, and this is the builder's first level." - tuxraider (20-May-2023)
"Hooray! a new home level to play! No I’m not being sarcastic I actually really like home levels lol and this one looks and plays like an alternative TR3 one with mostly the same rooms and areas as the original but it looks better in it’s visuals in many places! that’s if you can ignore the constant redish lighting in all outdoor areas and nearly every single room apart from inside the pool, or in a bathroom I personally found it a bit annoying and distracting after a while, wanting it to change. Gameplay wise it was a bit disappointing with mostly finding keys or switches to open up more rooms and push blocks around etc, it only became interesting when you could open up a secret area in the race course where you could look at some classic TR themed rooms with some lizards to contend with but apart from that and a couple of new rooms to find there isn’t anything new or fresh to enjoy, not even any traps, platforming challenges or timed runs! at least it all looks nice and it was pretty cool watching Lara’s shadow effect running around as I explored." - John (20-May-2023)
"One of better manor projects, would work very nicely as a replacement of the TR3 tutorial. Visuals are improved, gameplay style is preserved and you get something extra as well. A possible perfect scenario would be to include this manor in a full custom levelset. Recommended." - DJ Full (15-May-2023)