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Adventures of Lady Croft by Bjorn

eRIC 8 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
release date: 29-Jan-2024
# of downloads: 840

average rating: 8.44
review count: 4
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file size: 278.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Good set of levels, with two smaller levels, one larger level, and two bonus levels, all separate.
  • I don't understand why the levels are not linked. Obviously they're meant to be played in order and form a single story line. You have to start a new game manually and select the next level after you finish one.
  • Each level of the three main levels gets more sophisticated and longer.
  • In the first level, I somehow managed to get through the current without closing the doors and could swim around in the ocean. (I learned that I should have closed the doors only when I looked at a walk through video.) I was about to complain how hard it was to get through the current and that I did it only by luck.
  • In the third level, I could push a statue into a park bench, but not pull it out. (Minor soft-lock.)
  • Lara sometimes talks. It's helpful, like warning you that you're about to leave the level without having all secrets, or funny, like in the library in the third level. Charming.
  • One of the two bonus levels is a home level. Good if you like home levels, otherwise not very interesting.
  • The other bonus level requires you to know the codes of the secrets you collected in the main levels. (Clever solution.)
Conclusion: it was pretty nice and solid. Can recommend." - tuxraider (16-Feb-2024)
  • There are two bonus levels, and the second one appears to contain rewards for finding secrets. I did not fully explore this second level and it is not reflected in my review.
  • A minor issue, but the font used here is pretty difficult to read, particularly the numbers.
  • The levels in this adventure are standalone - players will be brought back to the main menu after each one. It's not something I feel strongly about one way or another, but I did end up with quite a bit of inventory that never got used. The good news is that players are made aware of when each level is about to end, so they can plan accordingly.
  • There are a few puzzles to enjoy, from the standard pushable objects to the placement of books in the correct shelves. Some of the secrets come with their own puzzle as well.
  • The adventure boasts some strong architectural moments, especially in the third level, and the texturing and lighting are consistently well done.
  • The cutscenes and interactions are a nice touch, introducing some recurring characters in the levelset.
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 8.75/10" - JesseG (15-Feb-2024)
"True, there could have been a link between the different levels, but still the experience doesn't suffer much from it, so... I rather liked the different levels (bonus levels included - the house level is quite easy, and the Venice one is more challenging and uses a couple of vehicles), and thought they were well designed and, most of all, accessible (thus it was fun to play), which is something you can seldom say about levels. It was humourous at times too. I think this builder can improve, and I'm therefore looking forward to new levels by him." - Jorge22 (14-Feb-2024)
"at the end of the first level, i thought it regrettable to note the absence of level jumps; this said in the end the story does not suffer from this at all, so all is well from my viewpoint. The first regular level is rather short at 20 minutes , the 2nd one 40 minutes and the last one 1h20. Plus we have a home level and a Venice bonus level , where the goal is to win two challenges with vehicles , that is if you have found all secrets in the regular levels otherwise you can just walk around admiring the place. I really enjoyed the 3 regular levels , quite entertaining, and here and there you see the builder has imagination and a good sense of humour with the texts appearing on screen. Quite recommanded." - eRIC (11-Feb-2024)