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Aspidetr Easter Time 2024 - A Pizza Place in Berlin by Professor Sponge

billie2001 8 9 9 10
BlackWolfTR 8 8 8 8
DJ Full 9 10 9 10
Jay 8 9 9 9
JimmyBeon 8 8 10 10
OblivionJaw 9 9 9 8
OrFractal 7 7 7 7
Petaludas 8 7 9 9
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 10
release date: 31-Mar-2024
# of downloads: 422

average rating: 8.53
review count: 10
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file size: 53.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a pleasant little romp with some quirky elements, and I've decided to provide a "just the facts m'am" walkthrough with no reference to the political allusions that meant little to me in any event. Both the revolver and laser sight are provided, but since there are no enemies neither is really required. On the other hand, opportunities for dying do exist, so it's necessary for the player to be alert at all times while making progress through the level. Nothing memorable here, but certainly a fun raid." - Phil (14-Apr-2024)
"Very humorous and bizarre level, mixing jokes with slasher/horror references, in a kind of nonchalant dark humor atmosphere - I didn't get every reference and it's better to understand german or italian to fully enjoy the level, but it's not mandatory and even the puzzles using words are solvable without much trouble if you don't get by in these languages. I liked the fact that it didn't take itself too seriously and it made me laugh quite a few times - even small details like the emergency exit blocked by a crate or the way the WC were modeled. There's some good and funny traps as well. There are textures I really liked (the aforementioned WC, the green curtains), other I hated to see (these huge smileys on the walls, ugh) but I think it's part of the desired atmosphere. The architecture of the level, based on an existing one that I didn't play, is quite consistent, a small part of a city with hotel yards and rooms, a pool with its water pipe network, but while running around, don't expect anything you'll do to make any sense at all. Again, I think it's the intention of the authors and it's part of the fun. I didn't encounter any major bug, just the noises made by Lara (steps, weapons etc.) sounded louder than everything else... And I don't really see any connection with Easter in this pizza hunt, except for the release date. An hour or so of WTFish entertainment with Lara all dressed in pink." - OrFractal (05-Apr-2024)
"A much appreciated gift from the Easter Calendar that manages to be charming in its relative brevity. There is quite a bit of backtracking for such a small level, but the distances are so short that this doesn't detract from the experience, although I didn't quite grasp the concept of the pushable object puzzle. But the environments are lovingly constructed and textured, the characters are charming (loved the "find the missing cat" sequence and found it hilarious when Lara produced the cutie from her backpack as if it were nothing) and the gameplay is placid and generally easy to follow if you keep your eyes open. Short and sweet, enjoyed it very much. Thanks, Sponge (and Professor too)." - Ryan (05-Apr-2024)
"What a charming little level this is; I only wish it could have been longer. It’s entirely peaceful as befits an entry on the Easter Time calendar, and the fun factor is high. It’s not at all difficult and therefore should be suitable for all players and, although I’m no great fan of underwater mazes, this one was worth accomplishing in a quest to return a missing cat. Altogether now – awwww. The pizza box secrets are a nice touch, even if you don’t get to eat them and I thoroughly enjoyed myself." - Jay (03-Apr-2024)
"A short level with some interesting and obscure ideas. Some things are pretty hidden so be cautious. The visuals are fine. Can recommend." - BlackWolfTR (01-Apr-2024)
"This level was fun to play, and a short distraction from all the serious levels that get released these days. I don't know what it is, but town levels with a funny premise is very fun indeed and takes me back to a time in TRLE history when funny town levels were a craze. I like it a lot. The only thing that had me stuck was an important item hidden in a bush, but I found it in the end. I love the little quest to find the kitten, that was really sweet. Its a very lovely and creative short adventure that anyone should play." - JimmyBeon (01-Apr-2024)
"Happy and pleasant raid . unfortunatelly i dont know german , what even merkel says . neither discovered the name . fire ? nice city object usage also . secrets should be secreter* i guess . 1st lever usage is forbidden . its more a professor lvl style." - Petaludas (01-Apr-2024)
"I guess Mario didn't want to alter Professor's vision so instead of changing the German textures, he provided a diary to translate them, and if this isn't enough, the wall has another hint in Italian - isn't that just brilliant? The level has cute seasonal puzzles and unexpected humor but also a highly questionable long twisted passage, running back and forth through which feels like too much even in a level as smol as this. I also wish the secrets had some bonus, otherwise it's just spacco di pizza brutale for some elusive reason. Recommended." - DJ Full (01-Apr-2024)
"Cute and funny, with Willie's Heartbreak Hotel vibes. The gameplay consists mostly of locating levers and items (hidden in plain sight), but surprisingly it's not boring in the least. It's a short map but it took me around 40 min to find a lever and another 45 to finish the whole level. lol Very atmospheric and recommended." - billie2001 (01-Apr-2024)
"Quite a nice, chill level anyone can play. The gameplay is cool and doesn't make you scream, but also does some things that really don't make sense- such as how items are hidden. Since the level this is based off made even less sense, I see this as an improvement. The textures and overall vibe are on point and the gameplay was clever, all combined this made for an amazing easter gift!" - OblivionJaw (01-Apr-2024)