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Candy Riddles (Demo) by FlorGalen

Jay 6 7 7 8
John 4 7 7 8
Jorge22 7 8 8 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 5 7 7 8
Tolle87 4 8 7 9
release date: 24-Jan-2024
# of downloads: 314

average rating: 6.96
review count: 6
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file size: 56.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is certainly an interesting and well constructed demo level, although I did have to keep pausing to give my eyeballs a rest – yes, it is really colourful! It’s difficult to ascertain how something that works well as a short ‘sweet treat’ would survive being worked up into a complete level without overstaying its welcome, but that’s something that will only be apparent when it becomes available. I’d definitely say it has potential though – and I did rather like the homicidal fairies." - Jay (12-Feb-2024)
"Someone must have heeded my complaints about dark levels, because this one is the exact opposite. No flares are provided, but why would you even think about lighting one here? Some clever twists are presented, and the player is required to do some thinking on occasion, but this is basically a level for new players and shouldn't pose any insurmountable problems. The three secrets are cleverly hidden "in plain sight," so to speak, one behind a crowbar panel that provides the only occasion for using the crowbar. In my game the exit door didn't open when I placed the blue balloon/lollipop, but I didn't miss any gameplay because of that. There's a block raised earlier by a jump switch that I never used, and maybe there's something in that area that needs to be done for the exit door to open. No matter, it's not worth going back to investigate. And I have a bit of friendly advice for the builder. I know that this level is billed as a demo, but I found this brief tidbit to be quite sufficient for my tastes, and I suggest that instead of working on a full version you concentrate your demonstrated talents on a level with an altogether different playing environment." - Phil (12-Feb-2024)
"Another brief demo that's somewhat an acquired taste, thanks to the bright colours and cheerful objects. The setting really isn't too bad (quite pleasing in fact), but the gameplay unfortunately is very meagre and doesn't ever get out of gear. Run back and forth between a few rooms to collect a few key items, do some easy platforming, shoot a couple of enemies and that's your lot. It does have some potential though, if the gameplay is considerably beefed up for a possible full version. Oh, and the sounds need some work as the dreamy audio loop was rather grating on the nerves after a while and some major sound effects are missing." - Ryan (12-Feb-2024)
"Custom main menu, custom animations....It seems like the builder knows what they are doing and it's certainly a unique experience regarding the theme. Everything looks like a fairy tale, but instead of the Witch from the candy house, we get some fake puzzles and strangely hidden objects. I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out the chess puzzle with an out-of-place knight, only to find a hidden trapdoor in the corner. Just a little less of that and a little more of player-friendliness and the full version will be as magical as intended. I got two secrets (out of 70 apparently, according to the stats :) ) and they were easy to find, as there are many mandatory items that were more difficult to get, so you just have to search everything. Overall, the theme has potential and the builder managed to capture the magic behind it, now they just need to reassess some decisions. So far, there is hope..." - Tolle87 (02-Feb-2024)
"A demo that ended suddenly, when I was expecting a little more. It's a fantasy world, made of chocolate and cookies, seasoned with the search for keys and balloons (plus secrets). Enemies are coloured fairies, and, of course, the chocolate ponds that work like quick sand. It's mostly simple, but occasionally surprising. I thought the looping piano music may have been a little too sweet, even though it fits the general atmosphere. Looking forward to the full product." - Jorge22 (01-Feb-2024)
"Well this fantasy house level is certainly an acquired taste! If you’d like a house made of chocolate and candy with sweet sickly bright colours and lighting with rainbows, balloons, pink unicorns but deadly fairies then you’ve come to the right place! Hey even the bats are multicoloured lol. Personally apart from the repeated cheesy music tracks it wasn’t such an assault on the senses at all for me! it made a nice change to the norm and I thought the indoor night room maze and the aquarium room with mermaids were were just gorgeous to look at. Gameplay is not so interesting unfortunately, it’s mainly just searching for keys, items and levers with some tricky hidden jump switches or a pushable and a few platforming tasks on sloped blocks (some of which you can’t shimmy on?! ) or rising platforms. For traps and danger you have the deadly Chocolate syrup that if you fall into you just sink like quicksand and of course the bats and fairies are certainly pretty but definitely not friendly. Overall it’s a good start for a demo but I’m hoping the builder will hopefully work on extending the gameplay and implementing more fun and enjoyable puzzles, tasks and traps for the full version." - John (29-Jan-2024)