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Treasure Hunt by SamuelG

DJ Full 6 7 8 7
John 2 5 4 4
OblivionJaw 1 1 1 1
Ryan 3 4 3 4
release date: 24-Jun-2024
# of downloads: 435

average rating: 3.81
review count: 4
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file size: 207.00 MB
file type: TR2
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is pretty much another rehash of Lara's TR2 Mansion, with the additions of some sporadically placed secret dragons, a few irritating audio glitches and some unnecessarily high-powered weaponry (that admittedly was amusing to use on Lara's bedroom balcony windows). Unless you do get a bit of enjoyment out of using the hidden glitches in the original level here to gain access to everything, there's not much else going on here." - Ryan (30-Jun-2024)
"Nothing new. It's just the TR2 manor and adding guns doesn't change the fact this is just the copy of the titular manor with nothing interesting." - OblivionJaw (29-Jun-2024)
"TR2 manor with extra secrets but also extra firearms with extra usage... I dare you try it just for that (you will know what I mean as soon as you are able to do it). Mind getting all secrets here requires knowledge of the corner bug. The pack also includes entire Tomb Raider 2 CD, even with the manual booklet from 1997. All that can be skipped as you know the contents already. Optional." - DJ Full (28-Jun-2024)
"Yet another carbon copy of the official TR 2 mansion with the only main difference being the 9 new secrets to find, a few gun pickups and a few weird glitches lol. The nine secrets are the mini dragons from the official game and are dotted all over the map (mostly outside) you’ll need to do the trick to get to the perimeter wall and the corner bug to get to the roof to collect them all, but make sure you leave the one behind the main gates till last because you get trapped behind there after collecting it. The other pickups are unnecessary weapons (apart from a key to open a cupboard) as there are no enemies to use these on, oh you can use them on the windows actually for alternative access to the balcony but that’s about it. The strange glitches I found was Lara losing and gaining part of her trousers every time she gets her weapons out and puts away, the strange blood droplets appearing whenever Lara is swimming and the constantly repeating voice lines that would not stop! I had to either reload or put the music player on in the ballroom and listen to repeats of that instead which was much more bearable lol. There isn’t anything else in the level to talk about really as we’ve seen and done it all before." - John (28-Jun-2024)