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Adventures of Lady Croft by Bjorn

DJ Full 10 10 10 9
eRIC 8 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 9
John 9 8 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Josey 10 8 9 9
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
release date: 29-Jan-2024
# of downloads: 1249

average rating: 8.69
review count: 9
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file size: 278.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"This is a great mini game with 5 levels all set in different locations which can be played in any order (although for story purposes its best to work top to bottom) except you'll need clues from collecting all secrets from the first 3 levels to open up 2 challenges and gun closet in the 5th level set in Venice. The first level has a TR3 south pacific island vibe which I love, complete with a kayak, fun exploring, platforming and of course the deadly traps involving fire, boulders, spinning wheels, blades and spikes and to top off: a timed run for a secret! wow! short and sweet this one. The Aldwych style level I was not looking forward to as I really don't like the original one in TR3 but I was pleasantly surprised here. The deadly underground trains are back, as well as working escalators this time and the gameplay here mostly starts off with exploring for items to use and combine with other objects and a puzzle involving a movable box task around the station. We move deeper underground to much more interesting places later such as a huge water area, a Masonic lodge type of area and a large elevator shaft, gameplay here includes a lot of exploring, climbing and platforming which was a lot of fun. The third level set in a museum was definitely a treat indeed and felt like a unique setting with only slight AOD louvre gallery comparisons, there is a bit of everything in this level : exploration, puzzles, fan and fire traps and good platforming tasks both inside and around the gardens outside very well done, and the toilet task? too funny. The 4th level is a Lara's home level which is mostly typical of the usual tasks and activities in this type of area but don't let that put you off because I found the layouts and structures of a lot the rooms are truly original and fun to explore, especially the fun gym and the pool room with the slide! good one there! there's a small hedge maze and a gallery of Lara's previous adventures as well but the most enjoyable task here was the fun timed quadbike course in the attic! what a great idea to have it inside! It should be noted there is no finish trigger here, its all about finding all the many secrets. With the 5th level set in a gorgeous Venice area there wouldn't be a lot to do here if you hadn't found the 3 codes to open the 3 doors leading to 2 different challenges and a gun closet area. One challenge is a fun timed motorbike course mostly around the outside area with jump ramps over water and tight turns, the another challenge is a enemy take over of the area with lots men dressed to kill! literally! I feel this last level is a bit underused as its such a lovely area to immerse yourself in. Overall a great set of levels with so much variety and fun tasks, definitely not one to be missed." - John (07-May-2024)
"Totally wonderful and a must play. Reviewers must have all had a bad day." - DJ Full (25-Mar-2024)
"This game has three main levels and two bonus levels, each one with its own environment and kind of actions and tasks. At the end of each level, we receive a notice when we haven’t found all secrets, for there is a secret code to acquire when all secrets are found. Lara also has something to say many times, and I enjoyed this. The author has a fine sense of humor; you’ll find many instances of it throughout the game. The first level is challenging. We have here not only some difficult timed runs with nasty kinds of horizontal and rolling blades, but also two fierce Shivas to kill. Nevertheless, the rolling blades part is only deceptively difficult, and Lara can press the necessary buttons without fighting the Shivas – mercifully, they freeze after she does that. The second level is about exploration, with a very nice sequence of actions into a metropolitan station. I considered it very good and also creative. The third level is much more elaborated, with plenty of interesting tasks. I considered the library puzzle pretty good, with a nice display of the author’s sense of humor. I liked Lara’s commentaries at the library, and it was very nice to see again the Barkhang Monastery’s main room. As to the bonus levels, the mansion’s first is a relaxing, pretty, easy one, with Lara looking for secrets and being disturbed by her irritating butler. The continuous music is never a good choice, in my opinion, but the mansion and its grounds are gorgeous. Finally, I didn’t enjoy very much the second and last level, because it is almost entirely a shooting trip. But it was very nice to find unexpectedly a beggar who had a delicious wine bottle for Lara…and if you overlooked him, he is at a NW closed area." - Josey (20-Mar-2024)
"This made a welcome change of pace after finishing off two rather difficult levelsets. Five distinct levels (well, two of them are bonus levels), all of which provide a refreshing change of scenery (my favourite being the Aldwych and museum sections) and have gameplay that won't frustrate you too much. Not too much in the way of complex puzzles, but still manages to be entertaining enough. The textures are pleasing throughout too. The only downside was that the bonus levels were a bit of a letdown, with the first one being a rather arduous mansion level and the Venice one being a rather underwhelming shootout with no finish trigger. Still, for a relaxing raid, this will probably fit the bill nicely." - Ryan (11-Mar-2024)
"I enjoyed playing these distinctive levels that provide nostalgic flavors of TR3 and TR2. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, they fall just short of being top notch. Maybe that's because of the relative disappointment of the two bonus levels, which naturally are the freshest in my memory as I prepare this review. The first level is short but inventive in several respects, and it sets the stage for what follows. The second level takes place in a subway setting and brought back fond memories of Aldwych. The third level is perhaps the most ambitious of the bunch, where you explore the vast reaches of a museum featuring Egypt and Tibet sections. The first bonus level is basically a house level with some nice twists, but nothing to write home about. Finding all of the secrets in the three main levels allows full exploration of the second bonus level, which is interesting in concept but left me with that bogged-down feeling long before it was over. The highlights are timed runs with the motorboat and motorbike. I had bruises on my fingertips before I finally conquered the motorboat run, only to learn that my only reward was an onscreen congratulatory message. As a result, I didn't spend much time on the motorbike run. There's no finish trigger after you've completed the three challenges in the second bonus level, so all you can do then is exit out of the game. Not a very inspired way to bring an otherwise admirable effort to a close." - Phil (09-Mar-2024)
"Good set of levels, with two smaller levels, one larger level, and two bonus levels, all separate.
  • I don't understand why the levels are not linked. Obviously they're meant to be played in order and form a single story line. You have to start a new game manually and select the next level after you finish one.
  • Each level of the three main levels gets more sophisticated and longer.
  • In the first level, I somehow managed to get through the current without closing the doors and could swim around in the ocean. (I learned that I should have closed the doors only when I looked at a walk through video.) I was about to complain how hard it was to get through the current and that I did it only by luck.
  • In the third level, I could push a statue into a park bench, but not pull it out. (Minor soft-lock.)
  • Lara sometimes talks. It's helpful, like warning you that you're about to leave the level without having all secrets, or funny, like in the library in the third level. Charming.
  • One of the two bonus levels is a home level. Good if you like home levels, otherwise not very interesting.
  • The other bonus level requires you to know the codes of the secrets you collected in the main levels. (Clever solution.)
Conclusion: it was pretty nice and solid. Can recommend." - tuxraider (16-Feb-2024)
  • There are two bonus levels, and the second one appears to contain rewards for finding secrets. I did not fully explore this second level and it is not reflected in my review.
  • A minor issue, but the font used here is pretty difficult to read, particularly the numbers.
  • The levels in this adventure are standalone - players will be brought back to the main menu after each one. It's not something I feel strongly about one way or another, but I did end up with quite a bit of inventory that never got used. The good news is that players are made aware of when each level is about to end, so they can plan accordingly.
  • There are a few puzzles to enjoy, from the standard pushable objects to the placement of books in the correct shelves. Some of the secrets come with their own puzzle as well.
  • The adventure boasts some strong architectural moments, especially in the third level, and the texturing and lighting are consistently well done.
  • The cutscenes and interactions are a nice touch, introducing some recurring characters in the levelset.
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 8.75/10" - JesseG (15-Feb-2024)
"True, there could have been a link between the different levels, but still the experience doesn't suffer much from it, so... I rather liked the different levels (bonus levels included - the house level is quite easy, and the Venice one is more challenging and uses a couple of vehicles), and thought they were well designed and, most of all, accessible (thus it was fun to play), which is something you can seldom say about levels. It was humourous at times too. I think this builder can improve, and I'm therefore looking forward to new levels by him." - Jorge22 (14-Feb-2024)
"at the end of the first level, i thought it regrettable to note the absence of level jumps; this said in the end the story does not suffer from this at all, so all is well from my viewpoint. The first regular level is rather short at 20 minutes , the 2nd one 40 minutes and the last one 1h20. Plus we have a home level and a Venice bonus level , where the goal is to win two challenges with vehicles , that is if you have found all secrets in the regular levels otherwise you can just walk around admiring the place. I really enjoyed the 3 regular levels , quite entertaining, and here and there you see the builder has imagination and a good sense of humour with the texts appearing on screen. Quite recommanded." - eRIC (11-Feb-2024)