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Temple of the Midas Hands by Opaque79

DJ Full 8 8 8 10
KeinMitleid 10 8 10 10
Ryan 8 8 9 9
release date: 02-Apr-2024
# of downloads: 301

average rating: 8.83
review count: 3
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file size: 57.70 MB
file type: TR1
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An enjoyable little morsel of nostalgic raiding here. This is a nice little twist on the original Palace Midas level. Instead of changing the lead bars to gold in order to end the level, you use them to explore deeper inside this temple as you try to find the necessary keys to enable you to exit. There's nothing too difficult to overcome in all honesty, but you do get a decent gameplay variety, plus enough action and challenge to ensure that you never become bored. You start out with just your pistols, but generally the enemies can be taken down without too much frustration, thankfully because you don't obtain your Magnums until near the very end. All the technical niceties have been to a very high standard and The TR1 spirit is executed quite nicely. Opaque79 delivers once again with a very pleasant experience that provides very good entertainment value, without too many bells and whistles. I do look forward to more." - Ryan (14-Apr-2024)
"Great level, very enjoyable, nothing unfair or unduly hard. Just chill and enjoy TR1 Midas goodness." - KeinMitleid (12-Apr-2024)
"Classic Opaque. An immersive and non-demanding level where at last I hit 100% without having to replay anything. Combat is particularly good here but also having all those hands scattered around hits different, like getting out... of hand... A quick snack which doesn't scream "look how big and epic I am" for a change, recommended." - DJ Full (02-Apr-2024)