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Sabatu's Tomb Raider 4 - Catacombs of Alexandria (Demo) by Sabatu

DJ Full 9 10 10 10
eRIC 9 9 10 10
JimmyBeon 10 9 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
tuxraider 8 8 9 8
release date: 11-Feb-2024
# of downloads: 1023

average rating: 9.38
review count: 6
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file size: 110.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Only one serious problem for a secret hunter: the secret gets disabled after you pick up another item - and it suggests the opposite, as it feels like it's meant to be a shortcut reward, so I can see many players falling for it and reloading. Not necessary also a double wraith chase as the first one makes you fall back and lose time, not too much though. Many thanks for faster pushblock animation, I think crawl roll and faster shimmy would be great as well. Weapons are useless except from the shotgun which is on constant shortage - well you can use revolver to pop the skeleton's heads but it needs advanced knowledge, and didn't we have a crossbow at this point of TR4 the demo is based on? So yeah, better combat is an option here. Still, nothing can break the flawless immersion so even if I sound annoyed, I actually wasn't 94% of the time. Other times it was often relaxing but also creative, and I can highly recommend it as such. Too many words, I know - just play it." - DJ Full (27-Mar-2024)
"Sabatu, he's a well oiled machine bringing us banger trle time after time. He might be a machine, but he has a heart, and you can see this in his level design, and attention to detail with every texture placed. You can tell he loves Tomb Raider, just like all of us here im sure. Hes a big inspiration of mine, he makes me want to be a better builder too, to constantly improve. What i like about this level is that it isn't too difficult, there are no impossible puzzles here that take ages to figure out. The lighting and textures are bright and colourful. And most of all, he's keeping the spirit of the original TR4 alive with this recent release. Looking forward to the full thing. Thank you Sabatu." - JimmyBeon (29-Feb-2024)
"What an absorbing classic raid, one that I can safely say ranks right up there with the top-tier Catacomb style levels that would have been released during the early years of the Level Editor. Everything about it exudes class: the wondrous open environments you explore, the top-notch atmosphere, the impressive flybys and the varied gameplay that actually manages to include close to every TR gambit you can think of. Not to mention the detail put into Lara's footsteps, being magnified depending on where she is. Little things like that. The hub room concept is used to great potential as Lara opens her way deeper and deeper into this complex, finally culminating in an impressive draining sequence once you acquire the tridents and release the boulders. The only thing missing was a slightly more fulfilling ending rather than Lara somehow ending up back where she started after the loading screen (?). Otherwise, I really can't fault this one. Not really a demo, then..." - Ryan (27-Feb-2024)
"Nice long level with enjoyable game play.
  • It has a simple, but consistent and pretty look, which makes for an enjoyable atmosphere. I might be biased because I like the texture set.
  • The level has multiple separate areas, so even though the level is relatively long, it's not of overbearing complexity.
  • The gameplay is interesting and creative. I liked the map puzzle.
  • Tough enemies, sometimes cryptic gameplay, situations where you need to be fast, and needing to find well-hidden things, put this level slightly on the more challenging side.
  • An example of a rather hard part is where you get attacked by birds and need to use the revolver to neutralize a worse threat. Took me a while.
  • One thing that got me stuck and made me look at the walkthrough video: the magic tiles you had to step on to trigger an action. It turned out that I guessed right, but missed yet another well-hidden tile.
  • The end trigger loops back to the start of the level, where everything is broken? But it's a demo. I didn't notice any other problems.
In conclusion, even though it's called a demo, it's fun and playable and can be recommended." - tuxraider (25-Feb-2024)
"This is an excellent level, packed with action sequences, puzzles and platforming exercises that covers just about all of the bases. The builder's previous TR4 level was criticized for its darkness, but this one is well lighted throughout. The rare occasions where a flare is needed are usually because a crawl space or something similar has been intentionally hidden from view. I recall only one really difficult moment, when you had to run across a timed trigger tile to jump column tops to a timed wall switch, and then get back before flames returned and a door closed. Otherwise, everything is readily accessible to a player of modest skills (such as I am) and it's a raid I can wholeheartedly recommend. However, I feel moved to note that this is not a remake of anything or a reimagined anything. It's a very fine independent custom level with an Egyptian theme. Period. It has been given a name--no, two names--neither of which matches up precisely with any of the levels in The Last Revelation. Therefore, there's no need to embellish the title further, and I've refrained from doing so in my written walk." - Phil (25-Feb-2024)
"A demo really ? took me almost 2 hours to get through this very interesting and at times challenging level. We progress rather in straightforward fashion from stage to stage until the last area which is the more complex. Great settings , beautiful texturing lighting and atmosphere. A few remarks : regarding the puzzle with 5 pushables i only needed to place 4 of them. I also experienced a crash in two different areas while trying to push/pull them (had to reload a previous savegame) , and maybe even more shotgun shells and/or ammos for the revolver could be provided to deal with the enemies, some of which drain your health fast like the harpies which are sometimes accompanied with other foes. Gripping raiding time, generally quite enjoyable." - eRIC (17-Feb-2024)