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The Infada Cult by Jonson

Adrian 10 10 10 10
billie2001 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
eRIC 9 10 10 9
Feats 10 10 10 10
Feder 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 10 10 10
LOTRKingluis 10 9 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 10 10 10
Torry 9 9 10 10
release date: 09-Nov-2023
# of downloads: 2272

average rating: 9.77
review count: 11
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file size: 255.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A visually stunning TR3 jungle, with some outstanding and very memorable areas. Great architecture that manages not to be overwhelming (for a jungle). The gameplay is also varied, starts from easy and progressively becomes more demanding but almost never overly so. My only gripe is the almost pixel perfect distance from a ledge to be able to get out of the boat, making a timed run among swinging fire baskets and other fires more difficult than it should. (Do read how to get out of the boat properly at the info page). Most probably an engine thing, so I won't deduct any points for this. Highly recommended." - billie2001 (08-Feb-2024)
"Quite lengthy for a TR3 offering and a very enjoyable and rewarding raid it is too. Visually, it's undoubtedly up there with the best custom TR3 adventures and stands up well against some of the TRNG stuff. The environments are refreshing, no area looks neglected and even the simpler rooms and corridors manage to look somewhat impressive. Gameplay is nicely pitched at a medium-to-relatively challenging difficulty level, nothing too frustrating or insurmountable and there's a great variety of traditional TR "stuff" including block puzzles, challenging trap sequences, exploration, engaging battles with a wide range of enemies (although I always find those Shivas to be a rather clunky opponent to defeat), even an always enjoyable boat ride is included. Backtracking isn't too much of an issue as there's always some handy shortcuts thoughtfully provided nearby. There's a nice sense of interconnectivity too as you revisit previously explored areas from previously unreachable areas, always a nice touch. My only minor complaint is that some of the swinging flame traps were a bit awkward to try and jump past from somewhat inconvenient places, but I eventually managed. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (07-Dec-2023)
"I can't think of a single reason to deduct points from any of the rating categories, and as others have noted, this would surely have sold well as a commercial TR3 Gold release. There are four loosely connected levels here, each of them being of roughly the same length, and my total playing time while simultaneously writing a walkthrough was just a few minutes shy of six hours. Judging from some of the reviews I was expecting a more challenging raid than I actually experienced, but there are plenty of harrowing moments to entertain the player along the way. A generous supply of provisions are made available, but I always prefer too many to not enough. The surroundings and lighting are superlative throughout, and I rarely found an occasion to light a flare. In recent days I've been sticking to the traditional TR4 levels that my antiquated operating system will handle, but it was well worth booting up into Windows 10 for this outstanding raid. High recommendations for what in due time will be a certain Hall of Fame entry." - Phil (06-Dec-2023)
"Great levelset , with impressive areas to explore , sometimes you reenter these from another route , and yet the game succeeds to not be overwhelming. The atmosphere is spot on all along , even if i am not too keen of the background audio loop in the last level. It was great to see again the textures from Persia , and Jonson did make a good job to mix India and Persia after the second level, individually each level has great harmony. For once i'd wish there would be more enemies as we are greatly equipped with weaponry and stuff; i found only 7 secrets and even those were not easy to get. The game difficulty is not too high , there is only a few timed tasks and the timing was perfect, enjoyable jumps and some traps with interesting ideas. An enjoyable adventure where you are not stuck very often. Bravo." - eRIC (27-Nov-2023)
"What a beautiful level set! Picturesque with nicely interconnected locations within a level and good use of height to criss-cross previously visited areas. Immersive gameplay with good puzzles and traps with excellent ambience and landscaping all around. Pick-ups could sometimes be hard to see against the textures, but were plentiful and although I got all the weapons, I actually only needed the pistols, shotgun and revolver as ammo was more than sufficient. Secrets were challenging, but rewarded you with a little more area to explore as well as the pick-ups. Enemies were not too hard to dispatch - especially if you were quick on the draw to take out cult individuals before they activated a Shiva. So overall highly recommended (should be in the HoF as one of the best TR3 level sets) and hoping for more from this builder." - Adrian (26-Nov-2023)
  • The layout of each level may be overwhelming to some players, particularly those who do not remember where things like locks were located. Normally these kinds of levels can lead to a lot of backtracking, but thankfully smartly placed shortcuts make this issue next to non-existant, as players are able to open doors or trapdoors to make a quick return route.
  • Visually very strong, the second half of the adventure is kept distinct in its texturing from the first half to help keep variety in the adventure. Great use of lighting and other atmospheric effects add to the immersion.
  • Great use of traps to create tense moments, including more unique situations such as monkeyswinging past a sliding spiked wall and boating past flaming pots. The traps made up a bulk of the difficulty in my view, but I enjoyed the challenge.
  • Combat involves many shiva statues, but also adds some variety with various beasts and a quick but climatic final encounter.
Time: 4 hours 18 minutes | Difficulty: Hard | Rating: 9.75/10" - JesseG (24-Nov-2023)
"Been some good TR3 engine levels come out recently and I'd say this is right up there with the best of them! An awesome raid to be found here! Gameplay just flowed, enemies were not over done with some nice customisations. Secrets must have been well hidden as officially found none but technically found one that I couldn't figure out how to get out, of so left it haha! The levels in general looked amazing definitely immersed in the world created by the builder. I honestly can't recommend this level enough! Get it played if you haven't already!" - Feats (23-Nov-2023)
"This level stands out in a way I never thought a TR3 level would, the engine limitations have been pushed so far that it actually feels like you’re playing a very advanced NG TR4 level. There was a time when wide open spaces were impossible to make without some serious object drawing issues, but now the author exploits tomb3main in a much customized way (even fish bounds have been drawn correctly) and gives us a large wonderful environment filled with details and a very complex geometry that interconnects through each entire level. I’ve got to say; whenever I enter a large complex room I think “oh boy, I’m already lost”, but the gameplay is so fluid that guides you almost in a straight line so you don’t get lost, opening way back paths to avoid backtracking, and pointing out where the key items are. Tasks are limited to the engine capabilities but implemented in a very creative way, like the boulder that breaks the wall, the falling blocks, the re-appearing bridge, for example. Secrets are the highlight of the game, as the author follows The Lost Artifact’s style and rewards the player with great special places to explore and lots of pickups, and they are not that hard to find either. I won’t complain about the excessive amount of pickups because it was fun collecting them, and the real challenge was to find the weapons anyway. To summarize, I can’t find anything wrong with this level set, the author did a great job and you can tell how much effort he put into making it as close to perfect as a TR3 level can be." - Feder (20-Nov-2023)
"This is a very, very good TR3 level set for experienced raiders. The first level had many hidden passages that you could easily walk passed without noticing but after a while I discovered the author's penchant for these passages and once you know what to look for the level flowed much better. Levels two and three were much easier with level four returning to challenging with many difficult jumps to negotiate. Secrets were almost impossible to find. I only found one secret in each of levels 1,2 and 4 and none whatsoever in level 3. Hence I never found the rocket launcher OR the Desert Eagle which would have helped immensely in the final battle but I managed to get through with the shotgun and MP5 whilst sucking down health packs. I deducted one point for the difficulty and one point for the secrets that were somewhere other than where I looked. Other than that a grand excursion into TR3 territory. Thanks Jonson." - Torry (19-Nov-2023)
"I'm very impressed with this TRLE! An incredible adventure in the style of Tomb Raider 3. Hits the nostalgic spot instantly! It has some clever level progression, giving the player the feeling of isolation and grand exploring while always retaining a bit of straightforwardness (allowing for very few moments of "I'm completely lost and I need a walkthrough!"). I, however, personally felt that the amount of pickups were a tiny bit too much. Some rooms had 6 or 7 pickups to be picked up one after another. The ambience music, lights, objects and enemies all fit very well in this multilevel game. An highly recommended play for any player of any skill level!" - LOTRKingluis (14-Nov-2023)
"Could be a proper TR3 Gold. Friendly gameplay, beautiful scenery, nice ambience, good music and subtle yet effective customizations make it just work. There were several visual imperfections but everything else makes up for them so everybody should feel good here. Especially if you are into TR3 mood this will be one of the best for you. I once had a problem when the red Infada didn't spawn, that's something for the builder to investigate." - DJ Full (11-Nov-2023)