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Another Temple by Opaque79

billie2001 7 8 9 10
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
John 7 7 8 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
tuxraider 7 6 7 6
release date: 02-Apr-2024
# of downloads: 362

average rating: 7.90
review count: 5
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file size: 28.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"From the pictures this looked like it had TR4 cleopatras palaces vibes, which I do like so I thought I’d give it a go and yes there’s both textures and gameplay elements which are implemented from that level here. The level consists of a lot of exploration and backtracking across a large amount of indoor tan looking rooms as we search for beetle artefacts and other items/switches with some platforming, a few good traps here and there and some very annoying skeletons to battle with. Overall I found it a bit pedestrian with only the trap areas and the four statues of Lara task evoking much interest for me, but definitely a substantial raid none the less." - John (16-Apr-2024)
"A pleasant little runaround in a well constructed Cleopal environment. The gameplay is rather easygoing as is to be expected from this builder (which isn't at all a bad thing) and the way forward is generally clear. Things tend to flow in a linear fashion. The four-beetle puzzle makes a welcome appearance, alongside the mechanical scarab and both are nicely integrated into the gameplay. Enemies don't pose too much of a threat, as both the shotgun and Uzis are provided in short order (although the harpies are quite fierce). Pleasant, entertaining and good-looking, a good all-rounder." - Ryan (14-Apr-2024)
"Relatively simple and easy, but not bad. While it looks like a standard TR4 level, it's consistent and well-decorated, never looks bad or too simple. The gameplay is on the same level. While it never got challenging for me, I found it enjoyable to play. It's a nice, relaxing short level." - tuxraider (06-Apr-2024)
"Straight forward gameplay, beautiful environment and top-notch texturing/lighting. Not a stand-out, but surely a fully entertaining one. Recommended for a short, relaxing raid." - billie2001 (04-Apr-2024)
"Though it feels too default to me, it could be an official tutorial level from Eidos. You get a relaxing sightseeing tour with some easy puzzles. Early version had Lara hologram challenge too tough, and the release version has it too soft - I would leave at least two harpies alive and it would be more balanced. I would also add some ghost blocks on pillars where the harpies can get stuck on. Recommended." - DJ Full (02-Apr-2024)