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Tomb Raider 1 Reimagined - Part 1 by JaayStation

cuberaver 10 8 10 9
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
eRIC 7 8 8 6
Jose 7 7 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 7
release date: 01-Feb-2024
# of downloads: 911

average rating: 8.20
review count: 5
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file size: 905.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: Remake

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Reviewer's comments
"A lengthy yet balanced redo of half of TR1. Gave me vibes of the old epic releases although gameplay is limited to classic elements. It can give you an acute case of immersion, I liked every level here. Enemy count might be sus but I was never overwhelmed. I had one stuck point with Athena since she requires 5 letters while feeling like 4, and even if you figure it out, you need advanced mythological knowledge to pass. I would make camera hints a bit broader so they don't only show doors but fragments of places for context. The last level has a possible softlock as the golden block doesn't provide a backup way soon enough, which should be fixed as well. The final secret can kiss my Midass goodbye but overall I can recommend this game. If polished and extended to full duration, it's gonna stand among the greatest TR1 remakes." - DJ Full (30-Mar-2024)
"a very nicely designed TRLE in TR1 style. You shouldn't expect a 1:1 imitation of the original part here and that's a good thing, because this part is equipped with very beautiful locations and matching puzzles that are really questionable as well as some tricky passages that will make every Tomb Raider's heart beat faster! Of course, the game wasn't completely finished when I played it, and there may be some bugs here and there as well as some messy textures, but they don't affect the whole thing! I enjoyed it and look forward to finishing it all. But one thing is certain, the level builder has great talent and potential! keep it up and thank you for the great game result." - cuberaver (29-Feb-2024)
"A TR1 game where we are still amazed that the same audios are triggered when we step on the same spot than before, the bats are triggered again when you have already killed them when we step on the same spot, and the same Lara model which is the worst when it comes to jumping. The builder has built totally new versions of the well known levels plus added a original one between Peru and Greece in which Lara breaks in Natla Technologies. The levels are a bit longer than the originals , also a bit harder even so nothing really too difficult. While the lighting is sometimes too bright , and it could be said the same thing about static objects , and the right segmentation of the walls and their texturing are far from being very good in many places , the atmosphere is still there. I quite liked the ideas in Colosseum, some of the puzzles or tasks in other levels. To name a few in Tomb of Qualopec , the moved blocks puzzle is more entertaining than in the official level, , the Poseidon tasks or the Athena enigma in St Francis folly were quite appreciated. One thing i did not liked in St Francis in the Ares challenge is that one platform is timed , and if you are not quick enough or did notice it was timed , you can try again but the other platform (not timed) with the timed switch falls down as soon as you step again on it resulting in immediate Lara's death (i had to replay from another savegame to be able to continue). Also there is a shortcut in Palace of kings : you can skip the OOYOY door challenge with the timed burners as you can reach the end of this challenge at the beginning of the game by pulling off water from a slanted block to claim the Lead Bar without having to do the timed burners trial. It is obvious generally the builder has good skills , there are flipmaps or use of sinks. and generally the Greek levels are more interesting than the Peruvian, so the following worlds may be even more interesting." - eRIC (26-Feb-2024)
"Certainly an engaging and more challenging raid for the TR1 aficionados out there. It's been years since we've had a new offering from this builder (formerly known as townsieboy), and this is far and away his most ambitious and accomplished work to date: recreating the first half of TR1 in his style, being faithful to the source material while not being a straight-up remake. There are a few undoubted flaws: a few of the jumps and timed runs being too tricky, a couple of graphical bugs, some overly monotonous texturing/erratic lighting, overdone enemy attacks and a bit too much backtracking but overall I had an enjoyable experience. The old haunts are mostly lovingly recreated with a few new twists (including travelling back in time to the Colosseum, a really neat touch!) and there's some enjoyable block puzzles and traps to contend with. Some of the secret areas also require extra preparation, which I always like. One of the more enjoyable TR1 offerings out there and I look forward to more." - Ryan (24-Feb-2024)
"Well, after play the game and write the walkthrough, even when I found several bugs (see the walkthrough in this site) I have to say that it's a TR1 adventure worth to play. Make no mistake: this is not a remake as you can see in the "class" section in trle; yes, it's a TR1 adventure with the same names for the levels, but totally builded from scratch, because if you are a TR1 lover I highly recommend this levels. Despite the bugs I found, this was an entertaining adventure, with classic puzzles and traps, a good ambience and perfectly lighting. On the other hand, I don't know how the betatesters couldn't find some missing textures, the very bright objects not tinted and the no-one shot triggers for the musics, among the other things. There are some tricky and challenging tasks in some levels, so not for beginners, but personally I didn't need to reload many times to go on (perhaps 'cause I've been playing TR custom levels 20 years ago, or more...). Another issue I didn't like was the very big surfaces textured the same way, that gives a monotonous impresion in the big areas. Most levels are not long, but the St. Francis Folly was particulary complex with a lot of backtracking; another levels like the Colosseum were very interesting and with nice touches like the travels to the past and to the future; well done! For the next levels, my recommendations are to place more ammo for the extra weapons (The uzis only appear at the very end and only if you found the last secret; very very difficult to find), not so many enemies in tricky areas like in the spiked room with the swords and some more cameras and musics in certain places; evenmore, not so difficult tasks for the less-experienced players (unless you want your work is played only for a bunch of expert players). Anyway, like i said, it's a great adventure worth to play but not for beginners. Looking forward for the final release this summer. Thanks, James." - Jose (20-Feb-2024)