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Ratanaba by Fabio

DJ Full 9 10 10 9
eRIC 8 9 8 7
Jose 6 7 8 7
OblivionJaw 7 8 7 8
Petaludas 7 6 7 6
Ryan 8 8 8 7
release date: 10-Mar-2024
# of downloads: 457

average rating: 7.71
review count: 6
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file size: 153.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level-set is quite unique and well-put for a TR1-based game. The location of the south pacific with the political themes give a fresh breath of air and offer something genuinely new- albeit flawed. Some rough edges do exist, but since the builder did not build for so long I am willing to pass that thought and focus on the positives- the whole game feels quite smooth and polished despite the roughed up edges, and I enjoyed what the gameplay had to offer! Really recommended." - OblivionJaw (01-Apr-2024)
"It's not a bad set of levels, and it notices a big effort to implement new features, specially in musics and textures, but the gameplay was not very good for me, only based about exploration with some backtracking sometimes or a pure shooter as in the second level, even when the supplies were enough. Where are the puzzles? Many rooms and areas are too huge with no sense, so the environmentas are not very realistic and the texturization is monotonous in rooms with big surfaces, the enemies are well balanced except in the second level and I enjoyed the new musics and well placed cameras; the lights are well worked too (a bit dark for my monitor) and I already talked about the texturization. The last level could be entertaining only for those players who understand the English language, otherwise it's just a succession of trial and error. Still the levels could be worth to play for many players, with no difficult tasks and a solid history. Take a try." - Jose (28-Mar-2024)
"There are brazillion reasons to play this level - purging the fascists, helping the rainforest, platforming, exploring, discovering the drama of South American politics an European player won't understand, trying to portu-guess the meaning of wall writings an English speaker won't understand either, and - most of all - TR1 setting finally getting some colors. What I would fix is the wrong pickup count which can mislead you in level 1, and a possible softlock in level 3 where you can bypass the skip protection before the trapdoor sequence. All together makes the levelset swastistically good to experience but idk how twitch will react to those symbols, even though it seems to be fine with hammers and sickles. You're going to Brazil!" - DJ Full (28-Mar-2024)
"A solid game overall (except for some streched or disjointed textures) with 4 levels quite different from each other , wrapped in antifa mindset (and other ideologies as well that are pushed forward nowadays). The game contains some weird stuff, including some nudity in a secret area. The first level is about exploration along a river with current, a few traps and wild life. The second is about raiding a huge military base with more or less backtracking depending on your choices. The 3rd level is imo the best gameplay wise , it reminds of the original tomb raider, the sense of a lost world is here , with platforming , traps and roaming or flying mutants. The 4th level is short , there is a series of puzzles where you need to pull the right(s) switch(es) according to supposedly fascist preferences , this was too binary ; it ends with the final boss nicely retextured to fit the theme. Actually a lot of work has been made with custom or retextured objects , some new textures , and many new musics which alas i did not understand the lyrics. [2h57]" - eRIC (26-Mar-2024)
"If you can ignore the somewhat contentious subject matter, then this is a pretty decent TR1 release, and another from a builder who hasn't been heard of in a while. Granted, Tomb Raider probably isn't the place to display political issues but I suppose you can always just disregard it, which is what I've done in this review. The textures are a bit crude in places (more obviously so in the larger indoor rooms), but the atmosphere is quite nicely rendered and you do get some decent looking areas to explore. There's nothing too difficult to accomplish in the long run, although some of the boulder traps are sneaky. Enemies aren't too overpowering and sufficient armament is provided, which comes in useful for the somewhat unsettling final boss. Overall, plenty to keep you occupied." - Ryan (24-Mar-2024)
"Well this is a political satire and parody trle . Sadly i dont know exactly the situation in Brazil so i couldnt empathize totally but i think the message was sent . Its good that builder could express himself through building custom level , fortunately noone can silence him this way. Didnt understand if this is his first release but it seemed like . Many big areas , many empty corners with no gameplay but overall its decent and atmosphere is enjoyable . In the beggining of the 1st level , in the first river shore u can easilly jump around and find yourself into the opposite side that finishes the level without exploring anything else . Also the underwater gate in the river has no meaning , u can go the other way around above spikes etc . Secrets mostly are easy to find with some exceptions . 12/15 , the 16th added secret to the last level couldnt find it , neither in yt 's author is shown . Reminded me of Dobridski levels in some way . Difficulty is easy to medium i could say , i played it in hard mode . And also yea i should change the A letter to play it ! Lmao for the statue of liberty !" - Petaludas (24-Mar-2024)