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Dream Home by JimmyBeon

DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eRIC 6 8 8 8
Jay 7 8 8 8
John 7 8 8 8
Jorge22 7 8 8 8
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 7 8 8 8
tuxraider 7 7 3 6
release date: 09-Jul-2023
# of downloads: 641

average rating: 7.47
review count: 8
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file size: 284.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"How lovely, a well deserved tribute to video walkthrough maestro, Doggett, on whom I have had to rely on more than one occasion. OK, it’s a mansion level, but a cartoon version makes a delightful change and you get to admire a lot of Doggett’s artwork along the way. Perhaps it does get a bit confusing running to and fro round the vast grounds, but you can always consult – yes, the video walkthrough if you get stuck and you’ll have the opportunity to find out who the characters in the artwork are." - Jay (14-Aug-2023)
"This is basically the same level I played at the end of The First Revelation, only this time instead of Lara we get to play with our own special Doggett. Nice idea, but that's where it ends, especially because the game is really rather tough to figure out and I had forgotten basically everything from the first round. I only found 4 secrets out of 7 (how on earth do you shoot the statue on top of the main building?). For home level fans, I guess." - Jorge22 (26-Jul-2023)
"I remember playing a version of this level in jimmys other level set and liking it so I thought I’d check this one out to see if it differs a lot. With gameplay the answer is no it’s pretty much the same but visually yes there are many differences including obviously playing as doggett, the numerous cute pictures and portraits of doggett and his friends everywhere and of course the new strange purple lighting effect throughout the level which I actually quite liked despite it feeling rather superficial. I enjoyed the relaxing music as I played through I think it’s from the home level in legend or anniversary actually. This is a large level with lots of things to do and places to see etc especially in the grounds and gardens which are huge compared to the house! A lot of these “things to do” are revolving around finding many items and switches to open up more areas etc and constantly running back and forth through the grounds but we do have a gym and an assault course to offer up some light platforming aspects and I thought it was pretty cool when you needed to smash open a window from the top floor inside to access a higher area outside. Other gameplay elements consist of 2 tedious pushable crate tasks a numerical code task, manoeuvring and thawing a frozen Winston, a motorbike course and even a small trap involving fire and steam near the end so I do have to commend for some variety here and there even though in my opinion it wasn’t fully pushed enough. For enemies we have some spiders and some skeletons and even some friendly killer whales in a secret underground pool which don’t attack so good one there. Overall if you like long home levels with the usual tasks plus a a couple of nice surprises this is definitely one to check out but you might need a walkthrough as some activity’s can be a bit obscure or hidden" - John (19-Jul-2023)
"I started having this feeling of deva vu not very far into the level, and sure enough, it soon became clear that I was merely replaying the bonus house level from The First Revelation that was released only a little more than a year ago. I soon got over my initial sense of feeling cheated when I realized that the purpose of the remake was to honor Doggett and his artistic talents. After all, he makes a huge contribution to this site with the many video guides he prepares and posts, and I couldn't possibly compile my written walks without the assistance he and a few others provide. Anyway, if you've played The First Revelation you've essentially played this level, so there's no need to repeat the details here. Suffice it to say that the gameplay is quite complicated and requires quite a bit of back and forth if you wish to obtain all of the seven secrets (most of which are bunched near the end). Sad to say, JimmyBeon didn't take advantage of the opportunity with this remake to provide visual or aural cues pointing out the significance of those purple structures you have to shoot or destroy in order to open one of the secret doors. That was one of my pet peeves with the initial version, and I've noted my displeasure in the walk. There's no rating category for "originality," so I've just deducted one point from what I otherwise would have awarded for the four listed categories." - Phil (16-Jul-2023)
"Basically a retread of the mansion section from the earlier First Revelation release, but the main selling point here is that it is a charming tribute to one of our most esteemed video walkthrough makers, Doggett, who has been a saving grace on more than one occasion when trying to make my way through a particularly complicated custom level. Really lovely idea. I have no recollection on whether or not I elaborated my thoughts on the previous release, but if I did, I won't repeat them here as little to nothing has been altered. Gameplay still requires a keen eye and a good memory to spot pickups and remember locations of doors. Maybe only for die-hard home level fans, but the idea is still a charming one." - Ryan (16-Jul-2023)
"Basically a remake of the home level of the builders's previous game The First Revelation , you play with a different character , and there is some different textures and objects to fit the story. With the comics characters the level looks less absurd than the first time, but the gameplay is still tedious." - eRIC (14-Jul-2023)

This is the home level from "Tomb Raider: The First Revelation" by the same builder, with some improvements, and theming it with "furry" art. The latter is the main change. It's done by replacing Lara with Doggett, and placing some furry art on some random walls. Well, what to think of it? The art of the walls looks really out of place, even shoddy. They're just textures on squares, no frame, it doesn't blend with the surroundings at all. It even looks as if someone took a level made by someone else, and added these textures to make some kind of personal statement. The problem is not even about the unusual theming. There are other unusually themed levels, like "The Enchanted Palace", which are visually extremely unusual, but manage to create a convincing atmosphere. This is just inconsistent, and not being a fan of furry images nor emotionally connected to the furry scene, I can't see anything good in this change and I'm giving that part a low rating.

Ignoring this aspect, it's a good home level and worth playing. (Disclosure: I like home levels.) It's fun and elaborate, with varied gameplay elements. Being an improved version, I think the builder could have added more to it, at least making finding all secrets mandatory to reach the end trigger. Another negative thing is the changed lighting: darker, pink and green. The original level seemed to be set at night, but the changed lighting makes no sense.

Conclusion: decent home level, but if the visuals bother you play the home level in "Tomb Raider: The First Revelation" instead.

" - tuxraider (14-Jul-2023)
"I don't rate home levels when they're part of full adventure. As if Jimmy knew it, he now remade this home level into an adventure itself so I can't avoid reviewing lol. I said many remarks during the live review so I won't repeat - but to any potential player, I can just recommend to peek in, even if you have nothing to do with the furry community - as you're getting a fine house raid regardless. Recommended." - DJ Full (10-Jul-2023)