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The Other Artifact by cumulonimbus48

eRIC 7 9 7 7
release date: 27-Dec-2023
# of downloads: 541

average rating: 7.50
review count: 1
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file size: 212.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The builder has joined together his previous levels, offering different locations to raid, the transition works rather well between the two Nevada levels also with the three Celtic levels. It is said these levels have less enemies than in The Guardian of the Talion return, i can't imagine the latter as there is already often many of them in this present game. The first levels are of middle difficulty then the difficulty increases with the the 4th level Prison with a very tight timed door , and there is some other timed doors after that in the following levels. The levels are not without flaws , invisible blocks in front of closed doors, a few missing textures, the flares bug at the end of the Cliff level, strange choice of textures in a couple of levels for the climbing surfaces, the worst for me was the wall levers that do not have any appropriate texture and were quite hard to notice. I don't mind being stuck once in a while if it's for good reasons. Now , even if a tad unpolished , there is a lot of work that has been done in the levels with some good ideas even if that did not always worked completely (for ex : i was stuck for good in Prison for there was still one gunman active and the two free prisonners who normally help Lara were not interested by the gunman as they wanted to get to another guard located behing a closed door , door that opens only much later). Also something i'm not too fond of are the camera shots showing the side you haven't been yet. At least there is a feeling of accomplishment here and there when playing. Recommanded for experienced players. My favourite of the set : The village. In second : the Church with its mutants , a T-Rex , its friendly priests shooting at raptors, or raptors feeding on dogs you just have killed. I also enjoyed all the different weapons we can find here and the builder is very generous with goodies. Time taken : 9 hours. 21/29 secrets found." - eRIC (07-Jan-2024)