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Xian's Gate by DaroRaider

DJ Full 9 9 9 9
JesseG 7 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 9 8
release date: 06-Jan-2024
# of downloads: 441

average rating: 8.33
review count: 3
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file size: 68.40 MB
file type: TR2
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a nostalgic hark back to the early TR2 years. As I've probably mentioned before, the undoubted heady days of that game are somewhat counterbalanced by the grainy textures and somewhat clunky movements. Having said that, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The settings are solidly constructed and the gameplay challenging and engaging. Although a few of the traps were a little too sneaky for their own good and a few of the long ladder climbs were a bit tedious, there's some great enjoyment to be had from the timed sequences, boulder runs, spike traps and even a couple of neat puzzles (really liked the lever puzzle where the clue was hidden in plain sight). Enemies nicely mount up as you progress, and the final battle was a great finale to round things off nicely. An hour's worth of fast paced entertainment." - Ryan (21-Jan-2024)
"The first TR2 level which tells me resolution matters for lighting. What now, should I replay all and re-rate lighting, or am I fine? This level surely is, fitting in the plot of TR2 in epic China scenery. The first puzzle is like what the heck but then it gets better, creative and more balanced. I would add more sound effects, for example the waterfalls are totally silent. I also advise the builder to use light and shade also in the outside areas, it does make a difference. Recommended, I don't think I was ever bored here." - DJ Full (18-Jan-2024)
  • I renamed tomb2.exe to tr2.exe in order to hear the audio tracks.
  • There is a gate above a waterfall that you can zipline to, which appears to be open, but oddly enough the opening under the gate is a solid wall until Lara finds a way to lift the gate even higher.
  • Climbable surfaces should be consistent; there is a pit with yetis and spikes across which Lara must jump, but trying to grab the right side makes her fall to her doom.
  • In that same pit there are automatic pistols to pick up, but because of the protruding spikes I had to have Lara consume two large medpacks as she picked them up, and this didn't feel very good to do.
  • There are two sets of blades Lara must wade through, and I found this extremely difficult to do. I got past the first set with lucky timing and also consuming a small and a large medpack while wading through. After seeing the second set in the same tunnel, I apologetically resorted to cheating by removing it via Fexinspect.
  • There are a few puzzles that I enjoyed, including switches that disarm a rolling blade and a floor tile puzzle. Lara congratulating my success was a nice bonus.
  • Aside from my complaints above, there are plenty of fun and intense moments involving boulders and blades for Lara to dodge, as well as timed trapdoors.
  • The combat gets more interesting as the adventure goes on, culminating in a final shootout against many enemies popping out of holes in the wall.
  • The large valley with several pieces of the wall surrounding it makes for an engaging setting. The texturing is pretty good too, although the outdoor lighting is a little on the bright side.
Time: 1 hour 10 minutes | Difficulty: Very Hard | Rating: 7.75/10" - JesseG (12-Jan-2024)