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Tomb Raider - 88 Moon by Giliii

billie2001 7 7 7 7
DJ Full 7 8 8 6
eRIC 6 7 6 5
JesseG 7 7 7 6
Jorge22 7 8 7 7
Obig 8 9 8 8
OblivionJaw 6 7 7 7
Phil 8 7 7 7
Roberto 7 8 7 7
Ryan 7 8 8 7
release date: 25-Oct-2023
# of downloads: 948

average rating: 7.13
review count: 10
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file size: 98.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Quite an enjoyable level with some rooms that are a little big and some weird-looking textures, but the gameplay more than makes up for it as it's enjoyable and entertained me throughout the entire length of the level. Highly recommended :)" - OblivionJaw (05-Dec-2023)
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • A room becoming flooded causes some platforms to lose their collision (presumably the dummy triggers are missing in the flipped room).
  • A majority of the "crowbar" doors are used as normal doors. Not only does this make it hard to tell when a door is opening, but it leads to a guessing game when it comes time to actually use the crowbar. Using more of a variety of doors that reflect their functionality would improve immersion.
  • I appreciate the use of varied lighting effects, but otherwise the visuals are on the simple side. I get that the world is supposed to feel abstract, but often the environment presents itself as a patchwork of invisible textures, among some wallpapered ones. The good news is a variety of textures help the rooms feel distinct from each other.
  • There is a good variety of traps, from flames to circular blades, for Lara to overcome on her search for 5 gems.
  • There are only a couple of enemies, but I liked the final encounter at the end of the level. Maybe that enemy had a bit too much health, but it was a nice climax for the adventure.
Time: 42 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 6.75/10" - JesseG (03-Nov-2023)
"A generally nice debut level, and a good resting place for people who need to get away from truly tough and long level sets. I was expecting something more spatial, but that's ok. The textures look a little underdone at times, but the general picture works well. I've indeed seen much worse in debut levels or even levels that are just continuations of debut levels. To sum it up, everything's doable and never boring, even the mirror room is pretty easy, thank God. There's a time when two skeletons appear out of the blue - make sure to get the explosive arrows before you meet them or you'll be in for dire straits. I had fun." - Jorge22 (03-Nov-2023)
"This is a rather routine, competent raid in an other-worldly setting that won't win any prizes but is fun to play. Obig has provided his first written walkthrough in memormy which covers all the bases in this one-hour romp. Two of the five secrets (the first and the last) make use of unmarked phantom walls. There's a way to get on top of the hedges in the maze area near the end for pickups you no longer need, and kapil didn't bother to document these in his posted video walk. The only timed run requires you to run back through a spike- trapped mirror room, but it's not difficult to master. Enemies are few and far between, and ample firepower is provided to deal with them. Likewise, it's pretty dark throughout but you'll find plenty of flare pickups along the way. A commendable maiden voyage." - Phil (30-Oct-2023)
"The looks are correct in general , not very great in the hub area with the disppearing textures and in the couple of flipped rooms for one of the quests. Competent use of cameras, it is obvious the builder had a good first grip on the editor." - eRIC (29-Oct-2023)
"Finally a new Hungarian author, another Hungarian level. It was a great adventure. Medium difficulty. There are no humanoid enemies, only a few wolves, fiery ghost (going against it I had lost a little HP due to my impatience), then a few skeletons, little gnomes, and finally a demigod. Medipack is not needed. You will be provided with weapons, ammo and medicpack, plentily. The level contains 5 secrets, well hidden. :) There are various puzzles and tasks, such as changing room, mirror room, invisible platforms, time run, hedge maze, rotating blades. There is no difficult task aside from the time run, but with a sprint you can gain a few seconds. It is a good game, and since it is the author's first level, I hope we can expect more in the future. :) I recommend it. If I am biased, I apologise. My compatriot from author. :) Walkthrough, savegames, and pictures:" - Obig (29-Oct-2023)
"A decent offering for a maiden effort, if a bit on the brief side. The somewhat surreal Egyptian surroundings are generally nicely executed (although a few of the textures could do with a bit more refinement and the blank walls were a bit disconcerting), the atmosphere isn't too bad and the gameplay entertaining enough for the duration. The mirror puzzle was nice if a bit too easily passed, the torch sequence was a neat addition, but the dimly lit maze was a bit of an unnecessary addition. The secrets were nicely hidden though. Not bad at all." - Ryan (29-Oct-2023)
"A decent and rather enjoyable debut. It's a small map, so no getting lost and no backtracking for a change, usual TR actions, a bit boxy and some glitchy items that don't get in the way of gameplay. Easy gameplay, so suitable for beginners and anyone who feels tired for a more involved raid. Took me a bit more than one hour (slow player) and found 3/5 secrets. Pleasant." - billie2001 (27-Oct-2023)
"This first level of Giliii has a good construction plan and a satisfying plot. There are medium level difficulties. The graphics chosen by the author are simplified and essential. Enemies are beatable. We have the best weapons in Lara's inventory. The search for secrets is satisfying. I found 5/5 . A couple of them are well hidden. The author has the makings of a level designer, he has the potential to create new, more complex and graphically beautiful levels.Fun level.Play it." - Roberto (27-Oct-2023)
"A primitive yet nice search for five elements resolving in a quick bossfight. The author tried many various setups so I guess the next level will be much better. Recommmended." - DJ Full (27-Oct-2023)